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/Legislate-to-save-tuna'>Legislate to save tuna</a>

    Tuna is on the decline, that's the message from experts presenting at the National Maori Tuna Conference at Whanganui this week. <br/><a class='readlink' href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTY4MzA= /Legislate-to-save-tuna'>Read more</a>
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/Legislate-to-save-tuna'>Legislate to save tuna</a>

    Maori Party candidate Shane Taurima says it makes sense for One Pacific to join them and contest general seats. <br/><a class='readlink' href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTY4Mjk= /Big-tick-to-Pasifika-candidates'>Read more</a>
  • <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTY4MzA=
/Legislate-to-save-tuna'>Legislate to save tuna</a>

    Ngatiwai is urging the Crown for a fair and equitable resolution to end it's decades old Treaty Claim. <br/><a class='readlink' href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTY4Mjg= /Fair-and-equitable-end-for-Ngatiwai'>Read more</a>
  • <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTY4MzA=
/Legislate-to-save-tuna'>Legislate to save tuna</a>

    Maori Party co leader Marama Fox says she's fine with the abolition of Maori seats but it should only happen when <br/><a class='readlink' href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTY4Mjc= /No-problems-ditching-Maori-seats-says-Fox-but-...-only-when-disparity-for-Maori-removed.'>Read more</a>
  • <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTY4MzA=
/Legislate-to-save-tuna'>Legislate to save tuna</a>

    The Green Party is calling for a warrent of fitness on rental properties. <br/><a class='readlink' href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTY4MjY= /WOF-needed-on-rentals'>Read more</a>
<a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTY4MzA=
/Legislate-to-save-tuna'>Legislate to save tuna</a>1 <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTY4MzA=
/Legislate-to-save-tuna'>Legislate to save tuna</a>2 <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTY4MzA=
/Legislate-to-save-tuna'>Legislate to save tuna</a>3 <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTY4MzA=
/Legislate-to-save-tuna'>Legislate to save tuna</a>4 <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTY4MzA=
/Legislate-to-save-tuna'>Legislate to save tuna</a>5

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Parakuihi Breakfast with Dale Husband

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Rheumatic Fever
Waatea TV
Parakuihi Breakfast with Dale Husband
Wai Maori Trust Chairman Ken Mair
Maori Tuna Conference UPDATE
Chance To Ignite Lead Director Scotty Cotter
Scotty is best known to NZ audiences as an actor, with his television work including the tele-features Nights in the Gardens of Spain, directed by Katie Wolfe, based on the Witi Ihimaera novel; Purapurawhetu, directed by Rawiri Paratene and Michael Bennett, and roles in TV series Orange Roughies, Shortland Street, The Jacquie Brown Diaries, Brown Brothaz and Whanau. He's also made it to the big screen, starring alongside James Rolleston in 2015's The Rehearsal, based on the novel by Eleanor Catton.
Maori Party Tamaki Makaurau Candidate Shane Taurima
A regular interview on te wahanga Parakuihi hosted by Dale Husband.
Former Maori Affairs Minister Dover Samuels
Dover Samuels on Radio Waatea 603am.
Tamaki Makaurau Rugby League GM Greg Whaiapu
A weekly wrap of the big games in Auckland this weekend.
Green Party Health Spokesperson Julie-Anne Genter
The Royal Australasian College of Physicians president-elect said today that children with preventable respiratory illnesses are being re-admitted to hospital because they're being sent back to cold, damp homes.
Tamaki Makaurau MP Peeni Henare
A weekly korero with Peeni Henare on Radio Waatea 603am.
Te Rongopai 20/07/2017 - Matekitawhiti Chase
Te Rongopai 20/07/2017 - Matekitawhiti Chase
Do we need a new Maori uprising?
MARTYN 'BOMBER' BRADBURY OPINION: The front cover of last months racism issue by MANA magazine says it all.
Marae TV phone message racism highlights ignorance
MARTYN 'BOMBER' BRADBURY: Marae TV employee Blake Ihimaera had a phone message accidentally left on her phone from a company they were looking to hire a car from.
Time to turn the tables on the tobacco companies
WILLIE JACKSON: We have a violent crime wave in our community and it is time we were honest about.
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