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  • <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTAxMTA=
/Flavell-wary-of-tasers'>Flavell wary of tasers</a>

    Maori Development Minister Te Ururoa Flavell says he is very wary about the move announced last week to equip all frontline <br/><a class='readlink' href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTAxMTA= /Flavell-wary-of-tasers'>Read more</a>
  • <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTAxMTA=
/Flavell-wary-of-tasers'>Flavell wary of tasers</a>

    Labour MP Nanaia Mahuta is deeply concerned about the effects the TPP agreement could have on the Treaty. <br/><a class='readlink' href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTAxMDk= /Nanaia-deeply-concerned-with-TPPA'>Read more</a>
  • <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTAxMTA=
/Flavell-wary-of-tasers'>Flavell wary of tasers</a>

    Women are on the ascendency across Maoridom not just in terms of numbers but in their ability to speak te reo <br/><a class='readlink' href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTAxMDg= /Women-on-the-ascendency-across-Maoridom'>Read more</a>
  • <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTAxMTA=
/Flavell-wary-of-tasers'>Flavell wary of tasers</a>

    The Maori party has got the go ahead from Correction Minister Peseta Lotu-Iiga to explore what is needed to set up <br/><a class='readlink' href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTAxMDc= /A-Maori-prison-being-looked-into'>Read more</a>
  • <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTAxMTA=
/Flavell-wary-of-tasers'>Flavell wary of tasers</a>

    A top US lawyer who spoke at a law conference in Auckland yesterday says Maori are being treated as badly as <br/><a class='readlink' href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTAxMDY= /Top-US-Lawyer-says-treatment-of-Maori-as-bad-as-blacks-in-America'>Read more</a>
<a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTAxMTA=
/Flavell-wary-of-tasers'>Flavell wary of tasers</a>1 <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTAxMTA=
/Flavell-wary-of-tasers'>Flavell wary of tasers</a>2 <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTAxMTA=
/Flavell-wary-of-tasers'>Flavell wary of tasers</a>3 <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTAxMTA=
/Flavell-wary-of-tasers'>Flavell wary of tasers</a>4 <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTAxMTA=
/Flavell-wary-of-tasers'>Flavell wary of tasers</a>5

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Show of Maori solidarity with Native Hawaiians1
Was not just for military purposes; this action was (as it is today) about big business wanting to take over Hawai'i e.g. Dole! - TeKupu 11:17 AM

Maori representation debate in New Plymouth not over.1
As embarrassing as the average Australian feels this side of the ditch re:Adam Goode's boo hoo fiasco No wonder their national cricket side is suffering in ... - te inu o te wairoa 04:21 PM

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MUMA Community House - Carboot Sale & Cake Day

Manukau Urban Maori Authority Community House is holding a...
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Hauraki Tainui MP Nanaia Mahuta
A weekly catch up with the MP for Hauraki Tainui electorate
The chair of Te Taura Whiri i te reo Maori Dr Wayne Ngata
Te Taura Whiri has a new CEO -Ngahiwi Apanui, review of te wiki o te reo Maori
Taitokerau MP Kelvin Davis
The MP for Te Taitokerau Kelvin Davis with his weekly catch up with Dale Husband
Minister of Maori Development Te Ururoa Flavell
Te Ururoa Flavell the Minister for Maori Development with his weekly political catch up with Dale Husband
1 Pita Paraone | Aotearoa Tuatahi hui
NZ First held their hui a tau in the weekend
3 Tame Te Rangi | Hato Petera
Ongoing problems at Hato Petera School
4 Timoti Karetu | Pehea te oranga o te reo Maori
Professor Timoti Karetu talks about the state of te reo Maori
5 Marama Fox | Te Reo Maori
Prime Minister John Keys to have have a month of Te Reo Maori would be boring after questioned by a young girl that instead of having Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori
More Finnianís please.
WILLIE JACKSON: It was fabulous to hear a pakeha kid talking about how important it is to pronounce Maori in the last few days particularly given the fact that this is Maori language week.
Is Serco abuse racist?
MARTYN BRADBURY: The appalling intimidation, violence, organised fight clubs, rapes, assault, and one possible death that has been highlighted at the privately run prison at Mt Eden carries with it an unspoken racism.
Amazing hypocrisy
WILLIE JACKSON: Labour’s housing spokesman Phil Twyford has dominated the nations political debate with the release of figures showing that despite Chinese residents making up only nine percent of the Auckland population, house buyers with Chinese surnames brought just under forty percent of the houses sold in Auckland in a three month period earlier this year.
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