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/Jones-mo-Aotearoa-Tuatahi'>Jones mo Aotearoa Tuatahi</a>

    E ai ki te kaitono ma Aotearoa Tuatahi i te turu torangapu o Whangarei a Shane Jones, kaore e tika ana <br/><a class='readlink' href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTY4NDA= /Jones-mo-Aotearoa-Tuatahi'>Read more</a>
  • <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTY4NDA=
/Jones-mo-Aotearoa-Tuatahi'>Jones mo Aotearoa Tuatahi</a>

    In spite of the huge number of treaty settlements signed off by the National government, 120 in total with 23 in <br/><a class='readlink' href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTY4Mzk= /PM's-close-ties-with-iwi-leaders-may-not-transfer-into-votes'>Read more</a>
  • <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTY4NDA=
/Jones-mo-Aotearoa-Tuatahi'>Jones mo Aotearoa Tuatahi</a>

    The small Taranaki township of Patea is using virtual healthcare to cater for its needs <br/><a class='readlink' href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTY4Mzg= /Ngati-Ruanui-teams-up-with-forward-thinking-doctor'>Read more</a>
  • <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTY4NDA=
/Jones-mo-Aotearoa-Tuatahi'>Jones mo Aotearoa Tuatahi</a>

    Maniapoto treaty negotiators are on track to completing its Agreement in Principle with the Crown. <br/><a class='readlink' href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTY4Mzc= /Maniapoto-claims-on-track'>Read more</a>
  • <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTY4NDA=
/Jones-mo-Aotearoa-Tuatahi'>Jones mo Aotearoa Tuatahi</a>

    A small cottage that once housed King Tawhiao was reopened at the base of Mangere mountain, in a dawn ceremony in <br/><a class='readlink' href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTY4MzY= /Restored-cottage-of-Tawhiao-reopens'>Read more</a>
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/Jones-mo-Aotearoa-Tuatahi'>Jones mo Aotearoa Tuatahi</a>1 <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTY4NDA=
/Jones-mo-Aotearoa-Tuatahi'>Jones mo Aotearoa Tuatahi</a>2 <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTY4NDA=
/Jones-mo-Aotearoa-Tuatahi'>Jones mo Aotearoa Tuatahi</a>3 <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTY4NDA=
/Jones-mo-Aotearoa-Tuatahi'>Jones mo Aotearoa Tuatahi</a>4 <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTY4NDA=
/Jones-mo-Aotearoa-Tuatahi'>Jones mo Aotearoa Tuatahi</a>5

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Smith smackdown over fishing rights1
Yesterdays fish and Panama chip paper ne raa Aotearoa? - te inu o te wairoa 07:35 AM

PM sits by while detainee dies1
I agree. I am disgusted at the pathetic low riding acts of injustice that we Maori mete out on each other. I am so disappointed in ... - Kat Wildermoth 05:39 AM

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Parakuihi Breakfast with Dale Husband

Te Reo Irirangi o Waatea

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Rheumatic Fever
Waatea TV
Parakuihi Breakfast with Dale Husband
Rahui Papa Tainui Leader
King Taawhiao's cottage was purchased by Manukau City from its original site on Wallace Road in 2010. Built in 1890, this was the second Maori kings Auckland residence.
Lance O'Sullivan and Debbie Ngarewa Packer
Ngati Ruanui and Maihealth brings innovative health solution to Patea. Te Runanga o Ngati Ruanui Trust (Ngati Ruanui) is pleased to be supporting a much needed solution for the Doctor shortage in Patea. Dr Lance O'Sullivan 2014 New Zealander of the year will be providing a pop-up virtual medical service in Patea.
Nanaia Mahuta Labour Party MP Waikato
Dale speaks to Nanaia Mahuta about Labour Maori candidates have their launch this Sunday. Negotiators for Ngati Maniapoto met at Te Puea Marae last night.
Lawrence Yule President Local Government New Zealand
Breakfast Host: Dale Husband
Marama Davidson Green Party MP
Breakfast Host: Dale Husband
1 Stacey Morrison - Nga tohu Matariki 2017
Nga tohu Matariki 2017
2 Hurimoana Dennis - Te tohu Hiwa i te Rangi
Hiwa i te rangi award -
3 Roihana Nuri - QandA
The madness of deciding the fate of Maori electorates with a binding referendum
Martyn 'Bomber' Bradbury: NZ First's extraordinary claim that deciding the fate of the Maori electorates with a binding referendum is not only dog whistle politics at its worst, it's also incredibly unfair and utterly unjust.
Do we need a new Maori uprising?
MARTYN 'BOMBER' BRADBURY OPINION: The front cover of last months racism issue by MANA magazine says it all.
Marae TV phone message racism highlights ignorance
MARTYN 'BOMBER' BRADBURY: Marae TV employee Blake Ihimaera had a phone message accidentally left on her phone from a company they were looking to hire a car from.
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