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  • <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTcwNjc=
/Labour-surge-boosting-Maori-caucus'>Labour surge boosting Maori caucus</a>

    New leader Jacinda Ardern has opened Labour’s election campaign with a clear message there was generational change in the party’s ranks <br/><a class='readlink' href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTcwNjc= /Labour-surge-boosting-Maori-caucus'>Read more</a>
  • <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTcwNjc=
/Labour-surge-boosting-Maori-caucus'>Labour surge boosting Maori caucus</a>

    The Ministry for Culture and Heritage Manatu Taonga is opening the coffers for communities and groups planning events in 2018 that <br/><a class='readlink' href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTcwNjY= /Waitangi-event-planning-starting-now'>Read more</a>
  • <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTcwNjc=
/Labour-surge-boosting-Maori-caucus'>Labour surge boosting Maori caucus</a>

    Ngai Tahu members have a new online resource to help them find out about their marae. <br/><a class='readlink' href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTcwNjU= /Ngai-Tahu-marae-knowledge-shared'>Read more</a>
  • <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTcwNjc=
/Labour-surge-boosting-Maori-caucus'>Labour surge boosting Maori caucus</a>

    Tributes are flowing in for rugby great Colin Meads who died yesterday of pancreatic cancer aged 81. <br/><a class='readlink' href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTcwNjQ= /Meads'-Maori-contribution-remembered'>Read more</a>
  • <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTcwNjc=
/Labour-surge-boosting-Maori-caucus'>Labour surge boosting Maori caucus</a>

    Maori, French and English names reveal the rich history of Banks Peninsula and Christchurch's Port Hills in a new book published <br/><a class='readlink' href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTcwNjM= /History-emerges-from-peninsula-names'>Read more</a>
<a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTcwNjc=
/Labour-surge-boosting-Maori-caucus'>Labour surge boosting Maori caucus</a>1 <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTcwNjc=
/Labour-surge-boosting-Maori-caucus'>Labour surge boosting Maori caucus</a>2 <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTcwNjc=
/Labour-surge-boosting-Maori-caucus'>Labour surge boosting Maori caucus</a>3 <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTcwNjc=
/Labour-surge-boosting-Maori-caucus'>Labour surge boosting Maori caucus</a>4 <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/MTcwNjc=
/Labour-surge-boosting-Maori-caucus'>Labour surge boosting Maori caucus</a>5

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Smith smackdown over fishing rights1
Yesterdays fish and Panama chip paper ne raa Aotearoa? - te inu o te wairoa 07:35 AM

PM sits by while detainee dies1
I agree. I am disgusted at the pathetic low riding acts of injustice that we Maori mete out on each other. I am so disappointed in ... - Kat Wildermoth 05:39 AM

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Parakuihi Breakfast with Dale Husband

Te Reo Irirangi o Waatea

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Rheumatic Fever
2017 Te Wero Logo-221
te whare wananga o awanuiarangi
Waatea TV
Parakuihi Breakfast with Dale Husband
Dr Rawinia Higgins Academic and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Maori) at Victoria University
Kura whakarauora reo was held at Manurewa Marae over the weekend, 18-20 August 2017.
Will Flavell Henderson Massey Local Board Member
Almost 5000 young Northlanders are still not enrolled to vote, with the general election just over a month away.
Rahui Papa Maori Party Candidate Hauraki-Waikato
Breakfast Host: Dale Husband
Labour Deputy Leader Kelvin Davis
Breakfast Host: Dale Husband
Green Party MP Marama Davidson
Breakfast Host: Dale Husband
Maanu Paul Maori Council Member
Adding to the explosive growth of global climate litigation, the Mataatua District Maori Council has asked the Waitangi Tribunal to grant an urgent hearing into a claim that the Government's climate policy is in breach of its obligations to Maori.
Whetu Cormick President and Spokesperson for NZPF
'For the past decade the Government has expected national standards to change the academic fortunes of our most challenged students. It hasn't happened,' said Whetu Cormick, President of the New Zealand Principals' Federation (NZPF). 'It is time to accept that national standards are not the way of the future,' he said.
1 Henare Kingi | Nga tatauranga pooti i teenei wa
Ka whakapuakina mai e Henare, oona whakaaro mo ngaa tatauranga pooti a Pinetree Meeds kua puta i teenei wa
One of the most soul destroying parts of being inside Labour is watching focus groups.
Martyn Bomber Bradbury: I've been lucky enough to get a look at the research that comes out of these focus groups and to be honest it almost makes me cry in frustration.
The madness of deciding the fate of Maori electorates with a binding referendum
Martyn 'Bomber' Bradbury: NZ First's extraordinary claim that deciding the fate of the Maori electorates with a binding referendum is not only dog whistle politics at its worst, it's also incredibly unfair and utterly unjust.
Do we need a new Maori uprising?
MARTYN 'BOMBER' BRADBURY OPINION: The front cover of last months racism issue by MANA magazine says it all.
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