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  • <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/NzUyOQ==
/Redemption-part-of-lawyer's-story'>Redemption part of lawyer's story</a>

    Waiariki MP Te Ururoa Flavell says Rawiri Rangitauira, who was buried today, had fully paid off his debt to society. <br/><a class='readlink' href='waateanews/x_story_id/NzUyOQ== /Redemption-part-of-lawyer's-story'>Read more</a>
  • <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/NzUyOQ==
/Redemption-part-of-lawyer's-story'>Redemption part of lawyer's story</a>

    Ngapuhi Runanga chair Sonny Tau says the iwi won’t get justice through the Waitangi Tribunal, so it must push for what <br/><a class='readlink' href='waateanews/x_story_id/NzUyOA== /No-confidence-in-tribunal-process'>Read more</a>
  • <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/NzUyOQ==
/Redemption-part-of-lawyer's-story'>Redemption part of lawyer's story</a>

    The New Plymouth District Council will tomorrow consider a new plan to resolve the future of the Waitara endowment lands. <br/><a class='readlink' href='waateanews/x_story_id/NzUyNw== /Solution-proposed-for-Waitara-lands'>Read more</a>
  • <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/NzUyOQ==
/Redemption-part-of-lawyer's-story'>Redemption part of lawyer's story</a>

    Mana leader Hone Harawira says Winston Peters is wrong to class his movement as separatist. <br/><a class='readlink' href='waateanews/x_story_id/NzUyNA== /Peters'-attacks-getting-old-says-Harawira'>Read more</a>
  • <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/NzUyOQ==
/Redemption-part-of-lawyer's-story'>Redemption part of lawyer's story</a>

    A bill aimed at blocking so called slave ships from operating in New Zealand waters is set to pass today, after <br/><a class='readlink' href='waateanews/x_story_id/NzUyMw== /Parliament-passes-slave-ships-bill'>Read more</a>
<a href='waateanews/x_story_id/NzUyOQ==
/Redemption-part-of-lawyer's-story'>Redemption part of lawyer's story</a>1 <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/NzUyOQ==
/Redemption-part-of-lawyer's-story'>Redemption part of lawyer's story</a>2 <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/NzUyOQ==
/Redemption-part-of-lawyer's-story'>Redemption part of lawyer's story</a>3 <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/NzUyOQ==
/Redemption-part-of-lawyer's-story'>Redemption part of lawyer's story</a>4 <a href='waateanews/x_story_id/NzUyOQ==
/Redemption-part-of-lawyer's-story'>Redemption part of lawyer's story</a>5
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VIDEO PICK: 'Takawirihanga' cover

by ToniAnn, Reo Dunn, Lee Morunga, Jansen Folkers, Rudy Valentino Jnr

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Pasifika Futures through Whanau Ora

Pasifika Medical Association in partnership with presents its 17th Annual conference...
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Hui for Parihaka Papakainga - Follow up

The Parihaka Papakainga Trust is undertaking a very important planning programme to...
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The Official Opening of the new DOC Central North Island Regional Office and Te Whare

The Official Opening of the new DOC Central North Island Regional Office and Te Whare...
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TWP 31072014 - Tina Wickliffe
Tina Wickliffe | Tina is the Producer of Te Wero 2014 Political debates kicking off tomorrow night on Radio Waatea and your Iwi Station lets hear straight from the horses mouths why you should vote for them
TWP 31072014 - Kevin Hackwell
Forest and Bird Kevin Hackwell | The Maui dolphin are under threat
TWP 31072014 - Te Ururoa Flavell
Maori Party leader Te Ururoa Flavell | Things are heating up as the election day nears theres a number of opinion polls. Te Ururoa disputes one of these polls.
TWP 31072014 - Hone Harawira
Mana Leader Hone Harawira | NZ First leader Winston Peters says he wont be part of a coalition with erither the Maori or Mana Party. Hone Harawira says Mana is Maori-led and driven by kaupapa Maori, but its tribe is all the poor and dispossessed
TWP 31072014 - Sonny Tau
Chairman Ngapuhi Runanga Sonny Tau | Sonny Tau says the appointment of people to the body that will oversee treaty settlement negotiations in the north is a major step forward.He says the 22-strong group is well balanced
TWP 31072014 - Lucy Hammond
Lucy Hammond | A unique and widely anticipated exhibition featuring the fashions of the late Whetu Tirikatene-Sullivan ONZ
Manako 31072014 - Pt 2 of 6 Mere Mangu
Mere Mangu | Lawyer Mere Mangu is part of a 22 strong group to settle neogtiations for Ngapuhi
Manako 31072014 - Pt 3 of 6 Horomona Horo
Horomona Horo | Voices of the Land: Nga Reo o Te Whenua focuses on the work of the late Hirini Melbourne, Richard Nunns and their protege Horomona Horo, as well as traditional instrument maker Brian Flintoff.
Sad for Claudette
WILLIE JACKSON OPINION: I’m disappointed that National list MP Claudette Hauiti has pulled the pin on her political career.
Collins in trouble again
OPINION: Just when Justice Minister Judith Collins thought it was safe to start swimming again in the political pool, another jaws like scandal has emerged that could take the air out of her inflatable life jacket.
Ministerís Maori Language Strategy Is Wrong
OPINION: It seems unbelievable that the Minister of Maori Affairs Pita Sharples is intent on returning the leadership of the Maori language back to the tribes.
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