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Korero Mai Ki Ahau a half hour features programme every Saturday and Sunday from noon, which takes an in-depth look at issues affecting te ao Maori. Totally in te reo Maori brought to you by Waatea News in association with Te Mangai Paho.
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Kia Korero Mai - Henare Kingi - Elections 201421 Sep 2014 09:45
Political Commentator Henare Kingi | Election results see National is back in government but what the Maori voice and where to for Maori
Kia Korero Mai 14092014 - Henare Kingi12 Sep 2014 14:03
Henare Kingi |Labour leader David Cuniliffe this week declared they won't be going into a coalition government with either The Maori Party or Mana Internet, which some would views as being a snub to Maori. He says his Maori team in Labour are second to no
Kia Korero Mai 13092014 - Quinton Hita12 Sep 2014 13:57
Quinton Hita Maori Broadcaster and Producer | With korero over the past week over the supposed restructuring of Maori Televisions news and current affairs service we look at whether there is a need for an opposing independent Maori voice in news and curr
Kia Korero Mai 07092014 - Mabel Wharekawa Burt05 Sep 2014 11:03
Taurangamoana kuia Aunty Mabel Wharekawa Burt gives her own views on women speaking on the marae after a challenge at Te Pae Roa Conference' that if Maori want to see te reo flourish then we need to prioritise good speakers on the marae over gender
Kia Korero Mai 06092014 - Parekura Kupenga05 Sep 2014 10:48
On Saturday Eru Morgan talks with Ngati Porou kaumatua Parekura Kupenga about Maori progress since the 1984 Hui Taumata. What have Maori achieved and what do we need to be vigilant of as we move ahead
Kia Korero Mai 30082014 - Haami Piripi29 Aug 2014 15:12
Massey University's Albany campus will next week host Pae Roa 2040, a conference marking the 30 years since the Hui Taumata set an agenda for Maori development in the opening months of the third Labour Government. Te Rarawa chair Haami Piripi has worked o
Kia Korero Mai 24082014 - Peeni Henare22 Aug 2014 15:48
Peeni Henare may be a new boy to politics but his whakapapa shows he is from a long line of politicians. The Ngati Hine newcomer is one of the many changing faces of NZ politics
Kia Korero Mai 22082014 - Heeni Shortland22 Aug 2014 14:39
In recent weeks two whales have beached themselves near Te Oneroa A Tohe. Kaitiaki and members of the community are concerned. Heeni Shortland speaks with Eru Morgan about the whales and the enviroment.
Kia Korero Mai - 16082014 - Mabel Wharekawa Burt15 Aug 2014 13:48
The election is just five weeks away and more than 380,000 people may miss the chance to vote the easy way because they’re not on the electoral roll by August 20. Mabel Wharekawa-Burt is the national communications advisor for the Electoral Commission.
Kia Korero Mai 09082014 - Henare Kani08 Aug 2014 15:27
The Maori Party candidate for Te Ikaroa Rawhiti Henare Kani talks with Eru Morgan about his reasons for standing for the Greens and gives a brief profile of his background
Kia Korero Mai - 02082014 - Waihoroi Shortland - Ngati Hine / Tuhoronuku01 Aug 2014 11:30
Tuhoronuku have named a 22 member body to negotiate claims for Ngapuhi. Ngati Hine do not have a representative at this stage. Waihoroi Shortland from Ngati Hine gives his thoughts and where to for Ngati Hine
Kia Korero Mai - 03082014 - Will Flavell - Rangatahi Voting01 Aug 2014 11:21
The politicians are making deals looking to gander votes but what about rangatahi ? are they being heard ? where do they fit in, in fact do they even care ? Rutherford College HOD Maori and Henderson-Massey board member Will Flavell
Kia Korero Mai 27072014 - Te Keepa Stirling25 Jul 2014 15:18
On Sunday in KKM, Eru Morgan talks to Te Keepa Stirling, widely acknowledged as a tohunga of the reo, about Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples’ controversial Te Matawai Maori language strategy. He says many iwi are already taking care of their reo. Te
Kia Korero Mai 26072014 - George Burt25 Jul 2014 15:09
Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori is the one week of the year where the language is embraced by all New Zealanders, Maori and non-Maori. In Kia Korero Mai on Saturday, Eru Morgan talks to iwi radio technician George Burt, an Englishman who is a fluent speaker of te
Kia Korero Mai 20072014 - Archie Hurunui16 Jul 2014 14:15
Archie Hurunui from Ngati Ruanui talks about Te Matawai Maori Language Strategy and some of the concerns that Taranaki iwi have.
Kia Korero Mai 19072014 - Tunuiarangi Mclean16 Jul 2014 14:00
The Maori Party are launching their campaign. The candidate for Tamaki Makaurau Tunui McLean talks about his campgin and policies and also the 10th birthday for the party last week
Kia Korero Mai 13072014 - Henare Kingi11 Jul 2014 15:12
Kia Korero Mai 12072014 - Bill Kaua11 Jul 2014 14:15
Kia Korero Mai 06072014 - Rangi Rangitukunoa04 Jul 2014 11:48
Actor Rangi Rangitukunoa is a participant for charity organisation LikeWise. He and others will be sleeping it rough in Auckland City to see first hand what the homeless deal with
Kia Korero Mai 05072014 - Maanu Paul04 Jul 2014 11:42
Co Chair of the NZ Maori Council Maanu Paul talks to Eruera Morgan regarding the Urgent Waitangi Tribunal Hearing in to whether or not the Crown have breached Treaty prinicples regarding the Rena
29062014 - Parekura Kupenga - Matariki27 Jun 2014 15:36
On Sunday, Ngati Porou kaumatua Parekura Kupenga talks about Matariki, a time to reflect those who have gone as well as a time to make a new beginning. Now it has become a time for Maori-themed concerts and festivals, but Parekura remembers that growing u
Kia Korero Mai 28062014 - Tunui McLean27 Jun 2014 15:27
It’s been a tough few weeks in Mangere, with a 10-year-old boy fighting for his life after being stabbed with scissors in a fight, a knife used in a fight at another school. There’s also been community rage and frustration that they have been unable t
Kia Korero Mai 22062014 - Henare Kingi20 Jun 2014 16:00
It's been a tough week for Labour. Polls showed support dropping as low as 23 percent, and leader David Cunliffe was blindsided by a revelation he had written a letter to Immigration on behalf of controversial businessman and National Party donor Dong
Kia Korero Mai 21062014 - Haami Piripi20 Jun 2014 14:48
The week Sir Owen Glenn’s investigation panel into family violence and child abuse delivered what it called The People’s Report. It’s a sobering account in the words of survivors about the damage violence is causing to families, and the failure of t
Korero Mai Ki Ahau - 15061413 Jun 2014 12:00
Korero Mai Ki Ahau presented by Eruera Morgan. Eru talks with Tihi Puanaki regarding the new maori history in schools initiative Te Takanga O Te Wa launched recently by the minister of Maori Affairs, Pita Sharples.
Korero Mai Ki Ahau - 14061413 Jun 2014 11:45
Korero Mai Ki Ahau - Presented by Eruera Morgan. Eru talks with doctor Lance O'Sullian and Chris McKenzie regarding men's health week.
Kia Korero Mai 08062014 - Clay Hawke06 Jun 2014 14:15
Clay Hawke of Ngati Whatua O Orakei has been involved in education for over 15 years. He has been a tutor at Te Puna Matauranga o Ngati Whatua, Selwyn College and Te Wananga o Aotearoa. He also worked at Massey University as Maori Liaison Adviser; recruit
Kia Korero Mai 07062014 - Omahuru Robinson06 Jun 2014 11:21
Ngaruahine Iwi from Taranaki have initialled their treaty settlement at a ceremony on Wednesday 04 June2014 at parliament.The package is worth $67.5 million. The chair of Ngaruahine Omahuru Robinson talks with Eru Morgan
Kia Korero Mai 01062014 - Henare Kingi30 May 2014 14:21
Is it a marriage made in heaven with the announcement that Mana and Kim Dotcoms Internet Party have formed an alliance to oust the National Government. Political commentator Henare Kingi casts his eye over the event
Kia Korero Mai 31052014 - Dr Huirangi Waikerepuru30 May 2014 13:57
Last week delegations from all over the world arrived in Hawaii for the WIPCE World Indigenous People's Conference on Education 2014. Dr Huirangi Waikere puru was present at the hui and talks with Eruera Morgan
NTOTW - Outro 23/05/201423 May 2014 14:54
Nga take o te waa, ko David Kaire te kaihautuu o te hootaka nei
Kia Korero Mai 25052014 - Peter Lucas Jones21 May 2014 16:12
The Kuaka or Godwit isnt just any old bird. For Te Aupouri It a part of their Whakapapa their DNZ Peter Lucas Jones talks to Eru Morgan about its significance
Kia Korero Mai 24052014 - Paora Maxwell21 May 2014 16:09
The Maori Television Service has a new CEO. Paora Maxwell has a background in film and television and previously working for the state channel but little is known about his early years. Paora talks with Eru Morgan
Kia Korero Mai 17052014 - Henare Kingi16 May 2014 15:27
Political Commentator Henare Kingi gives his views on the Budget 2014 and whats in it for all Maori
Kia Korero Mai 11052014 - Ngahiwi Apanui09 May 2014 15:21
It’s New Zealand Music Month, so expect to hear Poi E on mainstream radio. But where will you hear Tangaroa Whakamautai from Maisey Rika, Kiwi by Tama Waipara, or Purerehua from Anna Coddington? The guest on Kia Korero Mai on Sunday is Ngahiwi Apanui, a
Kia Korero Mai 10052014 - Te Atawhai Tibble09 May 2014 15:09
The views of 5000 Maori representing a cross section of the whole Maori population has been distilled into Te Kupenga, a ground-breaking report on Maori well-being that should provide a substantial meal for Maori researchers, iwi planners and policymakers
Kia Korero Mai 03052014 - Awanui Black30 Apr 2014 13:48
Te Pakanga O Pukehinahina was commemorated on Tuesday 29th April, 150 years after the original battle. It was a sombre day with hundreds turning out to remember those who fought and died and for those who are left behind to commemorate. Awanui Black has t
Kia Korero Mai 26042014 - Parekura Kupenga24 Apr 2014 10:18
Parekura Kupenga reminisces on comrades fallen and ANZAC Day commemorations
Kia Korero Mai 19042014 - Bishop Kito Pikaahu18 Apr 2014 08:18
It’s Easter weekend, traditionally the most sacred time of the Christian calendar. But have we lost the meaning of Easter. Is it all about commercialism, Easter Eggs and Easter sales and a few more days at the bach? In Kia Korero Mai this Saturday, Eru
Kia Korero Mai 13042014 - Henare Kingi11 Apr 2014 15:48
Henare Kingi talks about the history of Te Upoko O Te Ika Radio. The first Maori Radio Station
Kia Korero Mai 12042014 - Tawhirimatea Williams11 Apr 2014 15:45
Tawhirimatea Williams discusses with Eruera the hopes and dreams of Kohanga Reo
Kia Korero Mai 06042014 - Wharehoka Wano03 Apr 2014 15:03
Educationalist Wharehoka Wano talks to Eruera Morgan about the latest figures for Maori literacy and numeracy levels.
Kia Korero Mai 05042014 - Henare Kingi03 Apr 2014 14:09
Eruera Morgan talks with political commentator Henare Kingi about his opinion on the relationship between Mana and Kim Dotcoms Internet Party
Kia Korero Mai 30032014 - Rereata Makiha28 Mar 2014 12:54
On Sunday in Kia Korero Mai, Eru Morgan talks to Rereata Makiha about an initiative to encourage international solidarity in culture, trade, tourism and other business collaborations among the 33 Malay-Polynesian ancestral nations. The World Melayu-Polyne
Kia Korero Mai 29032014 - Dr Huirangi Waikerepuru28 Mar 2014 11:36
Maori Television has celebrated its 10th Birthday. One of the people who laid the groundwork for it was Huirangi Waikerepuru of Nga Kaiwhakapumau I Te Reo Maori, the Wellington Maori Language Board.
Kia Korero Mai 23032014 - Pem Bird21 Mar 2014 13:51
Hekia Parata, Minister of Education, take a bow. Hekia Parata has literally gone where angels fear to tread in respect of her fearless action in instigating an inquiry into the long troubled National Trust of Te Kohanga Reo. Te Maru o Nga Kura a Iwi o Aot
Kia Korero Mai 22032014 - Te Ahukaramu Charles Royal21 Mar 2014 13:48
Te Ahukaramu Charles Roya andl Maori academics have vowed to fight on against the removal of funding for the centre for Maori research excellence, Nga Pae O Te Maramatanga. More than 100 of them attended a hastily-called workshop at Auckland University
Kia Korero Mai 16032014 - Charlie Tawhiao14 Mar 2014 13:48
Chairman of Ngai Te Rangi Iwi Charlie Tawhiao talks about why it was iumportant for his iwi to sign their settlement with the crown
Kia Korero Mai 15032014 - Te Keepa Stirling14 Mar 2014 13:36
The annual ASB Polyfest event is now the largest Polynesian event in the world since it began in 1976. This year over 222 schools are participating which is in stark contrast to the 7 groups that performed at the first event. Te Keepa Stirling talks with
Kia Korero Mai 09032014 - Waihoroi Shortland07 Mar 2014 14:51
HOST ERU MORGAN | Kia Korero Mai stays with northern concerns on Sunday, looking at ongoing opposition to Te Ropu Tuhoronuku which led to this week’s protests in Paihia and Whangarei. Ngati Hine chair Waihoroi Shortland tells Eru Morgan that Ngati Hine
Kia Korero Mai 08032014 - Kingi Taurua07 Mar 2014 14:27
HOST: ERU MORGAN | The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, and their son Prince George are visiting New Zealand next month, but tour planners have made contact with tangata whenua a low priority. The Maori King ruled out a 90
01032014 - Henare Kingi - Matt McCarten28 Feb 2014 12:06
Henare Kingi discusses with Eru Morgan, Matt McCarten who has been bought back to the Labour Party asthe Chief of Staff to help run the party's capaign heading in to election year. Henare runs his political eye over the latest move from Labour to win the
02032014 - Tunui McLean - Wage increase28 Feb 2014 11:51
Manurewa Marae Chair and Manurewa Community leader Tunui McLean is from a low socio-economic area where despite the government announcing we have a rockstar economy and a minimum wage increase of 50 cents an hour what does that mean for the people of Manu
Kia Korero Mai 22022014 - Henare Kingi21 Feb 2014 14:03
Political Commentator Henare Kingi | Eru Morgan talks to veteran broadcaster and political commentator about Shane Taurima’s shock departure as manager of TVNZ’s Maori and Pacific Unit. He believes the reaction to Mr Taurima attending a Labour Party m
Kia Korero Mai 22022014 - Dr Rapata Wiri21 Feb 2014 13:30
Dr Rapata Wiri | Smartphones and mobile technology could be the future of te reo Maori revitalisation, according to an expert in the language. In Kia Korero Mai on Saturday, Eru Morgan is talking to Dr Rapata Wiri from Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi abou
Kia Korero Mai - 16022014 - Parekura Kupenga14 Feb 2014 15:30
Te Reo Maori Strategy
Kia Korero Mai - 15022014 - Paraone Gloyne, Mauriora Kingi, Pou Temara, Timoti Karetu14 Feb 2014 15:18
Te Reo Maori Strategy - Paraone Gloyne, Mauriora Kingi, Pou Temara, Timoti Karetu
Kia Korero Mai 09022014 - Haami Piripi07 Feb 2014 14:06
Te Raraqwa leader Haami Piripi | Haami give his thoughts on this years Waitangi Day celebrations and the Iwi leaders forum
Kia Korero Mai 08022014 - Kingi Taurua07 Feb 2014 14:00
Ngapuhi kaumatua Kingi Taurua gives his overview of this years Waitangi celebrations
Kia Korero Mai 01022014 - Kingi Taurua31 Jan 2014 16:00
Host: Eruera Morgan talks with Ngapuhi kaumatua Kingi Taurua about his years Waitangi Day, oil exploration in Ngapuihi and other kaupapa
Kia Korero Mai 02022014 - Kotuku Tibble31 Jan 2014 15:57
Host: Ngawai Herewini | Kotuku Tibble is the host talking about his hopes and aspirations for te reo Maori in his new mahi as HOD Hato Paora College
Kia Korero Mai 15122013 - Nelson Mandela Tribute13 Dec 2013 18:12
Throughout the week people have paid their repsects to 'tata madiba' Kia Korero Mai pay tribute to the passing of the great man Nelson Mandela
Kia Korero Mai 14122013 - Charlie Tawhiao13 Dec 2013 15:33
Kia Korero Mai host Eruera Morgan talks with Ngai Te Rangi negotiator Charlie Tawhiao about the treaty settlement signing for the Tauranga Moana iwi this weekend
Kia Korero Mai 08122013 - Taiarahia Black06 Dec 2013 15:51
On Sunday in Kia Korero Mai, Eru Morgan talks to another champion of Maori language and culture, former Massey University Professor Taiarahia Black. The Ngai Tuhoe scholar has returned to Whakatane to set up a school of learning. He talks about the declin
Kia Korero Mai 06122013 - Glenis Philip Barbara06 Dec 2013 15:42
There’s a giant wake up call about the future of the Maori language. The 2013 census has revealed that the number of speakers of te reo Maori dropped between 2006 and 2013, from 131,610 to 125,352, including a 6.2 percent drop in the proportion of spea
Kia Korero Mai 30112013 - Te Raa Nehua - Mining29 Nov 2013 15:30
Te Raa Nehua from Whakapara talks with Eru Morgan about De Greys Minings plans in the area and ongoing protests and other mining and drilling companies in the country
Kia Korero Mai 24112013 - Kingi Taurua22 Nov 2013 15:03
Kingi Taurua speaks with Eruera Morgan about Alan Titford. A man who in the 80's condemned Te Roroa Maori for burning down his home when it was found in court that he had lit the fire himself. Titford was found guilty of a number of crimes
Kia Korero Mai 23112013 - Ruakere Hond22 Nov 2013 14:42
Ruakere Hond | Members of Taranaki Iwi will hold a protest march starting on Sunday from Parihaka against plans for drilling near the foot of Mt Taranaki
Kia Korero Mai 17112013 - Henare Kingi15 Nov 2013 14:51
Veteran Broadcaster Henare Kingi talks about the media coverage of the Roast Busters and pays tribute to the late Takutaimoana Doc Wikiriwhi
Kia Korero Mai 16112013 - Haami Piripi15 Nov 2013 14:45
Te Rarawa Chair Haami Piripi and the pros and cons of the Northern Councils amalgamating as one
Kia Korero Mai 09112013 - Mania Clark08 Nov 2013 15:06
HOST: Eruera Morgan talks with Mania Clark who is the only reo Maori speaking kaimahi that works at Radio Rhema/Shine TV and how her culture fits in with the christian media
Kia Korero Mai 09112013 - Kingi Taurua08 Nov 2013 15:06
HOST: Eruera Morgan speak with Kingi Taurua who is very concerned about Marae struggling to pay large insurance costs
Kia Korero Mai 03/11/2013 - Henare Kingi01 Nov 2013 11:03
Political Commentator Henare Kingi | Papa Henare gives his opinion on the talks between the Mana and Maori Party and other political parties
Kia Korero Mai 02/11/2013 - Vapi Kupenga01 Nov 2013 10:15
Vapi Vapnierka Kupenga | One of Aunty Vapi's last interviews she gives an overview of Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori 2013 with Kia Korero Mai host Eruera Morgan.
Kia Korero Mai 26102013 - Skye Kimura29 Oct 2013 09:00
Cancer Society Manager Skye Kimura | Oceania Smokefree Conference
Kia Korero Mai 27102013 - Ron Wihongi25 Oct 2013 15:27
Ngapuhi kaumatua Ron Wihongi taks about Ngati Hine and Ngapuhi hononga
Kia Korero Mai 20102013 - Henare Kingi18 Oct 2013 16:10
Henare Kingi | Reviews the reporting of the Kohanga Reo allegations by Maori Televsion
Kia Korero Mai - 19102013 - Pou Temara and Kaanga Skipper18 Oct 2013 14:03
Pou Temara and Kaanga Skipper | Kohanga Reo
Kia Korero Mai 13/10/2013 - Rereata Makiha11 Oct 2013 14:48
Rereata Makiha | Malayan, Rarotonga, Tonga, Aotearoa Contingent to discuss Indigenous business opportunites
Kia Korero Mai 12/10/2013 - Paraone Pirika11 Oct 2013 14:39
Paraone Pirika | A decision is due early next week on the Rotorua Eastern Arterial Route. Kaumatua Paraone Pirika talks about the affects it will have on Te Arawa and the history of the land affected.
Kia Korero Mai - 06102013 - Tunuiarangi McLean04 Oct 2013 16:33
HOST: Eruera Morgan talks with Tunuiarangi McLean Auckland Maori public health roopu Hapai Te Hauora Tapui Ltd has been at the forefront of the campaign to lower the number of gambling machines in the city's low income communities. That effort has been un
Kia Korero Mai 05102013 - Huirama Matatahi04 Oct 2013 16:00
HOST: Eruera Morgan talks with Huirama Matatahi | Organiser of the Tainui Rangatahi Summit held at Turangawaewae
Kia Korero Mai 29/09/2013 - Ngawai Greenwood27 Sep 2013 15:37
Ngawai Greenwood | Maori women standing in local body elections in a male dominated environment
Kia Korero Mai 28/09/2013 - Prof Taiarahia Black27 Sep 2013 15:27
Professor Taiarahi Black | Nga Manu Korero and the evolving of Te Reo Maori
Kia Korero Mai 22092013 - Kotuku Tibble20 Sep 2013 14:42
Kotuku Tibble talks to Eru Morgan about his trip to Germany to discover his whakapapa links to the Gerta/ Gotty family.
Kia Korero Mai 15/09/2013 - Mania Clark13 Sep 2013 16:04
Mania Clark | Mania Clark is from Tainui. A Maori language journalist she is also a devout Christian,  She works as a broadcaster for Christian broadcasters Radio Rhema and Shine TV. Mania also hosts Te Rongopai - The Good Word, a Christian faith sho
Kia Korero Mai 14/09/2013 - Ron Wihongi13 Sep 2013 14:54
Ron Wihongi | In 2005 Ngawha Prison was finally opened dispite anger and protests from local Maori. Ngapuhi kaumatua Ron Wihongi was one of those who protested against the building of the prison because of the site that was used. Ngawha Springs is a waahi
Kia Korero Mai 08092013 - Henare Kingi Pt 206 Sep 2013 09:24
Henare Kingi Pt 2 | Ratana Church and Maori religious beliefs
Kia Korero Mai 07092013 - Kingi Taurua06 Sep 2013 09:15
Kingi Taurua | Pays tribute to Denis Hansen QSM, Agent Orange affects veterans
Kia Korero Mai 01/09/2013 - Henare Kingi30 Aug 2013 16:46
Henare Kingi | PART ONE - On Sunday is the first of a two part series with Wellington kamatua Henare Kingi on the power of prophesy. He looks at what has happened since Southern Baptist minister Martin Luther King declared “I have a dream” in
Korero Mai 31/08/2013 Dover Samuels30 Aug 2013 16:46
Dover Samuels | The Labour Party is choosing a new leader it hopes can beat John Key and return the party to the treasury benches. Former Labour cabinet minister Dover Samuels has seen leaders come and go. In Kia Korero Mai on Saturday, he talks to Eru Mo
Korero Mai 25/08/2013 - Waireti Walters23 Aug 2013 16:44
Waireti Walters of Ngati Kahu, talks to Eru Morgan about James Parker’s tainted legacy.
Korero Mai 24/08/2013 - Potaka Maipi23 Aug 2013 16:30
Potaka Maipi was in attendance and speaks to Eru Morgan about the Koroneihana hui and what the future holds for Tainui.
Kia Korero Mai 18082013 - Denis Hansen16 Aug 2013 18:08
Waipareira Kaumatua Denis Hansen | Child abuse has been very much on the minds of people from the far north, with the former deputy principal of Pamapuria School, James Parker, this week sentenced to preventative detention for sex attacks on more than 20
Kia Korero Mai 17/08/2013 - Dr Lance O'Sullivan16 Aug 2013 17:01
Dr Lance O'Sullivan | Social Development Minister Paula Bennett is proposing a radical overhaul of child protection laws that has brought howls of outrage from people who say they will override the right to a fair trial. But Kaitaia general practition
kia korero mai 14082013 - meng foon and hinerangi edwards14 Aug 2013 15:20
Kia Korero Mai 11/08/2013 - Shane Jones09 Aug 2013 18:09
Labours Maori Affairs Spokesperson Shane Jones |who fears Fonterra the dairy giant’s mishandling of the situation will harm Maori businesses.
Kia Korero Mai 10/08/2013 - Meng Foon and Hinerangi Edwards09 Aug 2013 18:06
Meng Foon & Hinerangi Edwards | In April Maori Affairs Minister Dr Pita Sharples took Maori business leaders including Maori Trustee Jamie Tuuta and Federation of Maori Authorities chair Traci Houpapa to China to look for trade and investment. The fal
Korero Mai Ki Ahau 03/08/2013 - Tumatakuru O'Connell08 Aug 2013 11:32
Tumatakuru O'Connell | Maasey University Lecturer - Who are pakeha to tell Maori about their culture.
Kia Korero Mai 04/08/2013 - Percy Tipene02 Aug 2013 16:28
Percy Tipene | Te Kahui Rongoa Hui at Parihaka
Kia Korero Mai 28/07/2013 - Tawhirimatea Willliams26 Jul 2013 18:00
Tawhirimatea Williams | Quality reo standards in education
Kia Korero Mai 27/07/2013 - Skye Kimura26 Jul 2013 15:20
Cancer Society Skye Kimura | Auckland will be a smoke-free city by 2025, after the Council approved plans to ban smoking in all public outdoor spaces.
Kia Korero Mai 21/07/2013 - Haami Piripi19 Jul 2013 17:28
Te Rarawa Iwi Leader Haami Piripi | Social Development Minister Paula Bennett was in Kaitaia talking with iwi leaders about the Te Rarawa social accord. We talk with Te Rarawa chair Hami Piripi about the accord and about Minister Bennett’s welfare refor
Kia Korero Mai 20/07/2013 - Tame Te Rangi19 Jul 2013 17:20
Eruera Morgan talks with the chair of the Mana Whenua Selection Body for the Auckland Independent Maor Statutory Board, Tame Te Rangi
Nga Take 12/07/2013 - Part 312 Jul 2013 16:52
Nga Take brings you the latest in this weeks News & Current Affairs, presented by Tumamao Harawira.
Korero Mai Ki Ahau 14/07/2013 Te Ururoa Flavell12 Jul 2013 16:40
Maori Party co leader Te Ururoa Flavell about his concerns with these kinds of groups and individuals who incite negative emotions preying on people's ignorance and on occasions already deep rooted racism.
Korero Mai Kia Ahau 13/07/2013 Parekura Kupenga12 Jul 2013 16:36
Ngati Porou kaumatua and long time political observer Parekura Kupenga, who offers his assessment of David Shearers performance as Leader of the Opposition to date.
Korero Mai 07/07/2013 - Glenis Philip Barabara05 Jul 2013 16:32
Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori
Korero Mai 06/07/2013 - Wena Tait05 Jul 2013 16:20
Analysis of Paati Maori
Korero Mai 30/06/2013 - Henare Kingi28 Jun 2013 14:12
We deliver our final program on Te Ikaroa Rawhiti by – election. Eruera once again talks with our political commentator Henare Kingi who talks about each candidate, how they performed and what the result is signalling for Maori voterscandidate, how they
Korero Mai 29/06/2013 - Vapi Kupenga28 Jun 2013 13:32
Next week is Maori Language week. Eruera Morgan talks with Ngati Porou kuia, reo advocate and Mâori Language Commission translator Vapi Kupenga
Kia Korero Mai 23/06/2013 - Tunui McLean21 Jun 2013 14:32
This week was National Volunteer Week .for many Māori, that means contributing to their local community, marae or whānau activity Eruera speaks with Tunuiaarangi McLean about his work over the years in the South Auckland community of Manurewa as a Maori
Kia Korero Mai 22/06/2013 - Te Ururoa Favell and Shane Jones21 Jun 2013 13:56
Eruera Morgan speaks with Te Ururoa Flavell about claims from critics that the bill is a seriously watered down version from its original and Labours Shane Jones who says this is yet another example of the ineffectiveness o
Kia Korero Mai 22062013 - Te Ururoa Favell and Shane Jones21 Jun 2013 13:08
Te Ururoa Flavell and Shane Jones | Gambling Harm Reduction Bill
Kia Korero Mai 14062013 - Henare Kingi14 Jun 2013 15:17
Henare Kingi | Political Commentator- Maori Electoral Option
Kia Korero Mai 14062013 - Pou Temara14 Jun 2013 13:05
Prof Pou Temara | Matariki
Korero Mai 09/06/2013 Mahia Natahan and Tihi Puanaki07 Jun 2013 17:24
Eruera Morgan speaks with Wharekura o Manurewa Tumuaki Maahia Nathan and Christchurch secondary school teacher Tihi Puanaki about Charter Schools.
Korero Mai 08/06/2013 - Ngahiwi Tomoana07 Jun 2013 16:48
Korero Mai Ki Ahau continues with its Te Ikaroa Rawhiti by Election theme. This week Eruera Morgan speaks with Ngati Kahungunu leader Ngahiwi Tomoana, about what he thinks are the main issues for his people for this election.
Korero Mai 02/06/2013 - Vapi Kupenga31 May 2013 17:52
Vapi Kupenga talks with Eruera and gives her perspective on Te Ikaroa Rawhiti by election.
Korero Mai 01/06/2013 - Wharehoka Wano31 May 2013 17:44
Te Atiawa descendants are being asked to vote on whether to accept the post settlement governance entity that is designed to bring together the long-divided Taranaki iwi. Eruera Morgan speaks with Te Atiawa leader Wharehoka Wano who does his best to give
Korero Mai 26/05/2013 - Taiarahia Black24 May 2013 16:08
David speaks with Tuhoe leader and academic Professor Taiarahia Black about the just released independent report about the police actions against Tuhoe in October 2007 police lockdown Better known as the Tuhoe raids.
Korero Mai 25/05/2013 - Rereata Makiha24 May 2013 15:56
David Kaire talks with veteran political journalist Rereata Makiha about the quality of candidates for the TeIkaroa Rawhiti byelection.
Korero Mai 19/05/2013 - Charter Schools17 May 2013 15:56
Charter Schools will be up and running in 2014. Eruera talks with National governments Te Ururoa Flavell from the Maori Party and Labour's Education spokesperson Nanaia Mahuta. Nanaia believes Charter schools will only harm the education system.
Korero Mai 18/05/2013 - Budget17 May 2013 15:48
Host Eruera Morgan speaks with political analyst Henare Kingi on Budget 2013 and whats in it for Maori.
Korero Mai 12/05/2013 - Haami Piripi10 May 2013 15:40
Te Rarawa CEO Haami Piripi on Te Ture Whenua Maori Act 1993 Review Panel Discussion document, currently travelling the country seeking feedback from Maori landowners.
Korero Mai 11/05/2013 - Denis Hansen and Pita Paraone10 May 2013 15:32
Long-time National party supporter Denis Hansen on National List MP Aaron Gilmore’s recent drunken escapades, NZ First stalwart Pita Paraone contributes too, after his leader Winston Peters nick named the beleaguered MP, Happy Gilmour.
Korero Mai 05/05/2013 - Denis Hansen03 May 2013 18:56
Eruera speaks with Waipareira Kaumatua Dennis Hansen about Te Whanau aa Waipareira revealing its 25 year strategic vision this week.
Korero Mai 04/05/2013 - Selwyn Parata03 May 2013 18:52
Eruera Morgan caught up with Parekuras whanaunga Selwyn Parata at the tangi and he talks about the proceedings and about the man who called everyone chief.
Korero Mai 28/04/2013 - Hinurewa Poutu26 Apr 2013 14:16
Constitutional Advisory Panelist Hinurewa Poutu on why Maori need to ensure they are part of the discussions
Korero Mai 27/04/2013 - Henare Kingi26 Apr 2013 14:08
Henare Kingi analysis on the Latest Colmar Brunton Poll which shows National support at a 7 year low.
Korero Mai 21/04/2013 - Tumatakuru O'Connell19 Apr 2013 16:12
 Boston Terrorism attacks and major changes to GCSB with Tumatakuru O'Connell.
Korero Mai 20/04/2013 - Te Ururoa Flavell and Pita Paraone19 Apr 2013 15:52
The Marriage Definition of Marriage Amendment bill with Te Ururoa Flavell and Pita Paraone.

Korero Mai 14/04/2013 - Henare Kingi14 Apr 2013 12:40
Former British Prime Minister Baroness Margaret Thatcher passed away this week. She was the last of her generation in political beliefs and values. Political commentator Henare Kingi gives his view on how the political climate has evolved/devolved
Korero Mai 13/04/2013 - Meng Foon13 Apr 2013 12:32
Gisborne Mayor Meng Foon and a leading Maori business woman Hinerangi Edwards - Hammond from Ngati Ruanui comments on the delegation to China comprising several Maori business and iwi leaders, led by Prime Minister John Key and Maori Affairs Minister
Korero Mai 07/04/2013 - Dover Samuels05 Apr 2013 13:20
Eru speaks with long time Labour party stalwart and former Labour MP for Te Tai Tokerau Dover Samuels who says if it was a Maori who did the same, they’d be sacked.
Korero Mai 06/04/2013 - Haami Piripi05 Apr 2013 13:12
This week Eruera Morgan’s speaks with the leader one of Maoridoms more progressive iwi Haami Piripi from Te Rarawa, who explains to us why he thinks the 2 Degrees corporate model has failed to attract the corporate Maori world.
Korero Mai 31/03/2013 - Dame Susan Devoy and Takawai Murphy28 Mar 2013 17:36
Dame Susan Devoy will be this country’s next Race Relations Commissioner, which has brought mixed reactions from a broad cross section of commentators. Some are saying that Dame Susan's appointment signals that mainstream New Zealand is ready to get se
Korero Mai 30/03/2013 - Pita Paraone and Te Ururoa Flavell28 Mar 2013 17:32
The Maori Electoral Option is back, well the 2013 version anyway. Once again giving Maori the option to change from the Maori roll to the general roll and vice versa.This week Eruera Morgan speaks with Pita Paraone former NZ First List MP. His party has a
Korero Mai 24/03/2013 - Jim Mather and Tu Williams22 Mar 2013 17:24
Eruera speaks with Te Putahi Paho Chair Tuwhakairiora Williams and MTS boss Jim Mather about the bill and how they think Maori Television has progressed since its early days up until now.
Korero Mai 23/03/2013 - Henare Kingi22 Mar 2013 17:20
Eruera Morgan speaks with veteran political broadcaster Henare Kingi about the leadership and what he thinks it all means for the Maori Party.
Korero Mai Kia Au 17/03/2013 Wharehoka Wano and Ngahiwi Apanui15 Mar 2013 14:12
Eruera Morgan speaks with one who is involved with both events, Wharehoka Wano from Taranaki whanui who talks about the opportunities available to our people who incorporate their taha Maori into their music - recognising it as their point of difference.
Korero Mai Kia Au 16/03/2013 Eru George and Mamae Takerei15 Mar 2013 14:08
Eruera Morgan speaks with Te Arawa leader Eru George and Tainui kuia and kingite stalwart Mamae Takerei about these kinds of structures and the accountability mechanisms they bring as a business model and back to their people.
Korero Mai - 11/03/201308 Mar 2013 17:56
Rhonda Tibble & Hone Harawira both talk about Education Minister Hekia Parata has the dubious honour of being labeled the most hated Minister in the National Party.
Korero Mai - 10/03/201308 Mar 2013 17:48
Eruera Morgan host this weeks show with two special guest - Percy Tipene & Hikurangi Waikerepu talking about the
Korero Mai 03/03/2013 - Dr Ranginui Walker01 Mar 2013 17:00
Earlier this week, controversial Tuhoe activist Tame Iti was released from Waikeria Prison after serving 9 months of a 2 and a half year prison sentence on firearms charges, part of the notorious 2007 Urewera Raids.
Korero Mai 02/03/2013 - Willie Te Aho01 Mar 2013 16:08
Host Eruera Morgan speaks with high profile treaty lawyer Willie Te Aho, who breaks it all down for discussing how this ruling will affect other treaty claims, and the precedent it sets with Maori ownership claims to other taonga tuku iho, such as spectru
Korero Mai Ki Au - 170213 - Luke Crawford15 Feb 2013 15:04
Census 2013 is about to descend upon us. Information from each Census helps the decision makers in Wellington to get a handle on a whole range of things, with the idea that the decisions made will be right in line with the needs of the population. Once ag
Korero Mai Ki Au - 160213 - Timoti Karetu15 Feb 2013 14:52
On the eve of Matatini 2013 Dave Kaire speaks with the former head of the now defunct Aotearoa Performing Arts and former head of Te Taura Whiri i Te Reo Maori Professor Timoti Karetu. Dave discusses with him the role kapahaka has played in the revitalisa
Korero Mai Ki Au - 100213 - Ngawai Herewini, Hone Sadler08 Feb 2013 15:48
Maori television has copped some flak over their coverage of the celebrations at Waitangi from the likes of Titewhai and Hone Harawira. They’re both accusing the channel of following mainstream medias focus on just the negative aspects of the day. Ngawa
Korero Mai Ki Au - 090213 - Waireti Walters, Pita Paraone08 Feb 2013 15:44
Dave talks with Ngapuhi kuia Waireti Walters about the role that wahine should be fulfilling at Waitangi during Waitangi Day celebrations, and would the furore around who should be escorting main dignitaries onto Te Tii marae, have eventuated if wahine we
Korero Mai Ki Au - 020213 - Henare Kingi, Willie Jackson01 Feb 2013 17:04
One of Maori broadcastings finest Julian Wilcox will no longer be gracing iwi radio airwaves, or maintaining a high profile presence on Maori Television. Julian is the new General Manager of News and Current Affairs at Maori Television and because of his
Korero Mai Ki Au - 010213 - Tamati Cairns01 Feb 2013 16:28
Maori rights to freshwater still remains in the news headlines, with the NZ Maori Council seeking a favourable ruling from the Supreme Court. This week Ngawai Herewini talks with Tamati Cairns, spokesman and Chair of the Pouakani Trust, part of the group
Korero Mai Ki Au - 270113 - Lenny Kapa25 Jan 2013 17:56
The Ratana celebrations are an annual event, which some would say are becoming just as important as the Waitangi celebrations in Te Tai Tokerau. It is a major calendar event for all political party’s’ who are looking to gain the Maori vote. In recent
Korero Mai Ki Au - 260113 - Henare Kingi25 Jan 2013 17:48
The Maori Party leadership has been the main talking point in the news this past week. Incumbent co – leader Pita Sharples and the pretender/leader in waiting Te Ururoa Flavell, have positioned themselves as the solution for the future to carry the part
Korero Mai Ki Au - 161212 - Lenny Kapa19 Dec 2012 09:38
The Children’s Commission expert advisory group released its final report this week on Solutions To Child Poverty. Children’s Commissioner Russell Wills hopes the government will act on its recommendations over the next six months. In a press statemen
Korero Mai Ki Au - 151212 - Hera Clarke19 Dec 2012 09:30
The Children’s Commission expert advisory group released its final report this week on Solutions To Child Poverty. Children’s Commissioner Russell Wills hopes the government will act on its recommendations over the next six months. In a press statemen
Korero Mai Ki Au - 23/12/2012 - Xmas Special18 Dec 2012 16:41
Korero Mai Ki Ahau 2012 Special. 6 - Tihi Puanaki Earthquake Drill. 7 - Maahia Nathan Feed the Children Bill. 8 - Hemana Waaka 28th Maori Battalion. 9 - Ani Pahuru Huriwai Petrobras. 10 - Maanu Paul
Korero Mai Ki Au - 22/12/2012 - Xmas Special18 Dec 2012 16:37
Korero Mai Ki Ahau 2012 Special 1 - Te Ururoa Flavel Charter Schools. 2 - Ruakere Hond Tongariro. 3 - Denis Hansen Pamapuria School. 4 - Annette Skyes Share plus hui. 5 - Gerrard Albert Whanganui Settlement.
Korero Mai Ki Au - 091212 - Rawiri Waititi07 Dec 2012 17:26
Rawiri Waititi of Te Whanau A Apanui, shares his view of Petrobras pulling out this week and elaborates further on what was discussed with Ani Pahuru-Huriwai. Rawiri celebrates the return of the prospecting licenses to NZ and what it means for his iwi th
Korero Mai Ki Au - 081212 - Ani Pahuru-Huriwai07 Dec 2012 17:21
Ani Pahuru-Huriwai, Brazilian oil giant Petrobas has pulled out of Aotearoa and handed back its NZ prospecting licenses to the government. The state run energy company with sales in the vicinity of $150 billion annually had plans to invest up to $300 mill
Korero Mai Ki Au - 021212 - Maanu Paul30 Nov 2012 15:42
The NZ Maori council were back in court this week as they continue to fight the government over the partial assets sales and the selling of just under half of Mighty River Power. Ngawai speaks with Maanu Paul Co-Chair of the Maori Council about his though
Korero Mai Ki Au - 011212 - Heketerangi Broadhurst30 Nov 2012 15:41
This week Kingi Tuheitia issued a letter to all tribal Waikato-Tainui members expressing his displeasure around the ongoing internal conflicts amongst those who are in leadership roles for the iwi, along with the unnecessary waste of resources to resolve
Korero Mai 24/11/2012 - Bruce Gregory23 Nov 2012 18:51
Bruce Gregory (Ngapuhi nui tonu) Retired Labour MP for the old Northern Maori electorate now known as Te Tai Tokerau. Last week at the 96th Labour Party annual conference a serious challenge to the Labour Party leadership was successfully seen off by incu
Korero Mai 17/11/2012 - Maahia Nathan19 Nov 2012 09:46
Hone Harawira’s: Feed The Kids Bill was drawn from the Private Members Bill ballot last week. Harawira said that his Education (Breakfast and Lunch Programmes in School) Amendment Bill would provide free breakfast and lunches for all children in decile
Korero Mai 18/11/2012 - Hemana Waaka16 Nov 2012 15:30
28th Māori Battalion Association Closure (01 December 2012) The 28th Māori Battalion Association is preparing to wind up, but the battalion will remain to the last man standing. Matt Te Pou, who is organising the association's final hui in W
Korero Mai 11/11/2012 - Te Ururoa Flavell09 Nov 2012 13:41
Te Ururoa Flavell - 'Last Monday nights Native Affairs poll confirms what most people think anyway" said MANA President Annette Sykes. "That Hone Harawira is the only politician fighting for Maori rights"."(Harawira got 32%, Sharples 16%, Turia 12% and Tu
Korero Mai 10/11/2012 - Tom Roa09 Nov 2012 13:36
This week the Government busted through the billion dollar cap for treaty settlements in it's last financial move, triggering the relativity clause in the first two major historical claim settlements. Waikato-Tainui, is in line for another $70 million, w
Korero Mai Ki Au 04/11/2012 - Moari Stafford04 Nov 2012 12:26
Moari Stafford – Tribute to Rau Kapa - Maori broadcasting lost one of its leaders recently. Veteran broadcaster Rau Kapa, died of a heart attack. He was 60 years old. He was one of the dwindling number of old guard Maori language journa
Korero Mai Ki Au 03/11/2012 - Erana Reedy03 Nov 2012 12:16
Erana Reedy - Ngati Porou. It's been called the most devastating storm in decades to hit the United States. Over the past week Hurricane Sandy has killed scores of people, while causing major disruption...
Korero Mai 28/10/201228 Oct 2012 12:56
Earlier this week the Waitangi Tribunal released in pre-publication format the third part of its report on claims in the Te Urewera district inquiry. In this part of its report, entitled From Self-governing Native Reserve to National Park, the Tribun
Korero Mai 27/10/201227 Oct 2012 12:48
This week the New Zealand Maori Council took the claim regarding Maori rights to fresh water to the High Court to stop the government selling off 49 percent of Mighty River Power. The court action is delaying the sale so there can be a judicial review
Korero Mai Ki Au 21/10/2012 - Haami Piripi19 Oct 2012 18:31
Haami Piripi, Chair of Te Runanga o Te Rarawa. 'Nobody owns water' Maori don’t own the airwaves, two views that are debated hotly from time to time, which more often than not leads to more division and resentment between Maori and non – Maori. Haami P
Korero Mai Ki Au 20/10/2012 - Tony Waho and Pou Temara19 Oct 2012 18:21
Tony Waho, Deputy Chair of the National Kohanga Reo Trust board. Tony Waho talks with Ngawai Herewini about the Waitangi Tribunal Report just released which says the government must ensure that revitalisation initiatives such as kohanga reo are resourced
Korero Mai Ki Au 14/10/2012 - Vapi Kupenga12 Oct 2012 19:06
Sunday 14 October 2012 12:00 and repeated at 5pm – Vapi Kupenga- Social Development Minister Paula Bennett’s much discussed White Paper for Vulnerable Children was released earlier this week. The paper talks about child abuse and at risk children. T
Korero Mai Ki Au 15/10/2012 - Te Ururoa Flavell12 Oct 2012 19:01
Saturday 13 October 2012 12:00 and repeated at 5pm – Te Ururoa Flavell - Education Minister Hekia Parata told a gathering of teachers recently that they needed to start to pronounce students names correctly especially Maori and Pacific Islanders. Long t
Korero Mai 07/10/2012 - Tumatakuru O'Connell07 Oct 2012 10:31
Ngawai Herewini speaks with academic Tumatakuru O’Connell, an expert in 20th century international politics and 21st century globalisation in the information age, about the illegal spying on internet tycoon Kim Dotcom and whether it is part of the same
Korero Mai 06/10/2012 - Hone Sadlier06 Oct 2012 13:11
Contoroversy over Ngapuhi claims report, which was written by Tainui leader Tukuroirangi Morgan. Ngawai Herewini speaks with renown historian and kaumatua Hone Sadlier about the report
Korero Mai 30/09/2012 - Tihi Puanaki02 Oct 2012 02:11
A weekly half hour show presented by Ngawai Herewini
Korero Mai 29/09/2012 - Annette Sykes02 Oct 2012 02:06
A weekly half hour show presented by Ngawai Herewini

7 Opinion

fair New Zealand Sep 20 @ 05:15 AM
Willie well done we need to put all these rednecks in place they can't go around and do that to our maori people racist prick eye to eye bring it back keep these people straight

Mike Sep 19 @ 08:13 AM
Bomber Bradbury can't disguise his envy of Cameron Slater & how successful his blog is. Make no mistake, Cameron Slater is incredibly polarising, at times deeply offensive & can cross the line but Bomber told straight up lies trying to say the content & commentary on the left wing blog sites was in a different "stratosphere" to Whaleoil. You get idiots on both sides of the political spectrum & a quick search ofthe respective site will confirm that. He also repeated the same old lines from Hager's book almost all of which are unsubstantiated about OIA's, blackmail etc etc. Yet Bradbury, as a self proclaimed Marxist had his hand out for a few pieces of silver from Kim Dot Com (who as shown treats his workers like dirt). Credibility ruined right there Bomber.

Kateao F Sep 18 @ 09:08 PM
Agree with you on that @jamie fields and its absolutely grilling me to see this oily jerk has now been given undeserved media attention thanks to his mate free willy!

Jamie Fields Sep 18 @ 08:33 PM
Right and left wing tactics to date arent encouraging me to vote for any donkeys or monkeys

terina mclean Sep 18 @ 08:21 PM
Te tohora momona raua ko tetahi mangai nui. Kei te he!

Kateao F Sep 18 @ 08:04 PM
Cameron Slaters still an obnoxious, egotistical moron, waste of time interviewing him, surely it's not that hard (leading up to an election) to find someone really worthy to interview? Oily whales I think not.!

Jilly Sep 18 @ 07:46 PM
Bomber is a such a dishonest person and extremely jealous of Cam Slater, Bomber is involved with the convicted criminal and corrupt dotcom.

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