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KMKA 28/02/2015 Willie Te Aho27 Feb 2015 13:45
Up to 30,000 performers, supporters and audience members are expected next week at North Hagley Party for Te Matatini. But not everyone can get to Christchurch, so organisers have turned to technology to allow others to share in the spectacle that is the national Maori performing arts competition. In Korero Mai Ki Ahau on Saturday we talk to operations guru Willie Te Aho about internet streaming the festival to whanau in Aotearoa and overseas.
KMKA 01/03/2015 Miki Apiti27 Feb 2015 13:39
Prime Minister John Key has committed New Zealand troops for a training mission in Iraq. The decision has created debate up and down the motu. So Sunday, Eruera Morgan talks with Vietnam veteran and RSA spokesperson Miki Apiti about the deployment.
Kia Korero Mai 21022015 - Waihoroi Shortland20 Feb 2015 15:39
There's a Maori Language conference happening in Rahui Pokeka (Huntly) discussing among other things the state of the Maori Language. Ngati Hine te reo Maori linguist Te Waihoroi Shortland attended and he says we need to be mindful that language won't survive just through legislation, he says a healthy, vibrant, living language needs more than that. Eruera Morgan spoke to Te Waihoroi who talks about having a strategy that is based on the ten commandments structure. Te Waihoroi say's we need to establish our own ethics and principles to contribute to the ultimate survival of the language.
Kia Korero Mai - 22022015 - Patu Hohepa20 Feb 2015 15:21
Maori sovereignty remains a contentious issue, Tuhoe leader Tamati Kruger has said that the expression of tino rangatiratanga can been seen in ensuring his iwi are healthy, educated and socially thriving. Eruera speaks with Dr. Patua Hohepa about his view on Maori sovereignty. Dr. Hohepa maintains his strong views that sovereignty was never ceded, and in a contemporary setting we need to take a wider view on how we express this. He talks about the importance of Maori having a seat on the United Nations and how we should be promoting a Polynesian - wide Sovereignty model
Kia Korero Mai - 08022015 - Kingi Taurua05 Feb 2015 14:24
Sunday – Waitangi Day celebrations at Waitangi, where there’s conflict, protests and where leading politicians, the Governor General pay their annual visits to talk about among other things, the state of the nation. We talk with Ngapuhi Chief Kingi Taurua about the commemorations this year and his hopes for the future
Kia Korero Mai - 07022015 - Ranginui Walker05 Feb 2015 14:21
Saturday - Gareth Morgan’s an interesting character, a philanthropist, economist, writer blogger, social commentator and now race relations expert. Last week he urged pakeha to get up to speed with the treaty and treaty claims. He even said recently we should all be learning te reo Maori. Now he’s calling for Maori seats to be abolished once we become a republic. We talk with Professor Ranginui Walker about Morgan’s statements and ask Professor Walker what’s the checklist that Maori would need to tick off, if this country is indeed to become a republic.
Kia Korero Mai - 01022015 - Te Rata Hikairo30 Jan 2015 12:39
Te Rata Hikairo-Ngapuhi Muslim| Ngapuhi maverick David Rankin grabbed headlines this week with a call for a ban at Waitangi on anyone wearing the burqa, a traditional head covering for some Muslim women.He says Islam is a direct threat to Maori culture and rangatiratanga, and there are droves of Maori converting to the religion.That view is not backed up by the census which shows there are only about 1800 Maori Muslims, and long time attendees at Waitangi say they have never seen a burqa during Treaty of Waitangi commemorations, nor have they seen Mr Rankin there.In Korero Mai Ki Ahau on Saturday, we speak with Ngapuhi Muslim Te Rata Hikairo on his faith and the negative media coverage of Islam.
Kia Korero Mai - 02022015 - Tunuiarangi Mclean30 Jan 2015 12:36
Tunuiarangi Mclean | On Monday a new partnership school or kura hourua opens at Nga Whare Waatea marae in Mangere. It will offer a blend of kura kaupapa and Steiner principles to a decile one community where poverty, poor health, and low achievement in mainstream education are continuing problems. This week in Korero Mai Ki Ahau we talk to trustee Tunuiarangi Mclean about the kura’s aspirations and what Te Kura o Waatea can do that other local schools and kura kaupapa can’t.
Kia Korero Mai 25012015 - Mataara Wall - Ratana23 Jan 2015 14:03
Te Maramatanga - Kingi Taurua talks about the Ratana Movement from its humble beginnings of Tahu Potiki Wiremu Ratana.
Kia Korero Mai 24012015 - Henare Kingi23 Jan 2015 13:57
This week Kingi Taurua talks with Henare Kingi about events at Ratana. Is it becoming too political ? What can we expect from our parliamentary representatives in 2015 ? Kia Korero Mai with Kingi Taurua and Henare Kingi
Kia Korero Mai Special - 11012015 - Tame Iti08 Jan 2015 11:21
REPLAY: Eru Morgan talks with Tame Iti about the Tuhoe Terror Raids and life now
Kia Korero Mai Special - 10012015 - Te Keepa Stirling08 Jan 2015 11:09
REPLAY: Eru Morgan talks wtih Te Keepa Stirling on the former Maori Affairs Minister Dr Pita Sharples Maori Language Strategy - Te Maataawai
Kia Korero Mai Special - 03012015 - Awanuiarangi Black22 Dec 2014 12:15
This year marked the commemoration of the 1864 Battle of Pukehinahina-Gate P. It drew more than 10,000 people to the battle site in the middle of Tauranga, including 500 warriors who performed a special haka peruperu written by Awanui Black and Reweti Te Mete. In Kia Korero Mai this Saturday, Awanui talks to Eru Morgan about Te Pakanga O Pukehinahina, what the land wars mean to Tauranga Moana 150 years on, and what the future holds for the region’s iwi.
Kia Korero Mai Special - 04012014 - Te Atawhai Tibble22 Dec 2014 12:12
The views of 5000 Maori representing a cross section of the whole Maori population has been distilled into Te Kupenga, a ground-breaking report on Maori well-being that should provide a substantial meal for Maori researchers, iwi planners and policymakers. In Kia Korero Mai on Sunday with Eru Morgan, Te Kupenga project manager Atawhai Tibble breaks down the findings and explains how Statistics New Zealand came up with them
Kia Korero Mai Special - 27122014 - Huirangi Waikerepuru22 Dec 2014 12:03
Earlier this year Maori Television celebrated its10th Birthday. One of the people who laid the groundwork for it, and who led the opening ceremonies 10 years ago, was Huirangi Waikerepuru of Nga Kaiwhakapumau I Te Reo Maori, the Wellington Maori Language Board. Huirangi was on hand for the birthday celebrations, leading the karakia. In Kia Korero Mai on Saturday, Eru Morgan talks to Huirangi about the claim for the language and the achievements of the channel in its first decade
Kia Korero Mai Special - 28122014 - Tawhirimatea Willams22 Dec 2014 11:57
More than 1000 people gathered in earlier this year to be in Ngaruawahia for the discussion of the future of the Kohanga Reo movement. In Kia Korero Mai this Saturday Eru Morgan talks to Tawhirimatea Williams, who has taught hundreds of teachers for kohanga and kura. They discuss the changes that need to be looked at, and look back at the origins of kohanga, when it seemed te reo me ona tikanga was all that mattered and communities would create kohanga even if they had no money.
Kia Korero Mai - 20122014 - Pou Temara19 Dec 2014 15:54
Despite the cracking pace set by Treaty Negotiations Minister Christopher Finlayson, National fell short of its 2014 deadline for completing historic Treaty settlements and quietly extended it to 2017. In Kia KoreroMai, Eruera Morgan talks to Waitangi Tribunal member Professor Pou Temara about the year’s settlements, including one for his own Tuhoe iwi.
Kia Korero Mai - 21122014 - Henare Kingi19 Dec 2014 15:45
It’s been a big year for Maori in politics. Winston Peters brought old hands Ron Mark and Pita Paraone back into parliament, Kelvin Davis is back as an electorate MP, and newcomers Marama Fox and Peeni Henare have already made their mark as MPs to watch. Not so happy were Hone Harawira, whose dalliance with Kim Dotcom and the Internet Party may have cost him his seat. In Kia Korero Mai this week, political commentator Henare Kingi looks back at the year Maori voters went back to Labour.
Kia Korero Mai - 14122014 - Kingi Taurua12 Dec 2014 14:39
With Christmas drawing nearer its a time when whanau and aroha are a priority but for many kaumatua its going to be a lonely time. Kingi Taurua talks with Eru Morgan about some of the challenges whanau will be facing this year
Kia Korero Mai - 13122014 - Kotuku Tibble12 Dec 2014 14:36
Educationalist Kotuku Tibble has returned to teaching at his former college Hato Paora. On Saturday he talks about some of the challenges Maori students have faced and his aspirations for the new year ahead
Kia Korero Mai - Tame Iti05 Dec 2014 10:06
Someone with hard experience of being snooped on is Tuhoe activist and Maori Party list candidate Tame Iti. He was sentenced to 30 months in jail on firearms charges based on illegally-obtained surveillance evidence that a judge said was admissible because of the seriousness of the alleged crime. Now he says the police got the wrong end of the stick. In KKM, Tame talks to Eruera Morgan about the scarily-named Countering Terrorist Fighters Legislation Bill.
Kia Korero Mai - Te Rata Hikairo and Tumatakuru O'Connell05 Dec 2014 10:03
New Waatea blogger Martin Bradbury says Muslims are the new Maori. Just as Governments in the past have whipped up fear about radical Maori to justify surveillance and police actions, now National is using Muslim terrorists as an excuse for a massive extension of power for the Secret Intelligence Service. In Kia Korero Mai this Saturday we talk with Maori Muslim Te Rata Rangi Hiikairo and Tumatakuru O'Connell, an expert in International indigenous relationships, on how the spy in the marae became the monitor in the mosque.
Kia Korero Mai - 29112014 - Wayne Ngata28 Nov 2014 15:09
SATURDAY:The new Minister for Maori Development is taking a fresh look at the Te Reo Maori Bill drafted by his predecessors, but it seems likely that a new body, Te Maataawai, will emerge in some form to oversee the institutions charged with protecting the Maori language. Much of the debate has been about whether iwi are up to the task of encouraging use of te reo, or if it should be left to the speakers and scholars who have championed it so far. In Kia Korero Mai on Saturday, we talk with Maori language commissioner Dr Wayne Ngata who says Te Maataawai will join the dots and align all the different initiatives within the language strategy.
Kia Korero Mai - 30112014 - Rawiri Waru28 Nov 2014 15:06
SUNDAY: Blending kapa haka experience with modern beats won Te Whanau a Apanui musician Rob Ruha the best Maori album Tohu at this year’s Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards. In Kia Korero Mai, collaborator Rawiri Waru from Iwi Radio Te Arawa FM will talk about the achievements of the tattooed troubadour as well as giving his views on the state of waiata Maori.

7 Opinion

fair New Zealand Sep 20 @ 05:15 AM
Willie well done we need to put all these rednecks in place they can't go around and do that to our maori people racist prick eye to eye bring it back keep these people straight

Mike Sep 19 @ 08:13 AM
Bomber Bradbury can't disguise his envy of Cameron Slater & how successful his blog is. Make no mistake, Cameron Slater is incredibly polarising, at times deeply offensive & can cross the line but Bomber told straight up lies trying to say the content & commentary on the left wing blog sites was in a different "stratosphere" to Whaleoil. You get idiots on both sides of the political spectrum & a quick search ofthe respective site will confirm that. He also repeated the same old lines from Hager's book almost all of which are unsubstantiated about OIA's, blackmail etc etc. Yet Bradbury, as a self proclaimed Marxist had his hand out for a few pieces of silver from Kim Dot Com (who as shown treats his workers like dirt). Credibility ruined right there Bomber.

Kateao F Sep 18 @ 09:08 PM
Agree with you on that @jamie fields and its absolutely grilling me to see this oily jerk has now been given undeserved media attention thanks to his mate free willy!

Jamie Fields Sep 18 @ 08:33 PM
Right and left wing tactics to date arent encouraging me to vote for any donkeys or monkeys

terina mclean Sep 18 @ 08:21 PM
Te tohora momona raua ko tetahi mangai nui. Kei te he!

Kateao F Sep 18 @ 08:04 PM
Cameron Slaters still an obnoxious, egotistical moron, waste of time interviewing him, surely it's not that hard (leading up to an election) to find someone really worthy to interview? Oily whales I think not.!

Jilly Sep 18 @ 07:46 PM
Bomber is a such a dishonest person and extremely jealous of Cam Slater, Bomber is involved with the convicted criminal and corrupt dotcom.

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