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Manako 29072014 - Pt 6 of 6 Ken Eruera29 Jul 2014 08:00
Radio Ngati Porou Sports guru Ken Eruera | Ken discusses the Sevens missing out on gold at the commonwelath games after being beaten by South Africa. Time for a new coach pea ?
Manako 29072014 - Pt 5 of 6 Potaka Maipi29 Jul 2014 07:57
Tainui Regional Reporter Potaka Maipi | Ngapuhi man David Rankin has issues with the Kingitanga. Potaka says the best place is to take the 'take' to Koroneihana or Poukai
Manako 29072014 - Pt 4 of 6 Linda Te Aho and Te Ururoa Flavell29 Jul 2014 07:51
Linda Te Aho |The outcome of the United Nations Indigenous Hui last week Te Ururoa Flavell | Maori Party campaigning hard for this years elections
Manako 29072014 - Pt 3 of 6 Te Hamua Nikora29 Jul 2014 07:45
Mana Turanga Candidate Te Hamua Nikora | Former Mayor and politician Georgina Beyer will stand for Mana in the Tai Tonga seat
Manako 29072014 - Pt 2 of 6 Willie Te Aho29 Jul 2014 07:39
Secondary Schools National Kapa Haka Organiser Willie Te Aho | Turanganui A Kiwa plays host city to the kapa haka nationals. 40 Teams are particpating
Manako 29072014 - Pt 1 of 6 Tamati Kruger29 Jul 2014 07:36
Tuhoe Negotiator Tamati Kruger | Plans are being made for Police Commissioner Mike Bush will make an apology to Tuhoe over the 2007 Raids
Manako 29072014 - Intro29 Jul 2014 07:33
Host: Pierre Lyndon | Tamati Kruger, Willie Te Aho, Te Hamua Nikora, Linda Te Aho, Te Ururoa Flavell, Potaka Maipi, Ken Eruera
Manako 28072014 - Pt 6 of 6 Tame Te Rangi and Hone Harawira28 Jul 2014 08:15
Tame Te Rangi | A wrap on the weekends sports Hone Harawira | The Mana Party has announced Georgina Beyer as their Tai Tonga Candidate
Manako 28072014 - Pt 5 of 6 Henare Kingi28 Jul 2014 08:09
Political commentator Henare Kingi | Henare pays tribute to Taraina Turia and Pita Sharples
Manako 28072014 - Pt 4 of 6 Nanaia Mahuta28 Jul 2014 08:06
Labour MP Nanaia Mahuta | The Hauraki Waikato MP says theres some very exciting new Maori that will be standing for Labour
Manako 28072014 - Pt 3 of 6 Pita Tipene28 Jul 2014 08:03
Pita Tipenefrom Ngati Hine | Pita does not accept the Ngati Hine Representatives on Tuhoronuku
Manako 28072014 - Pt 2 of 6 Tina Wickliffe28 Jul 2014 07:57
Co producer Te Wero 2014 Tina Wickliffe | Tina outlines the new political debates that start this week Te Wero will hold debates in each of the Maori electorates
Manako 28072014 - Pt 1 of 6 Eynon Delamere28 Jul 2014 07:54
Auckland City Council consultant Eynon Delamere | Consultation with mataawaka underway about the East - West Road Plan in Tamaki Makaurau
Manako 28072014 - Intro28 Jul 2014 07:51
Host: Pierre Lyndon | Guests: Eynon Delamere, Tina Wickliffe, Pita Tipene, Nanaia Mahuta, Henare Kingi, Tame Te Rangi, Wairangi Koopu and Hone Harawira
Manako 25072014 - Pt 6 of 6 Wairangi Koopu and Mabel Wharekawa25 Jul 2014 09:15
Wairangi Koopu | Former Kwi League man Wairangi Koopu on the Warriors Mabel Wharekawa | Whaea Mabel says theres a big push among young people to vote in the hope to advance them to vote as well as their parents.
Manako 25072014 - Pt 5 of 6 Pere Wihongi25 Jul 2014 09:03
Pere Wihongi | Pere Wihongi is one of the voice characters on the te reo Maori version of Sponge Bob Square Pants. He talks about the popularity of the programme with tamariki
Manako 25072014 - Pt 4 of 6 Annette Sykes25 Jul 2014 09:00
Mana Waiariki candidate Annette Sykes | The Mana Party have launced their Te Reo Maori Strategy
Manako 25072014 - Pt 3 of 6 Peter Lucas Jones25 Jul 2014 08:57
Tai Tokerau Regional Reporter Peter Lucas Jones | The north is still suffering from the effects of the storm
Manako 25072014 - Pt 2 of 6 Dallas Seymour25 Jul 2014 08:21
Dallas Seymour | Former All Black Dallas Seymour wants all New Zealand towns and cities to permanently take on their Maori names.
Manako 25072014 - Pt 1 of 6 Waihoroi Shortland25 Jul 2014 08:18
Waihoroi Shortland | Waihoroi reflects on the political careers of Maori Party co leaders Tariana Turia and Dr Pita Sharples
Manako 25072014 - Intro25 Jul 2014 08:15
Host : Kingi Taurua | Waihoroi Shortland, Dallas Seymour, Peter Lucas Jones, Annette Sykes, Pere Wihongi, Wairangi Koopu, Mabel Wharekura
Manako 24072014 - Pt 6 of 6 Dick Dargaville24 Jul 2014 07:51
Dick Dargaville pays tribute to the passing of 28 Battalion hoia Solomon Te Whata.
Manako 24072014 - Pt 5 of 6 Pou Temara24 Jul 2014 07:48
Professor Pou Temara | The state of Te Reo Maori and Te Matawai
Manako 24072014 - Pt 4 of 6 Te Ururoa Flavell24 Jul 2014 07:45
Maori Party co leader Te Ururoa Flavell | A change to the War Pensions Act means it will be paid to all veterans, rather than just those who are considered significantly disabled.
Manako 24072014 - Pt 3 of 6 Wiremu Huta Martin24 Jul 2014 07:36
Wiremu Huta Martin Regional Reporter | People in the Rangitaiki area are supportive of people in the north following the flooding and lack of government aid.
Manako 24072014 - Pt 2 of 6 Haami Piripi24 Jul 2014 07:27
Haami Piripi says farmers in the north need to protect their stock after the layoffs at Fonterra which could lead to widespread affects
Manako 24072014 - Pt 1 of 6 Will Flavell24 Jul 2014 07:21
Will Flavell | Will is disappointed at not being selected for the Tamaki Makaurau electorate but supports Peeni Henare to win Tamaki Makaurau and is hopeful that Labour can win the election.
Manako 24072014 - Intro24 Jul 2014 07:18
Host: Kingi Taurua | Will Flavell, Haami Piripi, Wiremu Huta Martin, Te Ururoa Flavell, Pou Temara, Dick Dargaville
Manako 23072014 - Pt 6 of 6 Ken Eruera23 Jul 2014 07:21
Radio Ngati Porou sports commentator Ken Eruera| The Crusaders will win their sem to advance to the finals
Manako 23072014 - Pt 5 of 6 Kingi Taurua23 Jul 2014 07:21
Ngapuhi kaumatua Kingi Taurua | Kingi says the runanga do not have the capacity to look after te reo. Their focus is on money
Manako 23072014 - Pt 4 of 6 Phil Tarawa23 Jul 2014 07:18
Te Tai Rawhiti Reporter Phil Tarawa | Te Poho O Rawiri Marae has received $50,000 for renovations and next week sees the start of the Secondary School Kapa Haka Nationals
Manako 23072014 - Pt 3 of 6 Willie Te Aho23 Jul 2014 07:15
Willie Te Aho | Willie Te Aho supports Claudette Hauiti following her shock resignation from National.
Manako 23072014 - Pt 2 of 6 Kelvin Davis23 Jul 2014 07:12
Labour candidate Kelvin Davis | The roading infrastructure in Northland is not up to strength following the recent flooding and road closures.
Manako 23072014 - Pt 1 of 6 Tame Te Rangi23 Jul 2014 07:06
Tame Te Rangi | The time is right to reclaim the tuturu names of Tamaki Makarau sites
Manako 22072014 - Pt 6 of 6 Rereata Makiha22 Jul 2014 08:57
Maori Golfer Rereata Makiha | Lydia Ko wins the LPGA Golf tournament in Ohio, USA
Manako 22072014 - Pt 5 of 6 Parekura Kupenga22 Jul 2014 08:54
Former Hauora worker Parekura Kupenga | People are eating the wrong foods which are causing illness among Maori
Manako 22072014 - Pt 4 of 6 Enoka Murphy22 Jul 2014 08:51
Waikato University Lecturer Enoka Murphy | We must battle for our language and tauiwi participation is part of that battle
Manako 22072014 - Pt 3 of 6 Kipa Munro22 Jul 2014 08:48
Kipa Munro | The mita of each iwi is only possible under iwi leadership not government departments.
Manako 22072014 - Pt 2 of 6 Potaka Maipi22 Jul 2014 08:45
Tainui Regional Reporter Potaka Maipi | Pem Bird, Joe Harawira and the late Wiha Malcom made huge contributions to 'Te mita o te reo O Tainui
Manako 22072014 - Pt 1 of 6 Matai Smith22 Jul 2014 08:39
Matai Smith | To celebrate the start of Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori saw the launch of a new waiata Maori - Aotearoa
Manako 22072014 - Intro22 Jul 2014 08:36
HOST: Pierre Lyndon | Matai Smith, Potaka Maipi, Kipa Munro, Enoka Murphy, Parekura Kupenga, Rereata Makiha
Manako 21072014 - Pt 6 of 6 Tame Te Rangi21 Jul 2014 07:54
Tame Te Rangi | Only 1 New Zealand Super 15 Team has made it through to the semi finals
Manako 21072014 - Pt 5 of 6 Wairangi Koopu21 Jul 2014 07:48
Wairangi Koopu | The Warriors fail to win against the Brisbane Broncos
Manako 21072014 - Pt 4 of 6 Nanaia Mahuta21 Jul 2014 07:45
Nanaia Mahuta | Te Matawai and also comments on DoverSamuels saying he wont vote for Labour
Manako 21072014 - Pt 3 of 6 Archie Hurunui21 Jul 2014 07:42
Archie Hurunui | Ngati Ruanui including other South Taranaki iwi have concerns over Te Matawai Maori Language Strategy
Manako 21072014 - Pt 2 of 6 Awanuiarangi Black21 Jul 2014 07:39
Awanuiarangi Black | The crown is guilty of not consulting with iwi about the Rena
Manako 21072014 - Pt 1 of 6 Te Hamua Nikora21 Jul 2014 07:36
Te Hamua Nikora | Large turnouts to the Mana 'Roadshow' and the latest polls reflect this
Manako 21072014 - Intro21 Jul 2014 07:30
Host Pierre Lyndon | Te Hamua Nikora, Awanuiarangi Black, Archie Hurunui, Nanaia Mahuta, Wairangi Koopu, Tame Te Rangi
Manako 18/07/14 Intro18 Jul 2014 10:51
Todays guests: Pita Paraone, Te Ururoa Flavell, Haare Williams, Rahui Papa, Wairangi Koopu
Manako 18/07/14 - Part 3 of 6 - Te Ururoa Flavell18 Jul 2014 10:51
He hoari rua te moe tahi a te pati Mana me roopu ipurangi e tihaehae nei i nga tuuru Maori ki roto i te whare paremata. Koinei tonu te ia o te korero a Te Ururoa Flavell, puarahi o te roopu Torangapu Maori.
Manako 18/07/14 - Part 2 of 6 - Tony Waho18 Jul 2014 10:51
Ma te ao mati hiko me te ao hangarau i roto i nga kura e awhina hoki i te whakarauoratanga o te reo. Koinei hoki te whakahau a Tony Waho, Matanga Matauranga Maori.
Manako 18/07/14 - Part 4 of 6 - Haare Williams18 Jul 2014 10:48
E whakapono ana tetahi pouarahi o te reo rangatira me nga tikanga a Haare Williams ahakoa te ngoikore o etahi ki te whakapumau i te reo.
Manako 18/07/14 - Part 1 of 6 - Pita Paraone18 Jul 2014 10:48
E takatu ana a Pita Paraone me Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Maori ki te mahi tahi ki tari o NZ Post ki te whakatairanga ake i te wiki o te reo huri noa o te motu.
Manako 18/07/14 - Part 6 of 6 - Wairangi Koopu18 Jul 2014 10:45
E takatu ana te kapa o Nga Tamatoa o Aotearoa ki te pakanga atu ki te kapa o nga Broncos a tenei wiki mutunga.
Manako 18/07/14 - Part 5 of 6 - Rahui Papa18 Jul 2014 10:45
E taunaki ana te iwi o Waikato Tainui i te rautaki reo Maori a te minita a Takuta Pita Sharples.
Manako 17/07/2014 - Part 2 of 6 - Kingi Taurua17 Jul 2014 10:54
Kingi Taurua | Death of party-goer at Haruru Falls during devastating Northland storm
Manako 17/07/2014 - Part 1 of 6 - Hurimoana Dennis17 Jul 2014 10:54
Police Inspector Hurimoana Dennis | Concerns raised on manipulation of crime statistics
Manako 17/07/2014 - Part 5 of 6 - Chris McKenzie Adrian Rurawhe17 Jul 2014 10:51
Political commentary from Te Tai Hauauru candidates | Chris McKenzie, Maori Party and Adrian Rurawhe, Labour.
Manako 17/07/2014 - Part 4 of 6 - Kereama Wright17 Jul 2014 10:51
Kereama Wright | Further details on the death of Opotiki man, Joe Collier.
Manako 17/07/2014 - Part 3 of 6 - Wiremu Huta Martin17 Jul 2014 10:51
Manuka Tutahi Reporter Wiremu Huta Martin | Opotiki man's murder sparks fears of retaliation
Manako 17/07/2014 - Part 6 of 6 - Kotuku Tibble17 Jul 2014 10:48
Sports commentator Kotuku Tibble picks a Crusaders win.
Manako 16072014 - Ken Eruera16 Jul 2014 09:21
Radio Ngati Porou Sports Commentator Ken Eruera | Ken says a New Zealand team will win the Super 15 Rugby
Manako 16072014 - Pt 5 of 6 Rawiri Waititi16 Jul 2014 09:18
Labour Candidate for Waiariki Rawiri Waititi | Young Labour hopefuls are unanimous that Te Reo Maori should be compulsory and kaumatua to be placed in schools to teach ' genuine' reo if teachers cant be found
Manako 16072014 - Pt 4 of 6 Te Ra Nehua16 Jul 2014 09:12
Te Ra Nehua | Flooding in the far north has been devastating on the community.
Manako 16072014 - Pt 3 of 6 Nanaia Mahuta16 Jul 2014 09:06
Hauraki Waikato MP Nanaia Mahuta | Racism was aimed at a Maori woman while shopping in Countdown supermarket| The Labour MP says Labour would look at compulsory Te Reo Maori in schools
Manako 16072014 - Pt 2 of 6 Marama Fox16 Jul 2014 09:03
Maori Party candidate for Ikaroa Rawhiti Marama Fox | Te Reo Maori is in a state because of government policy but latest data shows the best results are coming from kura kaupapa tauira
Manako 16072014 Pt 1 of 6 Peeni Henare16 Jul 2014 08:57
Tamaki Makaurau Labour Candidate Peeni Henare | Te Reo Maori should be made compulsory
Manako 16072014 - Intro16 Jul 2014 08:54
Host: Pierre Lyndon | Peeni Henare, Marama Fox, Nanaia Mahuta, Te Ra Nehua, Rawiri Waiti, Ken Eruera
Manako 15/07/2014 pt 6-6 Te Hira Paenga15 Jul 2014 06:57
Looking at making Te Reo compulsory in schools if he gets into Parliament.
Manako 15/07/2014 pt 5-6 Anahera Higgins15 Jul 2014 06:51
The Super 12 Kapa haka comp over the weekend ended up being a super 9 comp
Manako 15/07/2014 pt 4-6 Willow Jean Prime15 Jul 2014 06:45
Willow had her launch and raised 4 k towards her campaign.
Manako 15/07/2014 pt 3-6 Kelvin Davis15 Jul 2014 06:42
The bad weather up north has effected alot of the smaller maori communities
Manako 15/07/2014 pt 2-6 Naida Glavish15 Jul 2014 06:36
Naida pays tribute to both Tariana and Peter for all they have done since entering Parliament.
Manako 15/07/2014-pt 1-6 Potaka Maipi15 Jul 2014 06:30
Ruakura next big developement for Tainui.
Manako 15/07/2014-Intro Pierre Lyndon15 Jul 2014 06:24
Potaka Maipi, Naida Glavish, Kelvin Davis, Willow Jean Prime, Anahera Higgins, Te Hira Paenga
Manako 14/07/2014-pt 6-6 Kevin Prime then Tame te Rangi14 Jul 2014 07:39
Kevin fillus in on the bad weather up north and tame gives us a rundown on all the weekends sport.
Manako 14/07/2014-pt 5-6 Selwyn Muru14 Jul 2014 07:33
Selwyn pays tribute to the late Ramai Haywood.
Manako 14/07/2014-pt 4-6 Kerri Kaa14 Jul 2014 07:30
Kerri pays tribute to the late Ramai Haywood
Manako 14/07/2014-pt 3-6 Leon Blake14 Jul 2014 07:18
Out of the Kura reo wananga came a overwelming agreement that the reo should not be given back to iwi.
Manako 14/07/2014-pt 2-6 Wairangi Koopu14 Jul 2014 07:09
Mana party's new Rangatahi Ambassador.
Manako 14/07/2014-pt1-6 Raumoa Kawiti14 Jul 2014 07:03
Ruapekepeke pa comemerations when are they going to happen ?
Manako 14/07/2014-Intro Pierre Lyndon14 Jul 2014 06:57
Raumoa Kawiti, Wairangi Koopu, Leon Blake, Kerri Kaa, Selwyn Muru, Kevin Prime, Tame te Rangi
Manako 11/07/2014-pt 6-6 Tame Te Rangi11 Jul 2014 06:54
Super 15 rugby the big game is the Cheifs vrs Blues a must win for the Waikato team.
Manako 11/07/2014-pt 5-6 Henare Kingi11 Jul 2014 06:45
A pre record henare shares his views on the week in Politics.
Manako 11/07/2014-pt 4-6 Wairangi Koopu11 Jul 2014 06:42
Concussion in Rugby League and the Australian comentators mispronunciation of players names ie. Maori and Pacific players names are sounding totally different.
Manako 11/07/2014-pt 3-6 Pre record Annette Sykes11 Jul 2014 06:24
Ipurangi Mana road trip up North is a pre record by Dave Kaire. Shame about the Stormy weather.
Manako 11/07/2014-pt 2-6 Peter Lucas Jones11 Jul 2014 06:18
The North has felt the full force of bad weather the Internet Mana Party begining their road trip up North during this bad weather makes it harder for the people to go listen in the stormy weather.
Manako 11/07/2014-pt 1-6 Mp Kelvin Davis11 Jul 2014 06:03
Kelvin covered some of the weeks news regarding the Labour Party with Kingi Taurua.
Manako 11/07/2014-Intro Kingi Taurua11 Jul 2014 05:54
Kelvin Davis, Peter Jones,Annette Sykes,Wairangi Koopu,Henare Kingi, Tame Te Rangi
Manako 10/07/2014-pt 6-6 Pierre Lyndon10 Jul 2014 06:54
Hakinakina The Big sporting event was the semi between Brasil and Germany in the world cup soccer event and who would of picked the end result..
Manako 10/07/2014-pt 5-6 Wiremu huta Martin10 Jul 2014 06:45
Our regional reporter Wiremu spoke of Ngati Awa not being happy with the way Lands and survey and where they are placing some of their Scenic tracks,walking and bike tracks aswell.
Manako 10/07/2014-pt 4-6 Hohepa Mutu10 Jul 2014 06:36
Ex Matua Whangai, Tu Tangata Hohepa is supportive of Whanau Ora
Manako 10/07/2014-pt 3-6 Haami Piripi10 Jul 2014 06:33
Haami attended a IT hui in Auckland yesterday.
Manako 10/07/2014-pt 2-6 Pre Rec Pem Bird10 Jul 2014 06:30
Maori Party 10yrs yesterday Pem was there at the beginning,
Manako 10/07/2014-pt 1-6 Marama Fox10 Jul 2014 06:24
The Maori Party turned 10yrs old yesterday They have never won the Ikaro Rawhiti seat It has been Labour's, Marama is the 4th person representing the Maori Party to try and win this safe Labour Seat.
Manako 10/07/2014-Intro Kingi Taurua10 Jul 2014 06:00
Marama Fox, Pem Bird, Haami Piripi, Hohepa Mutu, Wiremu Huta Martin, Nanaia Mahuta, Pierre Lyndon.
Manako 09/07/2014-pt 6-6 Te Ururoa Flavell09 Jul 2014 06:09
A good budget must reflect the hard work the by the Maori Party which should mean getting plenty of votes in the elections.
Manako 09/07/2014-pt 5-6 Maanu Paul09 Jul 2014 06:03
Maori Council going to the top over Reo Strategy
Manako 09/07/2014-pt 4-6 Dr Rawiri Jansen09 Jul 2014 06:00
Concussion in sports. Maybe our people need to play less physical games this problem is wide spread the doctor suggests games like soccer be better.
Manako 09/07/2014-pt 3-6 Pita Paraone09 Jul 2014 05:51
Theres to be new testing for our teachers similar to drivers test.
Manako 09/07/2014-pt 2-6 Phill Tarawa09 Jul 2014 05:48
Our regional reporter from Turanga says there has been drownings down the coast .
Manako 09/07/2014-pt 1-6 Haami Piripi09 Jul 2014 05:45
Education is at the top of the agenda for Iwi Leaders.
Manako 09/07/2014-Intro Pierre Lyndon09 Jul 2014 05:42
Haami Piripi, Phil Tarawa,Pita Paraone, Dr Rawiri Jansen, Maanu Paul, Te Ururoa Flavell
Manako 08/07/2014-pt 6-6 Ken Eruera08 Jul 2014 07:18
Sports with Ken
Manako 08/07/2014-pt 5-6 Potaka Maipi08 Jul 2014 07:15
Our Tainui regional reporter says even though the business has made over a billion dollars Tainui is still pohara as a result of the 1863 Raupatu
Manako 08/07/2014-pt 4-6 Pahia Turia08 Jul 2014 07:12
Board Member Pahia Turia reviews Day 1 of the Te Pou Matakana Conference.
Manako 08/07/2014-pt 3-6 Sonny Niha08 Jul 2014 07:03
Was at the Te Pou Matakana launch and supports it.
Manako 08/07/2014-pt 2-6 Tu Williams08 Jul 2014 07:00
Supports the iwi taking over the Reo.
Manako 08/07/2014-pt 1-6 Rangi Maclean08 Jul 2014 06:57
Homeless people are living in there cars.
Manako 08/07/2014 Intro Pierre Lyndon08 Jul 2014 06:45
Rangi Maclean,Tu Williams, Pahia Turia,Potaka Maipi ,Sonny Niha, Ken Eruera
Manako 07/07/2014-pt 6-6 Timoti Karetu07 Jul 2014 07:06
Todays is the beginning of a Kura Reo ki Otaki wananga thats due to run all week.
Manako 07/07/2014-pt 5-6 Tame Te Rangi07 Jul 2014 07:03
17yr old Jordan Kemp dies in rugby match.
Manako 07/07/2014-pt 4-6 Rangi Kipa07 Jul 2014 06:57
Stolen tukutuku panels are returned to Taranaki
Manako 07/07/2014-pt 3-6 MP Nanaia Mahuta07 Jul 2014 06:48
The Labour Party have just finished their Party conference Nanaia talks about some of the kaupapa up for discussion.
Manako 07/07/2014-pt 2-6 Rangi Pere07 Jul 2014 06:42
Rangi's moko Tiwana who is only 13yrs old has been selected in the Australian under 18 under water hockey team.
Manako 07/07/2014-pt 1-6 Pahia Turia07 Jul 2014 06:27
Today is the Te Pou Matakana Whanau ora conference. Pahia is a board member.
Manako 07/07/2014-Intro Pierre Lyndon07 Jul 2014 06:15
Pahia Turia,Rangi Pere, Nanaia Mahutu,Rangi Kipa, Tame te Rangi, Timoti Karetu.
Manako 04/07/2014-pt 5-6 Pem Bird04 Jul 2014 07:15
Pems discusses the latest situation with the Kaingaroa Forest.
Manako 04/07/2014-pt 4-6 Pre rec Te Hamua Nikora04 Jul 2014 06:54
Te Hamua comments on the shooting of Mana Leader Hone Harawira's office in Kaitaia.
Manako 04/07/2014-pt 3-6 Kipa Rangheuea04 Jul 2014 06:48
The latest stats regarding Reo Teachers leaving the job within the first 3 years is concerning for the industry.
Manako 04/07/2014-pt 1-6 Willie Te Aho04 Jul 2014 06:36
The Reo Strategy was launched yesterday an Iwi Leaders are over joyed.
Manako 04/07/2014-pt 2-6 Peter Lucas Jones04 Jul 2014 06:27
Roads in the North have become unsafe and it's the logging trucks causing all the damage.
Manako 04/07/2014-Intro Pierre Lyndon04 Jul 2014 06:18
Willy Te Aho, Peter Lucas Jones, Kipa Rangiheuea,Te Hamua Nikora, Pem Bird.
Manako 03/07/2014-pt 6-6 Tame te Rangi03 Jul 2014 08:15
Big weekend of super 15 games coming up for the Nz Franchises.
Manako 03/07/2014-pt 5-6 Wiremu Huta Martin03 Jul 2014 08:12
Kaingaroa Forest a stitch up wheres the $$$$
Manako 03/07/2014-pt 4-6 Pre record Rahui Papa03 Jul 2014 08:06
Tainui Group Holdings record Billion dollar profit.
Manako 03/07/2014-pt 3-6 Dr Karen Paringatai03 Jul 2014 07:57
An unexpected honour. Karyn Paringatai a lecturer at Otago University was presented the Supreme Award for Tertiary Teaching Excellence yesterday and it was our very own Prime Minister presenting this award personaly.
Manako 03/07/2014-pt 2-6 Pre Record Kukupa Tirikatene03 Jul 2014 06:57
Prominant Maori Dies. Henare Rakiihia Tau ( Rik Tau) Dave Kaire speaks to Kukupa about this mans life.
Manako 03/07/2014-pt 1-6 Bob Newson03 Jul 2014 06:45
Domestic Violence is leading the weeks news Bob Newson beleives Whanau involvment is the key to curing this problem throwing heaps of $$$$ at it wont nessasaraly cure this problem.
Manako 03/07/2014-Intro Pierre Lyndon03 Jul 2014 06:24
Bob Newson, Tame Te Rangi, Kukupa Tirikatene,Dr Karen Paringatai, Rahui Papa, Wiremu Huta Martin.
Manako 02/07/2014-pt 6-6 Ken Eruera02 Jul 2014 07:39
Sports with our Ngati Porou legend Ken Eruera and he is talking about the great series win by our cricketers over the West Indies.
Manako 02/07/2014-pt 5-6 Phil Tarawa02 Jul 2014 07:36
Our Turanga reporter is concerned at the state of the roads from Gisborne all the way up the coast to Ruatoria the road is simply in bad condition and he believes theres no money to have them repaired.
Manako 02/07/2014-pt 4-6 Naida Glavish02 Jul 2014 07:18
A new housing strategy He Whare Ahuru He Oranga Tangata was launched by Minister Tariana Turia in Te Tai Tokerau yesterday. Naida Glavish is a member of the Maori Housing Advisory Panel
Manako 02/07/2014-pt 3-6 Haami Piripi02 Jul 2014 06:51
The Families and Whanau Status Report has just been released Haami Pirirpi is a member of the Families Commission and gives his thoughts on the report.
Manako 02/07/2014-pt 2-6 Charlie Tawhiao02 Jul 2014 06:39
An urgent Waitangi Tribunal hearing into a breach of treaty principles by the Crown of the removal of the Rena has been extended another day.
Manako 02/07/2014-pt 1-6 Bill Kaua02 Jul 2014 06:33
Bill is the Kaumatua for the Whanau Ora agency "Te Pou Matakana" which is one of 3 distributions centres.
Manako 02/07/2014-Intro Pierre Lyndon02 Jul 2014 04:24
Bill Kaua, Charlie Tawhiao, Haami Piripi,Naida Glavish, Phill Tarawa, Ken Eruera.
Waatea 01/07/2014-9.00am01 Jul 2014 07:42
Presenter Eru Morgan
Manako 01/07/2014-pt 6-6 Mataia Keepa then Rob Ruha01 Jul 2014 07:24
Mataia has been nominated for the Pride NZ award for Te Reo Maori and Rob Ruha talks about the APRA Moioha Awards.
Manako 01/07/2014-pt 4-6 Mp Kelvin Davis01 Jul 2014 07:12
The Polls are up a little for Labour.
Manako 01/07/2014-pt 3-6 Potaka Maipi01 Jul 2014 07:03
Our Tainui reporter talks about the Kings son getting off all theft charges against him aswell as Tainui's annual Report released today.
Manako 01/07/2014-pt 2-6 Pre Parekura Kupenga01 Jul 2014 06:48
Matariki Parekura gives an explanation of what Matariki is all about.
Manako 01/07/2014-pt 1-6 Waihoroi Shortland01 Jul 2014 06:45
Waihoroi responds to Labour's latest statement that if they get back into Govt they would rethink foreshore laws.
Manako 01/07/2014-Intro Kingi Taurua01 Jul 2014 06:36
Waihoroi Shortland, Parekura Kupenga, Potaka Maipi, Maanu Paul,Kelvin Davis, Mataia Keepa, Rob Ruha.
Manako 30/06/2014-pt 6-6 Tame Te Rangi30 Jun 2014 07:39
Surer 15 rugby weekend and the Blues have a big away win over the Force.
Manako 30/06/2014-pt 5-6 Wairangi Koopu30 Jun 2014 07:36
The Warriors have a big win on the weekend moving them closer to the top 8
Manako 30/06/2014-pt 4-6 Awanui Black30 Jun 2014 07:27
Awanui talks about the Te Ahurangi hui on today.
Manako 30/06/2014-pt 3-6 Tamzyn Pue30 Jun 2014 07:00
Aotea Manu Korero winners got in based on who they are rather than by there reo skills.
Manako 30/06/2014-pt 2-6 Te Ururoa Flavell30 Jun 2014 06:48
Te Ururoa talks about the relationship with National also it's the start of Matariki.
Manako 30/06/2014-pt 1-6 Tamati Krugga30 Jun 2014 06:42
Central North Island Iwi Collective marks Historic Milestone.
Manako 30/06/2014-Intro Raniera Winikerei30 Jun 2014 06:21
Tamati Krugga,Te Ururoa Flavell, Tamzyn Pue,Awanui Black, Wairangi Koopu, Tame Te Rangi
Tawera 28/10/2013 - pt 6 of 6 Wairangi Koopu28 Oct 2013 11:18
Tawera 28/10/2013 - pt 4 of 6 Brian Morris28 Oct 2013 11:15
Huia Publishers
Tawera 28/10/2013 - pt 3 of 6 Tumatakuru O'Connell28 Oct 2013 11:14
Rangatahi perspective
Tawera 28/10/2013 - pt 2 of 6 Kingi Taurua28 Oct 2013 11:11
Anniversary of decleration of independance 1835.
Tawera 28/10/2013 - pt 1 of 6 Whare Wano28 Oct 2013 11:00
Whare Wano | Te kotahitanga o Te Atiawa.
Tawera 28/10/2013 - Intro28 Oct 2013 10:59
Tawera Introduction

5 Opinion

DHalder@gmail.com May 11 @ 07:08 PM
One can tell this radio station's religious bias - by the way it includes some - more often than others' and not treat all faiths' equally. This is especially not helped when this radio station's Manager and some of it's radio hosts' unashamedly express their disdain of a person(s)/community of another faith. Such actions' come to 'bear rotten fruit' in later years'. Ignore this; you'll learn the hard way! Kia ora!

Papa Hone Riddell Jan 24 @ 08:06 PM
Tenei te mihi manahau ki nga kaitautoko o te reo irirangi Wateea, ana ka mihi hoki ki nga kaihautu o te teihana maori nei e kokiri ana i te reo me ona tikanga haaunga tera nga kaupapa whakahirahira o iwi maori me nga take nui e paanga ana taatou, heoi, taku rangirua kua roa ke te hararei nei kei hea nga hotaka pera i nga take o te wa me te korero mai ki ahau i te mea he rawe rawa atu aua hotaka ra kaore i tua atu i a Eru, ko koe hoki Dave ki te whakarapopoto korero me whakamaarama ki a matou nga kaiwhakarongo....he pai ki au te maaenee o to Reo he ngaawari taku ki te whai atu to reo rangatira, otira he miharo hoki te reo a Eru me ona whakaaro tino Maori ko nga whakatauki me nga kupu whakarite e haangai ki nga kaupapa katoa ka nui aku pahupahu, ehara tenei i te akiaki he mihi ke ki te reo irirangi Wateea.....Mauri ora e te Iwi

Nick Sep 17 @ 09:03 PM
We are missing your Thursday show and its guests. We hope it will continue to be on air and that 'big brother' hasn't closed it down.

stephen wilson Aug 26 @ 08:49 AM
I just was so touched from the heart by Stan walkers open ,honest sharing of who he is ,where he has come from ,his attitude of gratitude to life, his love and passion for us as maori to see ourselves in the eyes of our creator and not in the eyes of our failures and peoples judgements ...beautiful korero.

Racheal Aug 16 @ 03:18 PM
It is awesome just to hear New Zealand Music on the Radio for 2 hours on a nice Saturday Night in, especially hosted by a Young Maori guy that can actually speak Maori fluently. It just inspires people to actually start learning how to speak Maori properly. It is awesome to hear such a lovely language on the radio and also throught.

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