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Manako | Mihimihi 2104201521 Apr 2015 08:15
Kaiuiui: Pierre Lyndon | Manuhiri: Hone Harawira, Marama Fox, Tredega Hall and Lewis Whaitiri, Sonny Tau, Wairangi Koopu , Kingi Porima
1 Hone Harawira |Continued genocide of Aboriginal Communities21 Apr 2015 08:12
Mana Movement leader Hone Harawira is currently in Canberra, Australia. He says whats happening in Australia is the continued genocide of Aboriginal Communities
2 Marama Fox | Supporting Aborginal Communties21 Apr 2015 08:00
Maori Party co leader Marama Fox are staying true to supporting Aboriginal Communities by protesting
3 Tredegar Hall and Lewis Whaitiri | ANZAC Day21 Apr 2015 07:54
A mass collaboration of NZers in London will sing E Pari Ra to commemorate 100 years since WWI
4 Sonny Tau | Tuhoronuku21 Apr 2015 07:45
Chair of Ngapuhi Runanga Sonny Tau look to reopen elections for Hapu kaikorero
5 Wairangi Koopu | Rugby League21 Apr 2015 07:39
The Warriors and this years ANZAC Day Test
6 Kingi Porima | Inductees into the Maori Golf Hall of Fame21 Apr 2015 07:30
Another successful tournament at this years Maori Golf Tournament in Taupo
Manako | Mihimihi 2004201520 Apr 2015 08:30
Kaiuiui: Dave Kaire | Manuhiri: Tame Iti, Piri Sciascia, Dr Rawinia Higgins, Glenda Taituha, Ken Eruera, Julian Wilcox
1 Tame Iti | Allegations of NZ spying on China20 Apr 2015 08:21
Leaked documents from Edward Snowden show that NZ has been spying on China for the US
2 Piri Sciascia | Ngati Kahungunu Reo Awards20 Apr 2015 08:03
Last Friday night Ngati Kahungunu held their Reo Maori Awards
3 Dr Rawinia Higgins | Te Maataawai consultation update20 Apr 2015 08:00
Dr Higgins and Dr Ruakere Hond have been travelling the motu to consult on the Te Maataawai Maori Language strategy
4 Glenda Taituha | Ngati Maniapoto Maori Trust Board candidates20 Apr 2015 07:54
A group of four are putting their names forward for the Ngati Maniapoto Maori Trust Board elections.
5 Ken Eruera | Super 15 Rugby20 Apr 2015 07:48
Ken takes a look at the rugby over the weekend
6 Julian Wilcox | Hurricanes20 Apr 2015 07:45
The Hurricanes may have lost to the Warratahs but they are still in the top 4 of Super 15
5 Ken Eruera: Sports17 Apr 2015 10:21
Predicts Highlanders and Crusaders to win.
4 Peeni Henare: Labour support water rights17 Apr 2015 10:18
Labour supporting water rights and compulsory reo in primary schools.
3 Mataroria Lyndon: The sweet link to obesity17 Apr 2015 10:15
Sugar is a major contributor to the obesity issue amongst Maori and Polynesian, a solution is urgently needed.
2 Marama Fox: Maori Trade Training17 Apr 2015 10:09
He kaupapa tino whai hua te whakaritenga o nga akoranga kia maha ake nga rangatahi Maori e whakapaa atu ai ki nga mahi a rehe.
1 Patu Hohepa: Ngapuhi negotiations17 Apr 2015 10:00
Can Winston assist in resolving the Ngapuhi settlement dead-lock?
Manako | Mihimihi 1704201517 Apr 2015 09:57
Today's guests include: Patu Hohepa, Marama Fox, Mataroria Lyndon, Peeni Henare and Ken Eruera.
Manako | Mihimihi 1604201516 Apr 2015 08:24
Kaiuiui: Pierre Lyndon | Manuhirir: Dr Lance O'Sullivan, Matu Ihaka, Miki Apiti, Dave Toko, Tame Te Rangi, Tumatakuru O'Connell
1 Dr Lance O'Sullivan - Immunisation compulsory16 Apr 2015 08:18
Dr O'Sullivan agrees that immunisation should be made compulsory
2 Matu Ihaka | Pukeahu Park development16 Apr 2015 07:54
Pukeahu Park is a new development in Poneke to commemorate old soldiers.
3 Miki Apiti | NZ troops to Iraq16 Apr 2015 07:45
The government is yet to confirm that NZ troops have departed for Iraq although Australian PM Tony Abbott has confirmed they have left with Australian soldiers
4 Dave Toko | Whanau heading back to Aotearoa from Australia16 Apr 2015 07:39
Many whanau are heading back to Aotearoa after work in Australia is drying up. Aboriginal communties and support for them
5 Tame Te Rangi | Hakinakina16 Apr 2015 07:33
American basketball is attracting Maori and Pacifika players from Aotearoa
6 Tumatakuru O'Connell | Support for Aboriginal communities16 Apr 2015 07:24
The Abbott government wants to close Aboriginal communities. Tumatakuru O'Connell talks about affects on these communities and toehr idigenous peoples
Manako | Mihimihi 1504201515 Apr 2015 08:18
Kaiuiui: Pierre Lyndon | Manuhiri: Willie Te Aho, Toni Waho, Tina Wickliffe, Pem Bird, Tom Roa, Iritana Tawhiwhirangi
1 Willie Te Aho | Wai Maori15 Apr 2015 08:06
The battles are drawn following the announcement from Prime Minister John Key that Maori do not own water. The Iwi leaders are currently holding their wai Maori hui in Tamaki Makaurau
2 Toni Waho | Kura Kaupapa Maori15 Apr 2015 08:00
3 New Kura Kaupapa Maori are among 7 new schools announced today
3 Tina Wickliffe | Kiorahi Nationals15 Apr 2015 07:54
Over the weekend thousands of rangatahi participated at the Kiorahi nationals with Lytton High School winning the tournament
4 Pem Bird | Maori students numbers falling15 Apr 2015 07:48
The number of Maori students at universities is falling. What can be done to raise the level of students
5 Tom Roa | Te Whare Wananga O Waikato15 Apr 2015 07:33
Waikato University Alumni nominations are open and the number of Maori students at uni is good at Waikato but falling in other universities
6 Iritana Tawhiwhirangi | Hahau poro Maori15 Apr 2015 07:24
The Maori Golf Tournament is underway in Taupo this year. An event that attracts hundreds of Maori throughout the motu and rangatahi are turning out in large numbers to compete
Manako | Mihimihi 1405201514 Apr 2015 07:57
Kaiuiui: Pierre Lyndon | Manuhiri: Patu Hohepa, Hemana Waaka, Pita Paraone, Potaka Maipi, Susan Wallace, Wairangi Koopu
1 Patu Hohepa | Waitangi Tribunal hearing14 Apr 2015 07:48
Hokianga iwi have claims on maunga, old land claims and the harbour. The Waitangi Tribunal hearings will be held all this week
2 Hemana Waaka | Special Inquiry for veterans14 Apr 2015 07:39
Intergenerational damage to war veterans update.
3 Pita Paraone | Country's deficit is cause for concern14 Apr 2015 07:24
A $269M deficit is a lot of money
4 Potaka Maipi | Kaupapa Tainui14 Apr 2015 07:18
2 Poukai have been held this week in Tainui. Last week for Mike Pohio as the Chief Executive at Tainui Group Holdings
5 Susan Wallace | New road goes across Makaawhio lands14 Apr 2015 07:09
Makaawhio Runanga are oposed to the building of roads that will go across their ancestral lands
6 Wairangi Koopu | Rugby League14 Apr 2015 07:06
ANZAC Day test against Australia at the end of the month
Manako | Mihimihi | 13 April 201513 Apr 2015 08:33
Kaiuiui: Pierre Lyndon | Manuhiri: Kelvin Davis, Isobella Cherrington, Mere Mangu, Te Ururoa Flavell, Hekenukumai Busby, Ken Eruera
1 Kelvin Davis | Prison job losses13 Apr 2015 08:18
Prison closure means loss of jobs for Maori in the sector
2 Isobella Cherrington | Peter Williams investiture13 Apr 2015 07:45
Sir Peter Williams QC investiture ceremony was held on Saturday
3 Mere Mangu | Mihi to lawyer Peter Williams13 Apr 2015 07:27
Peter Williams QC contribution to Maori prisoner rights
4 Te Ururoa Flavell | Opposition to NZ Flag13 Apr 2015 07:21
The RSA oppose the process of a new New Zealand flag
5 Hekenukumai Busby | Waka Tete putea13 Apr 2015 07:18
Master carver Hekenukumai Busby has found a buyer for his waka to help fund a school in the north
6 Ken Eruera | Hakinakina13 Apr 2015 07:09
Super 15 and McCallum hits a ton in the IPL
Manako | Mihimihi 1004201510 Apr 2015 08:27
Kaiuiui: Dave Kaire | Manuhiri: Rangi Mclean, Tamati Cairns, Kingi Taurua, Bobby Newson, Rereata Makiha
1 Rangi Mclean | Te Watene Maori a Gordon Wright10 Apr 2015 08:24
Ka heke a Watene Maori , Gordon Wright whai muri i nga tau 35 e mahi ana i te tonga o Tamaki

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fair New Zealand Sep 20 @ 05:15 AM
Willie well done we need to put all these rednecks in place they can't go around and do that to our maori people racist prick eye to eye bring it back keep these people straight

Mike Sep 19 @ 08:13 AM
Bomber Bradbury can't disguise his envy of Cameron Slater & how successful his blog is. Make no mistake, Cameron Slater is incredibly polarising, at times deeply offensive & can cross the line but Bomber told straight up lies trying to say the content & commentary on the left wing blog sites was in a different "stratosphere" to Whaleoil. You get idiots on both sides of the political spectrum & a quick search ofthe respective site will confirm that. He also repeated the same old lines from Hager's book almost all of which are unsubstantiated about OIA's, blackmail etc etc. Yet Bradbury, as a self proclaimed Marxist had his hand out for a few pieces of silver from Kim Dot Com (who as shown treats his workers like dirt). Credibility ruined right there Bomber.

Kateao F Sep 18 @ 09:08 PM
Agree with you on that @jamie fields and its absolutely grilling me to see this oily jerk has now been given undeserved media attention thanks to his mate free willy!

Jamie Fields Sep 18 @ 08:33 PM
Right and left wing tactics to date arent encouraging me to vote for any donkeys or monkeys

terina mclean Sep 18 @ 08:21 PM
Te tohora momona raua ko tetahi mangai nui. Kei te he!

Kateao F Sep 18 @ 08:04 PM
Cameron Slaters still an obnoxious, egotistical moron, waste of time interviewing him, surely it's not that hard (leading up to an election) to find someone really worthy to interview? Oily whales I think not.!

Jilly Sep 18 @ 07:46 PM
Bomber is a such a dishonest person and extremely jealous of Cam Slater, Bomber is involved with the convicted criminal and corrupt dotcom.

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