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Manako is funded by Te Māngai Pāho and is broadcast to the Māori radio network.
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Manako 06032015 - Pt 6 Lewin Husband06 Mar 2015 07:27
Lewin Husband | The NRL season gets under way will 2015 be the year the Warriors win a premiership
Manako 06032015 - Pt 5 Reuben Taipari06 Mar 2015 07:27
Reuben Taipari | Allegations of dirty politics in Nortland by election to discredit Mana
Manako 06032015 - Pt 4 Petere Lucas Jones06 Mar 2015 07:24
Peter Lucas Jones | Kaupapa from throughout Te Hiku O Te Ika
Manako 06032015 - Pt 2 Tina Wickliffe06 Mar 2015 07:21
Tian Wickliffe | Te Matatini Day 1 and what a start
Manako 06032015 - Jeremy Tatere McLeod06 Mar 2015 07:21
Jeremy Tatere McLeod | Passing of 104 year old kuia Tangiora Akuhata from Ngati Kahungunu
Manako 06032015 - Pt 1 Pita Tipene06 Mar 2015 07:18
Pita Tipene | Landowners hui in Moerewa
Manako 06032015 - Intro06 Mar 2015 07:15
Host: Dave Kaire | Guests: Pita Tipene, Tina Wickliffe, Jeremy Tatere McLeod, Peter Lucas Jones, Reuben Taipari, Lewin Husband
Manako 05032015 - Pt 6 Dallas Seymour05 Mar 2015 06:57
Dallas Seymour | Super 15 this weekend and the teams to look out for
Manako 05032015 - Pt 5 Pita Paraone05 Mar 2015 06:54
Pita Paraone | On the road with Winston Peters as he campaigns for the Northland seat in council by election
Manako 05032015 - Pt 4 Pou Temara05 Mar 2015 06:51
Pou Termara | Teina Pora decision
Manako 05032015 - Pt 3 Tu Williams05 Mar 2015 06:51
Tu Williams | Opening of Te Kura o Waatea - kura houroa
Manako 05032015 - Pt 2 Peeni Henare05 Mar 2015 06:48
Peeni Henare | The powhiri in Otautahi for Te Matatini
Manako 05032015 - Pt 1 Willow Jean Prime05 Mar 2015 06:48
Willow Jean Prime | Northland by election and Maori representation
Manako 05032015 - Intro05 Mar 2015 06:45
Host: Pierre Lyndon | Guests: Willow Jean Prime, Peeni Henare, Tu Williams, Pou Temara Pita Paraone, Dallas Seymour
Manako 04032015 - Pt 6 Haami Piripi04 Mar 2015 07:06
Haami Piripi | Te Hiku Settlement Bill
Manako 04032015 - Pt 5 Ken Eruera04 Mar 2015 07:03
Ken Eruera | Warriors to beat Newcastle
Manako 04032015 - Pt 4 Hurimoana Dennis04 Mar 2015 07:03
Hurimoana Dennis | Reo Maori spekaing police officers will be working closer with kura, kohanga reo etc...
Manako 04032015 - Pt 3 Dr Jillian Tipene04 Mar 2015 07:03
Dr Jillian Tipene | Researching the benefits of kapa haka
Manako 04032015 - Pt 2 Rahui Papa04 Mar 2015 07:00
Rahui Papa | A housing survey is being held Tainui
Manako 04032015 - Pt 1 Taina Rangiheuea04 Mar 2015 07:00
Tania Rangiheuea | The opening of Te Kura O Waatea kura hourua officially opens today
Manako 04032015 - Intro04 Mar 2015 06:57
Host: Pierre Lyndon | Guests: Tania Rangiheuea, Rahui Papa, Dr Jillian Tipene, Hurimoana Dennis, Ken Eruera, Haami Piripi
Manako 03032015 - Pt 6 Potaka Maipi03 Mar 2015 07:00
Potaka Maipi | Te Matatini
Manako 03032015 - Pt 5 Marama Fox03 Mar 2015 07:00
Marama Fox | The Maori Party co leader Phillipines sjpw we are better off in NZ but we still have a long way to go
Manako 03032015 - Pt 4 Rangi Mclean03 Mar 2015 06:57
Rangi Mclean | Plain packaged cigarettes
Manako 03032015 - Pt 3 Hana O'Regan03 Mar 2015 06:57
Hana O'Regan | Hannah is one of two on a panel that will debate the issue of possibly changing the country's flag
Manako 03032015 - Pt 2 Pahia Turia03 Mar 2015 06:57
Pahia Turia | Founder of the Maori Party Tariana Turia was named the Maori of the Year 2014 on Marae
Manako 03032015 - Pt 1 Mataroria Lyndon03 Mar 2015 06:54
Mataroria Lyndon | Mataroria has been accepted to Harvard School of Medicine
Manako 03032015 - Intro03 Mar 2015 06:54
Host: Pierre Lyndon | Guests: Mataroria Lyndon, Pahia Turia, Hana O'Regan, Rangi Mclean, Marama Fox, Potaka Maipi
Manako 02032015 - Pt 2 Pita Paraone02 Mar 2015 09:45
Pita Paraone | Winston Petes will stand in the Northland by election and National will also stand a candidate
Manako 02032015 - Pt 1 Te Hauauru Rawiri02 Mar 2015 09:45
Te Hauaueu Rawiri | Ngati Paoa treaty settlement
Manako 02032015 - Pt 2 Pita Paraone02 Mar 2015 09:42
Pita Paraone | Winston Petes will stand in the Northland by election and National will also stand a candidate
Manako 02032015 - Pt 1 Te Hauauru Rawiri02 Mar 2015 09:42
Te Hauaueu Rawiri | Ngati Paoa treaty settlement
Manako 02032015 - Pt 5 Te Ururoa Flavell02 Mar 2015 09:21
Te Ururoa Flavell | If Wnston Peters wins Northland then the Maori Party will hold the balance of power
Manako 02032015 - Pt 4 Ken Eruera02 Mar 2015 09:21
Ken Eruera | Heart stopping moments for the Black Caps against Australia
Manako 02032015 - Pt 3 Willie Te Aho02 Mar 2015 09:21
Willie Te Aho | A preview into Te Matatini that starts this Wednesday with the powhiri
Manako 02032015 - Pt 6 Tame Te Rangi02 Mar 2015 09:18
Tame Te Rangi |Perth will be an easier game for the Breakers to win
Manako 02032015 - Intro02 Mar 2015 09:12
Host: Pierre Lyndon | Guests: Te Hauauru Rawiri, Pita Paraone, Willie Te Aho, Ken Eruera, Te Ururoa Flavell, Tame Te Rangi
Manako 27/02/2015 Part 1 - Selwyn Parata27 Feb 2015 09:09
Ahakoa ka noohia e te tangata hou te tuuranga kua mahue i a Taa Apirana Mahuika, ko te aronga a te runanga o Ngaati Porou, kei te peeraa tonu. Koinei te whakapae a Selwyn Parata, toihau hou o te runanga o Ngaati Porou.
Manako 27/02/2015 Intro27 Feb 2015 09:09
Presented by David Kaire. Guests include: Selwyn Parata, Kahurangi Simon, Henare Kingi, Bailey Mackey, Parekura Kupenga and Brian Morris.
Manako 27/02/2015 Part 5 - Parekura Kupenga27 Feb 2015 09:06
NZ isn't ready to face the reality of war.
Manako 27/02/2015 Part 4 - Bailey Mackey27 Feb 2015 09:06
What viewers can expect from the new look TVNZ Marae programme this year.
Manako 27/02/2015 Part 3 - Henare Kingi27 Feb 2015 09:06
Backbenchers in parliament to receive $8200 pay increase.
Manako 27/02/2015 Part 2 - Kahurangi Simon27 Feb 2015 09:06
20th celebrations of Pakaitore Moutoa Gardens.
Manako 27/02/2015 Part 6 - Brian Morris27 Feb 2015 09:03
Cricket and league round-up.
Manako 26/02/2015 Intro26 Feb 2015 08:30
Presented by David Kaire. Guests include: poia, Rewi, Nanaia Mahuta, Peter Lucas Jones, Nuki Aldridge, Rueben Taipari and Kotuku Tibble.
Manako 26/02/2015 Part 4 - Nuki Aldridge26 Feb 2015 08:27
Kua hui nga kaumatua o Ngapuhi ki te korero i nga take nui a te iwi.
Manako 26/02/2015 Part 3 - Peter Lucas Jones26 Feb 2015 08:27
Tokowha nga mangai o nga iwi o Muriwhenua e haere ana ki te korero ki nga kaitorangapu o te Komiti Whiriwhiri Maori a te Rahina nei.
Manako 26/02/2015 Part 2 - Nanaia Mahuta26 Feb 2015 08:27
Reo Maori bill needs work. Labour's stance on Iraq debate.
Manako 26/02/2015 Part 1 - Poia Rewi26 Feb 2015 08:27
Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Maori is calling on speakers of te reo to create a gigantic Maori language zone during Te Matatini 2015.
Manako 26/02/2015 Part 6 - Kotuku Tibble26 Feb 2015 08:24
Sports: Drug allegations against the French '86 team. Carter close to retirement.

7 Opinion

fair New Zealand Sep 20 @ 05:15 AM
Willie well done we need to put all these rednecks in place they can't go around and do that to our maori people racist prick eye to eye bring it back keep these people straight

Mike Sep 19 @ 08:13 AM
Bomber Bradbury can't disguise his envy of Cameron Slater & how successful his blog is. Make no mistake, Cameron Slater is incredibly polarising, at times deeply offensive & can cross the line but Bomber told straight up lies trying to say the content & commentary on the left wing blog sites was in a different "stratosphere" to Whaleoil. You get idiots on both sides of the political spectrum & a quick search ofthe respective site will confirm that. He also repeated the same old lines from Hager's book almost all of which are unsubstantiated about OIA's, blackmail etc etc. Yet Bradbury, as a self proclaimed Marxist had his hand out for a few pieces of silver from Kim Dot Com (who as shown treats his workers like dirt). Credibility ruined right there Bomber.

Kateao F Sep 18 @ 09:08 PM
Agree with you on that @jamie fields and its absolutely grilling me to see this oily jerk has now been given undeserved media attention thanks to his mate free willy!

Jamie Fields Sep 18 @ 08:33 PM
Right and left wing tactics to date arent encouraging me to vote for any donkeys or monkeys

terina mclean Sep 18 @ 08:21 PM
Te tohora momona raua ko tetahi mangai nui. Kei te he!

Kateao F Sep 18 @ 08:04 PM
Cameron Slaters still an obnoxious, egotistical moron, waste of time interviewing him, surely it's not that hard (leading up to an election) to find someone really worthy to interview? Oily whales I think not.!

Jilly Sep 18 @ 07:46 PM
Bomber is a such a dishonest person and extremely jealous of Cam Slater, Bomber is involved with the convicted criminal and corrupt dotcom.

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