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Manako 17092014 - Pt 6 of 6 Te Hamua Nikora17 Sep 2014 09:03
Ikaroa Rawhiti Mana candidate Te Hamua Nikora | To be seen and heard by voters is the challenge with Hone Harawira and Annette Sykes providing guidance
Manako 17092014 - Pt 5 of 6 Te Herekiekie Herewini17 Sep 2014 08:54
Te Papa Tongarewa spokesperson Te Herekiekie Herewini | In a ceremony in Wisconsin the Milwaukee Public Museum are to return a toi moko to Te Papa Tongarewa which will arrive here today
Manako 17092014 - Pt 4 of 6 Naapi Waaka17 Sep 2014 08:51
Naapi Waaka | Recipient of the Kaipupuri Award at the Maori Music Awards
Manako 17092014 - Pt 3 of 6 Marama Fox17 Sep 2014 08:45
Ikaroa Rawhiti Maori Party candidate Marama Fox | Whanau Ora is alive and well and Marama is expecting a good turnout in the weekend
Manako 17092014 - Pt 2 of 6 Kelvin Davis17 Sep 2014 08:33
Labour MP Kelvin Davis | Maori Television restructuring and campaigning in Tai Tokerau the latest polls show its going to be a close race in the North
Manako 17092014 - Pt 1 of 6 Hone Harawira17 Sep 2014 08:30
Mana leader Hone Harawira | Maori Television strategic realignment and the Moment of Truth ... are we being spied on
Manako 17092014 - Intro17 Sep 2014 08:27
Host : Dave Kaire | Guests: Hone Harawira, Kelvin Davis, Marama Fox, Naapi Waaka, Te Herekiekie Herewini and Te Hamua Nikora
Manako 16092014 - Pt 6 of 6 Ken Eruera16 Sep 2014 09:24
RNP sports guru Ken Eruera | Ken talks about the All Blacks test match against the Springboks and takes a look at this weeks NRL league games
Manako 16092014 - Pt 5 of 6 Hori Parata16 Sep 2014 09:18
Chair of Te Kura Hourua O Whangaruru Hori Parata | The kura has been under fire but Hori says they are doing ok
Manako 16092014 - Pt 4 of 6 Adrian Rurawhe16 Sep 2014 09:18
Labour - Tai Hau A Uru candidate | Adrian Rurawhe on the final days leading up to the Election day and how the campaigning has been going
Manako 16092014 - Pt 3 of 6 Pita Tipene16 Sep 2014 09:15
Te Kotahitanga o Nga Hapu o Ngapuhi co chair Pita Tipene | Response to the urgent hearing granted by the Waitangi Tribunal
Manako 16092014 - Pt 2 of 6 Potaka Maipi16 Sep 2014 09:09
Tainui reporter Potaka Maipi | Potaka casts his eye over Tainui events
Manako 16092014 - Pt 1 of 6 Pou Temara16 Sep 2014 08:51
Pou Temara | Reappoinments to the Waitangi Tribunal have been announced
Manako 16092014 - Intro16 Sep 2014 08:03
Host: Pierre Lyndon | Guests: Pou Temara, Potaka Maipi, Pita Tipene, Adrian Rurawhe, Hori Parata, Ken Eruera
Manako 15092014 - Pt 6 of 6 Tama Huata15 Sep 2014 08:12
Organiser of Maori Music Awards Tama Huata | Another successful Maori Music Awards held in Kahungunu
Manako 15092014 - Pt 5 of 6 Wairangi Koopu15 Sep 2014 08:09
Former Kiwi League star Wairangi Koopu gives a review of the NRL sporting weekend
Manako 15092014 - Pt 4 of 6 Waihoroi Shortland15 Sep 2014 08:06
Ngati Hine - Waihoroi Shortland | The Waitangi Tribunal has ruled in favour of Te Kotahitanga O Ngapuhi hearings
Manako 15092014 - Pt 3 of 6 Nanaia Mahuta15 Sep 2014 08:00
Hauraki Waikato MP Nanaia Mahuta | Nanaia Mahuta on the campaign trail as we head into the final week before voting day
Manako 15092014 - Pt 2 of 6 Dr Huirangi Waikerepuru15 Sep 2014 07:54
Dr Huirangi Waikerepuru | Maori Language advocate Dr Huirangi Waikerepuru of New Plymouth, CNZM, for services to Maori.
Manako 15092014 - Pt 1 of 6 Annette Sykes15 Sep 2014 07:45
Maori lawyer and Mana candidate Annette Sykes | Mana candidate Annette Sykes says not only does National want to get rid of the Maori seats, but the Waitangi Tribunal and the Maori Land Court are also under threat.
Manako 15092014 - Intro15 Sep 2014 07:36
Host: Pierre Lyndon | Guests: Annette Sykes, Huirangi Waikerepuru, Nanaia Mahuta, Waihoroi Shortland, Wairangi Koopu and Tama Huata
Manako 12092014 - Pt 5 of 6 Kingi Taurua and Wairangi Koopu12 Sep 2014 09:00
Kingi Taurua | His daughter Noeline Taurua is back next year as Assistant coach for the Mystics || Wairangi Koopu | Rugby league and Wairangi's picks for the NRL round this week
Manako 12092014 - Pt 5 of 6 Tama Huata12 Sep 2014 08:48
Tama Huata | The annual Maori Music Awards take place tonight in Hastings
Manako 12092014 - Pt 4 of 6 Dr Rhys Jones12 Sep 2014 08:36
DrRhys Jones | Maori doctors conference starts in Whanganui
Manako 12092014 - Pt 3 of 6 Chris McKenzie12 Sep 2014 08:27
Te Tai Hau A Uru Maori Party candidate Chris McKenzie | Oil exploration in Taranaki is opposed by the majority
Manako 12092014 - Pt 2 of 6 Hone Harawira12 Sep 2014 08:12
Mana leader Hone Harawira | Kids and whanau living in poverty still the focus for Mana
Manako 12092014 - Pt 1 of 6 Willie Jackson12 Sep 2014 08:09
CEO Manukau Urban Maori Authority Willie Jackson | The Manukau Urban Maori Authority has won approval to open a partnership school. Chair Willie Jackson says Te Kura Maori o Waatea will open in February at Nga Whare Waatea Marae in Mangere.
Manako 12092014 - Intro12 Sep 2014 08:06
Host : Dave Kaire | Guests: Willie Jackson, Hone Harawira, Chris McKenzie, Dr Rhys Jones, Tama Huata, Kingi Taurua and Wairangi Koopu
Manako 11092014 - Pt 6 of 6 Wiremu Huta Martin11 Sep 2014 08:30
Manuka Tutahi reporter Wiremu Huta Martin | Opotiki mussel farming
Manako 11092014 - Pt 5 of 6 Nikora Wharerau11 Sep 2014 08:18
Nikora Wharerau | The launch of Te Orokotimatanga o te Ao. The first of a new series of graphic novellas in te reo Maori being published on iTunes and Google Play by KIWA Digital.
Manako 11092014 - Pt 4 of 6 Sonny Niha and Tame Te Rangi |11 Sep 2014 08:09
Waipareira kaumatua Sonny Niha | Political debates at Waipareira || Tame Te Rangi | The formation of a Maunga Authority regarding the Tamaki Collective
Manako 11092014 - Pt 3 of6 Ngahiwi Apanui11 Sep 2014 07:39
Ngahiwi Apanui | Labour is cutting its own throat and distancing itself from the Maori Party
Manako 11092014 - Pt 2 of 6 Pita Paraone11 Sep 2014 07:36
NZ First candidate Pita Paraone | NZ First say more frontline police are needed and Winston is still being touted as the 'kingmaker'
Manako 11092014 - Pt 1 of 6 Kelvin Davis11 Sep 2014 07:33
Labour MP Kelvin Davis | Reaching out to the community in his campaign
Manako 11092014 - Intro11 Sep 2014 07:27
Host: Dave Kaire | Kelvin Davis, Pita Paraone, Ngahiwi Apanui, Sonny Niha, Tame Te Rangi, Nikora Wharerau, Wiremu Huta Martin
Manako 10092014 - Pt 6 of 6 Phil Tarawa10 Sep 2014 11:12
Turanga Reporter Phil Tarawa | Drinking and driving are a major concern in the Gisborne area
Manako 10092014 - Pt 5 of 6 Pem Bird10 Sep 2014 10:48
Maori Educationalist Pem Bird | Maori history to be taught in all schools
Manako 10092014 - Pt 4 of 6 Charlie Tawhiao10 Sep 2014 10:45
Taurangamoana Radio General Manager Charlie Tawhiao | 2nd Maori Business Network Conference
Manako 10092014 - Pt 3 of 6 Rawiri Waititi10 Sep 2014 09:39
Waiariki Labour candidate Rawiri Waititi | Busy pounding the streets and gathering support for his campaign
Manako 10092014 - Pt 2 of 6 Te Hira Paenga10 Sep 2014 09:36
Te Tai Tokerau Maori Party candidate Te Hira Paenga | Maori Party housing launch in the north
Manako 10092014 - Pt1 of 6 Nanaia Mahuta10 Sep 2014 09:33
Hauraki Waikato MP Nanaia Mahuta | David Cunliffe closes the door on the Maori Party and the happenings at Maori Television
Manako 10092014 - Intro10 Sep 2014 08:36
Host: Dave Kaire | Guests: Nanaia Mahuta, Te Hira Paenga, Rawiri Waititi, Charlies Tawhiao, Pem Bird, Phil Tarawa
Manako 09092014 - Pt 6 of 6 Ken Eruera and Wairangi Koopu09 Sep 2014 08:54
Ken Eruera | A review of the All Blacks against Las Pumas and Wairangi Koopu says the Warriors have a good base for 2015
Manako 09092014 - Pt 5 of 6 Kingi Taurua09 Sep 2014 08:48
Kingi Taurua | Theres a need to have variety when it comes to Maori news and current affairs
Manako 09092014 - Pt 4 of 6 Naida Glavish09 Sep 2014 08:30
Maori Party President Naida Glavish | David Cunliffe says theres no seat at the cabinet table for the Maori Party
Manako 09092014 - Pt 3 of 6 Rawiri Doorbar09 Sep 2014 08:24
Otaraua Hapu Chair Rawiri Doorbar | Opposition to the treaty settments for Te Atiawa therefore they will not attend the Investment Conference starting today in Ngamotu
Manako 09092014 - Pt 2 of 6 Mabel Wharekawa Burt09 Sep 2014 08:12
Taurangamoana kuia Mabel Wharekawa Burt | Responds to calls that if we want te reo Maori to flourish we need to prioritise good speakers on the marae over gender
Manako 09092014 - Pt 1 of 6 Kipa Munro09 Sep 2014 08:03
Kipa Munro | Tuhoronuku are searching for an experienced negotiator to head their treaty claims
Manako 08092014 - Pt 6 of 6 Tame Te Rangi08 Sep 2014 07:09
Sports commentator Tame Te Rangi | Tame takes a look at the All Blacks and how they performed against the Pumas
Manako 08092014 - Pt 5 of 6 Jordan Winiata08 Sep 2014 07:06
Te Tai Hau A Uru Mana candidate Jordan Winiata | Jordan has been campaigning in Taranaki and says the response has been good from the people
Manako 08092014 - Pt 4 of 6 Pita Tipene08 Sep 2014 07:00
Pita Tipene | Some of the Ngati Hine hapu still have ongoing issues with Tuhoronuku
Manako 08092014 - Pt 3 of 6 Raniera Winikerei08 Sep 2014 06:54
Broadcaster Raniera Winikerei | The Maniapoto Festival was held over the weekend
Manako 08092014 - Pt 2 of 6 Wharehoka Wano08 Sep 2014 06:51
Chair of the Te Ataiwa Settlement Trust Wharehoka Wano | Te Atiawa are holding a investment conference and theres still unrest within the iwi since the treaty settlement was signed
Manako 08092014 - Pt 1 of 6 Henare Kingi08 Sep 2014 06:45
Political commentator Henare Kingi | Henare takes an overview of all the debates and his whakaaro on political parties as the elections draw nearer
Manako 08092014 - Intro08 Sep 2014 06:42
Host: Pierre Lyndon | Guests: Henare Kingi, Wharehoka Wano, Raniera Winikerei, Pita Tipene, Jordan Winiata, Tame Te Rangi
Manako 05092014 - Pt 6 of 6 Wairangi Koopu05 Sep 2014 08:15
Sports commentator Wairangi Koopu and it's a must win for the Warriors against he Penrith Panthers if they want to stay in the
Manako 05092014 - Pt 5 of 6 Monty Morrison05 Sep 2014 08:12
Te Arawa - Monty Morrison | Ngati Whakaue have a huge weekend ahead of them to celebrate their iwi and their people
Manako 05092014 - Pt 4 of 6 Mita Te Hae05 Sep 2014 08:00
Otautahi resident Mita Te Hae | It's 4 years since the first earthquake struck Christchurch and theres still problems with the rebuild etc ...
Manako 05092014 - Pt 3 of 6 Linda Te Aho05 Sep 2014 07:57
Maori Lawyer Linda Te Aho | Maori lawyers conference in Tauranga
Manako 05092014 - Pt 2 of 6 Tina Wickliffe05 Sep 2014 07:54
Producer of Te Wero Debates 2014 Tina Wickliffe | This week the candidates for Te Ikaroa Rawhiti are on show and talk about the issues affecting their rohe
Manako 05092014 - Pt 1 of 6 Chris McKenzie05 Sep 2014 07:54
Te Tai Hau A Uru Maori Party candidate Chris McKenzie | Free kohanga reo and ECE are favoured by the Maori Party
Manako 05092014 - Intro05 Sep 2014 07:51
Host : Dave Kaire | Guests: Chris McKenzie, Tina Wickliffe, Linda Te Aho, Mita Te Hae, Monty Morrison, Wairangi Koopu
Manako04092014 - Pt 6 of 6 Wiremu Huta Martin and Pierre Tohe04 Sep 2014 08:30
Manuka Tutahi Reporter Wiremua Huta Martin | Unrest in the rohe || Pierre Tohe | BNZ Closed for a new initiative
Manako 04092014 - Pt 5 of 6 Charlie Tawhiao04 Sep 2014 08:00
Ngai Te Rangi Chair | Charlie Tawhiao says Ngai Te Rangi wants hapu control rather than runanga
Manako 04092014 - Pt 4 of 6 Rahui Papa04 Sep 2014 07:54
Rahui Papa | Tainui iwi business partnership
Manako 04092014 - Pt 3 of 6 Te Ururoa Flavell04 Sep 2014 07:48
Maori Party co leader Te Ururoa Flavell | Minor poltical party dinner with Campbell Live
Manako 04092014 - Pt 2 of 6 Maanu Paul04 Sep 2014 07:39
Co Chair NZ Maori Council | Maanu Paul is disappointed that the Maori Council was not invited to Te Pae Roa 2040 Conference
Manako 04092014 - Pt 1 of 6 Sir Tamati Reedy04 Sep 2014 07:36
Sir Tamati Reedy | Te Pae Roa 2040 Conference
Manako 04092014 - Intro04 Sep 2014 07:33
Host : Kingi Taurua | Guests: Sir Tamati Reedy, Maanu Paul, Te Ururoa Flavell, Rahui Papa, Charlie Tawhiao, Wiremu Huta Martin-Martin
Manako 03092014 - Pt 6 of 6 Dr Lily Fraser03 Sep 2014 07:33
Dr Lily Fraser | Blue September is about promoting Prostate Cancer and a push to get our taane Maori to get a health check
Manako 03092014 - Pt 5 of 6 Phil Tarawa03 Sep 2014 07:18
Turanga FM Regional reporter Phil Tarawa | Te Wero debate 2014 for the Ikaroa Rawhiti electorate
Manako 03092014 - Pt 4 of 6 Nanaia Mahuta03 Sep 2014 07:12
Hauraki Waikato MP | Nanaia updates us on the Labour campaign
Manako 03092014 - Pt 3 of 6 Hohepa Mutu03 Sep 2014 07:09
Former Civil Servant Hohepa Mutu | The shooting of WINZ workers in Ashburton
Manako 03092014 - Pt 2 of 6 Trevor Moeke03 Sep 2014 07:03
Trevor Moeke | Participant at Te Pae Roa 2040
Manako 03092014 - Pt 1 of 6 Will Edwards03 Sep 2014 07:00
Ngati Ruanui - Dr Will Edwards | Will is a keynote speaker at Te Pae Roa 2040 about Balancing Iwi Aspirations and Whanau Hopes
Manako 03092014 - Intro03 Sep 2014 06:54
Host: Kingi Taurua | Guests: Will Edwards, Trevor Moeke, Hohepa Mutu, Nanaia Mahuta, Phil Tarawa, Dr Lily Fraser
Manako 02092014 - Pt 6 of 6 Tamati Cairns and Tame Te Rangi02 Sep 2014 08:27
Tamati Cairns |Maori water claimants are taking heart from a Supreme Court judgment that has thrown open the question of who owns New Zealands riverbeds.|| Tame Te Rangi - Sports
Manako 02092014 - Pt 5 of 6 Haami Piripi02 Sep 2014 08:21
Haami Piripi | Maori Economic Conference Te Pae Roa 2040 Conference 30 years on
Manako 02092014 - Pt 4 of 6 Dover Samuels02 Sep 2014 08:18
Northland Regional Councillor Dover Samuels | New Maori Advisory Council
Manako 02092014 - Pt 3 of 6 Nuki Aldridge02 Sep 2014 08:00
Ngapuhi kaumatua Nuki Aldridge | More flooding in the north and Kaeo is feeling the brunt of the flooding
Manako 02092014 - Pt 2 of 6 Jordan Winiata02 Sep 2014 07:48
33 Year old Jordan Winiata is standing for the Mana Movement in this years election forTe Tai Hau A Uru
Manako 02092014 - Pt 1 of 6 Hauata Paama02 Sep 2014 07:15
Tauranga Moana Kaumatua | Tribute to the passing of Matua Taihuka Butler August. Matua Taihuka was the founding host of Tai Pai Tai Timu and a valuable staff member of Moana Radio for many years.
Manako 02092014 - Intro02 Sep 2014 07:12
Host: Pierre Lyndon | Guests: Hauata Paama, Jordan Winiata, Nuki Aldridge, Dover Samuels, Haami Piripi, Tamati Cairns, Tame Te Rangi
Paakiwaha 01/09/2014 - Part 401 Sep 2014 13:59
The latest in news and current affairs from a Maori perspective with Willie Jackson.
Manako 01092014 - Pt 6 of 6 Ken Eruera and Wairangi Koopu01 Sep 2014 08:30
Ken Eruera | The Parekura Horomia Memorial Trophy was played in the weekend for Netball and Rugby || Wairangi Koopu | The Warriors had a great win over the Gold Coast but its a must win game against the Panthers this weekend
Manako 01092014 - Pt 5 of 6 Kelvin Davis01 Sep 2014 08:15
Labour MP Kelvin Davis | Kelvin gives a political account of the weekly events
Manako 01092014 - Pt 4 of 6 Dr Rhys Jones01 Sep 2014 08:12
Dr Rhys Jones | Dr Jones talks about the Health and Climate Conference that is taking place shortly
Manako 01092014 - Pt 3 of 6 Jacob Tapiata01 Sep 2014 07:54
Jacob Tapiata | This Tuesday sees the start of Pae Roa 2040. A follow up from the Hui Taumata 30 years ago
Manako 01092014 - Pt 2 of 6 Willie Te Aho01 Sep 2014 07:51
Willie Te Aho | Willie gives a progress report on the Iwi leaders hui hosted by Ngai Tahu
Manako 01092014 - Pt 1 of 6 Parae Wireepa01 Sep 2014 07:48
Parae Wireepa | The Ngata Lectures begin this Tursday 4 September until 7 September at Te Papa Tongarewa
Manako 01092014 - Intro01 Sep 2014 07:45
Host: Pierre Lyndon | Guests: Parai Wireepa, Willie Te Aho, Jacob Tapiata, Dr Rhys Jones, Kelvin Davis, Ken Eruera and Wairangi Koopu
Kia Korero Mai 31082014 - Henare Kingi29 Aug 2014 15:21
On Sunday in Kia Korero Mai, political commentator Henare Kingi looks at the political landscape three weeks out from the election. He considers how the Dirty Politics revelations may be affecting voters, who is winning the debates, and which Maori candid
Manako 29082014 - Pt 6 of 6 Wairangi Koopu29 Aug 2014 08:42
Wairangi Koopu | An important game for the Warriors this weekend.
Manako 29082014 - Pt 5 of 6 Rangi Mclean29 Aug 2014 08:30
Paati Maori -Tamaki Makaurau candidate | Rangi Mclean says Maori immersion schools must be properly resourced
Manako 29082014 - Pt 4 of 6 Tina Wickliffe29 Aug 2014 08:27
Te Wero producer Tina Wickliffe | Tina gives an analysis of the Te Wero debates for the Tamaki Makaurau candidates
Manako 29082014 - Pt 3 of 6 Pita Paraone29 Aug 2014 08:21
NZ First candidate Pita Paraone | NZ First have passed the 5% threshold in the polls
Manako 29082014 - Pt 2 of 6 Te Hira Paenga29 Aug 2014 07:48
Maori Party candidate Te Hira Paenga | Maori Party is truly indigenous and confidence is high
Manako 29082014 - Pt 1 of 6 Nanaia Mahuta29 Aug 2014 07:39
Hauraki -Waikato MP Nanaia Mahuta | The latest poll results and Labours progress. Kingi Tuheitia is comfortable
Manako 29082014 - Intro29 Aug 2014 07:36
Host: Dave Kaire | Guests: Nanaia Mahuta, Te Hira Paenga, Pita Paraone, Tina Wickliffe, Rangi Mclean, Wairangi Koopu
Manako 28082014 - Pt 6 of 6 Wiremu Huta Martin28 Aug 2014 08:15
Manuka Tutahi reporter Wiremu Huta Martin | Tame Iti is the right person for the Maori Party
Manako 28082014 - Pt 5 of 6 Shane Jones28 Aug 2014 08:09
Government Pacific Ambassador Shane Jones | Shane is travelling around the pacific and also NZ's role in promoting economic development
Manako 28082014 - Pt 4 of 6 Hone Harawira28 Aug 2014 08:03
Mana Movement leader Hone Harawira | Election campaign demands and his take on the ' dirty politics' saga
Manako 28082014 - Pt 3 of 6 Clinton Dearlove28 Aug 2014 08:00
Independent Tai Tokerau candidate Clinto Dearlove | The struggles facing the people in the north
Manako 28082014 - Pt 2 of 6 Chris Mckenzie28 Aug 2014 07:57
Maori Party Tai Hau A Uru candidate Chris Mckenzie | Opposition to the Te Atiawa Treaty Settlement
Manako 28082014 - Pt 1 of 6 Rawiri Waititi28 Aug 2014 07:54
Waiariki Labour candidate Rawiri Waititi | The issues and concerns for the coters of Te Waiariki
Manako 28082014 - Intro28 Aug 2014 07:51
Host: Dave Kaire | Guests: Rawiri Waititi, Chris Mckenzie, Clinton Dearlove, Hone Harawira, Shane Jones, Wiremu Huta Martin
Manako 27082014 - Pt 6 of 6 Phil Tarawa27 Aug 2014 08:21
Phil Tarawa | Farms are being targeted by thieves
Manako 27082014 - Pt 5 of 6 Pem Bird27 Aug 2014 08:15
Pem Bird | Is the 'hongi' a tikanga lost ?
Manako 27082014 - Pt 4 of 6 Tawhiri Williams27 Aug 2014 08:12
Tawhiri Williams | Maori version of NZ histroy should be compulsory in all schools
Manako 27082014 - Pt 3 of 6 Henare Kani27 Aug 2014 08:09
Henare Kingi | The Green Party member for Ikaroa Rawhiti about environmental and water quality issues are paramount
Manako 27082014 - Pt 2 of 6 Peeni Henare27 Aug 2014 08:06
Peeni Henare | Te Wero debate on Thursday for Tamaki Makaurau candidates
Manako 27082014 - Pt 1 of 6 Te Ururoa Flavell27 Aug 2014 08:00
Te Ururoa Flavell | Te Puni Kokiri job losses, Maori history in schools, Tame Iti on board with the Maori Party
Manako 27082014 - Intro27 Aug 2014 07:54
Host: Dave Kaire | Guests: Te Ururoa Flavell, Peeni Henare, Henare Kani, Tawhiri Williams, Pem Bird, Phil Tarawa
Manako 26/08/2014 - Part 3 - Mahaki Albert26 Aug 2014 08:42
Kua powhiritia te tumuaki hoou o te hauora o Middlemore otira i a Ricky Niania o Ngati Kahungunu me Ngai Tuhoe ki tana turanga hoou, hai taa Mahaki Albert i marumaru katoa te marae o Te Puea ki nga iwi o te motu ki te whakanui i tenei raa hoou.
Manako 26/08/2014 - Part 2 - Potaka Maipi26 Aug 2014 08:42
Kingi Tuheitia has been admitted to Waikato Hospital having suffered a heart attack.
Manako 26/08/2014 - Part 1 - Tame Iti26 Aug 2014 08:42
Tuhoe activist Tame Iti is standing as a list candidate for the Maori Party.
Manako 26/08/2014 - Intro26 Aug 2014 08:42
Manako 26/08/2014 - Part 5 - Waihoroi Shortland26 Aug 2014 08:39
He harore rangitahi te kauapa o Tuhoronuku koira hoki te whakahau a Waihoroi Shortland heamana o Ngati Hine. Hai taana e kore e ea katoa nga moemoea i te rangi kotahi i te kaupapa kotahi.
Manako 26/08/2014 - Part 4 - Wiremu Niania26 Aug 2014 08:39
Kua whakareia a Wiremu Niania o Te Tai Rawhiti ki nga honore pukapuka mo ana mahi hauora hapai hoki i te hunga whai ora.
Manako 26/08/2014 - Part 6 - Ken Eruera26 Aug 2014 08:36
Sonny Bill Williams gets an exemption to play for the All Blacks.
Manako 25082014 - Tame Te Rangi25 Aug 2014 08:57
Tame Te Rangi | The All Blacks outclass the Wallabies and retain the Bledisloe Cup
Manako 25082014- Wairangi Koopu25 Aug 2014 07:57
Wairangi Koopu | The Warriors go down to the Rooster 46-12
Manako 25082014 - Pt 4 of 6 Heeni Shortland25 Aug 2014 07:54
Enviromentalist Heeni Shortland | Theres concern from northland communities about the stranding of 2 whales in recent weeks near Te Oneroa Tohe
Manako 25082014 - Pt 3 of 6 Hekia Parata25 Aug 2014 07:51
National MP Hekia Parata | The ministry reveals the National Party housing policy
Manako 25082014 - Pt 2 of 6 Te Rata Hikairo25 Aug 2014 07:48
Te Rata Hikairo | The high rates of suicide among rangatahi is still a concern
Manako 25082014 - Pt 1 of 6 Tamati Kruger25 Aug 2014 07:42
Tuhoe leader Tamati Kruger | Tamati Kruger reflects on Fridays apology from the Crown over past wrongdoings to Tuhoe
Manako 25082014 - Intro25 Aug 2014 07:36
Host: Pierre Lyndon | Guests: Tamati Kruger, Te Rata Hikairo, Hekia Parata, Heeni Shortland, Wairangi Koopu, Tame Te Rangi
Manako 22082014 - Pt 6 of 6 Wairangi Koopu22 Aug 2014 11:27
Wairangi Koopu | The drug scandal at Cronulla needs to be sorted and a preview to this weekends NRL matches
Manako 22082014 - Pt 5 of 6 Peter Lucas Jones22 Aug 2014 11:18
Te Hiku O Te Ika Reporter Peter Lucas Jones | Over the past 2 weeks whales have beached themselves near Te Oneroa A Tohe ...whats the cause ?
Manako 22082014 - Pt 4 of 6 Fred Holloway22 Aug 2014 11:15
Tamaki ki Te Uru Kaumatua Fred Holloway | Why are so many people committing suicide
Manako 22082014 - Pt 3 of 6 Hirini Tau22 Aug 2014 11:12
Elelctoral Commission Hirini Tau | Hirini Tau is busy encouraging Maori to register for this years elections and the importance of registering
Manako 22082014 - Pt 2 of 6 Tina Wickliffe22 Aug 2014 11:09
Political Reporter Tina Wickliffe | John Key is under seige and the latest polls
Manako 22082014 - Pt 1 of 6 Tamati Kruger22 Aug 2014 08:09
Tamati Kruger | Tuhoe negotiator Tamati Kuger says todays crown apology will allow the iwi to set aside distrust and anger and create its own future.
Manako 22082014 - Intro22 Aug 2014 08:03
Host : Dave Kaire | Guests: Tamati Kruger, Tina Wickliffe, Hirini Tau, Fred Holloway, Peter Lucas Jones, Wairangi Koopu
Manako 21082014 - Pt 6 of 6 Wiremu Huta Martin and Dallas Seymour21 Aug 2014 08:18
Manuka TUtahi reporter Wiremu Huta Martin and the Tuhoe settlement tomorrow || Dallas Seymour | Liam Messam not a show pony for the All Blacks
Manako 21082014 - Pt 5 of 6 Luke Crawford21 Aug 2014 08:06
Luke Crawford | Latest Dept of Statisitics figures - demographics
Manako 21082014 - Pt 4 of 6 Pita Paraone21 Aug 2014 08:03
Pita Paraone | Pita Paraone is number 8 on the NZ First Party list and Ron Mark is at number 9
Manako 21082014 - Pt 3 of 6 Hilda Halkyard21 Aug 2014 07:51
Hilda Halkyard - Harawira | Mana have filled their paty line up including Te Tai Hau A Uru
Manako 21082014 - Pt 2 of 6 Potaka Maipi21 Aug 2014 07:21
Tainui Reporter Potaka Maipi | 28 ambassadors were present at Turangawaewae for the annual koroneihana
Manako 21082014 - Pt 1 of 6 Nanaia Mahuta21 Aug 2014 07:15
Waikato -Hauraki MP Nanaia Mahuta | Nanaia outlays the priorities for Waikato -Hauraki, Te Te Wero debates and the Tuhoe apology
Manako 21082014 - Intro21 Aug 2014 07:12
Host: Dave Kaire | Guests: Nanaia Mahuta,Potaka Maipi, Hilda Halkyard, Pita Paraone, Luke Crawford, Wiremu Huta Martin, Dallas Seymour
Manako 20082014 - Pt 6 of 6 Te Arahi Maipi20 Aug 2014 07:45
Te Arahi Maipi | The issues at Manly are a lesson to clubs and sometimes comaraderie beatrs money (sometimes)
Manako 20082014 - Pt 5 of 6 Mamae Takerei20 Aug 2014 07:42
Mamae Takerei | Politicians arrive at Koroneihana
Manako 20082014 - Pt 4 of 6 Dr Rose Pere20 Aug 2014 07:39
Dr Rose Pere | Humanitarian Day - Peace is the only huarahi
Manako 20082014 - Pt 3 of 6 Ngarimu Blair20 Aug 2014 07:33
Ngarimu Blair | Ngati Whatua ' Whai Rawa' acquire AECOM House near Auckland Waterfront
Manako 20082014 - Pt 2 of 6 Henare Kingi20 Aug 2014 07:27
Politico Henare Kingi | Political parties digging dirt on each other is nothing new
Manako 20082014 - Pt 1 of 6 Kelvin Davis20 Aug 2014 07:24
Labour MP Kelvin Davis | Labours plan to economically boost the regions
Manako 20082014 - Intro20 Aug 2014 06:48
Host: Dave Kaire | Guests: Kelvin Davis, Henare Kingi, Ngarimu Blair, Dr Rose Pere, Mamae Takerei, Te Arahi Maipi
Manako 19082014 - Pt 6 of 6 Potaka Maipi and Tame Te Rangi19 Aug 2014 07:51
Tainui Regional Reporter Potaka Maipi | The Koroneihana 2014 || Tame Te Rangi - ITM Rugby
Manako 19082014 - Pt 5 of 6 Miki Apiti19 Aug 2014 07:45
NZ Veteran Miki Apiti | Vietnam Veterans Day was commemorated with the launch of a book
Manako 19082014 - Pt 4 of 6 Pita Paraone19 Aug 2014 07:39
Pita Paraone | Pita Paraone has stood down from his current job at Te Taura Whiri to stand as a candidate for NZ First
Manako 19082014 - pt 3 of 6 Haare Tukariri19 Aug 2014 07:36
Kaumatua Haare Tukariri | Haare Tukariri and his thoughts on the James Takamore issue
Manako 19082014 - Pt 2 of 6 Rawiri Wright19 Aug 2014 07:27
Hoani Waititi Tumuaki Rawiri Wright | Kura kaupapa around the country are trialling a new curriculum being developed by their national body.
Manako 19082014 - Pt 1 of 6 Jack McDonald19 Aug 2014 07:06
Green Party member Jack McDonald | The Greeen party have launched their political campaign. Jack McDonald is tanding in the Tai Hau A Uru Electorate
Manako 19082014 - Intro19 Aug 2014 07:00
Host : Pierre Lyndon | Guests: Jack McDonald, Rawiri Wright, Hare Tukariri, Pita Paraone, Miki Apiti, Potaka Maipi, Tame Te Rangi
Manako 17082014 - Pt 6 of 6 Wairangi Koopu18 Aug 2014 07:06
Wairangi Koopu | The former Kiwi player on Warriors who have dropped to 8th on the NRL ladder
Manako 17082014 - Pt 5 of 6 Ken Eruera18 Aug 2014 07:03
Ken Eruera | The Radio Ngati Porou sports commentator reviews the All Blacks game
Manako 17082014 - Pt 4 of 6 Tame Iti and Mabel Wharekawa Burt18 Aug 2014 07:03
Tame Iti | Tame talks to Eru Morgan about the Tuhoe raids and where to now || Mabel Wharekawa Burt | There are still a large number not registered to vote
Manako 17082014 - Pt 3 of 6 Aorangi Kawiti18 Aug 2014 06:57
Aorangi Kawiti | Iwi delivery of Te Reo - Te Wananga O Aotearoa have the skills and experience
Manako 17082014 - Pt 2 of 6 Kingi Taurua18 Aug 2014 06:51
Kingi Taurua | Kingi Taurua questions where the fisheries settlement money has gone as kids are starving up north and marae are in need of repairs
Manako 17082014 - Pt 1 of 6 Peeni Henare18 Aug 2014 06:48
Labour candidate Peeni Henare | Labour want Treaty settlements settled by 2020
Manako 17082014 - Intro18 Aug 2014 06:45
Host: Pierre Lyndon | Guests: Peeni Henare, Kingi Taurua, Aorangi Kawiti, Tame Iti, Mabel Wharekawa Burt, Ken Eruera, Wairangi
Manako 15082014 - Pt 6 of 6 Tainui Stephens and Kingi Taurua15 Aug 2014 08:24
Tainui Stephens | Maori contribution to the film industry continues to grow. Kingi Taurua | Editorial of the nations events of the week
Manako 15082014 - Pt 5 of 6 Ken Eruera15 Aug 2014 08:21
Radio Ngati Porou Sports Commentator Ken Eruera | Ken previews this weeks match between the All Blacks and the Wallabies
Manako 15082014 - Pt 4 of 6 Marama Fox15 Aug 2014 07:54
Maori Party candidate Ikaroa Rawhiti Marama Fox | Campaign for Marama Fox is going well
Manako 15082014 - Pt 3 of 6 Hurimoana Dennis15 Aug 2014 07:51
NZ Police Hurimoana Dennis | The police apology to Ngai Tuhoe
Manako 15082014 - Pt 2 of 6 Peter Lucas Jones15 Aug 2014 07:42
Te Hiku O Te Ika Reporter Peter Lucas Jones | A number of whales have been stranded in the north |
Manako 15082014 - Pt 1 of 6 Taatere Mcleod15 Aug 2014 07:39
Taatere Mcleod | Ngati Kahungunu are ready to 'grill' candidates in Te Ikaroa Rawhiti
Manako 15082014 - Intro15 Aug 2014 07:36
Host: Kingi Taurua | Guests: Taatere Mcleod, Peter Lucas Jones, Hurimoana Dennis, Marama Fox, Ken Eruera, Tainui Stephens and Kingi Taurua
Manako 14082014 - Pt 6 of 6 Tame Te Rangi14 Aug 2014 08:21
Sports : Tame Te Rangi | Tame Te Rangi talks about the big game this weekend between the All Blacks and the Wallabies,
Manako 14082014 - Pt 5 of 6 Wiremu Huta Martin14 Aug 2014 08:12
Manuka Tutahi Regional Reporter Wiremu Huta Martin | Health problems in the rohe are of major concern.
Manako 14082014 - Pt 4 of 6 Rangi Mclean14 Aug 2014 07:48
Manurewa Community leader Tunuiarangi Mclean | There is a major clampdown on 'loan sharks'
Manako 14082014 - Pt 3 of 6 Kito Pikaahu14 Aug 2014 07:33
Bishop Kito Pikaahu | The bishop was an escort for the police contingency to the Tuhoe apology
Manako 14082014 - Pt 2 of 6 Tame Iti14 Aug 2014 07:24
Tame Iti | The police commissioner and his contingency arrive to apologise to Tuhoe but Tame Iti says he would have preferred those who were responsible but its a start
Manako 14082014 - Intro14 Aug 2014 06:51
Host: Kingi Taurua | Guest: Glenn Wilcox, Tame Iti, Kito Pikaahu, Rangi Mclean, Wiremu Huta Martin and Tame Te Rangi
Manako 13082014 - Pt 6 of 6 Kotuku Tibble13 Aug 2014 07:36
Kotuku Tibble | Kotuku says the All Blacks will be too strong for the Wallabies
Manako 13082014 - Pt 5 of 6 Phil Tarawa13 Aug 2014 07:27
Turanga FM Reporter Phil Tarawa | Synthetic cannbis is infiltrating the streets of Gisborne
Manako 13082014 Pt 4 of 6 Kelvin Davis13 Aug 2014 07:21
Labour MP Kelvin Davis | Labours comprehensive health initiative
Manako 13082014 - Pt 3 of 6 Haami Piripi13 Aug 2014 07:12
Te Rarawa leader Haami Piripi | Mining companies receive a warm reception from the government but a heated reception from Iwi
Manako 13082014 - Pt 2 of 6 Tina Wickliffe13 Aug 2014 07:06
Te Wero Producer Tina Wickliffe | Tina Wickliffe gives a review of the Te Tai Tonga candidates debate in Wellington.
Manako 13082014 - Pt 1 of 6 Jack McDonald13 Aug 2014 07:00
Green Party candidate Jack McDonald | Jack explains why voters should vote for the Green Party
Manako 13082014 - Intro13 Aug 2014 06:57
Host: Pierre Lyndon | Guests: Jack McDonald, Tina Wickliffe, Haami Piripi, Kelvin Davis, Phil Tarawa, Kotuku Tibble
Manako 12082014 - Pt 6 of 6 Ken Eruera and Rawiri Waititi12 Aug 2014 07:33
RNP Sports sommentator Ken Eruera | The Parekura Horomia Memorial Trophy - Politicians Netball and Rugby tourney ||Labour Waiariki candidate Rawiri Waititi | Labours new health initiative and how it will benefit Maori
Manako 12082014 - Pt 5 of 6 Jenny Bol Lee12 Aug 2014 07:27
Auckland University Lecturer Jenny Bol Lee | Winston Peters and his latest 'racist' comments
Manako 12082014 - Pt 4 of 6 Tuatia Chapman and Tina Wicliffe12 Aug 2014 07:24
Tuatia Chapman | A new online web-series promoting one kupu Maori per week and how to use it in a sentence|| Tina Wickliffe | Tina Wickliffe previews the Te Wero debate featuring Te Tai Tonga Candidates
Manako 12082014 - Pt 3 of 6 Potaka Maipi12 Aug 2014 07:18
Tainui Reporter Potaka Maipi | Preparations for the Koroneihana are underway in Tainui
Manako 12082014 - Pt 2 of 6 Tamati Kruger12 Aug 2014 07:15
Tuhoe leader Tamati Kruger | Taneatua open their new medical centre
Manako 12082014 - Pt 1 of 6 Rangi Mclean12 Aug 2014 07:12
Tamaki Makaurau Maori Party candidate Rangi Mclean | The value of having Dr Lance O'Sullivan for the Maori Party campaign
Manako 12082014 - Intro12 Aug 2014 07:09
Host: Pierre Lyndon | Guests: Rangi Mclean, Tamati Kruger, Potaka Maipi, Tuatia Chapman, Tina Wickliffe, Dr Jenny Bol Lee, Ken Eruera, Rawiri Waititi
Manako 11082014 - Pt 6 of 6 Henare Kani and Wairangi Koopu11 Aug 2014 06:39
Henare Kani | Ikaroa Rawhiti candidate for Greens Wairangi Koopu | Warriors scrape home against the Cronulla Sharks
Manako 11082014 - Pt 5 of 6 Te Ururoa Flavell11 Aug 2014 06:33
Waiariki MP Te Ururoa Flavell | Maori Party on the campaign trail
Manako 11082014 - Pt 4 of 6 Charlie Tawhiao11 Aug 2014 06:30
Ngai Te Rangi chair Charlie Tawhiao | The removal of all of the Rena wreck continues to be an issue for iwi.
Manako 11082014 - Pt 3 of 6 Pou Temara11 Aug 2014 06:24
Professor Pou Temara | The James Takamore issue continues to be to the fore of tikanga Maori and Pakeha law
Manako 11082014 - Pt 2 of 6 Kingi Taurua11 Aug 2014 06:21
Kingi Taurua | Self appointed Fiji Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama is in Auckland
Manako 11082014 - Pt 1 of 6 Tumatakuru O'Connell11 Aug 2014 06:15
Tumatakuru O'Connell | World Indigenous Day celebrated throughout all nations
Manako 11082014 - Intro11 Aug 2014 06:12
Host: Pierre Lyndon | Guests: Tumatakuru O'Connell, Kingi Taurua, Pou Temara, Charlies Tawhiao, Te Ururoa Flavell, Henare Kani, Wairangi Koopu
Kia Korero Mai 10082014 - Henare Kingi08 Aug 2014 15:48
Political Commentator Henare Kingi casts his eye over the political world. The nitpickiing between Mana and Labour and all the other carryons of the past few weeks
Manako 08082014 - Pt 6 of 6 Te Hira Paenga and Wairangi Koopu08 Aug 2014 09:21
Te Hira Paenga Maori Party candidate Te Tai Tokerau | Te Hira talks about the raruraru in the north between Hone Harawira and Kelvin Davis || Wairangi Koopu with a preview to this weeks NRL game
Manako 08082014 - Pt Haare Williams08 Aug 2014 08:48
Haare Williams | Haare Williams says organisations are undervaluing the role of kaumatua
Manako 08082014 - Pt 4 of 6 Pita Tipene08 Aug 2014 08:27
Pita Tipene | Ngati Hine continue with their hearings in front of the Waitangi Tribunal
Manako 08082014 - Pt 3 of 6 Peter Lucas Jones08 Aug 2014 08:12
Te Tai Tokerau Regional Reporter Peter Lucas Jones | Te Aupouri claims are being heard in the North
Manako 08082014 - Pt 2 of 6 Pita Paraone08 Aug 2014 08:12
CEO Te Taura Whiri I Te Reo Maori Pita Paraone | The latest funding round for Ma Te Reo has opened with a view to local solutions for the retention of te reo Maori
Manako 08082014 - Pt 1 of 6 Peeni Henare08 Aug 2014 08:06
Maori Party candidate Tai Tokerau Peeni Henare | Problems with gangs following the latest gang related death
Manako 08082014 - Intro08 Aug 2014 08:03
Host: Kingi Taurua | Guests: Peeni Henare, Pita Paraone, Peter Lucas Jones, Pita Tipene, Haare Williams, Te Hira Paenga, Wairangi Koopu
Manako 07082014 - Pt 6 of 6 Wiremu Huta Martin07 Aug 2014 11:48
Manuka Tutaji Regional Reporter | Wiremu Huta Martin new developments going ahead within the area including a mussel farm and construction of a new wharf
Manako 07082014 - Pt 5 of 6 Adrian Rurawhe07 Aug 2014 11:42
Labour Te Tai Hau A Uru candidate | Adrian Rurawhe talks about attracting younger voters to this years elections
Manako 07082014 - Pt 4 of 6 Clinton Dearlove07 Aug 2014 11:39
Independent Candidate for Tai Tokerau | Clinton talks about how MMP is working or not working in Tai Tokerau
Manako 07082014 - Pt 3 of 6 Mere Mangu07 Aug 2014 11:33
Maori Lawyer Mere Mangu | Mere Mangu was present at the swearing in of Judge Miharo Armstrong
Manako 07082014 - Pt 2 of 6 Matiu Rei07 Aug 2014 11:30
Matiu Rei | The chair of Te Ohu Kai Moana reports on the current issues involving the organisation
Manako 07082014 - Pt 1 of 6 Waihoroi Shortland07 Aug 2014 11:27
Waihoroi Shortland | A report back from Ngati Hine on the 2nd day of Waitangi Tribunal Hearings
Manako 07082014 - Intro07 Aug 2014 11:12
Host: Kingi Taurua | Guests: Waihoroi Shortland, Matiu Rei, Mere Mangu, Clinton Dearlove, Adrian Rurawhe, Wiremu Huta Martin
Manako 06082014 - Pt 6 of 6 Tame Te Rangi06 Aug 2014 07:48
Tame Te Rangi | NPC competition starts this week and the The 'Log o Wood' will be on the line as Countie Manukau play host to the Blue and Yellows from Otago
Manako 06082014 - Pt 5 of 6 Phil Tarawa06 Aug 2014 07:45
Turanga FM Regional Reporter Phil Tarawa | Turanganui A Kiwa will play host to the inaugural Traditional Maori Sports Tournament
Manako 06082014 - Pt 4 of 6 Dr Peter Cleave06 Aug 2014 07:33
Academic Peter Cleave | There are still problems with gangs but prison is not the answer other solutions need to be found
Manako 06082014 - Pt 3 of 6 Abe Seymour06 Aug 2014 07:24
Ahuwhenua spokesperson Abe Seymour | Abe does not agree with foreign ownership of land
Manako 06082014 - Pt 2 of 6 Gerard Albert06 Aug 2014 07:21
Chief Negotiator Gerard Albert | Whanganui River Trust claims have at last been settled after 140 years
Manako 06082014 - Pt 1 of 6 Rangi Mclean06 Aug 2014 07:15
Maori Party candidate Rangi Mclean | People are still gambling and betting their money on pokies.
Manako 06082014 - Intro06 Aug 2014 07:03
Host: Pierre Lyndon | Rangi Mclean, Gerard Albert, Abe Seymour, Peter Cleave, Phil Tarawa, Tame Rangi
Manako 050814-pt 1-605 Aug 2014 10:36
Te Ripowai Higgins | The Law Commission proposes changes to Burial rights.
Manako 050814 intro05 Aug 2014 10:36
Manako 050814-pt 3-605 Aug 2014 10:33
Te Kepa Stirling | Reo is thriving in kura where kapa haka is strong.
Manako 050814-pt 2-605 Aug 2014 10:33
Potaka Maipi | Waikato-Tainui update celebrating Koroneihana and Te Whare Kura o Rakaumangamanga winning the Secondary Schools National kapa haka competition.
Manako 050814-pt 6-605 Aug 2014 10:30
Te Ururoa Flavell | Ahakoa nga whakanuitanga a te kawanatanga me Aotearoa whaanui ki te whakamaimoa i te 100 tau mai noa i te pakanga tuatahi o te ao.
Manako 050814-pt 5-605 Aug 2014 10:30
Rangimarie Mahuta | Tutor of winning secondary schools kapa haka roopu, Te Wharekura o Rakaumangamanga.
Manako 050814-pt 4-605 Aug 2014 10:30
Willow Jean Prime | Waitangi Tribunal hearing for Ngatihine at Tau Henare marae.
Manako 04/08/2014 - Part 604 Aug 2014 09:48
Wairangi Koopu - Sports
Manako 04/08/2014 - Part 504 Aug 2014 09:45
Gerrard Albert | Signing of the Whanganui River Treaty settlement at Ranana on Tuesday.
Manako 04/08/2014 - Part 404 Aug 2014 09:45
Nanaia Mahuta | Too many foreign sales under National government.
Manako 04/08/2014 - Part 304 Aug 2014 09:45
Will Farrell
Manako 04/08/2014 - Part 204 Aug 2014 09:42
Ken Eruera | Sports update on the Commonwealth Games.
Manako 04/08/2014 - Part 104 Aug 2014 09:42
Waihoroi Shortland | Ngatihine presentation to Waitangi Tribunal this week.
Manako 04/08/2014 - Intro04 Aug 2014 09:39
Manako with your host Pierre Lyndon
Manako 01082014 - Pt 6 of 6 Pierre Lyndon01 Aug 2014 08:51
Pierre Lyndon | Pierre gives his thoughts on the Super 15 finals between the Crusader and the Warratahs and he takes as look at the Commonwealth Games
Manako 01082014 - Pt 5 of 6 Wairangi Koopu01 Aug 2014 08:30
Former Kiwi League Rep Wairangi Koopu | Wairangi previews this weeks league NRL competition
Manako 01082014 - Pt 4 of 6 Sarah Jane Tiakiwai01 Aug 2014 08:21
Sarah Jane Tiakiwai | Waikato - Tainui college are planning for the Iwi environmental plan
Manako 01082014 - Pt 3 of 6 Te Ururoa Flavell01 Aug 2014 08:09
Maori Party leader Te Ururoa Flavell | The 3rd Reading of the Veterans Bill was read in parliament and parliament goes in to recess.
Manako 01082014 - Pt 2 of 6 Peter Lucas Jones01 Aug 2014 08:03
Te Hiku O Te Ika Regional Reporter Peter Lucas Jones | Peters gives an update on issues that are happening in the north
Manako 01082014 - Pt 1 of 6 Ron Wihongi01 Aug 2014 08:00
Ngapuhi kaumatua Ron Wihongi | Responds to comments from David Rankin who has called for the Kingitanga to be moved to another rohe
Manako 31072014 - Pt 6 of 6 Ken Eruera31 Jul 2014 08:57
Radio Ngati Porou sport commentator Ken Eruera | Rugby finals coming up in the heartland of Ngati Porou
Manako 31072014 - Pt 5 of 6 Chris Mckenzie31 Jul 2014 08:45
Maori Party Te Tai Hauauru candidate | Chris Mckenzie on the ACT Party and Maori ' pivilege'
Manako 31072014 - Pt 4 of 6 Wiremu Huta Martin31 Jul 2014 08:42
Manuka Tutahi Regional Reporter Wiremu Huta Martin | Tuhoe settlement and an apology from police
Manako 31072014 - Pt 3 of 6 Horomona Horo31 Jul 2014 08:36
Horomona Horo | Voices of the Land: Nga Reo o Te Whenua focuses on the work of the late Hirini Melbourne, Richard Nunns and their protege Horomona Horo, as well as traditional instrument maker Brian Flintoff.
Manako 31072014 - Pt 2 of 6 Mere Mangu31 Jul 2014 08:33
Mere Mangu | Lawyer Mere Mangu is part of a 22 strong group to settle neogtiations for Ngapuhi
Manako 31072014 - Pt 1 of 6 Tina Wickliffe31 Jul 2014 08:30
Tina Wickliffe | Tina is the producer for Te Wero 2014 political debates. With only weeks away from the general elections the debates will be held in each of the Maori electorates
Manako 31072014 - Intro31 Jul 2014 08:09
Host: Kingi Taurua | Tina Wickliffe, Mere Mangu, Horomona Horo, Wiremu Huta Martin, Chris Mckenzie and Ken Eruera
Manako 30072014 - Pt 6 of 6 Parekura Kupenga30 Jul 2014 08:45
Parekura Kupenga | Parekura asks where are the Maori in individual sports at the Commonwealth Games ? Iwi need to invest in their future
Manako 30072014 - Pt 5 of 6 Dr Lily Fraser30 Jul 2014 08:42
Dr Lily Fraser | This week is Hepatitis Awareness Week. Dr Fraser says its important for whanau to get a check up
Manako 30072014 - Pt 4 of 6 Willie Te Aho30 Jul 2014 08:39
Te Kura Wiwini Te Kura Wawana organiser Willie Te Aho | The calibre of roopuu at the national sceondary school competition matches the senior Te Matatini roopuu
Manako 30072014 - Pt 3 of 6 Annette Sykes30 Jul 2014 08:36
Mana Waiariki Candidate Annette Sykes | Poroporoaki to Rawiri Rangitauira | Launch of Annettes' campaign
Manako 30072014 - Pt 2 of 6 Dover Samuels30 Jul 2014 08:24
Northrn Regional Councillor Dover Samuels | Auckland and Christchurch are getting billions not millions in funding while regions like Te Tai Tokerau receive very little
Manako 30072014 - Pt 1 of 6 Pita Paraone30 Jul 2014 08:21
Te Taura Whiri CEO Pita Paraone | Following on from Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori there has been huge interest in the reo from pakeha teachers and schools in general
Manako 30072014 - Intro30 Jul 2014 08:18
Host: Pierre Lyndon | Pita Paraone, Dover Samuels, Annette Sykes, Willie Te Aho, Dr Lily Fraser and Parekura Kupenga
Manako 29072014 - Pt 6 of 6 Ken Eruera29 Jul 2014 08:00
Radio Ngati Porou Sports guru Ken Eruera | Ken discusses the Sevens missing out on gold at the commonwelath games after being beaten by South Africa. Time for a new coach pea ?
Manako 29072014 - Pt 5 of 6 Potaka Maipi29 Jul 2014 07:57
Tainui Regional Reporter Potaka Maipi | Ngapuhi man David Rankin has issues with the Kingitanga. Potaka says the best place is to take the 'take' to Koroneihana or Poukai
Manako 29072014 - Pt 4 of 6 Linda Te Aho and Te Ururoa Flavell29 Jul 2014 07:51
Linda Te Aho |The outcome of the United Nations Indigenous Hui last week Te Ururoa Flavell | Maori Party campaigning hard for this years elections
Manako 29072014 - Pt 3 of 6 Te Hamua Nikora29 Jul 2014 07:45
Mana Turanga Candidate Te Hamua Nikora | Former Mayor and politician Georgina Beyer will stand for Mana in the Tai Tonga seat
Manako 29072014 - Pt 2 of 6 Willie Te Aho29 Jul 2014 07:39
Secondary Schools National Kapa Haka Organiser Willie Te Aho | Turanganui A Kiwa plays host city to the kapa haka nationals. 40 Teams are particpating
Manako 29072014 - Pt 1 of 6 Tamati Kruger29 Jul 2014 07:36
Tuhoe Negotiator Tamati Kruger | Plans are being made for Police Commissioner Mike Bush will make an apology to Tuhoe over the 2007 Raids
Manako 29072014 - Intro29 Jul 2014 07:33
Host: Pierre Lyndon | Tamati Kruger, Willie Te Aho, Te Hamua Nikora, Linda Te Aho, Te Ururoa Flavell, Potaka Maipi, Ken Eruera
Manako 28072014 - Pt 6 of 6 Tame Te Rangi and Hone Harawira28 Jul 2014 08:15
Tame Te Rangi | A wrap on the weekends sports Hone Harawira | The Mana Party has announced Georgina Beyer as their Tai Tonga Candidate
Manako 28072014 - Pt 5 of 6 Henare Kingi28 Jul 2014 08:09
Political commentator Henare Kingi | Henare pays tribute to Taraina Turia and Pita Sharples
Manako 28072014 - Pt 4 of 6 Nanaia Mahuta28 Jul 2014 08:06
Labour MP Nanaia Mahuta | The Hauraki Waikato MP says theres some very exciting new Maori that will be standing for Labour
Manako 28072014 - Pt 3 of 6 Pita Tipene28 Jul 2014 08:03
Pita Tipenefrom Ngati Hine | Pita does not accept the Ngati Hine Representatives on Tuhoronuku
Manako 28072014 - Pt 2 of 6 Tina Wickliffe28 Jul 2014 07:57
Co producer Te Wero 2014 Tina Wickliffe | Tina outlines the new political debates that start this week Te Wero will hold debates in each of the Maori electorates
Manako 28072014 - Pt 1 of 6 Eynon Delamere28 Jul 2014 07:54
Auckland City Council consultant Eynon Delamere | Consultation with mataawaka underway about the East - West Road Plan in Tamaki Makaurau
Manako 28072014 - Intro28 Jul 2014 07:51
Host: Pierre Lyndon | Guests: Eynon Delamere, Tina Wickliffe, Pita Tipene, Nanaia Mahuta, Henare Kingi, Tame Te Rangi, Wairangi Koopu and Hone Harawira
Manako 25072014 - Pt 6 of 6 Wairangi Koopu and Mabel Wharekawa25 Jul 2014 09:15
Wairangi Koopu | Former Kwi League man Wairangi Koopu on the Warriors Mabel Wharekawa | Whaea Mabel says theres a big push among young people to vote in the hope to advance them to vote as well as their parents.
Manako 25072014 - Pt 5 of 6 Pere Wihongi25 Jul 2014 09:03
Pere Wihongi | Pere Wihongi is one of the voice characters on the te reo Maori version of Sponge Bob Square Pants. He talks about the popularity of the programme with tamariki
Manako 25072014 - Pt 4 of 6 Annette Sykes25 Jul 2014 09:00
Mana Waiariki candidate Annette Sykes | The Mana Party have launced their Te Reo Maori Strategy
Manako 25072014 - Pt 3 of 6 Peter Lucas Jones25 Jul 2014 08:57
Tai Tokerau Regional Reporter Peter Lucas Jones | The north is still suffering from the effects of the storm
Manako 25072014 - Pt 2 of 6 Dallas Seymour25 Jul 2014 08:21
Dallas Seymour | Former All Black Dallas Seymour wants all New Zealand towns and cities to permanently take on their Maori names.
Manako 25072014 - Pt 1 of 6 Waihoroi Shortland25 Jul 2014 08:18
Waihoroi Shortland | Waihoroi reflects on the political careers of Maori Party co leaders Tariana Turia and Dr Pita Sharples
Manako 25072014 - Intro25 Jul 2014 08:15
Host : Kingi Taurua | Waihoroi Shortland, Dallas Seymour, Peter Lucas Jones, Annette Sykes, Pere Wihongi, Wairangi Koopu, Mabel Wharekura
Manako 24072014 - Pt 6 of 6 Dick Dargaville24 Jul 2014 07:51
Dick Dargaville pays tribute to the passing of 28 Battalion hoia Solomon Te Whata.
Manako 24072014 - Pt 5 of 6 Pou Temara24 Jul 2014 07:48
Professor Pou Temara | The state of Te Reo Maori and Te Matawai
Manako 24072014 - Pt 4 of 6 Te Ururoa Flavell24 Jul 2014 07:45
Maori Party co leader Te Ururoa Flavell | A change to the War Pensions Act means it will be paid to all veterans, rather than just those who are considered significantly disabled.
Manako 24072014 - Pt 3 of 6 Wiremu Huta Martin24 Jul 2014 07:36
Wiremu Huta Martin Regional Reporter | People in the Rangitaiki area are supportive of people in the north following the flooding and lack of government aid.
Manako 24072014 - Pt 2 of 6 Haami Piripi24 Jul 2014 07:27
Haami Piripi says farmers in the north need to protect their stock after the layoffs at Fonterra which could lead to widespread affects
Manako 24072014 - Pt 1 of 6 Will Flavell24 Jul 2014 07:21
Will Flavell | Will is disappointed at not being selected for the Tamaki Makaurau electorate but supports Peeni Henare to win Tamaki Makaurau and is hopeful that Labour can win the election.
Manako 24072014 - Intro24 Jul 2014 07:18
Host: Kingi Taurua | Will Flavell, Haami Piripi, Wiremu Huta Martin, Te Ururoa Flavell, Pou Temara, Dick Dargaville
Manako 23072014 - Pt 6 of 6 Ken Eruera23 Jul 2014 07:21
Radio Ngati Porou sports commentator Ken Eruera| The Crusaders will win their sem to advance to the finals
Manako 23072014 - Pt 5 of 6 Kingi Taurua23 Jul 2014 07:21
Ngapuhi kaumatua Kingi Taurua | Kingi says the runanga do not have the capacity to look after te reo. Their focus is on money
Manako 23072014 - Pt 4 of 6 Phil Tarawa23 Jul 2014 07:18
Te Tai Rawhiti Reporter Phil Tarawa | Te Poho O Rawiri Marae has received $50,000 for renovations and next week sees the start of the Secondary School Kapa Haka Nationals
Manako 23072014 - Pt 3 of 6 Willie Te Aho23 Jul 2014 07:15
Willie Te Aho | Willie Te Aho supports Claudette Hauiti following her shock resignation from National.
Manako 23072014 - Pt 2 of 6 Kelvin Davis23 Jul 2014 07:12
Labour candidate Kelvin Davis | The roading infrastructure in Northland is not up to strength following the recent flooding and road closures.
Manako 23072014 - Pt 1 of 6 Tame Te Rangi23 Jul 2014 07:06
Tame Te Rangi | The time is right to reclaim the tuturu names of Tamaki Makarau sites
Manako 22072014 - Pt 6 of 6 Rereata Makiha22 Jul 2014 08:57
Maori Golfer Rereata Makiha | Lydia Ko wins the LPGA Golf tournament in Ohio, USA
Manako 22072014 - Pt 5 of 6 Parekura Kupenga22 Jul 2014 08:54
Former Hauora worker Parekura Kupenga | People are eating the wrong foods which are causing illness among Maori
Manako 22072014 - Pt 4 of 6 Enoka Murphy22 Jul 2014 08:51
Waikato University Lecturer Enoka Murphy | We must battle for our language and tauiwi participation is part of that battle
Manako 22072014 - Pt 3 of 6 Kipa Munro22 Jul 2014 08:48
Kipa Munro | The mita of each iwi is only possible under iwi leadership not government departments.
Manako 22072014 - Pt 2 of 6 Potaka Maipi22 Jul 2014 08:45
Tainui Regional Reporter Potaka Maipi | Pem Bird, Joe Harawira and the late Wiha Malcom made huge contributions to 'Te mita o te reo O Tainui
Manako 22072014 - Pt 1 of 6 Matai Smith22 Jul 2014 08:39
Matai Smith | To celebrate the start of Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori saw the launch of a new waiata Maori - Aotearoa
Manako 22072014 - Intro22 Jul 2014 08:36
HOST: Pierre Lyndon | Matai Smith, Potaka Maipi, Kipa Munro, Enoka Murphy, Parekura Kupenga, Rereata Makiha
Manako 21072014 - Pt 6 of 6 Tame Te Rangi21 Jul 2014 07:54
Tame Te Rangi | Only 1 New Zealand Super 15 Team has made it through to the semi finals
Manako 21072014 - Pt 5 of 6 Wairangi Koopu21 Jul 2014 07:48
Wairangi Koopu | The Warriors fail to win against the Brisbane Broncos
Manako 21072014 - Pt 4 of 6 Nanaia Mahuta21 Jul 2014 07:45
Nanaia Mahuta | Te Matawai and also comments on DoverSamuels saying he wont vote for Labour
Manako 21072014 - Pt 3 of 6 Archie Hurunui21 Jul 2014 07:42
Archie Hurunui | Ngati Ruanui including other South Taranaki iwi have concerns over Te Matawai Maori Language Strategy
Manako 21072014 - Pt 2 of 6 Awanuiarangi Black21 Jul 2014 07:39
Awanuiarangi Black | The crown is guilty of not consulting with iwi about the Rena
Manako 21072014 - Pt 1 of 6 Te Hamua Nikora21 Jul 2014 07:36
Te Hamua Nikora | Large turnouts to the Mana 'Roadshow' and the latest polls reflect this
Manako 21072014 - Intro21 Jul 2014 07:30
Host Pierre Lyndon | Te Hamua Nikora, Awanuiarangi Black, Archie Hurunui, Nanaia Mahuta, Wairangi Koopu, Tame Te Rangi
Manako 18/07/14 Intro18 Jul 2014 10:51
Todays guests: Pita Paraone, Te Ururoa Flavell, Haare Williams, Rahui Papa, Wairangi Koopu
Manako 18/07/14 - Part 3 of 6 - Te Ururoa Flavell18 Jul 2014 10:51
He hoari rua te moe tahi a te pati Mana me roopu ipurangi e tihaehae nei i nga tuuru Maori ki roto i te whare paremata. Koinei tonu te ia o te korero a Te Ururoa Flavell, puarahi o te roopu Torangapu Maori.
Manako 18/07/14 - Part 2 of 6 - Tony Waho18 Jul 2014 10:51
Ma te ao mati hiko me te ao hangarau i roto i nga kura e awhina hoki i te whakarauoratanga o te reo. Koinei hoki te whakahau a Tony Waho, Matanga Matauranga Maori.
Manako 18/07/14 - Part 4 of 6 - Haare Williams18 Jul 2014 10:48
E whakapono ana tetahi pouarahi o te reo rangatira me nga tikanga a Haare Williams ahakoa te ngoikore o etahi ki te whakapumau i te reo.
Manako 18/07/14 - Part 1 of 6 - Pita Paraone18 Jul 2014 10:48
E takatu ana a Pita Paraone me Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Maori ki te mahi tahi ki tari o NZ Post ki te whakatairanga ake i te wiki o te reo huri noa o te motu.
Manako 18/07/14 - Part 6 of 6 - Wairangi Koopu18 Jul 2014 10:45
E takatu ana te kapa o Nga Tamatoa o Aotearoa ki te pakanga atu ki te kapa o nga Broncos a tenei wiki mutunga.
Manako 18/07/14 - Part 5 of 6 - Rahui Papa18 Jul 2014 10:45
E taunaki ana te iwi o Waikato Tainui i te rautaki reo Maori a te minita a Takuta Pita Sharples.
Manako 17/07/2014 - Part 2 of 6 - Kingi Taurua17 Jul 2014 10:54
Kingi Taurua | Death of party-goer at Haruru Falls during devastating Northland storm
Manako 17/07/2014 - Part 1 of 6 - Hurimoana Dennis17 Jul 2014 10:54
Police Inspector Hurimoana Dennis | Concerns raised on manipulation of crime statistics
Manako 17/07/2014 - Part 5 of 6 - Chris McKenzie Adrian Rurawhe17 Jul 2014 10:51
Political commentary from Te Tai Hauauru candidates | Chris McKenzie, Maori Party and Adrian Rurawhe, Labour.
Manako 17/07/2014 - Part 4 of 6 - Kereama Wright17 Jul 2014 10:51
Kereama Wright | Further details on the death of Opotiki man, Joe Collier.
Manako 17/07/2014 - Part 3 of 6 - Wiremu Huta Martin17 Jul 2014 10:51
Manuka Tutahi Reporter Wiremu Huta Martin | Opotiki man's murder sparks fears of retaliation
Manako 17/07/2014 - Part 6 of 6 - Kotuku Tibble17 Jul 2014 10:48
Sports commentator Kotuku Tibble picks a Crusaders win.
Manako 16072014 - Ken Eruera16 Jul 2014 09:21
Radio Ngati Porou Sports Commentator Ken Eruera | Ken says a New Zealand team will win the Super 15 Rugby
Manako 16072014 - Pt 5 of 6 Rawiri Waititi16 Jul 2014 09:18
Labour Candidate for Waiariki Rawiri Waititi | Young Labour hopefuls are unanimous that Te Reo Maori should be compulsory and kaumatua to be placed in schools to teach ' genuine' reo if teachers cant be found
Manako 16072014 - Pt 4 of 6 Te Ra Nehua16 Jul 2014 09:12
Te Ra Nehua | Flooding in the far north has been devastating on the community.
Manako 16072014 - Pt 3 of 6 Nanaia Mahuta16 Jul 2014 09:06
Hauraki Waikato MP Nanaia Mahuta | Racism was aimed at a Maori woman while shopping in Countdown supermarket| The Labour MP says Labour would look at compulsory Te Reo Maori in schools
Manako 16072014 - Pt 2 of 6 Marama Fox16 Jul 2014 09:03
Maori Party candidate for Ikaroa Rawhiti Marama Fox | Te Reo Maori is in a state because of government policy but latest data shows the best results are coming from kura kaupapa tauira
Manako 16072014 Pt 1 of 6 Peeni Henare16 Jul 2014 08:57
Tamaki Makaurau Labour Candidate Peeni Henare | Te Reo Maori should be made compulsory
Manako 16072014 - Intro16 Jul 2014 08:54
Host: Pierre Lyndon | Peeni Henare, Marama Fox, Nanaia Mahuta, Te Ra Nehua, Rawiri Waiti, Ken Eruera
Manako 15/07/2014 pt 6-6 Te Hira Paenga15 Jul 2014 06:57
Looking at making Te Reo compulsory in schools if he gets into Parliament.
Manako 15/07/2014 pt 5-6 Anahera Higgins15 Jul 2014 06:51
The Super 12 Kapa haka comp over the weekend ended up being a super 9 comp
Manako 15/07/2014 pt 4-6 Willow Jean Prime15 Jul 2014 06:45
Willow had her launch and raised 4 k towards her campaign.
Manako 15/07/2014 pt 3-6 Kelvin Davis15 Jul 2014 06:42
The bad weather up north has effected alot of the smaller maori communities
Manako 15/07/2014 pt 2-6 Naida Glavish15 Jul 2014 06:36
Naida pays tribute to both Tariana and Peter for all they have done since entering Parliament.
Manako 15/07/2014-pt 1-6 Potaka Maipi15 Jul 2014 06:30
Ruakura next big developement for Tainui.
Manako 15/07/2014-Intro Pierre Lyndon15 Jul 2014 06:24
Potaka Maipi, Naida Glavish, Kelvin Davis, Willow Jean Prime, Anahera Higgins, Te Hira Paenga
Manako 14/07/2014-pt 6-6 Kevin Prime then Tame te Rangi14 Jul 2014 07:39
Kevin fillus in on the bad weather up north and tame gives us a rundown on all the weekends sport.
Manako 14/07/2014-pt 5-6 Selwyn Muru14 Jul 2014 07:33
Selwyn pays tribute to the late Ramai Haywood.
Manako 14/07/2014-pt 4-6 Kerri Kaa14 Jul 2014 07:30
Kerri pays tribute to the late Ramai Haywood
Manako 14/07/2014-pt 3-6 Leon Blake14 Jul 2014 07:18
Out of the Kura reo wananga came a overwelming agreement that the reo should not be given back to iwi.
Manako 14/07/2014-pt 2-6 Wairangi Koopu14 Jul 2014 07:09
Mana party's new Rangatahi Ambassador.
Manako 14/07/2014-pt1-6 Raumoa Kawiti14 Jul 2014 07:03
Ruapekepeke pa comemerations when are they going to happen ?
Manako 14/07/2014-Intro Pierre Lyndon14 Jul 2014 06:57
Raumoa Kawiti, Wairangi Koopu, Leon Blake, Kerri Kaa, Selwyn Muru, Kevin Prime, Tame te Rangi
Manako 11/07/2014-pt 6-6 Tame Te Rangi11 Jul 2014 06:54
Super 15 rugby the big game is the Cheifs vrs Blues a must win for the Waikato team.
Manako 11/07/2014-pt 5-6 Henare Kingi11 Jul 2014 06:45
A pre record henare shares his views on the week in Politics.
Manako 11/07/2014-pt 4-6 Wairangi Koopu11 Jul 2014 06:42
Concussion in Rugby League and the Australian comentators mispronunciation of players names ie. Maori and Pacific players names are sounding totally different.
Manako 11/07/2014-pt 3-6 Pre record Annette Sykes11 Jul 2014 06:24
Ipurangi Mana road trip up North is a pre record by Dave Kaire. Shame about the Stormy weather.
Manako 11/07/2014-pt 2-6 Peter Lucas Jones11 Jul 2014 06:18
The North has felt the full force of bad weather the Internet Mana Party begining their road trip up North during this bad weather makes it harder for the people to go listen in the stormy weather.
Manako 11/07/2014-pt 1-6 Mp Kelvin Davis11 Jul 2014 06:03
Kelvin covered some of the weeks news regarding the Labour Party with Kingi Taurua.
Manako 11/07/2014-Intro Kingi Taurua11 Jul 2014 05:54
Kelvin Davis, Peter Jones,Annette Sykes,Wairangi Koopu,Henare Kingi, Tame Te Rangi
Manako 10/07/2014-pt 6-6 Pierre Lyndon10 Jul 2014 06:54
Hakinakina The Big sporting event was the semi between Brasil and Germany in the world cup soccer event and who would of picked the end result..
Manako 10/07/2014-pt 5-6 Wiremu huta Martin10 Jul 2014 06:45
Our regional reporter Wiremu spoke of Ngati Awa not being happy with the way Lands and survey and where they are placing some of their Scenic tracks,walking and bike tracks aswell.
Manako 10/07/2014-pt 4-6 Hohepa Mutu10 Jul 2014 06:36
Ex Matua Whangai, Tu Tangata Hohepa is supportive of Whanau Ora
Manako 10/07/2014-pt 3-6 Haami Piripi10 Jul 2014 06:33
Haami attended a IT hui in Auckland yesterday.
Manako 10/07/2014-pt 2-6 Pre Rec Pem Bird10 Jul 2014 06:30
Maori Party 10yrs yesterday Pem was there at the beginning,
Manako 10/07/2014-pt 1-6 Marama Fox10 Jul 2014 06:24
The Maori Party turned 10yrs old yesterday They have never won the Ikaro Rawhiti seat It has been Labour's, Marama is the 4th person representing the Maori Party to try and win this safe Labour Seat.
Manako 10/07/2014-Intro Kingi Taurua10 Jul 2014 06:00
Marama Fox, Pem Bird, Haami Piripi, Hohepa Mutu, Wiremu Huta Martin, Nanaia Mahuta, Pierre Lyndon.
Manako 09/07/2014-pt 6-6 Te Ururoa Flavell09 Jul 2014 06:09
A good budget must reflect the hard work the by the Maori Party which should mean getting plenty of votes in the elections.
Manako 09/07/2014-pt 5-6 Maanu Paul09 Jul 2014 06:03
Maori Council going to the top over Reo Strategy
Manako 09/07/2014-pt 4-6 Dr Rawiri Jansen09 Jul 2014 06:00
Concussion in sports. Maybe our people need to play less physical games this problem is wide spread the doctor suggests games like soccer be better.
Manako 09/07/2014-pt 3-6 Pita Paraone09 Jul 2014 05:51
Theres to be new testing for our teachers similar to drivers test.
Manako 09/07/2014-pt 2-6 Phill Tarawa09 Jul 2014 05:48
Our regional reporter from Turanga says there has been drownings down the coast .
Manako 09/07/2014-pt 1-6 Haami Piripi09 Jul 2014 05:45
Education is at the top of the agenda for Iwi Leaders.
Manako 09/07/2014-Intro Pierre Lyndon09 Jul 2014 05:42
Haami Piripi, Phil Tarawa,Pita Paraone, Dr Rawiri Jansen, Maanu Paul, Te Ururoa Flavell
Manako 08/07/2014-pt 6-6 Ken Eruera08 Jul 2014 07:18
Sports with Ken
Manako 08/07/2014-pt 5-6 Potaka Maipi08 Jul 2014 07:15
Our Tainui regional reporter says even though the business has made over a billion dollars Tainui is still pohara as a result of the 1863 Raupatu
Manako 08/07/2014-pt 4-6 Pahia Turia08 Jul 2014 07:12
Board Member Pahia Turia reviews Day 1 of the Te Pou Matakana Conference.
Manako 08/07/2014-pt 3-6 Sonny Niha08 Jul 2014 07:03
Was at the Te Pou Matakana launch and supports it.
Manako 08/07/2014-pt 2-6 Tu Williams08 Jul 2014 07:00
Supports the iwi taking over the Reo.
Manako 08/07/2014-pt 1-6 Rangi Maclean08 Jul 2014 06:57
Homeless people are living in there cars.
Manako 08/07/2014 Intro Pierre Lyndon08 Jul 2014 06:45
Rangi Maclean,Tu Williams, Pahia Turia,Potaka Maipi ,Sonny Niha, Ken Eruera
Manako 07/07/2014-pt 6-6 Timoti Karetu07 Jul 2014 07:06
Todays is the beginning of a Kura Reo ki Otaki wananga thats due to run all week.
Manako 07/07/2014-pt 5-6 Tame Te Rangi07 Jul 2014 07:03
17yr old Jordan Kemp dies in rugby match.
Manako 07/07/2014-pt 4-6 Rangi Kipa07 Jul 2014 06:57
Stolen tukutuku panels are returned to Taranaki
Manako 07/07/2014-pt 3-6 MP Nanaia Mahuta07 Jul 2014 06:48
The Labour Party have just finished their Party conference Nanaia talks about some of the kaupapa up for discussion.
Manako 07/07/2014-pt 2-6 Rangi Pere07 Jul 2014 06:42
Rangi's moko Tiwana who is only 13yrs old has been selected in the Australian under 18 under water hockey team.
Manako 07/07/2014-pt 1-6 Pahia Turia07 Jul 2014 06:27
Today is the Te Pou Matakana Whanau ora conference. Pahia is a board member.
Manako 07/07/2014-Intro Pierre Lyndon07 Jul 2014 06:15
Pahia Turia,Rangi Pere, Nanaia Mahutu,Rangi Kipa, Tame te Rangi, Timoti Karetu.
Manako 04/07/2014-pt 5-6 Pem Bird04 Jul 2014 07:15
Pems discusses the latest situation with the Kaingaroa Forest.
Manako 04/07/2014-pt 4-6 Pre rec Te Hamua Nikora04 Jul 2014 06:54
Te Hamua comments on the shooting of Mana Leader Hone Harawira's office in Kaitaia.
Manako 04/07/2014-pt 3-6 Kipa Rangheuea04 Jul 2014 06:48
The latest stats regarding Reo Teachers leaving the job within the first 3 years is concerning for the industry.
Manako 04/07/2014-pt 1-6 Willie Te Aho04 Jul 2014 06:36
The Reo Strategy was launched yesterday an Iwi Leaders are over joyed.
Manako 04/07/2014-pt 2-6 Peter Lucas Jones04 Jul 2014 06:27
Roads in the North have become unsafe and it's the logging trucks causing all the damage.
Manako 04/07/2014-Intro Pierre Lyndon04 Jul 2014 06:18
Willy Te Aho, Peter Lucas Jones, Kipa Rangiheuea,Te Hamua Nikora, Pem Bird.
Manako 03/07/2014-pt 6-6 Tame te Rangi03 Jul 2014 08:15
Big weekend of super 15 games coming up for the Nz Franchises.
Manako 03/07/2014-pt 5-6 Wiremu Huta Martin03 Jul 2014 08:12
Kaingaroa Forest a stitch up wheres the $$$$
Manako 03/07/2014-pt 4-6 Pre record Rahui Papa03 Jul 2014 08:06
Tainui Group Holdings record Billion dollar profit.
Manako 03/07/2014-pt 3-6 Dr Karen Paringatai03 Jul 2014 07:57
An unexpected honour. Karyn Paringatai a lecturer at Otago University was presented the Supreme Award for Tertiary Teaching Excellence yesterday and it was our very own Prime Minister presenting this award personaly.
Manako 03/07/2014-pt 2-6 Pre Record Kukupa Tirikatene03 Jul 2014 06:57
Prominant Maori Dies. Henare Rakiihia Tau ( Rik Tau) Dave Kaire speaks to Kukupa about this mans life.
Manako 03/07/2014-pt 1-6 Bob Newson03 Jul 2014 06:45
Domestic Violence is leading the weeks news Bob Newson beleives Whanau involvment is the key to curing this problem throwing heaps of $$$$ at it wont nessasaraly cure this problem.
Manako 03/07/2014-Intro Pierre Lyndon03 Jul 2014 06:24
Bob Newson, Tame Te Rangi, Kukupa Tirikatene,Dr Karen Paringatai, Rahui Papa, Wiremu Huta Martin.
Manako 02/07/2014-pt 6-6 Ken Eruera02 Jul 2014 07:39
Sports with our Ngati Porou legend Ken Eruera and he is talking about the great series win by our cricketers over the West Indies.
Manako 02/07/2014-pt 5-6 Phil Tarawa02 Jul 2014 07:36
Our Turanga reporter is concerned at the state of the roads from Gisborne all the way up the coast to Ruatoria the road is simply in bad condition and he believes theres no money to have them repaired.
Manako 02/07/2014-pt 4-6 Naida Glavish02 Jul 2014 07:18
A new housing strategy He Whare Ahuru He Oranga Tangata was launched by Minister Tariana Turia in Te Tai Tokerau yesterday. Naida Glavish is a member of the Maori Housing Advisory Panel
Manako 02/07/2014-pt 3-6 Haami Piripi02 Jul 2014 06:51
The Families and Whanau Status Report has just been released Haami Pirirpi is a member of the Families Commission and gives his thoughts on the report.
Manako 02/07/2014-pt 2-6 Charlie Tawhiao02 Jul 2014 06:39
An urgent Waitangi Tribunal hearing into a breach of treaty principles by the Crown of the removal of the Rena has been extended another day.
Manako 02/07/2014-pt 1-6 Bill Kaua02 Jul 2014 06:33
Bill is the Kaumatua for the Whanau Ora agency "Te Pou Matakana" which is one of 3 distributions centres.
Manako 02/07/2014-Intro Pierre Lyndon02 Jul 2014 04:24
Bill Kaua, Charlie Tawhiao, Haami Piripi,Naida Glavish, Phill Tarawa, Ken Eruera.
Waatea 01/07/2014-9.00am01 Jul 2014 07:42
Presenter Eru Morgan
Manako 01/07/2014-pt 6-6 Mataia Keepa then Rob Ruha01 Jul 2014 07:24
Mataia has been nominated for the Pride NZ award for Te Reo Maori and Rob Ruha talks about the APRA Moioha Awards.
Manako 01/07/2014-pt 4-6 Mp Kelvin Davis01 Jul 2014 07:12
The Polls are up a little for Labour.
Manako 01/07/2014-pt 3-6 Potaka Maipi01 Jul 2014 07:03
Our Tainui reporter talks about the Kings son getting off all theft charges against him aswell as Tainui's annual Report released today.
Manako 01/07/2014-pt 2-6 Pre Parekura Kupenga01 Jul 2014 06:48
Matariki Parekura gives an explanation of what Matariki is all about.
Manako 01/07/2014-pt 1-6 Waihoroi Shortland01 Jul 2014 06:45
Waihoroi responds to Labour's latest statement that if they get back into Govt they would rethink foreshore laws.
Manako 01/07/2014-Intro Kingi Taurua01 Jul 2014 06:36
Waihoroi Shortland, Parekura Kupenga, Potaka Maipi, Maanu Paul,Kelvin Davis, Mataia Keepa, Rob Ruha.
Manako 30/06/2014-pt 6-6 Tame Te Rangi30 Jun 2014 07:39
Surer 15 rugby weekend and the Blues have a big away win over the Force.
Manako 30/06/2014-pt 5-6 Wairangi Koopu30 Jun 2014 07:36
The Warriors have a big win on the weekend moving them closer to the top 8
Manako 30/06/2014-pt 4-6 Awanui Black30 Jun 2014 07:27
Awanui talks about the Te Ahurangi hui on today.
Manako 30/06/2014-pt 3-6 Tamzyn Pue30 Jun 2014 07:00
Aotea Manu Korero winners got in based on who they are rather than by there reo skills.
Manako 30/06/2014-pt 2-6 Te Ururoa Flavell30 Jun 2014 06:48
Te Ururoa talks about the relationship with National also it's the start of Matariki.
Manako 30/06/2014-pt 1-6 Tamati Krugga30 Jun 2014 06:42
Central North Island Iwi Collective marks Historic Milestone.
Manako 30/06/2014-Intro Raniera Winikerei30 Jun 2014 06:21
Tamati Krugga,Te Ururoa Flavell, Tamzyn Pue,Awanui Black, Wairangi Koopu, Tame Te Rangi
Manako 27/06/2014-pt 6-6 Pre rec Haami Hilton then Wairangi Koopu27 Jun 2014 07:30
Haami Hilton says that the Ruataniwha dam going ahead increases the rates cost yearly, then Wairangi covers this weekends Warriors vrs Penrith game a must win for the home team.
Manako 27/06/2014-pt 5-6 Arapeta Hakiwai27 Jun 2014 07:18
This weekend at Te Papa a 2 day Kaumatua Kapa Haka event is happening.
Manako 27/06/2014-pt 4-6 Tame Te Rangi27 Jun 2014 07:09
All your Super 15 info is here with our very own Tame te Rangi
Manako 27/06/2014-pt 3-6 Leon Blake27 Jun 2014 07:03
Leon is the organiser of the upcoming Kura reo ki Otaki Wananga full of workshops by sum of our most prominant reo speakers.
Manako 27/06/2014-pt 2-6 Dover Samuels27 Jun 2014 06:54
The latest Tv 3 polls have National on the rise and Labour sinking to their lowest since 2011 Dover says that the release of John Key's latest book release is the reason why.
Manako 27/06/2014-pt 1-6 Wharehoka Wano27 Jun 2014 06:45
Today down in Taraanaki local Maori are celebrating "Pomare Day" Wharehoka explains the significance.
Manako 27/06/2014-Intro Pierre Lyndon27 Jun 2014 06:39
Wharehoka Wano, Dover Samuels,Leon Blake, Tame Te Rangi, Haami Hilton, Arapeta Hakiwai, Wairangi Koopu..
Manako 26/06/2014-pt 6-6 Peni Henare then Rawiri Waititi26 Jun 2014 07:48
Peeni is at a 3 day hui for the Mininstry for Social Development nationwide also he is not on the Labour list. Rawiri follows after Peeni and he is asked the question as to why he has come off the Labour List.
Manako 26/06/2014-pt 5-6 Pre Te Hira Paenga26 Jun 2014 07:33
The Launch of the Prison Report. Te Hira comments on the pro's and con's of the Report
Manako 26/06/2014-pt 4-6 Kingi Taurua26 Jun 2014 07:24
Poverty is the reason for Student Violence on the up in our communities causing a feeling of hopelessness.
Manako 26/06/2014-pt 3-6 Huhana Seve26 Jun 2014 07:09
The Whangarei district Council have votef to scrap the Hundertwasser art centre.
Manako 26/06/2014-pt 2-6 Wiremu Huta Martin26 Jun 2014 06:48
Electric cigarettes is catching on with the rangatahi of Whakatane our regional reporter explains what it is doing to them.
Manako 26/06/2014-pt 1-6 Ruakere Hond26 Jun 2014 06:39
Academic confident Te Reo will evolve through the strength of our communities,throwing more $$$ not the answer.
Manako 26/06/2014-Intro Pierre Lyndon.26 Jun 2014 06:18
Ruakere Hond, Huhana Seve, Wiremu huta Martin, Kingi Taurua, Te Hinga Paenga, Peni Henare, Rawiri Waititi.
Manako 25/06/2014-pt 6-6 Rahui Papa then Ken Eruera.25 Jun 2014 07:33
Pre record with Rahui Papa about Tainui offering to insure their Marae.. then Ken Eruera talks sports.
Manako 25/06/2014-pt 6-6 Rahui Papa then Ken Eruera.25 Jun 2014 07:32
Pre record with Rahui Papa about Tainui offering to insure their Marae.. then Ken Eruera talks sports.
Manako 25/06/2014-pt 5-6 Te Ururoa Flavell25 Jun 2014 07:13
Te Ururoa updates us on Maori Party business thats occured in the last week.
Manako 25/06/2014-pt 4-6 Huhana Seve25 Jun 2014 06:51
Pre rec by Miriama Wilson, A new sports centre was opened yesterday called the Graham Lowe sports convention centre.
Manako 25/06/2014-pt 3-6 Apirana Taylor25 Jun 2014 06:42
An exciting group of Maori poets and emerging writers will come together to celebrate Matariki with readings and Korero at a free event.
Manako 25/06/2014-pt 2-6 Phill Tarawa25 Jun 2014 06:30
Our Regional reporter from Turanga Fm this week there's a Moko Wananga getting underway in Gisborne.
Manako 25/06/2014-pt 1-6 Pre rec Keri Kaa25 Jun 2014 06:18
Keri Kaa's Reo book wins Award.
Manako 25/06/2014-Intro Raniera Winikerei25 Jun 2014 06:12
Keri Kaa, Phill Tarawa, Apirana Taylor, Huhana Seve, Te Ururoa Flavell, Rahui Papa, Ken Eruera.
Manako 24/06/2014-pt 6-6 MP Kelvin Davis24 Jun 2014 07:09
Kelvin talks about the Labour list released yesterday naming him at no 18.
Manako 240614-pt 5-6 Chris McKenzie24 Jun 2014 07:03
Chris McKenzie is happy there will be no drilling down Taranaki.
Manako 24/06/2014-pt 4-6 Willow Jean Prime24 Jun 2014 06:54
Tuhoronuku have released the names of the people who have been selected to represent the different hapu except Ngati Hine who are not happy with those who will representing them.
Manako 24/06/2014-pt 3-6 Potaka Maipi24 Jun 2014 06:45
The baby that was killed in Hamilton is another example of the child abuse problem happening with in Maori Whanau.
Manako 24/06/2014-pt 2-6 Eru Thompson24 Jun 2014 06:39
The ASB are funding the Manurewa Marae the relationship is to benefit the youth of the Marae.
Manako 24/06/2014-pt 1-6 Tina Wickliffe24 Jun 2014 06:30
Tina reveiws the big debate in Gisborne yesterday between parties.
Manako 24/06/2014-Intro Raniera Winikerei24 Jun 2014 06:18
Tina Wickliffe,Eru Thompson, Potaka Maipi, Willow Jean Prime,Chris McKenzie,  Kelvin Davis.
Manako 23/06/2014-pt 6-6 Wairangi Koopu23 Jun 2014 07:03
Wairangi reveiws the Warriors victory over the Bronco's on Saturday night.
Manako 23/06/2014-pt 5-6 Skye Kimura23 Jun 2014 06:54
Skye has just been appointed as Press Secretary for Mana Party Leader Hone Harawira.
Manako 23/06/2014-pt 4-6 Tame Te Rangi23 Jun 2014 06:48
Our Rugby expert speaks about the convincing third test win for the All Blacks over the English on Saturday.
Manako 23/06/2014-pt 3-6 pre Willie Te Aho23 Jun 2014 06:42
Maori Battalion Legacy honoured at celebration of excellence.
Manako 23/06/2014-pt 2-6 Julian Wilcox23 Jun 2014 06:36
Maori TV's Show Native Affairs has won an International Indigenous Award.
Manako 23/06/2014-pt 1-6 Nita Brown23 Jun 2014 06:30
It's Stroke Awareness week and Nita Brown is spreading the word amongst Maori.
Manako 23/06/2014-Intro Raniera Winikerei23 Jun 2014 06:21
Nita Brown, Julian Wilcox, Willy Te Aho, Sky kimura, Tame Te Rangi Wairangi Koopu.
Manako 20/06/2014-pt 6-6 Tame Te Rangi20 Jun 2014 07:18
Tame our rugby expert talks about this weekends final test against England and how we can do the clean sweep.
Manako 20/06/2014-pt 5-6 Pre record Meriana Selby20 Jun 2014 07:09
Meriana was part of a hui comprising of the 3 Main Wananga and discussed was the value they bring to the economy.
Manako 20/06/2014-pt 4-6 Pou Temara20 Jun 2014 07:03
Snatched body to return home, The Supreme Court has upheld the Exhumation order for James Takamore.
Manako 20/06/2014-pt 3-6 Kataraina Obrien20 Jun 2014 06:54
The Maori Womans Welfare League Preseident speaks of the partnership between the League and a Waikato Museum and a major exhibition about to happen.
Manako 20/06/2014-pt 2-6 Peter Lucas Jones20 Jun 2014 06:45
Peter was a judge at the recent Manu Korero competition for Te Tai Tokerau how did it go were there any new stars of the future to come out of the event?
Manako 20/06/2014-pt 1-6 Pita Tipene20 Jun 2014 06:39
The emergency Tribunal hearings have just fin up North now Te Kotahitanga will wait for the report to come out Pita talks about this hui with Pierre Lyndon.
Manako 20/06/2014-Intro Pierre Lyndon20 Jun 2014 06:21
Pita Tipene, Peter Lucas Jones, Kataraina Obrien, Pou Temara,Meriana Selby, Tame Te Rangi.
Manako 19/06/2014-pt 6-6 Wairangi Koopu19 Jun 2014 08:12
The 2nd State of Origin being played in Sydney overnight and our very own League expert Wairangi Koopu was in the stands as part of the 90,000 fans experiencing one of the most important Stae of Origin matches for over the last 10 years.
Manako 19/06/2014-pt 5-6 Pre Jack Macdonald then Wiremu Huta Martin19 Jun 2014 07:57
Green Party's Macdonald is speaking about the oil drilling in Taranaki, Next is our Manuka tu tahi regional reporter Wiremu Huta Martin
Manako 19/06/2014-pt 4-6 Te Hamua Nikora19 Jun 2014 07:21
We catchup with the Mana candidate for Ikaroa Rawhiti Te Hamua Nikora and see how his campaigning is going.
Manako 19/06/2014-pt 3-6 Pre record Clinton Dearlove19 Jun 2014 07:12
The latest person to contend the Tai Tokerau Seat running as a independant.
Manako 19/06/2014-pt 2-6 Dover Samuels19 Jun 2014 07:00
The Norhland Regional Council have a big hui coming up at Otiria and all of Te Tai Tokerau are invited.
Manako 19/06/2014- pt 1-6 Maanu Paul19 Jun 2014 06:51
The NZMC Chair comments on some of the issues of the week and where the council sits regarding these issues.
Manako 19/06/2014- Intro Pierre Lyndon19 Jun 2014 06:39
Maanu Paul, Dover Samuals, Clinton Dearlove, Te Hamua Nikora, Wiremu Huta Martin, Jack Macdonald, Wairangi Koopu,
Manako 18/06/2014-pt 6-6 Pierre Lyndon18 Jun 2014 07:33
Tonight we have Pierre Lyndon giving us his sporting expertise on the World Cup Soccer being played in Brazil.
Manako 18/06/2014-pt 5-6 Pre Record Nuki Aldridge18 Jun 2014 07:15
Whangaroa Maori don't agree with the appointment of a Commissioner to run their Kura.
Manako 18/06/2014-pt 4-6 Te Ururoa Flavell18 Jun 2014 06:57
The Maori Party is backing The People's Report call to overhaul the justice system.
Manako 18/06/2014-pt 3-6 Pre Record Te Kani Kingi18 Jun 2014 06:48
Maori Health Reserch grants.
Manako 18/06/2014-pt 2-6 Rangi Maclean18 Jun 2014 06:33
The Tick for Kids campaign and the Liquor stores problem out South Auckland.
Manako 18/06/2014-pt 1-6 Kelvin Davis18 Jun 2014 06:24
Kelvin supports most of the recently releasd Owen Glen Report. and is looking forward to the changes ahead.
Manako 18/06/2014- Intro Harata Brown18 Jun 2014 06:12
Mp Kelvin Davis, Rangi Maclean, Te Kani Kingi, Mp Ururoa Flavell, Phill Tarawa, Nuki Aldrige, Pierre Lyndon.
Manako 17/06/2014-pt 6-6 Piki Thomas17 Jun 2014 07:45
The Fire Service is reminding Marae of the safety measures required to avoid our Marae from burning down.
Manako 17/06/2014-pt 5-6 Potaka Maipi17 Jun 2014 07:39
Potaka tells us what's in store for Tainui with Matariki upon us.
Manako 17/06/2014-pt 4-6 Bobby Newson17 Jun 2014 07:36
The Owen Glen report has come out Bobby gives us his thoughts on the report.
Manako 17/06/2014-pt 3-6 Haami Piripi17 Jun 2014 07:27
Nga Pu Waea is raising awareness of online security issues as part of this weeks Connect Smart.
Manako 17/06/2014-pt 2-6 Tama Eynon17 Jun 2014 06:57
Te Rua o Te Moko Trust are this years Ahuwhenua Winners.
Manako 17/06/2014-pt 1-6 Keri Kaa17 Jun 2014 06:51
Keri Kaa's children's book Taka ki Ro Wai ( fell in the water) is one of five finalists in the Maori Language category of the Library and Information Association of NZ Aotearoa Children's Book Awards.
Manako 17/06/2014-Intro Raniera Winikerei17 Jun 2014 06:36
Kerri Kaa, Tama Eynon, Haami Piripi,Bob Newson, Potaka Maipi, Piki Thomas.
Manako 16/06/2014-pt 6-6 Tame Te Rangi16 Jun 2014 07:33
Tame reviews the All Black test match over the weekend.
Manako 16/06/2014-pt 5-6 Tihi Puanaki16 Jun 2014 07:27
Maori history taught in schools.
Manako 16/06/2014-pt 4-6 Te Ururoa Flavell16 Jun 2014 07:21
We get an update on the Maori Party by their co leader Te Ururoa Flavell.
Manako 16/06/2014-pt 3-6 Mark Rangi16 Jun 2014 07:09
We get the results from the Auckland manu korero competition held over the weekend.
Manako 16/06/2014-pt 2-6 Pou Temara16 Jun 2014 06:54
Call for woman to give Maori prayers.
Manako 16/06/2014-pt 1-6 Witi Ashby16 Jun 2014 06:45
A new resource called Tihei Mauri Ora is being set up to help whanau prevent suicide.
Manako 16/06/2014 -Intro Raniera Winikerei16 Jun 2014 06:36
Witi Ashby, Pou Temara, Mark Rangi, Te Ururoa Flavell, Tihi Puanaki, Tame Te Rangi
Manako 13/06/2014-pt 6-6 Tame Te Rangi13 Jun 2014 08:30
Sports with Tame. The All Blacks were very lucky to win last week and will need to lift their performance tomorrow against the Poms or risk going into next weeks final test match tied at 1 all.
Manako 13/06/2014-pt 5-6 Piri Sciascia13 Jun 2014 08:18
The Heretaunga-Tamatea Treaty claim is almost settled.
Manako 13/06/2014-pt 4-6 Abe Seymour13 Jun 2014 08:06
The Ahuwhenua Maori Farmer of the year Awards will be announced this weekend.
Manako 13/06/2014-pt 3-6 Dr Lance O'Sullivan13 Jun 2014 07:54
Mens health week.
Manako 13/06/2014-pt 2-6 Paraone Gloyne13 Jun 2014 07:27
Te Arawa are the benchmark for Matatini, thats according to Paraone Gloyne.
Manako 13/06/2014-pt 1-6 Bobby Newson13 Jun 2014 07:09
Cremations, more of our people are choosing to do this the only problem is where our Ashes end up.
Manako 13/06/2014- Intro Rereata Makiha13 Jun 2014 06:42
Bobby Newson,Paraone Gloyne,Dr Lance O'Sullivan, Abe Seymour, Piri Scia Scia, Tame te Rangi.
Manako 12/06/2014-pt 6-6 Wiremu Martin then Potaka Maipi12 Jun 2014 07:21
Regional report update with Wiremu Huta Martin. Sports roundup with Potaka Maipi.
Manako 12/06/2014-pt 5-6 Mark Rangi12 Jun 2014 07:15
Auckland Regional Nga Manu Korero Speech competition this weekend.
Manako 12/06/2014-pt 4-6 MP Nanaia Mahuta12 Jun 2014 07:00
Labours' Maori Education Spokesperson says the Kohanga Reo Trust must push ahead with changes to it's governance structure to regain confidence within the movement.
Manako 12/06/2014-pt 3-6 Dylan Tahau12 Jun 2014 06:45
Tuwharetoa Settlement Trust has elected Dylan Tahau their new Chairman.
Manako 12/06/2014-pt 2-6 Tamati Olsen12 Jun 2014 06:39
Te Tira Whakaemi o Te Wairoa have moved a step closer to settling their Treaty claims by signing an Agreement in Principle.
Manako 12/06/2014-pt 1-6 Pita Tipene12 Jun 2014 06:21
Te Kotahitanga representive says there is no need for Government's mandate enquiry into northern treaty claims.
Manako 12/06/2014 Intro Kingi Taurua12 Jun 2014 06:09
Pita Tipene,Tamati Olsen,Dylan Tahau, MP Nanaia Mahuta, Mark Rangi, Wiremu Huta Martin and Potaka Maipi.
Manako 10/06/2014 - Part 6 of 6 - Horomona Horo11 Jun 2014 08:57
Taonga puoro musician, Horomona Horo will be performing at the Rainbow World Festival in Sarawak, Malaysia.
Manako 10/06/2014 - Part 5 of 6 - Ngaire Tauhara White11 Jun 2014 08:57
Te Tai Tokerau Manu Korero Speech competition hosted by Te Rangianiwaniwa Kura in Kaitaia has been postponed until Thursday due to bad weather.
Manako 10/06/2014 - Part 4 of 6 - Awanuiarangi Black11 Jun 2014 08:54
The chair of the Bay of Plenty Regional Councils' Maori Committee says the Te Ahurangi conference being held at the end of the month is a chance to showcase Maori success.
Manako 10/06/2014 - Part 3 of 6 - Derek Fox11 Jun 2014 08:51
Spokesperson for Kohanga Reo National Trust. The Serious Fraud Office has found no fraudulent activities in its investigation of Te Pataka Ohanga.
Manako 10/06/2014 - Part 2 of 6 - Rawiri Wright11 Jun 2014 08:48
Tumuaki of Hoani Waititi Kura Kaupapa Maori supports Pita Sharples' education initiative and says learning Maori history should be compulsory for everyone.
Manako 10/06/2014 - Part 1 of 6 - Pita Sharples11 Jun 2014 08:45
Associate Minister of Education, Dr Pita Sharples, has today launched a new education initiative to support the teaching of Maori history in schools and kura.
Manako 10/06/2014 - Intro11 Jun 2014 08:45
Presented by Raniera Winikerei. Guests: Hon Dr Pita Sharples, Rawiri Wright, Derek Fox, Awanuiarangi Black, Ngaire Tauhara White and Horomona Horo.
Manako 10/06/2014-pt 6-6 Tame te Rangi10 Jun 2014 06:45
Sports reveiw with Tame.
Manako 10/06/2014-pt 5-6 Te Ururoa Flavell10 Jun 2014 06:42
The Maori Party Supports the lets fix Obesity.
Manako 10/06/2014-pt 4-6 Willie Te Aho10 Jun 2014 06:36
Willie pays tribute to Rawinia Te Kani
Manako 10/06/2014-pt 3-6 Mahara Okeroa10 Jun 2014 06:33
Tarananaki are rejecting treaty settlement.
Manako 10/06/2014-pt 2-6 Maanu Paul10 Jun 2014 06:30
The maori council is prepared to go all the way to the Privy council.
Manako 10/06/2014-pt 1-6 Julian Wilcox10 Jun 2014 06:21
Maori tv have been found not to have breeched the BCS over the Kohanga reo story.
Manako 10/06/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei10 Jun 2014 06:18
Julian Wilcox,Maanu Paul, Mahara Okeroa,Willy Te Aho,Te Ururoa Flavell, Tame te Rangi.
Manako 09/06/2014-pt 6-6 Wairangi Koopu09 Jun 2014 07:36
The woeful Warriors!!!
Manako 09/06/2014-pt 5-6 Omahuru Robinson09 Jun 2014 07:33
Chair of Nga Hapu o Ngaruahine.
Manako 09/06/2014-pt 4-6 Ken Eruera09 Jun 2014 07:24
Sports with Ken, the All Blacks were Hoodwinked by the Poms in Sat test Match
Manako 090-614-pt 3-6 Clay Hawke09 Jun 2014 07:18
From Ngati Whatua o Orakei Clay discusses his work as the hapu's education manager.
Manako 09/06/2014-pt 2-6 Kipa Munro09 Jun 2014 07:06
Govt has said no need for a enquiry into Tohurunuku mandate.
Manako 09/06/2014-pt 1-6 Henare Kingi09 Jun 2014 06:48
John Banks has resigned but should he now go to jail ? Henare shares his thoughts with us.
Manako 09/06/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei09 Jun 2014 06:39
Henaare Kingi. Kipa Munro, clay Hawke, Ken Eruera, Omahuru Robinson, Wairangi Koopu.
Manako 06/06/2014-pt 6-6 Dr Rhys Jones06 Jun 2014 07:09
Midwives call for Urgent climate change??
Manako 06/06/2014-pt 5-6 Wairangi Koopu06 Jun 2014 07:00
Wairangi preveiws this weekends League game South Sydney vrs Warriors and its to played out West Perth West.
Manako 06/06/2014-pt 4-6 Ratu Tibble06 Jun 2014 06:39
The Wairoa Film Festival fin up last Week Ratu gives us a report on how it went.
Manako 06/06/2014-pt 3-6 2x pre Records Te Ururoa then Tonga Karena,06 Jun 2014 06:33
The Maori Party welcomes the report on drilling for oil and gas and the 2nd pre record is to do with two Taranaki tribes signing the deed of settlement .
Manako 06/06/2014-pt 2-6 Peter Lucas Jones06 Jun 2014 06:12
Our regional report comes from the Far North Peter Jones is the manager of Te Hiku Fm lets find out what's been happening in the Region.
Manako 06/06/2014-pt 1-6 Dover Samuels06 Jun 2014 04:15
Dover comments on the John Banks trial where yesterday he was found Guilty.
Manako 06/06/2014-intro Kingi Taurua06 Jun 2014 04:06
Dover Samuals,Peter lucas jones,Ururoa Flavell,Tonga Karena,Ratu Tibble,Wairangi Koopu,Dr Rhys Jones.
Manako 05/06/2014-pt 6-6 Rawiri Waititi05 Jun 2014 07:18
Catching up with the labour candidate whose challenging Te Ururoa Flavell in the Waiariki seat.
Manako 05/06/2014-pt 5-6 Ken Eruera05 Jun 2014 07:12
Maori rugby down the East Coast
Manako 05/06/2014-pt 4-6 Pre Hauata Palmer05 Jun 2014 07:09
What to do with the Rena debarkle.
Manako 05/06/2014-pt 3-6 Pre Hokimoana Hekerangi then Wiremu Martin05 Jun 2014 07:00
Our pre record is about a woman whose been nominated for the Pride Nz Award, followed by our regional reporter Wiremu Martin.
Manako 05/06/2014-pt 2-6 Mp Kelvin Davis05 Jun 2014 06:51
Catching up with our newest Labour Mp Kelvin Davis.
Manako 05/06/2014-pt 1-6 Jack Macdonald05 Jun 2014 06:45
The Green Party have just fin having their annual Conference.
Manako 05/06/2014-intro Kingi Taurua05 Jun 2014 06:33
Jack Macdonald,Kelvin Davis, Hokimoana Hekurangi, Wiremu Huta Martin, Hauata Palmer, Ken Eruera, Rawiri Waititi.
Manako 04/06/2014- pt 6-6 Rangi Maclean then Pierre Lyndan04 Jun 2014 07:42
Destiny Church had their long awaited opening with a VIP night Rangi Maclean Maori Party attended , And Pierre talks sport.
Manako 04/06/2014-pt 5-6 Charlie Tawhiao04 Jun 2014 07:24
Dredging site could help historic marae.
Manako 04/06/2014-pt 4-6 Ngahiwi Tomoana04 Jun 2014 07:15
Ngati Kahungunu and Sealord announce fishing Deal.
Manako 04/06/2014-pt 3-6 Pre Rec Rahui Papa04 Jun 2014 06:51
Miriama Wilson speaks with Rahui about the Iwi leadwes hui aswell as the Fire at the Waikato Museum.
Manako 04/06/2014-pt 2-6 Te Iria Whiu04 Jun 2014 06:42
This Fabulous Kuia was acknowledged in this years Queen birthday Honours List..
Manako 04/06/2014-pt 1-6 Huirangi Waikerepu04 Jun 2014 06:33
Received a QSM Medal in this years honor list.
Manako 04/06/2014-intro Kingi Taurua04 Jun 2014 06:30
Huirangi Waikerepu, Te Iria Whiu, Rahui Papa, Ngahiwi Tomoana, Charlie Tawhiao, Rangi Maclean, Pierre Lyndan.
Manako 03/06/2014-pt 6-6 Potaka Maipi03 Jun 2014 07:18
The Tumuaki o te Kingitanga receives Award.
Manako 03/06/2014-pt 5-6 Tame Te Rangi03 Jun 2014 07:12
It's the World under 20 rugby tournament that started yesterday over the North Harbour.
Manako 03/06/2014-pt 4-6 Michael Naera03 Jun 2014 07:00
Maori suicide prevention week.
Manako 03/06/2014-pt 3-6 Kiri Daniels03 Jun 2014 06:54
Kiri organised a major cleanup of the Maunga Ngongotaha.
Manako 03/06/2014--pt 2-6 Mp Te Ururoa Flavell03 Jun 2014 06:42
We catch up with all the news from Maori Party co leader Te Ururoa Flavell.
Manako 03/06/2014-pt 1-6 Peeni Henare03 Jun 2014 06:39
The new candidate for Labour who will be standing in the Tamaki Makaurau Seat.
Manako 03/06/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei03 Jun 2014 06:33
Peeni Henare,Ururoa Flavell, Kiri Daniels,Michael Naera, Tame Te Rangi , Potaka Maipi.
Manako 02/06/2014-pt 6-6 Wairangi Koopu02 Jun 2014 07:15
The reveiw of the mighty Warriors win against the Knights.
Manako 02/06/2014-pt 5-6 Tame Te Rangi02 Jun 2014 07:09
Super 15 reveiw with Tame
Manako 02/06/2014-pt 4-6 Waihoroi Shortland02 Jun 2014 07:06
Ngati Hine attended last weeks Iwi leaders Hui.
Manako 02/06/2014-pt 3-6 Mp Nanaia Mahuta02 Jun 2014 06:54
The Labour party has finally chosen their candidate for Tamaki Makaurau.
Manako 02/06/2014-pt 2-6 Haami Piripi02 Jun 2014 06:51
New appointment to the family's commission and last weeks Iwi Leaders Hui.
Manako 02/06/2014-pt 1-6 Tuehu Harris02 Jun 2014 06:42
Ma te Reo programme.
Manako 02/06/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei02 Jun 2014 06:39
Tuehu Harris,Haami Piripi, Nanaia Mahuta,Waihoroi Shortland,Tame Te Rangi, Wairangi Koopu.
Manako 30/05/2 014 pt 6-6 Wairangi Koopu30 May 2014 08:18
The first State of Origin is over listen in to Wairangi for his take on that victory.
Manako 30 /05/2014 pt 5-6 Anahera Higgins and Te Ururoa Flavell30 May 2014 08:15
The 2 degree Super 12 kapa haka comps with Anahera then it's Te Ururoa Flavell with this weeks dose of Politics.
Manako 30/05/2014 pt 4-6 Hone Harawira30 May 2014 08:00
Internet Mana Party is born and it has 3 to 4 million in cold hard cash for it's Election campaign
Manako 30/05/ 2014 pt 3-6 Willy Te Aho30 May 2014 07:51
Iwi lLeaders hui just finished.
Manako 30/05/ 2014 pt 2-6 Pita Paraone30 May 2014 07:24
Hotels on the grounds of Waitangi ?? Pita Paraone who is the Chair of Titi speaks about the possibility.
Manako 30 /05/2014 pt 1-6 Mp Kelvin Davis30 May 2014 06:45
The Week in Politics for Labour's latest MP
Manako 30/05/2014 Intro Julian Wilcox30 May 2014 06:33
Kelvin Davis, Pita Paraone,Willy Te Aho, Hone Harawira, Anahera Higgins.Te Ururoa Flavell, Wairangi Koopu.
Manako 29/05/2014-pt 6-6 Poia Rewi then Tame Te Rangi.29 May 2014 07:00
Poia Rewi talks about a new reo maori resource book being Launched next month and Our 2nd iv is with Tame Te Rangi and he is preveiws lastnights State of Origin game.
Manako 29/05/2014-pt 5-6 Renae Maihi29 May 2014 06:45
The Wairoa Film Festival begins today Renae gives us a preveiw of what we can look forward too.
Manako 29/05/2014-pt 4-6 Peni Henare29 May 2014 06:39
Peni has joined Will Flavell in the race for Labour's Tamaki Makaurau Seat.
Manako 29/05/2014-pt 3-6 Kelly Tipene29 May 2014 06:33
The Aotearoa legalise Cannabis Party like the dot com merger with the Mana Party .
Manako 29/05/2014-pt 2-6 Wiremu Martin29 May 2014 06:09
Our regional report is about a Aqua farm going up in Opotiki.
Manako 29/05/2014-pt 1-6 Percy Tipene29 May 2014 06:03
A new set of standards to ensure the delivery of safe, quality rongoa services has been released, replacing the original rongoa standards developed in 1999. Percy talks about the new standards.
Manako 29/05/2014-intro Julian Wilcox29 May 2014 05:51
Percy Tipene, Wiremu huta Martin, Kelly Tipene, Peni Henare,Renae Maihi,Poia Rewi, Tame Te Rangi.
Manako 28/05/2014-pt 6-6 Ken Eruera then Haami Piripi28 May 2014 06:30
Ken is talking Sport namely the Hurricanes, And our last iv is with iwi Leader Haami Piripi and the upcoming Iwi Leaders Hui.
Manako 28/05/2014-pt 5-6 Raewyn Mahara28 May 2014 06:15
This week is a Tainui Education Wananga.
Manako 28/05/2014- pt 4-6 Parekura Kupenga28 May 2014 06:09
Bi lingual Gisborne the Town thats leading the way in having Bi lingual signage from now on ..
Manako 28/05/2014-pr 3-6 Rangi Maclean28 May 2014 04:30
Update on his Campain
Manako 28/05/2014-pt 2-6 Marama Fox28 May 2014 04:24
The new Maori Party candidate for Te Ikaroa Rawhiti
Manako 28/05/2014-pt 1-6 Phill Tarawa28 May 2014 04:18
Our Turanga regional reporter this week phills talking about the Railway Opening between Napia and Gisborne.
Manako 28/05/2014-intro Julian Wilcox28 May 2014 04:12
Phill Tarawa, Marama Fox, Rangi Maclean, Parekura Kupenga,Raewyn Mahara, Ken Eruera, Haami Piripi.
Waatea 27/05/2014-10.00am27 May 2014 07:48
Presenter Eru Morgan
Manako 27/05/2014-pt 6-6 Te Ururoa Flavelll27 May 2014 07:15
Te Ururoa updates us on the candidates that have been announced on the weekend,.
Manako 27/05/2014-pt 5-6 Tame Te Rangi27 May 2014 07:09
Match fixing in Sport.
Manako 27/05/2014-pt 4-6 Potaka Maipi27 May 2014 06:54
Potaka talks about the Rangatahi hui the focus of this years hui is their well being.
Manako 27/05/2014-pt 3-6 Chris Makenzie27 May 2014 06:48
Chris speaks about the upcoming challenge ahead as he prepares for the elections
Manako 27/05/2014-pt 2-6 Kelvin Davis27 May 2014 06:39
Kelvin gets sworn into Parliament today.
Manako 27/05/2014-pt 1-6 Huirama Matatahi27 May 2014 06:33
There's a national Rangatahi Hui starting apopo in Tainui.
Manako 27/05/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei27 May 2014 06:21
Huirama Matatahi,Kelvin Davis, Chris Makenzie,Potaka Maipi,Te Ururoa Flavell
Manako 26/05/2014- pt 6-6 Tame te Rangi26 May 2014 07:06
All your Super 15 results with Tame te Rangi
Manako 26/05/2014-pt 5-6 Wairangi Koopu26 May 2014 07:00
All your NRl results with Wairangi Koopu
Manako 26/05/2014- pt 4-6 Chris Whaiapu26 May 2014 06:54
Ngati Rangitane kapa haka Results
Manako 26/05/2014- pt 3-6 Pem Bird26 May 2014 06:48
The Maori party turns 10yrs old what has been acheived in that time.
Manako 26/05/2014- pt 2-6 Ruakere Hond26 May 2014 06:45
Ruakere gives his suggestions on the direction of the reo, Taranaki reo etc...
Manako 26/05/2014-pt 1-6 Te Hira Paenga26 May 2014 06:39
The new Maori Party candidate for the Te Tai Tokerau seat.
Manako 26/05/2014-intro Raniera Winierei26 May 2014 06:33
Te Hira Paenga,Ruakere Hond, Pem Bird, Chris Whaiapu, Wairangi Koopu, Tame te Rangi
Manako 22/05/2014-pt 6-6 Eru Thompson then Wahoroi Shortland23 May 2014 08:24
Eru Thompson: More land is needed for Mangere iwi urupa.
Waihoroi Shortland: Mainstream media coverage of the late ex-All Black Mackie Herewini is disappointing.
Manako 23/05/2014-pt 5-6 Wairangi Koopu23 May 2014 07:42
Preview of this weekends Rugby League games.
Manako 23/05/2014-pt 4-6 Tame Te Rangi23 May 2014 07:36
Maori Advisory group say Auckland Council isnt delivering.
Manako 23/05/2014-pt 3-6 Te Rata Hikairo23 May 2014 06:51
Rangatahi representative for the Maori Party.
Manako 23/05/2014-pt 2-6 Peter Lucas Jones23 May 2014 06:39
Regional report from Peter Lucas Jones, General Manager of Te Hiku o Te Ika.
Manako 23/05/2014-pt 1-6 Dr Rhys Jones23 May 2014 06:21
Doctors support recent 'Jobs After Coal' report.
Manako 23/05/2014-intro Julian Wilcox23 May 2014 06:12
Dr Rhys Jones,Peter Lucas Jones, Te Rata Hikairo, Tame Te Rangi, Eru Thompson, Wairangi Koopu, Waihoroi Shortland.
Manako 22/05/2014-pt 4-6 Phill Tarawa and Wiremu Huta Martin22 May 2014 10:36
Regional reports from Turanga Nui A Kiwa and Whakatane.
Manako 22/05/2014-pt 3-6 MP Kelvin Davis22 May 2014 10:36
Shane Jones departure from Parliament to take up Pacific ambassador role.
Manako 22/05/2014-pt 6-6 Shane Jones and Nanaia Mahuta.22 May 2014 10:33
Departing Labour politician, Shane Jones and Hauraki Waikato MP Nanaia Mahuta.
Manako 22/05/2014-Intro Julian Wilcox22 May 2014 10:30
On todays show, tribute is paid to former All Black Mac Herewini, Shane Jones departure from parliament, increase of Maori graduates from M.I.T and regional news from Turanga and Whakatane.
Manako 22/05/2014-pt 6-6 Shane Jones then Nanaia Mahuta.22 May 2014 07:48
2 pre records the first is Shane Jones followed by Nanaia Mahuta ..
Manako 22/05/2014-pt 5-6 Dr Wahineata Smith22 May 2014 07:24
Manukau Instituter are having Graduation week and we find out about maori who are graduating.
Manako 22/05/2014-pt 2-6 Kepa Stirling22 May 2014 07:09
Kera pays tribute to the late Macky Herewini All black of the great 60;s era.
Manako 22/05/2014-pt 4-6 Phill Tarawa then Wiremu Martin22 May 2014 06:54
2 iv's from our regional reporters the first is From Turanga Fm followed up by our Manuka Tutahi Fm man Wiremu Huta Martin,
Manako 22/05/2014-pt 3-6 Mp Kelvin Davis22 May 2014 06:45
Shane Jones had is final speech in Parliament yesterday and Kelvin was their as support.
Manako 22/05/2014-pt 1-6 Whetu Tipiwae22 May 2014 06:39
Ex Kaumatua for the Nz Maori Team Whetu pays tribute to Mack Herewini All Black from the 60's who sadly passed away yesterday aged in his 70's
Manako 22/05/2014-intro Julian Wilcox22 May 2014 06:15
Whetu Tipiwai, Kepa Stirling,Kelvin Davis,Phill Tarawa-Wiremu Huta Martin, Dr Wahineata Smith, 2x pre records Shane Jones then Nanaia Mahuta.
Manako 21/05/2014-pt 6-6 Te Ururoa Flavell21 May 2014 07:00
The Maori Party holds the line on the  Resource Management Act.  Listen in to find out exactly how
Manako 21/05/2014-pt 5-6 Francis Toko21 May 2014 06:51
Careers Nz Francis explains to us what they provide for Maori.
Manako 21/05/2014-pt 4-6 Ken Eruera21 May 2014 06:39
Sports with Ngati Porou's very own legend Ken Eruera.
Manako 21/05/2014-pt 3-6 Haniko Te Kurapa then Eru George21 May 2014 06:33
Toi Aotearoa are holding 2 hui this week Haniko Explains what about. Eru George is talking about the new board member at Te Arawa Group Holdings.
Manako 21/05/2014-pt 2-6 Papatuanuku Nahi21 May 2014 06:18
Quit Line Rapid Response needs to keep going ..
Manako 21/05/2014-pt 1-6 Pita Paraone21 May 2014 06:09
The planned Waitangi Museum has been held up and wont being going ahead as scheduled.
Manako 21/05/2014-intro Julian Wilcox21 May 2014 06:00
Pita Paraone, Papatuanuku Nahi, Haniko Te Kurapa,Eru George, Ken Eruera, Francis Toko, Te Ururoa Flavell.
Manako 20/05/2014-pt 6-6 Tame Te Rangi20 May 2014 07:09
Corruption in sport.
Manako 20/05/2014-pt 5-6 Will Flavell20 May 2014 07:06
The sole contender for the Tamaki seat for the Labour Party
Manako 20/05/2014-pt 4-6 Rahui Papa20 May 2014 07:00
Making the Maori Wars a public holiday the petition already has 10,000 signatures
Manako 20/05/2014-pt 3-6 Potaka Maipi20 May 2014 06:51
Potaka gives us a rundown on the various Maori candidates highlighting the Tamaki debacle with only Will Flavell being the only horse in the race so to speak.
Manako 20/05/2014-pt 2-6 Dover Samuels20 May 2014 06:39
Dover does not agree with Sonny Tau as far as council affairs are concerned in Te Tai Tokerau.
Manako 20/05/2014-pt 1-6 Sonny Tau20 May 2014 06:33
The council should deal with Iwi instead of Hapu.
Manako 20/05/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei20 May 2014 06:24
Sonny Tau-pre rec, Dover Samuals,Potaka Maipi, Rahui Papa, Willl Flavell, Tame Te Rangi
Manako 19/05/2014-pt 6-6 Tame Te Rangi19 May 2014 07:48
Tame gives us the results of the weekends super 15
Manako 19/05/2014-pt 5-6 Wairangi Koopu19 May 2014 07:45
Wairangi analyses the defeat of the Warriors at the hands of the bulldogs
Manako 19/05/2014-pt 4-6 Mp Nanaia Mahuta19 May 2014 07:36
Maori Protacols in Parliament need to be revisited.
Manako 19/05/2014-pt 3-6 Wena Tait then Herearoha Skipper19 May 2014 07:27
Iwi Radio receives extra putea in budget and Herearoha talks about the schlorships available at Waikato Uni.
Manako 19/05/2014-pt 2-6 Kingi Taurua19 May 2014 06:48
World War 2 vets travell to Italy to mark NZ's bloodiest Battle.
Manako 19/05/2014-pt 1-6 Willy Te Aho19 May 2014 06:42
East Coast Iwi are holding the Treaty Minister responsible for the cost of the return of their Whare..
Manako 19/05/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei19 May 2014 06:33
Willy Te Aho,Kingi Taurua,Wena Tait,Herearoha Skipper,Nanaia Mahuta, Wairangi Koopu,Tame Te Rangi.
Manako 16/05/2014-pt 6-6 Dr Mena Penihira then Tame Te Rangi16 May 2014 07:33
The budget is continuing it's funding into Reserch pleasing Dr Mera Penihira, then it is sport with Tame Te Rangi.
Manako 16/05/2014-pt 5-6 Nanaia Mahuta16 May 2014 07:18
Labour's response to the Budget.
Manako 16/05/2014-pt 4-6 Haami Piripi16 May 2014 07:12
The Reo stratergy is about to happen and this iwi leader cant wait.
Manako 16/05/2014-pt 3-6 Irena Smith16 May 2014 07:03
Te Karere's political reporter breaks down yesterday's budget outlining the gains to Maori.
Manako 16/05/2014-pt 2-6 Peter Lucas Jones16 May 2014 06:51
Our regional reporter from Te Hiku O Te Ika Fm,Yesterday's budget gave an extra $12 million over the next 4 years to Iwi Radio.
Manako 16/05/2014-pt 1-6 Te Ururoa Flavell16 May 2014 06:39
The Maori Party are proud of their imput into this years Budget.
Manako 16/05/2014-intro Julian Wilcox16 May 2014 06:36
Te Ururoa Flavell,Peter Lucas Jones, Irena Smith,Haami Piripi, Nanaia Mahuta,Dr Mena Penehira,Tame Te Rangi.
Manako 15/05/2014-pt 6-6 Chey Wilson then Wiremu Huta Martin.15 May 2014 08:00
2 iv's here the first is a tribute to Morvin Simon, this is followed by our regional catchup with Wiremu Huta Martin.
Manako 15/05/2014-pt 5-6 Marama Davidson then Tipi Wehipeihana.15 May 2014 07:45
Marama Davidsons on the Green Bank. And a tribute to the late Morvin Simon by Tipi Wehipeihana.
Manako 15/05/2014-pt 4-6 MP Kelvin Davis15 May 2014 07:33
Kelvin talks pre Budget and Labour party rebuilding.
Manako 15/05/2014-pt 3-6 Kingi Taurua15 May 2014 06:51
Labour is accusing National of short changing our veterans with a big u-turn. Kingi pays tribute to Morvin Simon.
Manako 15/05/2014-pt 2-6 Ranginui Walker15 May 2014 06:39
Ranginui Walker gives his opinion about today's Budget.
Manako 15/05/2014-pt 1-6 Wally Aramoana15 May 2014 06:30
Wally Aramoana is a trustee of the Upokorehe treaty claims.
Manako 15/05/2014-intro Julian Wilcox15 May 2014 06:24
Wally Aramoana, Rangi Walker, Kingi Taurua,Kelvin Davis,Marama Davidson, Tipi Wehipeihana, Chey Wilson, Wiremu Huta Martin.
Manako 14/05/2014-pt 6-6 Tame te Rangi14 May 2014 09:06
Our Sporting guru a man who just doesn't talk rugby oh no no no, basketball ,golf etc etc.
Manako 14/05/2014-pt 5-6 Rangi Maclean14 May 2014 08:51
Manurewa Marae will be flying the Kingitanga Flag permanently they could be the first, or only Marae to do so..
Manako 14/05/2014-pt 4-6 Mereana Selby14 May 2014 08:39
Fulbright NZ attended Te Wananga O Raukawa to talk about their scholarship exchange programme.
Manako 14/05/2014-pt 3-6 James Waiwai14 May 2014 08:09
James is a spokesman for the descendants of the original owners of Lake Waikaremoana and they are against the Te Urewera-Tuhoe Bill. They say the Bill is stealing from them to compensate Tuhoe.
Manako 14/05/2014-pt 2-6 Waihoroi Shortland14 May 2014 06:57
Ngati Hine have been granted an urgent hearing with the Waitangi Tribunal.
Manako 14/05/2014-pt 1-6 Henare Kingi14 May 2014 06:39
Labour has rejected Shane Taurima's bid to be their Tamaki Makaurau candidate, Henare Kingi gives his veiws.
Manako 14/05/2014-intro Julian Wilcox14 May 2014 06:30
Henare Kingi,Waihoroi Shortland, James Waiwai. Mereana Selby,Rangi Maclean,Prince Davis, Tame Te Rangi.
Manako 13/05/2014-pt 1-6 Parekura Kupenga13 May 2014 09:00
Parekura gives his opinion on the Judith Collins saga as well as the Shane Taurima raruraru.
Manako 13/05/2014-pt 6-6 Wikitoria Day13 May 2014 07:12
Maniopoto FM wins best Maori language Award at the Radio NZ Awards,
Manako 13/05/2014-pt 5-6 Potaka Maipi13 May 2014 07:09
Shane Taurima will Labour pick him or not?
Manako 13/05/2014-pt 4-6 Anglican Minister Ngira Simmonds13 May 2014 06:57
The Anglican Church is facing increased pressure from their gay members for them to have a say.
Manako 13/05/2014-pt 3-6 Ngahiwi Apanui13 May 2014 06:45
It's NZ music month but where does Maori music feature ?
Manako 13/05/2014-pt 2-6 Pierre Lyndon13 May 2014 06:39
Shane Taurima is finished David Cunliffe will not pick him today, Pierre thinks that this is how it will turn out.
Manako 13/05/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei13 May 2014 06:24
Parekura Kupenga,Pierre Lyndon,Ngahiwi Apanui, Anglican Minister Ngira Simmonds, Potaka Maipi,Wikitoria Day
Manako 12/05/2014-pt 6-6 Wairangi Koopu12 May 2014 07:24
The Warriors have finally won at Eden Park Wairangi talks about there future.
Manako 12/05/2014-pt 5-6 Tame te Rangi12 May 2014 07:18
It's all your super 15 rugby results with Tame te Rangi.
Manako 12/05/2014-pt 4-6 Rangitihi Pene12 May 2014 07:15
Te Arawa kapa haka regionals have just finiished Rangitihi gives us the rundown the results.
Manako 12/05/2014-pt 3-6 Wena Tait12 May 2014 07:00
Last friday there was a national broadcasting hui focused on the future of broadcasting.
Manako 12/05/2014-pt 2-6 Annette Sykes12 May 2014 06:48
It's official she's the Mana candidate for Waiariki. Annette talks about how she is going to take the seat off Te Ururoa Flavell.
Manako 12/05/2014-pt 1-6 Te Ururoa Flavell12 May 2014 06:42
Can he still keep his seat? Te Ururoa talks positively in regards to retaining his seat in parliament.
Manako 12/05/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei12 May 2014 06:33
Te Ururoa Flavell, Annette Sykes,Wena Tait,Rangitihi Pene,Tame te Rangi, Wairangi Koopu.
Manako 09/05/2014-pt 6-6 Rangitihi Pene then Pita Paraone09 May 2014 07:48
2 iv's up first is Rangitihi preveiwing this weekends Te Arawa kapa haka regionals , then a quik korero about the reo with Pita Paraone.
Manako 09/05/2014-pt 5-6 Manawa Write09 May 2014 07:39
The Waiariki seat is looking like a good challenge to the incumbant Te Ururoa Flavell.
Manako 09/05/2014-pt 4-6 Te Hamua Nikora09 May 2014 07:30
Gisborne's shelves are empty of legal high products. Smoking is now the next challenge for Te Hamua.
Manako 09/05/2014-pt 3-6 Sky Kimura09 May 2014 07:21
Plain packaging of cigarettes will help smokers to quit.
Manako 09/05/2014-pt 2-6 Dean Mahuta09 May 2014 06:54
AUT Reo app launched.
Manako 09/05/2014-pt 1-6 Pierre Lyndon09 May 2014 06:51
Shane Taurima does not have the right qualities to be an MP, he comes across a bit too serious which may effect his appeal to the voter.
Manako 09/05/2014-intro Harata Brown09 May 2014 06:33
Pierre Lyndon,Dean Mahuta,Sky Kimura,Te Hamua Nikora, Manawa Wright,Rangitihi Pene,Pita Paraone.
Manako 08/05/2014- pt 6-6 Kingi Taurua then Wairangi Koopu.08 May 2014 07:09
Nationals $3,000 offer to beneficiaries to go and work in Christchurch has Kingi's support. Wairangi Koopu comments on the Warriors sex tape saga.
Manako 08/05/2014-pt 5-6 Te Rina Warren08 May 2014 06:57
An educationalist whose not surprised by education bias.
Manako 08/05/2014- pt 4-6 Sir Toby Curtis08 May 2014 06:45
Te Arawa want more representation on the Council.
Manako 08/05/2014- pt 3-6 Shane White08 May 2014 06:39
Legal highs have gone Bye Bye's...
Manako 08/05/2014- pt 2-6 Wiremu huta Martin08 May 2014 06:33
Regional news from the Tuhoe Area.
Manako 08/05/2014- pt 1-6 Kipa Munro08 May 2014 06:24
Tuhoronuku Update.
Manako 08/05/2014-intro Julian Wilcox08 May 2014 06:21
Kipa Munro, Wiremu Huta Martin, Shane White, Sir Toby Curtis,Te Rina Warren, Kingi Taurua, Wairangi Koopu.
Manako 07/05/2014-pt 5-6 Will Flavell07 May 2014 07:15
Will is contesting the Labour Party selection for the Tamaki Makaurau Seat,
Manako 07/05/2014-pt 4-6 MP Nanaia Mahuta07 May 2014 06:54
Labour has made Nanaia in charge of Maori Affairs as well to head their Maori Caucus.
Manako 07/05/2014- pt 3-6 Dover Samuels07 May 2014 06:45
Labour has just released their party list. The former Labour man gives his thoughts on the reshuffle of the Labour Caucus
Manako 07/05/2014-pt 2-6 Chris Mckenzie07 May 2014 06:39
Chris was at the Housing Conference and gives us his thoughts.
Manako 07/05/2014-pt 1-6 Atawhai Tibble07 May 2014 06:30
A survey the first ever of it's kind on ''The Well being of Maori " has just been released by Statistics NZ
Manako 07/05/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei07 May 2014 06:18
Atawhai Tibble,Chris Makenzie, Dover Samuals, Nanaia Mahuta, Will Flavell, Irena Smith, Phill Tarawa.
Manako 06/05/2014-pt 6-6 Ken Eruera06 May 2014 07:06
Sports with ken
Manako 06/05/2014-pt 5-6 Pete Sharples06 May 2014 07:00
Confident that the new candidates for tamaki and Hauraki will do well in upcoming election.
Manaako 06/05/2014-pt 4-6 Potaka Maipi06 May 2014 06:51
The kings son arressted for theft.
Manako 06/05/2014-pt 3-6 Fred Sadlier06 May 2014 06:45
The housing conference last weekend.
Manaako 06/05/2014-pt 2-6 Rangi Maclean06 May 2014 06:42
The Maori Paty pick to stand for them in the Tamaki seat.
Manako 06/05/2014-pt 1-6 Willow Jean Prime06 May 2014 06:33
Labour has selected her to run in the Northern general seat.
Manako 06/05/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei06 May 2014 06:30
Williw jean prime,Rangi Maclean,Fred Satlier,potaka Maipi,Peter Sharples, Ken Eruera
Manako 05/05/2014-pt 6-6 Ururoa flavell then Kaamaka Manual05 May 2014 07:18
Maori party have selected their Hauraki and Tamaki Candidates and its results from the Aotea regionals
Manako 05/05/2014-pt 4-6 Ngarimu Blair05 May 2014 06:51
Ngati Whatua strike deal with Ryman healthcare
Manako 05/05/2014-pt 3-6 Hone Mihaka05 May 2014 06:45
Riders against teenage suicide
Manako 05/05/2014-pt 2-6 Kelvin Davis05 May 2014 06:42
Sexual abuse in schools
Manako 05/05/2014-pt 1-6 Scotty Morrison05 May 2014 06:39
Scotty talks about the Reo in broadcasting.
Manako 05/05/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei05 May 2014 06:33
Scotty Morrison,Kelvin Davis,Hone Mihaka, Ngarimu Blair,Tame te Rangi, Wairangi Koopu,Te Ururoa Flavell, Kaamaka Manual.
Manako 02/05/2014 pt 6-6 Mania Clark02 May 2014 07:09
Religious support for Tainui call on national day to commemorate NZ wars.
Manako 02/05/2014 pt 5-6 Allan Jenzen then Tu Maclean02 May 2014 06:57
Ngati face to face hui and Maclean talks Maori party
Manako 02/05/2014 pt 4-6 Hirini Tane02 May 2014 06:51
Waka wairua hui held at Auckland University.
Manako 02/05/2014 pt 3-6 Kaamaka Manuel02 May 2014 06:48
Te Kahui maunga vision
Manako 02/05/2014 pt 2-6 Kingi Taurua02 May 2014 06:42
Hapu looking to elect new heads for Te Kotahitanga .
Manako 02/05/2014 pt 1-6 Chris Mckenzie02 May 2014 06:36
Speaking at the housing conference.
Manako 02/05/2014 -intro Raniera Winikerei02 May 2014 06:27
Chris Mckenzie, Kingi Taurua,Kaamaka Manuel,Hirini Tane,Allan Jenzen,Tu Maclean,Mania Clark
Manako 010514-pt 6-6 Tame te Rangi01 May 2014 07:15
Sports round-up with Tame Te Rangi.
Manako 01/05/2014-pt 5-6 Hector01 May 2014 07:09
Christchurch weather conditions causing havoc.
Manako 01/05/2014-pt 4-6 Wiremu Martin then Linda Te Aho01 May 2014 06:57
Regional news updates from Whakatane. Linda Te Aho has just finished chairing a 2-day legal forum.
Manako 01/05/2014-pt 3-6 Ururoa Flavell01 May 2014 06:51
Maori party politics.
Manako 01/05/2014-pt 2-6 Kataraina Obrien01 May 2014 06:45
The MWWL support the Government's initiative to increase funds for Rape crisis centres.
Manako 01/05/2014-pt 1-6 Bobby Newson01 May 2014 06:39
Funding for sexual violence services has been increased.
Manako 01/05/2014-intro Julian Wilcox01 May 2014 06:27
Bobby Newson, Kataraina Obrien, Ururoa Flavell, Wiremu huta Martin, Linda Te Aho, Heckta Mathews, Tame Te Rangi
Manako 30/04/2014-pt 6-6 Ken Eruera30 Apr 2014 08:00
Ngati Porou's popular Sports Show host Ken Eruera shares his highly respected opinions of the weekends Rugby and League compertitions.
Manako 30/04/2014-pt 5-6 Shane White30 Apr 2014 07:45
Will there be enough qualified staff to Cater for the fall out of addicts onct the Legal highs are taken off the shelves.
Manako 30/04/2014-pt 4-6 Potaka Maipi30 Apr 2014 07:30
Potaka was also at Gate Pa he was part of the Tainui involvment.
Manako 30/04/2014-pt 3-6 Pita Paraone30 Apr 2014 07:03
The Maori Language Commision is urging news broadcasters to keep their use of Te Reo simple.
Manako 30/04/2014-pt 2-6 Nahiraka Mason30 Apr 2014 06:54
Akl Art Gallery plan to tour their Maori portraits overseas.
Manako 30/04/2014-pt 1-6 Awanui Black30 Apr 2014 06:45
The Battle of Gate Pa
Manako 30/04/2014-intro Julian Wilcox30 Apr 2014 06:33
Awanui Black, Nahiraka Mason, Pita Paraone,Potaka Maipi, Shane White, Ken Eruera.
Manako 29/04/2014-pt 6-6 Potaka Maipi29 Apr 2014 07:09
Commemerations of the battle of Pukehinahina
Manako 29/04/2014-pt 5-6 Maanu Paul29 Apr 2014 07:00
NZ Maori Council plan to challenge the reo strategy plan
Manako 29/04/2014-pt 4-6 Haami Piripi29 Apr 2014 06:51
Haami was a guest speaker at the Maori Governance Hui.
Manako 29/04/2014-pt 3-6 Rahui Papa29 Apr 2014 06:45
Tainui's vision for 2050
Manako 29/04/2014-pt 2-6 Willie Te Aho29 Apr 2014 06:42
Today is the start of the annual Legal forum hui.
Manako 29/04/2014-pt 1-6 Wahoroi Shortland29 Apr 2014 06:33
Ngati Hine have met with the minister of treaty Settlements.
Manako 29/04/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei29 Apr 2014 06:21
Wahoroi Shortland,Willy te Aho,Rahui Papa.Haami Piripi, Maanu Paul, Potaka Maipi
Manako 28/04/2014-pt 6-6 Wairangi Koopu28 Apr 2014 06:51
It's NRL with Wairangi Koopu
Manako 28/04/2014-pt 5-6 Tame te Rangi28 Apr 2014 06:48
Sports super 15 withh Tame
Manako 28/04/2014-pt 4-6 Parekura Kupenga28 Apr 2014 06:39
His memories of the Vietnam war
Manako 28/04/2014-pt 3-6 Henare Kingi28 Apr 2014 06:30
Comments on the Shane Jones resignation
Manako 28/04/2014-pt 2-6 Te Hamua Nikora28 Apr 2014 06:27
Govt fast tracking legal highs making them against the law within 10 days.
Manako 28/04/2014-pt 1-6 Ururoa Flavell28 Apr 2014 06:21
Maori Party Candidates to be named soon
Manako 28/04/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei28 Apr 2014 06:15
Ururoa Flavell,Te Hamua Nikora,Henare Kingi,Parekura Kupenga,Tame te Ra ngi, Wairangi Koopu
Manako 25/04/2014 - Intro25 Apr 2014 08:48
Julian Wilcox Host. Hone Harawira, Kingi Ihaka, Huata Palmer, Peter Lucas Jones, Nolan Raihania, Shane Jones, Wairangi Koopu
Manako 25/04/2014 - Part 225 Apr 2014 08:45
Kingi Ihaka
Manako 25/04/2014 - Part 125 Apr 2014 08:45
Hone Harawira
Manako 25/04/2014 - Part 425 Apr 2014 08:42
Peter Lucas Jones
Manako 25/04/2014 - Part 325 Apr 2014 08:42
Hauata Palmer
Manako 25/04/2014 - Part 625 Apr 2014 08:39
Shane Jones and Wairangi Koopu
Manako 25/04/2014 - Part 525 Apr 2014 08:39
Nolan Raihania
Manako 25/04/2014 - Outro25 Apr 2014 08:36
Manako 24/04/2014-pt 6-6 Kipa Munro then Manawa Wright24 Apr 2014 07:30
Tuhoronuku business then Manawa talks Sport.
Manako 24/04/2014-pt 5-6 Wiremu huta Martin24 Apr 2014 07:21
Regional reporter and theres still a problem with the Water.
Manako 24/04/2014-pt 4-6 Dr Meihana Durei24 Apr 2014 07:15
The Art of the Architect on tv 1 this week.
Manako 24/04/2014-pt 3-6 Dover Samuals24 Apr 2014 07:06
Shane Jones what next ?
Manako 24/04/2014-pt 2-6 Pierre Lyndon24 Apr 2014 07:00
The effects of losing Shane Jones so close to election time.
Manako 24/04/2014-pt 1-6 Kingi Taurua24 Apr 2014 06:51
The planned protest action in Waitangi has been put on hold due to differing opinions within the group surfacing..
Manako 24/04/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei24 Apr 2014 06:45
Kingi Taurua,Pierre Lyndon Dover Samuals,Dr Meihaana Durei,Wiremu huta Martin,Kipa Munro,Manawa Wright.
Manako 23/04/2014-pt 6-6 Monty Souta then Tame te Rangi23 Apr 2014 07:33
Monty is off to Tunisia next week for ANZAC Celebrations and Tame talks Sport.
Manako 23/04/2014-pt 5-6 Willie Te Aho23 Apr 2014 07:30
Traction for BOP Iwi education Stratergy.
Manako 23/04/2014-pt 4-6 MP Nanaia Mahuta23 Apr 2014 07:18
Shane Jones gone ?? How Does Nanaia Feel ? Have a listen in.
Manako 23/04/2014- pt 3-6 Ngarimu Blair23 Apr 2014 07:03
Ngati Whatua housing project
Manako 23/ 04/2014- pt 2-6 Wallace Aramoana23 Apr 2014 06:42
Upokorehe Protest
Manako 23/04/2014-pt 1-6 Kelvin Davis23 Apr 2014 06:33
Comments on the Shock announcement from Mp Shane Jones that he will not be standing in the next Election.
Manako 23/04/2014-intro Julian Wilcox23 Apr 2014 06:18
Kelvin Davis, Wallace Aramoana, Ngarimu Blair, Nanaia Mahuta, Monty Souta, Tame te Rangi., Willy Te Aho.
Manako 22/04/2014-pt 6-6 Ken Eruera22 Apr 2014 06:33
Benji Marshall is leaving rugby.
Manako 22/04/2014-pt 5-6 Kepa Stirling22 Apr 2014 06:24
Our easter weekend pre record selection.
Manako 22/04/2014-pt 4-6 Shane White22 Apr 2014 06:21
Shane talks about the problem of the Synthetic highs
Manako 22/04/2014-pt 3-6 Haami Piripi22 Apr 2014 06:18
The tuhoronuku dates for hapu to summit their candidates has come to an end woth only 50% of hapu participating.
Manako 22/04/2014-pt 2-6 Te Ururoa Flavell22 Apr 2014 06:12
Maori party poltics..
Manako 22/04/2014-pt 1-6 Potaka Maipi22 Apr 2014 06:12
Tainui Regional News.
Manako 22/04/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei22 Apr 2014 06:06
Potaka Maipi, Te Ururoa Flavell, Haami Piripi, shane white, Kepa Stirling, Ken Eruera.,.
Manako 21/04/2014-pt 2-6 Ron Wihongi21 Apr 2014 10:09
The Royal visit
Manako 21/04/2014-pt 1-6 Kingi Taurua21 Apr 2014 10:09
A rock infront of Waitangi to be moved.
Manako 21/04/2014-pt 4-6 Dr Rose Pere21 Apr 2014 10:06
Agrees prisons should get mobiles
Manako 21/04/2014-pt 3-6 Shane Jones21 Apr 2014 10:06
Tariana damning of Maori Party
Manako 21/04/2014-pt 6-6 Tame Te Rangi21 Apr 2014 10:03
Manako 21/04/2014-pt 5-6 Wairangi Koopu21 Apr 2014 10:03
Manako 21/04/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei21 Apr 2014 10:03
Intro to Manako with Raniera Winikerei.
Manako 18/04/2014-pt 6-6 Pierre Lindyn followed by Manawa Wright18 Apr 2014 05:51
Pierre speaks about parliament passing a Bill concerning the Haka Ka Mate and the Maori charter school setback..Manawa write preveiws this weekends Super Rugby.
Manako 18/04/2014-pt 5-6 Peter Lucas Jones18 Apr 2014 05:42
Te Hiku regional ...Kaupapa last weeks radio awards and the importance of the Reo
Manako 18/04/2014-pt 4-6 Wahoroi Shortland18 Apr 2014 05:36
Only Half of Nga Puhi hapu join mandate process
Manako 18/04/2014-pt 3-6 Huirama Matatahi18 Apr 2014 05:27
Waikato rangatahi forum established 1yr ago
Manako 18/04/2014-pt 2-6 Mania Clark18 Apr 2014 05:15
The meaning of Easter for Christians
Manako 18/04/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei18 Apr 2014 05:03
Chris Makenzie,Mania Clark,Huirama Matatahi,,Wahoroi Shortland,Peter Lucas Jones,Pierre Lindyn,Manawa Wright.
Manako 17/04/2014-pt 6-6 Hugh Rihari then Ken Eruera17 Apr 2014 07:12
The Taonga te pahi could be lost forever according to Kaumatua Hugh Rihari then it's sport with Ken.
Manako 17/04/2014-pt 5-6 Lucas Crawford17 Apr 2014 07:03
A pre record by Dave Kaire on the latest Census figures.
Manako 17/04/2014-pt 4-6 Wiremu Martin then Maanu Paul17 Apr 2014 07:00
A regional report followed by the head of Nzmc head Maanu Paul talking about the CFRT ruling by the high Court.
Manako 17/04/2014-pt 3-6 Rangi Maclean17 Apr 2014 06:51
1 of the 3 prospects for the Maori Party Tamaki seat.
Manako 17/04/2014-pt 2-6 Shane Jones17 Apr 2014 06:45
Politics with Shane this week it's Fisheries, Maori Party hui and more...
Manako 17/04/2014-pt 1-6 Te Hira Paenga17 Apr 2014 06:42
1 of the 3 hopefuls for the Maori Party Tamaki Seat.
Manako 17/04/2014-intro Julian Wilcox17 Apr 2014 06:36
Te Hira Paenga,Shane Jones,Rangi Maclean,Wiremu Huta Martin, Maanu Paul,Lucas Crawford,Hugh Rihari, Ken Eruera.
Manako 16/04/2014-pt 6-6 Tame Te Rangi16 Apr 2014 08:00
Sports korero this week Piri Weepu
Manako 16/04/2014- pt 5-6 Derek Fox then Horomona Horo16 Apr 2014 07:57
Dereks updating us on Kohanga Reo and a couple of weeks ago Horomona wasc in Sydney he tells us how that trip went.
Manako 16/04/2014-pt 4-6 Phil Tarawa16 Apr 2014 07:39
The Logging Trucks that travel up and down the East coast roads are becoming a hazard to motorist.
Manako 16/04/2014-pt 3-6 Watson Ohia16 Apr 2014 07:24
Nga Taiatea Whare kura celebrate their 10 year anniversary.
Manako 16/04//2014-pt 2-6 Te Hamua Nikora16 Apr 2014 06:54
Te Hamua is once agan running in the Ikaroa Rawhiti seat for Mana, this time he's doing things a little differently.
Manako 16/04/2014-pt 1-6 Willy Te Aho16 Apr 2014 06:39
Lawyer Willy Te Aho Was asked to give his opinion on a couple of Kaupapa.
Manako 16/04/2014-intro Harata Brown16 Apr 2014 06:33
Willy te Aho. Te Hamua Nikora,Watson Ohia,Phill Tarawa, Derek Fox, Horomona Horo, Tame te Rangi.
Manako 15/04/2014-pt 6-6 Te Ururoa Flavell15 Apr 2014 07:15
Maori party Fundraiser .Awanuiarangi graduation.
Manako 15/04/2014-pt 5-6 Potaka Maipi15 Apr 2014 07:06
Kohanga Reo
Manako 15/04/2014-pt 4-6 Nanaia Mahuta15 Apr 2014 06:57
The polls are up for Labour.
Manako 15/04/2014-pt 3-6 Hone Harawira then Joby Hopa15 Apr 2014 06:54
The Mana AGM And the kapa haka regionals up north.
Manako 15/04/2014-pt 2-6 Kingi Taurua15 Apr 2014 06:51
There is a lack of Kaumatua /kuia on the Marae the numbers are dwindling
Manako 15/04/2014-pt 1-6 Kipa Munro15 Apr 2014 06:45
There is 4 days left for Hapu in the North to register with Tuhoronuku.
Manako 15/04/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei15 Apr 2014 06:39
Kipa Munro, Kingi Taurua, Hone Harawira, Joby Hopa, Nanaia Mahuta, potaka Maipi, Te Ururoa Flavell,
Manako 14/04/2014- pt 6-6 Wairangi Koopu14 Apr 2014 07:06
Warriors Lose agan
Manako 14/04/2014-pt 5-6 Wikitoria Day14 Apr 2014 06:57
Maniapoto Fm took home 3 Awards at the recent iwi radio awrds .
Manako 14/04/2014- pt 4-6 Tipene Obrien14 Apr 2014 06:51
Te Korimako wins station of the year Award.
Manako 14/04/2014- pt 3-6 Tawhirimatea Williams14 Apr 2014 06:48
The power struggles of the Kohanga Reo Movement.
Manako 14/04/2014-pt 2-6 Maanu Paul14 Apr 2014 06:42
The Kohanga reo hui this weekend was attended by the Maori Council.
Manako 14/04/2014-pt 1-6 Huirama Matatahi14 Apr 2014 06:36
Kohanga reo , huirama is the Te ara taua rangatahi rep.
Manako 14/04/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei14 Apr 2014 06:21
Huirama Matatahi,Maanu Paul, Tawhirimatea Williams,Tipene Obrien,Wikitoria Day, Wairangi Koopu.
Manako 11/04/2014-pt 6-6 Peter Lucas Brown11 Apr 2014 07:36
Our regional reporter from Te Hiku speaking about the water issues up north.
Manako 11/04/2014-pt 5-6 Nita Brown11 Apr 2014 07:33
Stroke Awareness week this week.
Manako 11/04/2014-pt 4-6 Ngahiraka Mason11 Apr 2014 07:30
Akl Arts Gallery this weekend is hosting an Indiginous Art Show.
Manako 11/04/2014-pt 3-6 Wena Tait11 Apr 2014 07:18
Promoting this weekends iwi radio Awards.
Manako 11/04/2014-pt 2-6 Kingi Taurua11 Apr 2014 07:15
Waitangi trust Amendment Bill.
Manako 11/04/2014-pt 1-6 Mamari Stephens11 Apr 2014 07:06
A senior lecturer at Victoria university specialising in Maori in the legal system.
Manako 11/04/2014-intro Harata Brown11 Apr 2014 06:48
Mamari Stephens, Kingi Taurua, Wena Tait,Ngahiraka Mason, Nita Brown, Peter Lucas.
Manako 10/04/2014-pt 6-6 Tame Te Rangi10 Apr 2014 07:12
Sports discussions.
Manako 10/04/2014-pt 5-6 Dr Mera Penehira10 Apr 2014 07:09
Maori reserchers keer pressure on Ministers over Nga Pae O Te Maramatanga
Manako 10/04/2014-pt 4-6 Huirama Mataatahi10 Apr 2014 07:00
Huirama talks about the Papa Rotu Pokai
Manako 10/04/2014-pt 3-6 Naida Glavish then Maraea Hunia10 Apr 2014 06:54
Naida supports the move for iwi Broadcasting and Reo Funding, But the Maori Language group UMERE ATU spokesman Maraea Hunia says to TAIHOA.
Manako 10/04/2014-pt 2-6 Wiremu Huta Martin10 Apr 2014 06:45
Te Wananga a Awanuiarangi had a record number of Graduates this year over 2500 .
Manako 10/04/2014-pt 1 Bobby Newson10 Apr 2014 06:39
An overseas human rights group gives Nz A bad report on why is it that Maori make up half the prison population even thou they only make up 15% of the NZ population.
Manako 10/04/2014-intro Julian Wilcox10 Apr 2014 06:24
Bobby Newson, Wiremu huta Martin,Naida Glavish,Maraea Hunia,Huirama Mataatahi, Dr Mera Penehira,Tame Te Rangi.
Manako 09/04/2014 pt 6-6 Ken Eruera09 Apr 2014 06:51
A quik rap of the sporting news with Ken.
Manako 09/04/2014 pt 5-6 Chris Mackenzie09 Apr 2014 06:48
The Maori Party like the Greens have also selected a young gun for Tariana's Seat. This seat looks evenly balanced.
Manako 09/04/2014 pt 4-6 Jack Macdonald09 Apr 2014 06:42
We Find out abit about the Green party's pick to contest Tariana Turia's Te Tai Hauauru Seat and he's only 20yrs of age.
Manako 09/04/2014 pt 3-6 Keri Kaa09 Apr 2014 06:36
Keri wins book award
Manako 09/04/2014 pt 2-6 Derek Fox09 Apr 2014 06:27
Derek pays tribute to the eclectic political career of Tau Henare.
Manako 09/04/2014 pt 1-6 Piripi Walker then Huirangi Waikerepu09 Apr 2014 06:18
Both korero are to do with the radio station Upoko o te ika in Wellington and Govt threatning to stop their funding unless they become a Iwi station.
Manako 09/04/2014-intro Julian Wilcox09 Apr 2014 06:03
Pirirpi Walker, Huirangi Waikerepu,Derek Fox,Keri Kaa,Jack Macdonald,Chris Makenzie,Ken Eruera.
Manako 08/04/2014-pt 6-6 Wairangi Koopu then Tame tte Rangi08 Apr 2014 07:30
The Warriors have lost another coach and in rugby the cheifs have lost Arran Cruden for 6 weeks.
Manako 08/04/2014-pt 5-6 Te Ururoa Flavell08 Apr 2014 07:24
The Royal visit,attending tis weekends hui at Turangawaewae.
Manako 08/04/2014-pt 4-6 Maanu Paul08 Apr 2014 07:09
Maori council update on the Maori Wardens
Manako 08/04/2014-pt 3-6 Potaka Maipi08 Apr 2014 06:51
The kohanga hui starts this weekend at Turangawaiwai
Manako 08/04/2014-pt 2-6 Shane Jones08 Apr 2014 06:45
The Royal Visit has started.
Manako 08/04/2014-pt 1-6 Annette Sykes then Pita Paraone.08 Apr 2014 06:42
It's the Mana Party AGM this weekend and pita talks about the new possible changes with tmp and Taurawhiri.
Manako 08/04/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei08 Apr 2014 06:33
Annette Sykes,Pita Paraone,Shane Jones,Potaka Maipi,Maanu Paul, Te ururoa Flavell, Wairangi Koopu, Tame te Rangi.
Manako 07/04/2014-pt 6-6 Wairangi Koopu then Wharehoka Wano07 Apr 2014 07:15
Warriors are woeful and the same seems to be with our numeracy and literacy amongst our adult maori Wairangi talls warriors and Wharehoka numeracy and literacy
Manako 07/04/2014-pt 5-6 Rawiri Wright07 Apr 2014 07:03
Te aho Matua maori curriculum framework.
Manako 07/04/2014-pt- 4-6 Tokatumoana Walden07 Apr 2014 06:51
Dairy farming is up in Taranaki
Manako 07/04/2014-pt 3-6 Hemana Manuera07 Apr 2014 06:45
King Tuheitia has chosen Hemana to lead his 12 specialy selected advisors
Manako 07/04/2014-pt 2-6 Kepa Stirling07 Apr 2014 06:39
Kepa talks about the Auckland regional Kapa haka qualifying competition held over the weekend.
Manako 07/04/2014-pt 1-6 Moko Cooper07 Apr 2014 06:30
A new learning system through digital medium.
Manako 07/04/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei07 Apr 2014 06:21
Moko Cooper, Kepa Stirling, Hemana Manuera,Tokatumoana Walden,Rawiri Wright,Wairangi Koopu, Wharehoka Wano.
Manako 04/04/2014-pt 6-6 Horomona Horo then Wairangi Koopu04 Apr 2014 07:09
2 Acts are travelling to Australia to perform Moana and the tribe are 1 of them Horomona is the other one part of the boomerang music project. And it's Rugby league with Wairangi.
Manako 04/04/2014-pt 5-6 Jerry Hohepa04 Apr 2014 06:57
This weekend Mangere's Aorere college is celebrating it's 50th Anniversary.
Manako 04/04/2014-pt 4-6 Nanaia Mahuta04 Apr 2014 06:51
It's Politics with Labour's Maori Mp for Tainui Nanaia Mahuta.
Manako 04/04/2014-pt 3-6 Morehu Ngatoko04 Apr 2014 06:48
Pokai at Huria Marae this weekend.
Manako 04/04/2014-pt 2-6 Peter Lucas Jones04 Apr 2014 06:45
Regional news from Te Hiku o Te Ika , Te Hapua loses Mere Penfold aged 94yrs. A well known Academic of Auckland University.
Manako 04/04/2014-pt 1-6 Derek Fox04 Apr 2014 06:33
Maori tv celebrated 10yrs last week Mana magazine celebrates 22yrs going this week Derek Fox speaks of the highs and lows of running a Maori Magazine for such a long time.
Manako 04/04/2014-intro Julian Wilcox04 Apr 2014 06:21
Derek Fox,Peter lucas Jones,Morehu Natoko,Nanaia Mahuta, Jerry Hohepa, Horomona Horo. Wairangi Koopu.
Manako 03/04/2014-pt 6-6 Dr Jenny Lee then Haami Piripi03 Apr 2014 07:33
Race relations first up with Dr jenny lee then Haami Piripi explains the reasons why the crime rate is so high in the North.
Manako 03/04/2014-pt 5-6 Ani Pahuru Huriwai03 Apr 2014 07:27
A strong advocate against drilling for oil Ani comments on the Governments announcement to open up 8 area's for oil exploration.
Manako 03/04/2014-pt 4-6 Wiremu Huta Martin03 Apr 2014 07:15
News from the Regions today its Manuka Tutahi FM's Wiremu  Huta Martin and he is talking traffic congestion in the area
Manako 03/04/2014-pt 3-6 Erana Reedy03 Apr 2014 07:00
The Iwi Radio Awards finalists for this years Awards 2014. have been announced
Manako 03/04/2014-pt 2-6 Shane Jones03 Apr 2014 06:45
Shane speaks about the Life of Merimeri Penfold the well known academic who spent many years teaching at Auckland University who passed away yesterday aged 94.
Manako 03/04/2014-Anaru Rangiheuea03 Apr 2014 06:24
Anaru talk about Tamati Coffee and how tough the challenge will be  winning the Rotorua seat for Labour in this years general election.
Manako 03/04/2014-intro Julian Wilcox03 Apr 2014 06:06
Anaru Rangiheuea, Shane Jones, Erana Reedy, Wiremu huta Martin, Ani Pahuru Huriwai, Haami Piripi, Dr Jenny Lee..
Manako 02/04/2014-pt 6-6 Tame Te Rangi02 Apr 2014 07:21
Sport discussions with Tame.
Manako 02/04/2014-pt 5-6 Kingi Taurua02 Apr 2014 07:18
Tuhoronuku update
Manako 02/04/2014-pt 4-6 Dr Pita Sharples02 Apr 2014 07:06
The Maori Party are happy that Teina Pora Is finally getting parole 
Manako 02/04/2014-pt 3-6 Willie Jackson and Phil Tarawa02 Apr 2014 06:54
Whanau Ora funding for NUMA with Willie Jackson who is the chair of the authority. Then it's our regional news from Turanga FM's Phil Tarawa.
Manako 02/04/2014-pt 2-6 Jack MacDonald02 Apr 2014 06:48
Spokesman for the Green Party in te reo, the latest polls have the party up 3 to 11%
Manako 02/04/2014-pt 1-6 Paraone Gloyne02 Apr 2014 06:36
Commemorations for the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Orakau
Manako 02/04/2014-intro Julian Wilcox02 Apr 2014 06:30
Paraone Gloyn,Jack Macdonald, Willy Jackson, Phill Tarawa, Pete Sharples, Kingi Taurua, Tame te Rangi
Manako 01/04/2014-pt 6-6 Ken Eruera01 Apr 2014 07:09
Sport with Ken Eruera today he talks Benji Marshall and the lack of game time he's getting at the blues.
Manako 01/04/2014-pt 5-6 Tania Simon and Manahi Rangitane01 Apr 2014 07:06
Tania speaks about the late Patrick Wikiriwhi Thompson an amazing advocate for the deaf. And Manahi talks about Tamaki a nui a rua who last fri signed their deed of settlement.
Manako 01/04/2014-pt 4-6 Keith Ikin01 Apr 2014 06:54
Maori adult Literacy and Numeracy is at a all time low.
Manako 01/04/2014-pt 3-6 Wena Harawira01 Apr 2014 06:45
Mts promises a full days coverage of this years Anzac celebrations.
Manako 01/04/2014-pt 2-6 Potaka Maipi01 Apr 2014 06:42
Fluoride in the water and a new youth court these are kaupapa our Tainui regional reporter speaks about.
Manako 01/04/2014-pt 1-6 Rawiri Waititi01 Apr 2014 06:36
Rawiri is the Labour candidate to take on Te Ururoa Flavell in the Waiariki Seat.
Manako 01/04/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei01 Apr 2014 06:33
Rawiri Waititi, Potaka Maipi, Wena Harawira,Keith Iken,Tania Simons,Manahi Paewai Rangitane, Ken Eruera.
Manako 31/03/2014-pt 6-6 Wairangi Koopu and Tame te Rangi31 Mar 2014 07:09
Auckland Warriors. Super 15 results.
Manako 31/03/2014-pt 5-6 Willie Te Aho AND Huirangi Waikerepuru31 Mar 2014 07:00
Regional Kapa Haka competition in Gisborne. Maori Television celebrates 10 years.
Manako 31/03/2014-pt 4-6 Paora Maxwell31 Mar 2014 06:48
The new CEO of Maori Television.
Manako 31/03/2014-pt 2-6 Shane Jones31 Mar 2014 06:39
Maori Television CEO appointment and Labour dips in the latest Colmar Brunton poll.
Manako 31/03/2014-pt 1-6 Tu Maclean31 Mar 2014 06:33
TTPA protest in Aotea Square.
Manako 31/03/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei31 Mar 2014 06:27
Tu Maclean, Shane Jones, Ururoa Flavell,Paora Maxwell,Willy te Aho,Huirangi Waikerepu,Wairangi Koopu, Tame te Rangi.
Manako 28/03/2014-pt 6-6 Tame te Rangi28 Mar 2014 07:27
Tame reveiws this weekends super 15 rugby games.
Manako 28/03/2014-pt 5-6 Wairangi Koopu28 Mar 2014 07:24
Wairangi talks league and this weeks Warriors vrs Tigers matchup.
Manako 28/03/20 14-pt 4-6 Sarah Tiakiwai and Paraone Gloyn28 Mar 2014 07:21
Theirs a new web site and Paraone talks about the 150yrs comemeration in Tainui.
Manako 28/03/2014-pt 3-6 Pem Bird28 Mar 2014 07:15
Today in Wgt a major education Hui is on. Pem talks about the importance of such a hui for maoridom.
Manako 28/03/2014-pt 2-6 Henare Kingi28 Mar 2014 07:12
Henare Kingi comments on the 10yrs of MTS aswell as selection of the new CEO.
Manako 28/03/2014-pt 1-6 Paora Maxwell28 Mar 2014 07:09
The new CEO for Maori Television.
Manako 28/03/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei28 Mar 2014 07:06
Paora Maxwell,, Henare kIingi, Pem Bird, Sarah Tiakiwai, Paraone Gloyn,Wairangi Koopu, Tame te Rangi.
Manako 27/03/2014-pt 6-6 Wiremu Martin and Ken Eruera27 Mar 2014 07:36
Regional news then Sport with Ken
Manako 27/03/2014-pt 5-6 Kingi Biddle27 Mar 2014 07:30
Recieved A QSM medal on Tuesday
Manako 27/03/2014-pt 4-6 Ngaire Te Hira27 Mar 2014 07:18
Waipereira has started a new stop smoking initiative.
Manako 27/03/2014-pt 3-6 Pita Tipene27 Mar 2014 07:00
Kotahitanga head Pita Tipene gives us an update as to where they stand presently.
Manako 27/03/2014-pt 2-6 Kingi Ihaka27 Mar 2014 06:51
In response to Koro Wetere's call for TMP to only fund Te Reo TV
Manako 27/03/2014-pt 1-6 Koro Wetere27 Mar 2014 06:39
Call for agency to only fund Te Reo TV.
Manako 27/03/2014-intro Julian Wilcox27 Mar 2014 06:33
Koro Wetere, Kingi Ihaka, Pita Tipene, Ngaire te Hira, Kingi Biddle,Wiremu huta Martin, Ken Eruera.
Manako 26/03/2014-pt 6-6 Awanui Black and Te Ururoa Flavell26 Mar 2014 07:09
Awanui talks Kohanga Reo and it's Maori Party politics with Te Ururoa Flavell.
Manako 26/03/2014-pt 5-6 Pou Temara26 Mar 2014 07:00
Pou has been selected for the Kings Council he is one of 12 Selected specialy by the Kings advisors.
Manako 26/03/2014-pt 4-6 Sir Toby Curtis26 Mar 2014 06:51
It was Investiture Day for Toby Curtis.
Manako 26/03/2014-pt 3-6 Kim Muriwai26 Mar 2014 06:45
Chair of Te Aho Whakaari Kim was able to present a Award to the late Don Selwyn Whanau.
Manako 26/03/2014-pt 2-6 Dover Samuels26 Mar 2014 06:39
SUICIDE thats Dovers opinion as far as the Mana Party AND Internet Party is concerned.
Manako 26/03/2014-pt 1-6 Annette Sykes26 Mar 2014 06:24
Mana Party has been in the headlines this week, Julian speaks with Annette Sykes.
Manako 26/03/2014-intro Julian Wilcox26 Mar 2014 06:12
Annette Sykes, Dover Samuels,Kim Muriwai, Sir Toby Curtis, Pou Temara, Awanui Black, Te Ururoa Flavell.
Manako 25/03/2014-pt 6-6 Rereata Makiha25 Mar 2014 07:51
Maori TV celebrating 10 years.
Manako 25/03/2014-pt 5-6 Eru thompson25 Mar 2014 07:42
A new rangatahi court at Nga Hau e Wha marae in Christchurch.
Manako 25/03/2014-pt 4-6 Te Hamua Nikora25 Mar 2014 07:30
Synthetic legal highs are a huge problem in Gisborne.
Manako 25/03/2014-pt 3-6 Dr Lilly Fraser25 Mar 2014 07:03
Doctors are over worked causing concern that patients are not being properly cared for.
Manako 25/03/2014-pt 2-6 Potaka Maipi25 Mar 2014 06:54
Our Tainui regional reporter talks aabout the new housing initiative.
Manako 25/03/2014-pt 1-6 Sonny Tau25 Mar 2014 06:45
Tuhoronuku mandate process update.
Manako 25/03/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei25 Mar 2014 06:39
Our guests: Sonny Tau, Potaka Maipi, Lilly Frasier, Te Hamua Nikora, Eru Thompson, Victor Walker and Rereata Makiha
Manako 21/03/2014-pt 5-6 Mamae Takerei and Wairangi Koopu24 Mar 2014 15:46
Mamae talks Tainui Regatta and Wairangi talks NRL
Manako 24/03/2014-pt 6-6 Wairangii Koopu24 Mar 2014 07:30
The Warriors get their first win of the season
Manako 24/03/2014-pt 5-6 Tame Te Rangi24 Mar 2014 07:24
Super 15 results with Tame
Manako 24/03/2014-pt 4-6 Charles Royal24 Mar 2014 07:21
Top academics discuss the loss of funding for Te Pae o te Maramatanga Research Excellence centre.
Manako 24/03/2014-pt 3-6 Rangi Maclean24 Mar 2014 07:09
Maori Health providers hui on problem gambling and smoking cessation.
Manako 24/03/2014-pt 2-6 Kepa Stirling24 Mar 2014 07:00
Te Kepa Sterling on the Auckland Secondary Schools Polyfest.
Manako 24/03/2014-pt 1-6 Maanu Paul24 Mar 2014 06:51
Maanu speaks about the 3 day hui that NZMC and TPK had and what were some of the outcomes.
Manako 24/03/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei24 Mar 2014 06:39
Maanu Paul,Kepa Stirling,Rangi Maclean,Charles Royal, Tame te Rangi, Wairangi Koopu
Manako 21/03/2014 -pt 6-6 Tame Te Rangi21 Mar 2014 08:51
Sports commentator Tame Te Rangi highlights this weekends sporting weekend 
Manako 21/03/2014-pt 5-6 Mamae Takerei and Wairangi Koopu21 Mar 2014 08:45
Mamae Takarei from Tainui looks at this years the annual Tainui Waka Regatta that starts this weekend  and Wairangi Koopu talks NRL
Manako 21/03/2014-pt 4-6 Des Ratima21 Mar 2014 08:36
A hui between NZ  Maori Council the Maori Wardens and Te Puni Kokiri has just finished Des Ratima represents the Wardens.
Manako 21/03/2014-pt 3-6 Haami Piripi21 Mar 2014 07:57
The Maori Innovation Fund has been set up to help high growth businesses 8 Maori tribes have come together to form this venture.
Manako 21/03/2014-pt 2-6 Peter Lucas21 Mar 2014 07:33
News from the regions today we travel up north to Te Reo Irirangi O Te Hiku o Te Ika with Peter Lucas as he casts his eye over the northern region with the latest news.
Manako 21/03/2014-Intro Julian Wilcox21 Mar 2014 06:51
Joe te Rito,Peter Lucas,Haami Piripi, Des Ratima,Jaime Tuuta,Wairangi Koopu, Tame te Rangi
Manako 20/03/2014-pt6-6 Pierre Lyndon20 Mar 2014 09:09
Warriors and how to fix this losing streak.
Manako 20/03/2014-pt 5-6 Haami Piripi20 Mar 2014 09:00
Tuhoronuku is the team to join
Manako 20/03/2014-pt 4-6 Holden Hohaia -Kingi Taurua20 Mar 2014 08:57
Ngati Maru ki Taranaki treaty settlement hui. Kingi Taurua on Maori TV.
Manako 20/03/2014-pt 3-6 Derek Fox20 Mar 2014 08:24
The enquiry into misappropriation of Kohanga reo funds was released this week found no wrong doing.
Manako 20/03/2014-pt 2-6 Wiremu Huta Martin.20 Mar 2014 08:06
Manuka Tutahi fm provides us news from the region.
Manako 20/03/2014-pt 1-6 Maanu Paul20 Mar 2014 07:12
Maori Council tackles TPK and it's to do with the Maori Wardens,
Manako 20/03/2014-intro Dave Kaire20 Mar 2014 06:45
Maanu Paul,Wiremu huta Martin,Derek Fox, Hohaia Holden, Kingi Taurua, Haami Piripi, Pierre Lyndon.
Manako 19/03/2014-pt 6-6 Rereata Makiha, Ken Eruera19 Mar 2014 08:42
Rereata talks politics and yesterdays release of the party polls which were good for national and the green party not so good for Labour. And Ken talks super 15 rugby.
Manako 19/03/2014-pt 5-6 Phil Tarawa-19 Mar 2014 08:33
The latest news & current affairs round up from the East coast.
Manako 19/03/2014-pt 4-6 Pita Paraone19 Mar 2014 08:18
Te Taura Whiri i te Reo Maori have launched a new language initiative.
Manako 19/03/2014- pt 3-6 Eru Thompson19 Mar 2014 08:12
The Maori contingent of the Polyfest were able to finish thanks to Ngati Whatua who paid for another venue after the festival was cut short due to Cyclone Lusi.
Manako 19/03/2014-pt 2-6 Tewi Nichols19 Mar 2014 07:30
Maori Battalion veteran, Reihana Rautahi, aged 95, is being laid to rest in Paeroa.
Manako 19/03/2014- pt 1-6 Rangi Walker19 Mar 2014 07:00
A High Court judge has reserved his decision on whether to grant convicted murderer-rapist Teina Pora bail.
Manako 19/03/2014-intro Julian Wilcox19 Mar 2014 06:54
Rangi Walker ,Tewi Nicholls, Eru Thompson, Pita Paraone, Phill Tarawa, Rereata Makiha, Ken Eruera.
Manako 18/03/2014-pt 6-6 Patu hohepa18 Mar 2014 07:45
A Hapu that previously supported Kotahitanga has decided to now support Tuhoronuku Patu comments on this development..
Manako 18/03/2014-pt 5-6 Te Huranga Hohaia18 Mar 2014 07:33
Hapu gets behind Tuhoronuku.
Manako 18/03/2014-pt 4-6 Rangi Mataamua18 Mar 2014 07:18
Kaua maa te waewae tuutuuki engari ma te upoko pakaru ano. Koinei te hua o te takatu a te whare Wananga o Waikato ki te tautoko ake i te tono puutea a Nga Pae o te Maramatanga.
Manako 18/03/2014-pt 3-6 Potaka Maipi18 Mar 2014 07:09
This weekend marks the 119th anniversary of the Turangawaewae Annual Regatta.
Manako 18/03/2014-pt 2-6 Cameron Dudley18 Mar 2014 06:57
Haka stalwarts Te Huinga Waka have just finished competing in the Australian National Maori Kapa Haka competition held in Sydney.
Manako 18/03/2014-intro Julian Wilcox18 Mar 2014 06:33
Ani Wiki,Cameron,Potaka Maipi,Rangi Mataamua, Te Huranga Hohaia, Patu Hohepa,
Manako 17/03/2014-pt 3-6 Te Ururoa Flavell17 Mar 2014 06:57
The Maori Party have been in Sydney drumming up support at the kapa haka festival.
Manako 17/03/2014-pt 6-6 Wairangi Kopu and Tame te Rangi17 Mar 2014 06:48
Wairangi talks Warriors and Tame talks Super 15
Manako 17/03/2014-pt 5-6 Charlie Tawhio17 Mar 2014 06:42
Discusses the controversy over bilingual promotion and signage in Tauranga.
Manako 17/03/2014-pt 4-6 Wharehoka Wano17 Mar 2014 06:39
Womad survives Lucy.
Manako 17/03/2014-pt 2-6 Rahui Papa17 Mar 2014 06:30
Waikato Tainui  fisheries bylaws focus on sustainable fishing practices on the Waikato River.
Manako 17/03/2014-pt1-6 Shane Jones17 Mar 2014 06:27
The week in politicss
Manako 17/03/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei17 Mar 2014 06:21
Shane Jones, Rahui Papa, Te Ururoa Flavell,Charlie Tawhio, Wharehoka Wano, Wairangi Kopu, Tame te Rangi
Manako 14/03/2014-pt 6-6 Lewin Husband14 Mar 2014 07:42
Sports korero
Manako 14/03/2014-pt 5-6 Nigel Te Hiko14 Mar 2014 07:39
Reo spokesman for the Ngati Raukawa settlement
Manako 14/03/2014-pt 4-4 Skye Kimura14 Mar 2014 07:30
Rangatahi smoking rates have declined.
Manako 14/03/2014-pt 3-6 Wayne Panapa14 Mar 2014 07:21
Sergeant Wayne Panapa and the late Paddy Whiu are among six police staff who have been honoured with a new award for outstanding service and commitment to police and communities.
Manako 14/03/2014-pt 2-6 Charlie Berryman14 Mar 2014 07:12
Maori Tourism hosting delegation from Taiwan
Manako 14/03/2014-pt 1-6 Tane Mahuta Grey14 Mar 2014 07:03
The recent Putahi Festival was such a success, organisers are now planning for future events.
Manako 14/03/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei14 Mar 2014 06:54
Tane Mahuta Grey,Charlie Berryman,Wayne Panapa,Skye Kimura,Nigell Te Hiko Charlie Tawhio,Lewin Husband.
Manako 13/03/2014-pt 6-6 Wiremu Martin and Ken Eruera13 Mar 2014 06:57
Wiremu is our regional reporter and Ken talks sport
Manako 13/03/2014-pt 5-6 Moana Sinclair13 Mar 2014 06:48
Moana is the Lawyer for Ngati Rangitane.
Manako 13/03/2014-pt 4-6 Nanaia Mahuta13 Mar 2014 06:42
Its our weekly political catchup with Labours Nanaia Mahuta.
Manako 13/03/2014-pt 3-6 Maahia Nathan and Editorial13 Mar 2014 06:36
Julian gives his Editorial for the show aswell as a pre rec Maahia Nathan
Manako 13/03/2014-pt 2-6 Kapoi Matherson and Teanau Tuiono13 Mar 2014 06:24
1 pre rec and Teanau represents Te Ata Tino To giving their thorts on a new flag.
Manako 13/03/2014-pt 1-6 Rangi Maclean13 Mar 2014 06:15
Asb polyfest maori party bizness.
Manako 13/03/2014-intro Julian Wilcox13 Mar 2014 06:12
Rangi Maclean,Kapoi Matherson-Tianau Tuiono, Maahia Nathan-Editorial, Nanaia Mahuta, Moana Sinclair, Wiremu huta Martin-Ken Eruera
Manako 12/03/2014 pt 6-6 Tame Te Rangi12 Mar 2014 06:54
Tame talks all sports with Julian.
Manako 12/03/2014 pt 5-6 Glen Katu12 Mar 2014 06:48
NZ Maori Tourism today welcome a delegation from Taiwan to showcase Maori tourism.
Manako 12/03/2014 pt 4-6 Piri Sciascia12 Mar 2014 06:42
Should the New Zealand flag stay or go?
Manako 12/03/2014 pt 3-6 Jaime Tuuta-Editorial12 Mar 2014 06:39
A pre rec with Jaime Tuuta and an editorial from Julian.
Manako 12/03/2014 pt 2-6 Phill Tarawa and Raina Ferris12 Mar 2014 06:33
Phill speaks of the poverty in gisborne aswell as the storm heading their way. Raina Ferris is teaching maori woman how to Karanga.
Manako 12/03/2014 pt 1-6 Eru Thompson12 Mar 2014 06:27
The Auckland Secondary Schools Polyfest begins today.
Manako 12/03/2014-intro Julian Wilcox12 Mar 2014 06:18
Eru Thompson,(phill Tarawa-Raina Ferris ) Jaimie Tuuta -editorial, Piri Sciascia,Glen Katu,Tame Te Rangi.
Manako 11/03/2014-pt 6-6 Charlie Tawhio-Wairangi Koopu11 Mar 2014 07:09
Charlie talks about Tauranga becoming the first bi-lingual city in NZ & Wairangi talks warriors
Manako 11/03/2014-pt 5-6 Potaka Maipi11 Mar 2014 06:54
Potaka is our Tainui Regional news reporter. 6 pokai in 6 days
Manako 11/03/2014-pt 4-6 Wharehoka Wano11 Mar 2014 06:48
Womad and a memorial surf comp for Tk Wano
Manako 11/03/2014-pt 3-6 Willy Te Aho11 Mar 2014 06:45
Lawyer Willy Te Aho speaks of Ngati Whakahemo trying to stop the sale of some of their land.
Manako 11/03/2014-pt 2-6 Shane Jones11 Mar 2014 06:39
Fish dumping by countdown and the election date being set for Sept 20th.
Manako 11/03/2014-pt 1-6 Tamati Krugga11 Mar 2014 06:36
The new 15million dollar whare opened over the weekend in Taneatua.
Manako 11/03/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei11 Mar 2014 06:30
Tamati Krugga, Shane Jones, Willy Te Aho, Wharehoka Wano,Potaka Maipi, Charlie Tawhio, Wairangi Koopu.
Manako 10/03/2014-pt 6-6 Tame Te Rangi10 Mar 2014 07:39
Sports with Tame
Manako 10/03/2014-pt 5-6 Henare Kingi-George Ngatai10 Mar 2014 07:36
Henare speaks about the tv stations asking their staff to declare their party affiliations. George Ngatai talks about the Maori Party candidates for Tamaki Makaurau.
Manako 10/03/2014-pt 4-6 Paraone Gloyn10 Mar 2014 07:30
Tainui regional kapa haka competition has just finished Paraone talks about the results.
Manako 10/03/2014-pt 3-6 Patu Hohepa10 Mar 2014 07:18
The Hokianga hapu collective have asked for a urgent Tribunal hearing.
Manako 10/03/2014- pt 2-6 Poihi Cambell10 Mar 2014 07:12
Our Taranaki regional reporter talks about the upcoming Womad concert.
Manako 10/03/2014-pt 1-6 Te Ururoa Flavell10 Mar 2014 07:06
Te Ururoa was at the opening of the new building in Taneatua for the Tuhoe tribe.
Manako 10/03/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei10 Mar 2014 07:00
Te Ururoa flavell,Te Poihi Cambell,Patu Hohepa,Henare Kingi,Paraone Gloyn, George Ngatai, Tame te Rangi.
Manako 07/03/2014-pt 6-6 Tame te Rangi07 Mar 2014 08:06
Preveiws the weekends super 15 rugby
Manako 07/03/2014-pt 5-6 Chey Miln07 Mar 2014 07:57
The 50 best kapa haka moments of all time.
Manako 07/03/2014 -pt 4-6 Lenny Kapa07 Mar 2014 07:54
What is the significance of the Kuaka bird ?
Manako 07/03/2014-pt 3-6 Kingi Taurua07 Mar 2014 07:45
Why aren' the Royals coming to Waitangi ?
Manako 07/03/2014 pt 2-6 Kataraina O'Brien07 Mar 2014 07:33
International Woman's day 8th Mar 2014
Manako 07/03/2014-pt 1-6 Sonny Tau07 Mar 2014 07:24
Tuhoronuku is determined to get their message through to all of Nga Puhi.
Manako 07/03/2014-intro Julian Wilcox07 Mar 2014 07:18
Sonny Tau,Kataraina O'Brien,Kingi Taurua,Lenni Kapa,Chey Miln, Tame Te Rangi
Manako 6th Mar 2014 pt 6-6 Sheree Waitoa06 Mar 2014 07:06
Christchurch-based musician Sheree Waitoa aka Sista provides an update on the flooding crisis.
Manako 6th mar 2014 pt 5-6 Wiremu Huta Martin06 Mar 2014 06:57
Ngati Awa politics and a new chair at the runanga.
Manako 6th mar 2014 pt 4-6 Tautoko Ratu06 Mar 2014 06:54
Taranaki dialect under threat.
Manako 6th mar 2014 pt 3-6 Charles Royal06 Mar 2014 06:51
Maori Research Centre Nga Pae o te Maramatanga has lost its funding bid.
Manako 6th mar 2014 pt 2-6 Kura Moeahu06 Mar 2014 06:45
Plunket will be visited by the Royals on their upcoming visit to NZ.
Manako 6th mar 2014 pt 1-6 Pita Tipene,Nau Epiha06 Mar 2014 06:33
Pita led a protest march to the Scenic Circle Hotel in Paihia forcing Tuhoronuku to cancel their planned hui.
Manako 6th mar 2014-intro Julian Wilcox06 Mar 2014 06:21
Pita Tipene, Nau Epiha,Kura Moeahu,Charles Royal, Tautoko Ratu,Wiremu huta Martin, Sheree Waitoa.
Manako 050314-pt 6-6 Selwyn Parata- Ken Eruera05 Mar 2014 07:18
kapa haka regionals and Sport with Ken
Manako 05/03/2014-pt 5-6 Phill Tarawa -reg05 Mar 2014 07:00
Rhill our Turanga regional regular is noticing the visible signs of poverty in the area.
Manako 05/03/2014-pt 4-6 Hauata Palmer05 Mar 2014 06:57
Happy for Labour to get rid of the Rena wreckage if they get into Govt.
Manako 05/03/2014-pt 3-6 Haare Williams05 Mar 2014 06:51
Motat Museum has put togeather a 5yr strategic plan to build a closer relationship with local maori.
Manako 05/03/2014-pt 2-6 Maanu Paul05 Mar 2014 06:45
Maori council co-chair Maanu Paul says the council was granted a urgent High Court hearing over the CFRT appointments.
Manako 05/03/2014-pt 1-6 Maisey Rika05 Mar 2014 06:39
Maisey has just returned from her overseas Barefoot Divas tour with Whirimako Black.
Manako 05/03/2014-intro Julian Wilcox05 Mar 2014 06:27
Maisey Rika, Maanu Paul, Haare Williams, Hauata Palmer,Phill Tarawa,Selwyn Parata, Ken Eruera
Manako 04/03/2014-pt 6-6 Te Ururoa Flavell04 Mar 2014 07:09
The 2007 police raids in Tuhoe, possibility of compensation for victims.
Manako 04/03/2014-pt 5-6 Shane Jones04 Mar 2014 07:00
Disagrees with the Unitary Plan, thinks Kingi Taurua has a point with his treaty settlement views
Manako 04/03/2014-pt 4-6 Nita Brown04 Mar 2014 06:54

Raising stroke awareness. Nita Brown is the National Māori Health Advisor at the Stroke Foundation of New Zealand.

Manako 04/03/2014-pt 3-6 Potaka Maipi04 Mar 2014 06:48
The Tainui regionals begin this weekend for Matatini
Manako 04/03/2014-pt 2-6 Waihoroi Shortland04 Mar 2014 06:42
Ngati Hine has come out even more determined to fight Tuhoronuku in the Nga Puhi Treaty Settlements.
Manako 04/03/2014-pt 1-6 Kingi Taurua04 Mar 2014 06:27
Kingi believes that both Tuhoronuku and Te Kotahitanga are both right so perhaps a solution could be found if both parties followed the principles of the Treaty.
Manako 04/03/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei04 Mar 2014 06:18
Kingi Taurua, Waihoroi Shortland, Potaka Maipi, Nita Brown,Shane Jones, Te Ururoa Flavell.
Manako 03/03/2014-pt 6-6 Wharehoka Wano-Tame Te Rangi03 Mar 2014 06:48
Wharehoka Wano on the Sounds Aotearoa festival being held in Wellington this year and the weekend sports round-up with Tame Te Rangi.
Manako 03/03/2014-pt 5-6 Willy Te Aho03 Mar 2014 06:42
Willy Te Aho on social housing.
Manako 03/03/2014-pt 4-6 Blackie Tohiariki03 Mar 2014 06:36
Safe Kids Aotearoa celebrated International Childrens Day.
Manako 03/03/2014-pt 3-6 Rangi Walker03 Mar 2014 06:30
Ranginui Walkers opinion of Shane Taurima & Tamati Coffey entering the political arena.
Manako 03/03/2014-pt 2-6 Arapeta Hakiwai03 Mar 2014 06:21
Arapata Hakiwai: Te Kaihautu of Te Papa on the Tainui 'Tai Timu, Tai Pari' exhibition.
Manako 03/03/2014-pt 1-6 Nanaia Mahuta03 Mar 2014 06:12
Political update with Nanaia Mahuta: child poverty and the Tainui Te Papa exhibition.
Manako 03/03/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei03 Mar 2014 06:06
Nanaia Mahuta,Arapeta Hakiwai,Rangi Walker,Blackie Tohiariki,Willie Te Aho,Wharehoka Wano,Tame Te Rangi
Manako 28/02/2014 pt 6-6 Tame Te Rangi28 Feb 2014 07:45
Tame preview's this weeks Super 15.
Manako 28/02/2014 pt 5-6 Shane Te Ruki-Ngarimu Blair28 Feb 2014 07:36
The Tainui exhibition at Te Papa finishes this Sun
Manako 28/02/2014 pt 3-6 Kiri Daniel28 Feb 2014 07:15
A new smoking campaign called 'WERO' begins.
Manako 28/02/2014 pt 2-6 Dr Lance O'Sullivan28 Feb 2014 07:03
Lance reflects on winning the Kiwibank NZ'er of the Year award.
Manako 28/02/2014 pt 1-6 Koro Wetere28 Feb 2014 06:57
Koro gives his thorts on Minister Sharple's stratergy for the reo.
Manako 28/02/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei28 Feb 2014 06:51
Koro Wetere, Lance OSullivan,Kiri Daniel,Peter Lucas, Shane Te Ruki- Ngarimu Blair, Tame te Rangi.
Manako 27/02/2014 pt 6-6 Manawa Wright27 Feb 2014 07:57
Manawa speaks about the latest whanau language hui they've been holding in Rotorua
Manako 27/02/2014 pt 5-6 Dave Toko and Des Ratima27 Feb 2014 07:48
Maori Wardens are expanding in Australia with the Sydney branch the latest to be launched, Dave Toko is a representative & talks about how well they are being received in Aussie as Maori Wardens. Des Ratima of the nz maori wardens has concerns for the Ma
Manako 27/02/2014 pt 4-6 Tu Maclean,Ururoa Flavell27 Feb 2014 07:24
Tu Macleaan speaks of his support for Willy Jackson during this weeks court case against the Stat board,
Manako 27/02/2014 pt 3-6 Wiremu Huta Martin27 Feb 2014 06:57
Our regional report from Manuka Tutahi is about the Mataatua regionals kapa haka & a new bike trail recently opened.
Manako 27/02/2014 pt 2-6 Haami Piripi27 Feb 2014 06:45
The Govt proposed ICT fund for Maori will go ahead regardless of Telecoms approval.
Manako 27/02/2014 pt 1-6 Tane Mahuta Gray27 Feb 2014 06:33
A group of Maori Artis have teamed up to form Te Putahitanga a te Rehia, Their first project is the Putahi Festival - A week of choice Maori theatre.
Manako 27/02/2014-intro Julian Wilcox27 Feb 2014 06:12
Tane Mahuta Gray,Haami Piripi,Wiremu H Martin,Tu Maclean & Te Ururoa Flavell,Dave Toko & Des Ratima,Manawa Write.
Manako 26/02/2014 Pt 6-6 Stacey Morrison and Ken Eruera26 Feb 2014 07:45
Stacey Morrison on cyber-bullying followed by super-15 rugby with Ken Laban.
Manako 26/02/2014 Pt 5-6 Mp Nanaia Mahuta26 Feb 2014 07:36
Political update from Labour MP Nanaia Mahuta.
Manako 26/02/2014 Pt 4-6 Editorial Joe Harawira26 Feb 2014 07:24
Joe comments on the wage rise from Govt recently,
Manako 26/02/2014 Pt 3-6 Te Rata Hikairo26 Feb 2014 07:09
Cyber bullying social media attacks, Te Rata of the organisation for suicde prevention CASPER discusses this weeks Death of Charlotte Dawson and her battle dealing with negative Social media attacks
Manako 26/02/2014 Pt 2-6 Patu Hohepa26 Feb 2014 06:42
Councillors in Whangarei are opposing the $8m Hundertwasser Maori art gallery project, Patu Hohepa explains the importance of this project.
Manako 26/02/2014 Pt 1-6 Dr Jenny Lee26 Feb 2014 06:30
Dr Jenny Lee is part of a group of waahine leaders in Education leaving today for New York to attend a 5 day course at Harvard University.
Manako 26/02/2014 Intro- Julian Wilcox26 Feb 2014 06:06
On the show: Dr Jenny Lee , Patu Hohepa , Te Rata Hikairo, Joe Harawira, Nanaia Mahuta, Stacey Morrison and Ken Eruera .
Manako 25/02/2014-pt 6-6 Kataraina O'Brien25 Feb 2014 07:42
The MWWL President speaks about maori involvement at the National Pacific Womans conference
Manako 25/02/2014-pt 4-6 Mereana Selby25 Feb 2014 07:24
Te Wananga o Raukawa 2014 what we can look forward to.
Manako 25/02/2014-pt 3-6 Dr Rapata Wiri25 Feb 2014 07:15
Dr Rapata of Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi in Whakatane has developed an App for teaching maori language
Manako 25/02/2014-pt 2-6 Willie Te Aho25 Feb 2014 06:57
Te Aitanga a Mahaki is seeking a mandate from its 6,000 beneficiaries to negotiate their claims
Manoko 25/02/2014-pt 1-6 Te Kahautu Maxwell25 Feb 2014 06:45
Te Kahautu speaks about the Mataatua regionals competions.
Manako 25/02/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei25 Feb 2014 06:36
Te Kahautu Maxwell,Willie Te Aho,Dr Rapata Wiri,Mereana Selby,Kotuku Tibble, Kataraina O'Brien.
Manako 24/02/2014-pt 6-6 Tame Te Rangi24 Feb 2014 07:00
Tame speaks on all the weekends sport
Manako 24/02/2014-pt 5-6 Henare Kingi24 Feb 2014 06:54
Commenting on Shane Taurima .
Manak 24/02/2014-pt 4-6 Matapaepae Urwin24 Feb 2014 06:48
Thr iron maori in Waitara a huge success
Manako 24/02/2014-pt 3-6 Shane Jones24 Feb 2014 06:45
Commenting on the latest poll .
Manako 24/02/2014-pt 2-6 Eru Thompson24 Feb 2014 06:39
Te Kawerau a Maki signed treaty settliement on the weekend 6.5 million
Manako 24/02/2014-pt 1-6 Maanu Paul24 Feb 2014 06:27
The Maori Council do not support Govt reo stratergy.
Manako 24/02/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei24 Feb 2014 06:24
Maanu Paul, Eru Thompson, Shane Jones, Matapaepae Urwin, Henare Kingi Tame te Rangi.
Manako 21/02/2014-pt 6-6 Ngahirika Mason21 Feb 2014 08:12
The 5 maori painters exhibition begins apopo at the Auckland Art Gallery Ngahiraka is curator at the gallery
Manako 21/02/2014-pt 5-6 Tame Te Rangi21 Feb 2014 08:06
Hakinakina The Super 15 kicks off tonite .
Manako 21/02/2014-pt 4-6 Tom Roa-Rereata Makiha21 Feb 2014 07:30
Tom Roa from Waikato Tainui talks about the 150yrs commemoration today of the battle at Rangiaowhia Rereata Makiha talks about a new language programme beginning in March
Manako 21/02/2014-pt 3-6 Wena Tait21 Feb 2014 07:03
Te Upoko O te ika regional reporter gives us a update of all the news .
Manako 21/02/2014-pt 2-6 Oneroa Pihama21 Feb 2014 06:54
Yesterday there was a protest hikoi in Kaikohe from a couple of roopu against Tuhoronuku being given the mandate by Govt.
Manako 21/02/2014-pt 1-6 Hannah O'Regan21 Feb 2014 06:45
3yrs today since Christchurch suffered a major earthquake.
Manako 21/02/2014-intro Julian Wilcox21 Feb 2014 06:39
Hannah Oregan,Oneroa Pihama.,Wena Harawira,Tom Roa, Rereata Makiha,Tame Te Rangi, Nahiraka Mason.
Manako 20/02/2014-pt 6-6 Te Ururoa Flavell20 Feb 2014 07:21
Te Ururoa gives us his weekly thoughts on whats been happening in the Bee Hive and comments on the Maori news for the week
Manako 20/02/2014-pt 5-6 Ken Eruera20 Feb 2014 07:06
Hakinakina ..The difference between the 7's crowds & the 9's crowds is simple, one set go for the socialising aspect the other goes for the love of the sport.
Manako 20/02/2014-pt 4-6 Wiremu Huta Martin20 Feb 2014 06:57
Manuka Tutahi regional, there will be some hui coming up to upskill some of the rangatahi
Manako 20/02/2014-pt 3-6 Pita Paraone Abe Seymour20 Feb 2014 06:54
Pita gives us Winston's thoughts on Shane Taurima's future. Abe Seymour Kaumatua for the Ahuwhenua Awards was at Parliament yesterday for the anouncement of the Ahuwhenua finalist.
Manako 20/02/2014-pt 2-6 Maanu Paul20 Feb 2014 06:36
Tuhoe Bill had their reading in Whakatane yesterday Maanu oposed it.
Manako 20/02/2014-pt 1-6 Pat Hohepa20 Feb 2014 06:30
The Hokianga Hapu collective have come out not supporting Tuhoronuku and today they alongside Kotahitanga will be on a protest hikoi in Kaikohe.
Manako 20/02/2014-intro Julian Wilcox20 Feb 2014 06:21
Pat Hohepa,Maanu Paul,Pita Paraone.Abe Seymour,Wiremu huta Martin, Ken Eruera & Te Ururoa Flavell.
Manako 19/02/2014-pt 6-6 Phill Tarawa and Tame Te Rangi19 Feb 2014 07:21
Regional korero with Phill and Sport with Tame Te Rangi,
Manako 19/02/2014-pt 5-6 Annette Sykes19 Feb 2014 07:12
Mana President Annette Sykes | More Discussion on Shane Taurima and if Labour goes cold on him could Mana Party throw him a lifeline..
Manako 19/02/2014-pt 4-6 Nanaia Mahuta19 Feb 2014 07:06
Nanaia comments on the Shane Taurima embarrisment, Where to from here ??
Manako 19/02/2014-pt 3-6 Willy Te Aho19 Feb 2014 06:45
The death of Dr Nin Thomas is remembered by Willy Te Aho
Manako 19/02/2014-pt 2-6 Jack Macdonald19 Feb 2014 06:36
the green party had a candidates hui on the weekend,
Manako 19/02/2014-Pt 1-6 Dover Samuels19 Feb 2014 06:30
Dover Samuels comments on both the Tuhoronuku mandate & Shane Taurima`s resignation from TVNZ
Manako 19/02/2014-Intro Dave Kaire19 Feb 2014 06:24
Dover Samuels,Jack Macdonald,Willy Te Aho,Nanaia Mahuta,Annette Sykes, Phill Tarawa, Tame te Rangi,
Manako 18/02/2014-pt 6-6 Wairangi Koopu18 Feb 2014 07:24
Sports with Wairangi 9s weekend a big success
Manako 18/02/2014-pt 5-6 Pita Paraone18 Feb 2014 07:18
Nz First wants the Rena disaster cleaned up now !!!!
Manako 18/02/2014-pt 3-6 Wahoroi Shortland18 Feb 2014 07:03
Ngati Hine in heavy discussions on where to go from here with the latest news that the government has accepted Tuhoronuku to deal with Ngapuhi treaty claims
Manako 18/02/2014-pt 2-6 Potaka Maipi18 Feb 2014 06:54
Potaka speaks about Shane Taurima and his involvment in maori broadcasting
Manako 18/02/2014-pt 1-6 Awanui Black18 Feb 2014 06:48
The Rena disaster is making the harbour paru and needs to be moved
Manako 18/02/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei18 Feb 2014 06:42
Awanui Black,Potaka Maipi,Wahoroi Shortland,Toko Pompey,Pita Paraone,Wairangi Kopu
Manako 17/02/2014-pt 6-6 Peter Lucas and Tame Te rangi17 Feb 2014 07:36
Regional news from Te hiku and sports from Tame
Manako 17/02/2014-pt 5-6 Wena Tait17 Feb 2014 07:30
Wena talks about the Reo Stratergy
Manako 17/02/2014-pt 4-6 Shane Jones17 Feb 2014 07:24
Shane speaks about Nga puhi Treaty Settlement
Manako 17/02/2014-pt 3-6 Parekura Kupenga17 Feb 2014 07:15
Parekura an east coast elder talks about the reo strategy
Manako 17/02/2014-pt 2-6 Pita Tipene17 Feb 2014 07:09
Kotahitanga still unhappy that Tuhoronuku being given the mandate by Govt
Manako 17/02/2014-pt 1-6 Sonny Tau17 Feb 2014 06:57
Govt gives Tuhoronuku mandate to negotiate Nga Puhi treaty settlement
Manako 17/02/20-14-intro Raniera Winekerei17 Feb 2014 06:33
Sonny Tau,Pita Tipene,Parekura Kupenga,Shane Jones,Wena Tait,Peter Lucas,Tame te Rangi.
Manako 14/02/2014-Pt 6-6 Wairangi Koopu14 Feb 2014 07:36
Hakinakina The NRL teams have arrived for this weekends 9s. there willl be an official welcome today Wairangi will be leading them on to be welcomed
Manako 14/02/2014-Pt 5-6 Haare Willliams14 Feb 2014 07:24
Not Enough Maori still in some of our Museums in Auckland ie Maritime Museum and the Motat Museum
Manako 14/02/2014-Pt 4-6 Timoti Karetu and Manawa Wright14 Feb 2014 07:15
Timoti Karetu is not in favour of the new Reo stratergy being promoted by the Minister of Maori Affairs Pete Sharples
Manako 14/02/2014-Pt 3-6 Huhana Seve14 Feb 2014 07:06
Attended the last day of the Mahurangi claims
Manako 14/02/2014-Pt 2-6 Pita Paraone14 Feb 2014 07:00
Nz First leader Winston Peters has accused John Key of spying
Manako 14/02/2014-Pt 1-6 Bob Newson14 Feb 2014 06:51
Bob supports Mp Shane Jones attack on Supermarkets and how they interact with their suppliers.
Manako 14/02/2014-Intro Julian Wilcox14 Feb 2014 06:36
Bob Newson,Pita Paraone,Huhana Seve,Timoti Karetu, Manawa Wright, Tuhaakia Keepa,Wairangi Koopu,
Manako 13/02/2014-pt 6-6 George Ngatai , Tame Iti13 Feb 2014 07:18
South Auckland Anti Violence Provider George Ngatai | Response to the Salvation army report on poverty etc ...
Tame Iti | Talks about the Teina Pora case
Manako 13/02/2014- pt 5-6 Irena Smith, Leonie Matoe13 Feb 2014 07:12
TVNZ Journalist Irena Smith | Parliamentary Politics
Health Worker Leonie Matoe | A 3 day health conference Toi Tangata Maori is being held in Auckland
Manako 13/02/2014-pt 4-6 Wiremu Huta Martin13 Feb 2014 07:06
Whakatane Regional Reporter  Wiremu Huta Martin | A focus on issues relating to people in the Whakatane area- Rangatahi struggling to get on the benefit
Manako 13/02/2014-pt 3-6 Jack McDonald13 Feb 2014 07:03
Green Party candidate Jack McDonald | Jack discusses the Reo Strategy and how things are looking the electorate of Te Tai Hau A Uru
Manako 13/02/2014-pt 2-6 Wena Tait13 Feb 2014 06:54
Te Upoko O Te Ika General Manager Wena Tait | Whats maori broadcastings involvement in relation to the new reo stratergy by the Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples 
Manako 13/02/2014-pt1-6 Sarah Tiakiwai13 Feb 2014 06:48
Waikato Tainui College Sarah Tiakiwai Students enrolled in the MBA graduate today 
Manako 13/02/2014-Intro Julian Wilcox13 Feb 2014 06:45
Sarah Tiakiwai,Wena Tait,Jack McDonald,Wiremu Huta Martin,Irena Smith, ( Leonie Matoe,Wiremu Sarich) George Ngatai, Tame Iti.
Manako 12/022014-pt 6-6 Nanaia Mahuta and Ken Eruera12 Feb 2014 06:21
politics and Sport
Manako 12/02/2014-pt 5-6 Sky kimura and Pou Temara12 Feb 2014 06:15
Smoking and the reo stratergy
Manako 12/02/2014-pt 4-6 Shane Jones12 Feb 2014 06:09
Labour Maori Affairs Shane Jones is scathing of the new Reo Stratergy and Pita Sharples lack of consultation with himself and the other reo speaking MP's in the house
Manako 12/02/2014-pt 3-6 Phill Tarawa12 Feb 2014 04:33
Regional news Turanga Fm
Manako 12/02/2014-pt 2-6 Willy Te Aho12 Feb 2014 04:30
Ngati Haua submissions today
Manako 12/02/2014-pt 1-6 Rahui Papa12 Feb 2014 04:27
150yrs since battle of Waiari happened
Manako 12/02/2014-intro Julian Wilcox12 Feb 2014 04:12
Rahui papa,Willy Te Aho,Phill Tarawa,Shane Jones,Sky Kimura, Pou Temara,Nanaia Mahuta, Ken Eruera.
Manako 11/02/2014-pt 5-6 Paraone Gloyne11 Feb 2014 06:48
The Latest reo Strategy by Government doesnt concentrate enough on education
Manako 11/02/2014-pt 6-6 Tame te Rangi11 Feb 2014 06:48
Manako 11/02/2014-pt 4-6 Annette Sykes11 Feb 2014 06:42
An update on Mana heading in to election year
Manako 11/02/2014-pt 3-6 Pita Tipene11 Feb 2014 06:39
Speaking about the Nga Puhi treaty settlement
Manako 11/02/2014-pt 2-6 Potaka Maipi11 Feb 2014 06:30
Tainui regional news
Manako 11/02/2014-pt 1-6 Haami Piripi11 Feb 2014 06:27
Responding to a article written in the weekend papers by Mat McCarten
Manako 11/02/2014-intro Julian Wilcox11 Feb 2014 06:21
Haami Piripi,Potaka Maipi,Pita Tipene,Annette Sykes,Paraone Gloyn,Tame Te Rangi
Manako 10/02/2014-pt 6-6 Tame te Rangi10 Feb 2014 06:57
The weekends sports
Manako 10/02/2014-pt 5-6 Te Rata Hikairo10 Feb 2014 06:54
Concerns on the upcoming suicide conference starting this week in Wellington
Manako 10/02/2014-pt 4-6 Hineiti Greensill10 Feb 2014 06:48
Reserch on child rearing project
Manako 10/02/2014-pt 3-6 Ururoa Flavell10 Feb 2014 06:45
Responding to Hone Harawiras' comments that the Maori Party have lost voters
Manako 10/02/2014-pt1-6 Shane Jones10 Feb 2014 06:39
Political Korero
Manako 10/02/2014-pt 2-6 Henare Kingi10 Feb 2014 06:39
Are the maori party losing its voters ?
Manako 10/02/2014-intro Julian Wilcox10 Feb 2014 06:36
Shane jones.Henare Kingi,Ururoa flavell,Hineiti Greensill,Te Rata Hikaira, Tame te rangi.
Tawera 07/02/2014-pt 6-6 Dame Iritana Tawhiwhirangi07 Feb 2014 07:33
Dame Iritana Tawhiwhirangi | Marae investigate programme awards Iritana the Life Time Achievement Award
Tawera 07/02/2014-pt 5-6 Bishop Brown Turei07 Feb 2014 07:27
Bishop Brown Turei | Anglican church to celebrate 200 yrs since pakeha gave their sermon
Tawera 07/02/2014-pt 4-6 Toby Curtis07 Feb 2014 07:15
Te Arawa uri Toby Curtis | Iwi forum member named 3 key areas of discussion with prime minister
Tawera 07/02/2014-pt 3-6 Pita Tipene07 Feb 2014 07:06
Pita Tipene | Nga Puhi hapu representative, a cash up front offer by govt wont speed up their treaty settlement negotiations any quicker.
Tawera 07/02/2014-pt 2-6 Waihoroi Shortland07 Feb 2014 06:45
Ngati Hine representative Waihoroi Shortland | Waihoroi feels that there is still some way to go before Nga Puhi are united for their Waitangi treaty settlement.
Tawera 07/02/2014-pt 1-6 Tamati Kruger07 Feb 2014 06:30
Tuhoe leader Tamati Kruger | Marae Investirgate programme named Tamati Kruger Maori of the year 2013.
Tawera 07/02/2014 intro Eru Morgan07 Feb 2014 06:24
Tamati Kruger,Waharoi Shortland,Pita Tipene,Toby Curtis,Bishop Brown Turei, Iritana Tawhiwhirangi.
Tawera 06/02/2014 - Part 506 Feb 2014 07:48
Oneroa Pihama | Waitangi celebrations in Hokianga
Tawera 06/02/2014 - Part 606 Feb 2014 07:48
Rereata Makiha | Hakinakina
Tawera 06/02/2014 - Part 406 Feb 2014 07:45
Derek Fox | Government have seized land of Patricia Grace
Tawera 06/02/2014 - Part 306 Feb 2014 07:45
Shane Te Ruki | Te Papa Tamoko
Tawera 06/02/2014 - Part 106 Feb 2014 07:42
Sonny Tau | Iwi leaders meet with John Key today
Tawera 06/02/2014 - Part 206 Feb 2014 07:42
Huri Dennis | Police happy with Waitangi
Tawera 06/02/2014 - Intro06 Feb 2014 07:39
Tawera Intro
Tawera 05022014 - pt 6-6 Ken Eruera05 Feb 2014 07:03
Radio Ngati Porou sports presenter Ken Eruera | Hakinakina
Tawera 05022014 - pt 5-6 Arana Taumata05 Feb 2014 07:00
TVNZ / Marae Investigates Producer Arana Taumata | Marae Investigates names their Nga Toa Whakaihuwaka - Maori Of The Year 'live' on Waitangi Day
Tawera 0502014 - pt 4-6 Haare Williams05 Feb 2014 06:54
Labour Party supporter Haare Williams | Labour party caucus held at Papakura Marae
Tawera 05022014 - pt 3-6 Kingi Taurua05 Feb 2014 06:48
Ngapuhi kaumatua Kingi Taurua | Maintaining order at Te Tii a struggle
Tawera 05022014 - pt 2-6 Maanu Paul05 Feb 2014 06:45
Maori Council co chair Maanu Paul | The NZMC are holding AGM in Waitangi
Tawera 05022014 - pt 1-6 Irena Smith05 Feb 2014 06:42
Te Karere reporter Irena Smith | Irena Smith reporting from Waitangi 2014
Tawera 05022014 - Intro Eru Morgan05 Feb 2014 06:33
Irena Smith,Maanu Paul,Kingi Taurua,Haare Williams, Arana Taumata, Ken Eruera.
Tawera 04022014 - pt 6-6 Hek Busby and Hemaima Hughes04 Feb 2014 06:36
Tohunga Waka Hekenukumai Busby & Maori Nurse President Hemaima Hughes | Junior waka kaihoe being presented awards and Hemaima Hughes talks health
Tawera 04022014 - pt 5-6 Haami Piripi04 Feb 2014 06:30
Te Rarawa Chair Haami Piripi | The Hikoi in the North, also Te Rarawa veiws on the deep sea drilling
Tawera 04022014 - pt 4-6 Tunuiarangi McLean04 Feb 2014 06:24
Manurewa Marae Chairman Tunuiarangi McLean | Tunuiarangi has put his name up for the Maori Party selection of the Tamaki Makaurau electorate.
Tawera 04022014 - pt3-6 Mereana Peka04 Feb 2014 06:21
Maori Warden Mereana Peka | Maori Wardens gearing up for Waitangi Day still with limited Putea
Tawera 04022014 - pt 2-6 Wati Chaplow04 Feb 2014 06:18
Detective Sergeant Wati Chaplow | DS Chaplow was a participant in the rumaki reo class last year through Te Wananga Takiura O Nga Kura Kaupapa Maori O Aotearoa. Yesterday saw another intake of police officers who will be taking the reo course.
Tawera 04022014 - pt 1-6 Kingi Taurua04 Feb 2014 06:15
Te Tii Marae spokesperson Kingi Taurua | Planning and regular updates for Waitangi 2014
Tawera 04022014 -Intro Eru Morgan04 Feb 2014 06:12
Kingi Taurua,Wati Chaplow,Mereana Peka,Rangi McLean, Haami Piripi, Hek Busby & Hemaimaa Hughes
Tawera 30 jan 2014 pt 3-6 Te Rata Hikairo30 Jan 2014 06:51
Represents CASPER and they disagree with latest Suicide figures released from Ministry of Health
Tawera 29012014 - pt 1 of 6 Kingi Taurua29 Jan 2014 06:30
Kingi Taurua from Ngapuhi talks to Eruera Morgan about Waitangi 2014
Tawera 28/01/2014-pt 6-6 Parekura Kupenga28 Jan 2014 07:24
Sports Benji Marshall dreams of becoming an All Black
Tawera 28/01/2014-pt 5-6 Kipa Munro28 Jan 2014 07:15
More comments on the success of the Nga Puhi festival
Tawera 28/01/2014-pt 4-6 Maisey Rika28 Jan 2014 07:06
Commenting on Lords x 2 grammy wins
Tawera 28/01/2014-pt 3-6 Kelly Tipene28 Jan 2014 06:57
Aotearoa canabis Party welcomes the Green parties policy on canabis
Tawera 28/01/2014-pt-2-6 Andre Mason28 Jan 2014 06:51
Response to Shane Jones Attack on Aotearoa Canabis Party korero at Ratana
Tawera 28/01/2014-pt 1-6 Hone Harawira28 Jan 2014 06:45
Deep sea oil drilling Hikoi
Tawera 28/01/2014-intro Dave Kaire28 Jan 2014 06:39
Hone Harawira,Andre Mason,Kelly Mason,Maisey Rika,Kipa Munro,Parekura Kupenga
Tawera 27/01/2014 - Part 627 Jan 2014 08:18
Tame Te Rangi | Are the breakers back?
Tawera 27/01/2014 - Intro27 Jan 2014 08:18
Tawera Intro
Tawera 27/01/2014 - Part 527 Jan 2014 08:15
Pierre Lyndon | Greens new education policy for the poor
Tawera 27/01/2014 - Part 427 Jan 2014 08:12
Babe Kepa | Ngapuhi Festival
Tawera 27/01/2014 - Part 327 Jan 2014 08:12
Kingi Taurua | Hui to discuss this years Waitangi Day
Tawera 27/01/2014 - Part 227 Jan 2014 08:09
Te Ururoa Flavel | Maori Party would consider working with Labour Party
Tawera 27/01/2014 - Part 127 Jan 2014 08:06
Nanaia Mahuta | Kingitanga Support / Setting up a Iwi advisory support
Tawera 24/01/2014-pt 6-6 Potaka Maipi24 Jan 2014 07:39
Kingitanga off to Ratana celebrations
Tawera 24/01/2014-pt 5-6 Quinten Hita24 Jan 2014 07:36
Mts Programming needs changing
Tawera 24/01/2014-pt 4-6 Shane Jones24 Jan 2014 07:30
Labour Maori Affairs spokesperson Shane Jones and a large contingent of politicians will be welcomed on to Ratana today
Tawera 24/01/2014-pt 1-6 Hekia Parata24 Jan 2014 07:27
Education Minister Hekia Parata and the National government have announced a large funding boost and initiatives to increase education achievement.
Tawera 23012013 - pt 6-6 Lloyd Whiu23 Jan 2014 11:03
Kawhia Kai Festival Organiser Lloyd Whiu | Annual kai festival for all the whanau
Tawera 23/01/2014-pt 1-6 Dr Lance O'Sullivan23 Jan 2014 10:24
Dr Lance O'Sullivan | Recognition of his mahi in health and a finalist in the NZer of the Year Awards
Tawera 230114-intro23 Jan 2014 10:09
Host: Kotuku Tibble
Tawera 22012014 - pt 6 of 6 Andre Mason22 Jan 2014 10:00
Ratana spokesperson Andre Mason | Ratana 2014
Tawera 22012014 - pt 5 of 6 Te Hira Paenga22 Jan 2014 09:57
Te Hira Paenga | Te Hira is up for Maori Party selection of the Tamaki Makaurau Electorate once Dr Pita Sharples resigns this year
Tawera 22012014 - pt 4 of 6 Blackie Tohiariki22 Jan 2014 09:51
Blackie Tohiariki | Safe Kids Aotearoa and looking after our pepi
Tawera 22012014 - pt 2 of 6 Te Kahautu Maxwell22 Jan 2014 09:48
Ringatu Minister Te Kahautu Maxwell | 300 Ringatu are heading to the Ratana celebrations
Tawera 22012014 - pt 1 of 6 Dame Iritana Tawhiwhirangi22 Jan 2014 09:45
Dame Iritana Tawhiwhirangi: Kiwibank NZ'er of the Year finalist
Tawera 22012014 - Intro22 Jan 2014 09:12
Tawera | Dame Iritana Tawhiwhirangi, Te Kahautu Maxwell, Erana Hemmingson, Blackie Tohariki, Te Hira Paenga, Andre Mason
Tawera 21012014 - pt 4 of 6 Tamahou Temara21 Jan 2014 13:36
Tamahou Temara from Toi Maori | Maori and Indigenous Artists converntion in Ngapuhi
Tawera 21012014 - pt 6 of 6 Mike Hollis21 Jan 2014 13:15
Sports Commentator Mike Hollis | Hakinakina
Tawera 21012014 - pt 5 of 6 Hoturoa Kerr21 Jan 2014 13:06
Hoturoa Kerr | Waka Ama Nationals at Karapiro a huge success
Tawera 21012014 - pt 3 of 6 Hemana Maruera21 Jan 2014 13:00
Hemana Maruera | Book launch at Kokohinau Marae of the Kingitanga relationship. Nga Poukai O Kokohinau
Tawera 21012014 - pt 2 of 6 Toa Raukura Ahuahu21 Jan 2014 12:48
Toa Raukura Ahuahu | Tongan Cyclone Ian relief
Tawera 21012014 - pt 1 of 6 Nanaia Mahuta21 Jan 2014 12:36
Hauraki / Waikato MP Nanaia Mahuta | Political aspirations for 2014
Tawera 21012014 - Intro21 Jan 2014 11:48
Tawera | Nanaia Mahuta, Toa Raukawa Ahuahu, Hemana Maruera, Tamahou Temara, Hotroa Kerr, Mike Hollis
Tawera 20122013 - pt 6 of 6 Bailey Mackey20 Dec 2013 09:33
Bailey Mackey | Successful Maori producer and what hes been up and also a look at sports events that caught his eye for the year
Tawera 20122013 - pt 5 of 6 Pierre Lyndon20 Dec 2013 09:27
Pierre Lyndon | Waitangi Tribunal hearings continue for northern iwi
Tawera 20122013 - pt 4 of 6 Waihoroi Shortland20 Dec 2013 09:21
Waihoroi Shortland | Maori Television
Tawera 20122013 - pt 3 of 6 Potaka Maipi20 Dec 2013 09:18
Potaka Maipi | A look at Tainui kaupapa for 2013 and 2014
Tawera 20122013 - pt 2 of 6 Henare Kingi20 Dec 2013 09:18
Political commentator Henare Kingi | Review of the year 2013 and a look ahead to 2014
Tawera 20122013 - pt 1 of 6 Shane Jones20 Dec 2013 09:12
Labour List MP Shane Jones | Relection of the political year for 2013
Tawera 20122013 - Intro20 Dec 2013 09:12
Shane Jones, Henare Kingi, Potaka Maipi, Waihoroi Shortland, Perre Lyndon and Bailey Mackey
Tawera 19122013 - pt 6 of 6 Tame Te Rangi19 Dec 2013 08:42
Sports commentator Tame Te Rangi | Highs for the 2013 sporting year
Tawera 19122013 - pt 5 of 6 Abe Seymour19 Dec 2013 08:39
Ahuwhenua Kaumatua Abe Seymour | Farms to provide more work for Maori
Tawera 19122013 - pt 4 of 6 Tainui Stephens19 Dec 2013 08:36
Tainui Stephens | Currently filming for Dead Lands but also what direction is filmaking heading especially for Maori filmakers following the governments announcement with tax breaks
Tawera 19122013 - pt 3 of 6 Kingi Taurua19 Dec 2013 08:30
Kngi Taurua | The passing of Vapi Kupenga and Denis Hansen were a huge loss to the community
Tawera 19122013 - pt 2 of 6 Nanaia Mahuta19 Dec 2013 08:27
Hauraki Waikato MP Nanaia Mahuta | The loss of Parekura Horomia was a huge loss to Labour and Maori
Tawera 19122013 - Intro19 Dec 2013 08:18
Tawera | Te Ururoa Flavell, Nanaia Mahuta, Kingi Taurua, Tainui Stephens, Abe Seymour, Tame Te Rangi
Tawera 19122013 - pt 1 of 6 Te Ururoa Flavell19 Dec 2013 08:18
Maori Party co leader Te Ururoa Flavell | Maori Party highs and challenges of 2013 and looking ahead to 2014
Tawera 18122013 - pt 6 of 6 Mike Hollis18 Dec 2013 08:24
Mike Hollis | The highs and lows in the Maori sporting world
Tawera 18122013 - pt 5 of 6 Mark Haimona18 Dec 2013 08:18
Mark Haimona | Kia Maanu Kia Ora Water Safety programme
Tawera 18122013 - pt 4 of 6 Boyd Broughton18 Dec 2013 08:09
ASH Boyd Broughton | Tariana Turia's plain packaging Bill supported wholeheartedly by ASH
Tawera 18122013 - pt 3 of 6 Piki Thomas18 Dec 2013 08:06
NZ Fire Service Piki Thomas | Be aware of fire risks over summer holidays
Tawera 18122013 - pt 2 of 6 Kereama Pene18 Dec 2013 08:03
Kereama Pene | John Keys criticism of Hone Harawira is out of line
Tawera 18122013 - pt 1 of 6 Charlie Tawhiao18 Dec 2013 08:00
Charlie Tawhiao  Rangatahi give their views on possible uses for Ngai Te Rangi settlement monies
Tawera 18122013 - Intro18 Dec 2013 07:57
Tawera | Charlie Tawhiao, Kereama Pene, Piki Thomas, Boyd Broughton, Mark Haimona, Mike Hollis
Tawera 17122013 - pt 6 of 6 Tiaki Kaa17 Dec 2013 07:54
Tiaki Kaa | The opening of Horouta Marae at Wellington Police College
Tawera 17122013 - pt 5 of 6 Leonie Matoe17 Dec 2013 07:51
Leonie Matoe is the Nutrition and Physical Activity advisor for Te Hotu Manawa Maori | Latest figures show that we are an obese nation. Leonie talks about this and getting back to healthy kai and activity
Tawera 17122013 - pt 4 of 6 Quinton Hita17 Dec 2013 07:45
Quinton Hita | Government announces funding incentives for filmakers
Tawera 17122013 - pt 3 of 6 Te Hamua Nikora17 Dec 2013 07:39
Te Hamua Nikora | Youth suicide continues to grow. Hui Up was a inititiative by community to highlight the issue. Te Hamua has been proactive in highlighting to rangatahi and whanau not to go down this pathway
Tawera 17122013 - pt 2 of 6 Willie Te Aho17 Dec 2013 07:33
WillieTe Aho | Changes to the Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples wants to put appointments to the Maori language commission and Maori broadcast funding agency in the hands of a Maori/iwi electoral college.The new body, Te Matawai, would also take over f
Tawera 17122013 - pt 1 of 6 Maanu Paul17 Dec 2013 07:27
Co Chair NZ Maori Council Maanu Paul | NZ Maori Council seek an urgent hearing on Community Development Act
Tawera 17122013 - Intro17 Dec 2013 07:18
Tawera | Maanu Paul, WillieTe Aho, Te Hamua Nikora, Quinton Hita, Leonie Matoe, Tiaki Kaa
Tawera 16122013 - pt 6 of 6 Tame Te Rangi16 Dec 2013 07:30
Tame Te Rangi | Fight for Life
Tawera 16122013 - pt 5 of 6 Manawa Wright16 Dec 2013 07:27
Manawa Wright | Kura Kaupapa Maori National Hakinakina
Tawera 16122013 - pt 4 of 6 Ratu Tibble16 Dec 2013 07:24
Ratu Tibble | Ratu has been criticised for his translations of a Brazilian book in to te reo Maori
Tawera 16122013 - pt 3 of 6 Professor Pou Temara16 Dec 2013 07:21
Prof Pou Temara | A member of the Waitangi Tribunal Prof Temara responds to last weeks Maniapoto claims that they are offended a Waitangi Tribunal judge in its rohe stopped a lawyer from questioning witnesses in te reo Maori.
Tawera 16122013 - pt 2 of 6 Shane Jones16 Dec 2013 07:12
Labour MP Shane Jones | Nelson Mandela and the NZ Maori politics
Tawera 16122013 - pt 1 of 6 Dr Pita Sharples16 Dec 2013 07:09
Dr Pita Sharples | Honoured to be able to attend the tangihanga of Nelson Mandela
Tawera 16122013 - Intro16 Dec 2013 07:06
Tawera | Pita Sharples, Shane Jones, Pou Temara, Ratu Tibble, Manawa Wright, Tame Te Rangi
Tawera 13122013 - pt 6 of 6 Colleen Morehu13 Dec 2013 09:42
Colleen Morehu | Tamariki National Hakinakina Week
Tawera 13122013 - pt 5 of 6 Jenny Bol Lee |13 Dec 2013 08:57
Jenny Bol Lee | Doctoral dinner at Auckland University tonight to celebrate 80 Maori students currently enrolled with the university.
Tawera 13122013 - pt 4 of 6 Rahui Papa13 Dec 2013 08:30
Rahui Papa about Tainui who will hold a memorial service for Nelson Mandela at Turangawaewae Marae
Tawera 13122013 - pt 3 of 6 Kataraina O'Brien13 Dec 2013 08:24
MWWL President Kataraina O'Brien | The highlights for the leagues this year and challenges for 2014
Tawera 13122013 - pt 2 of 6 Annette Sykes13 Dec 2013 08:24
Annette Sykes about the passing of the Mokomoko Bill earlier this week in parliament and also the passing of Nelson Mandela
Tawera 13122013 - pt 1 of 6 Hauata Palmer13 Dec 2013 08:15
Hauata Palmer - Tauranga Moana Iwi Ngai Te Rangi settlement will be signed on Saturday
Tawera 13122013 - Intro13 Dec 2013 08:09
Tawera| Hauata Palmer, Annette Sykes, Kataraina O'Brien, Rahui Papa, Jenny Bol Lee, Colleen Morehua
Tawera 12122013 - pt 2 of 6 Dr Ranginui Walker12 Dec 2013 08:36
Dr Ranginui Walker | Mokomoko Bill in parliament and Nelson Mandela
Tawera 12122013 pt 6 of 6 Tamahou Temara12 Dec 2013 08:21
Tamahou Temara | European and American kaihoe to be at Waitangi 2014
Tawera 12122013 - pt 5 of 6 Te Raa Nehua12 Dec 2013 08:12
Te Raa Nehua | Planned protest action to highlight northern mining threat
Tawera 12122013 - pt 4 of 6 Henare Kingi12 Dec 2013 08:03
Political comm