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Manako 21102014 - Pt 6 Pita Tipene and Potaka Maipi21 Oct 2014 07:42
Pita Tipene | Motatau beats Matawaia in the Peeni Wynyard Trophy for rugby and netball || Potaka Maipi | Tainui are looking to purchase state house surplus
Manako 21102014 - Pt 5 Hone Sadler21 Oct 2014 07:27
Hone Sadler | The launch of his new book; Tautoro :Te Pito O Toku Ao
Manako 21102014 - Pt 4 Stacey Morrison21 Oct 2014 07:27
Stacey Morrison | Labour have named their panelists to review the party's worse ever election results.
Manako 21102014 - Pt 3 Pita Paraone21 Oct 2014 07:21
NZ First MP Pita Paraone | NZ First MP's were very excited and happy at the swearing in at parliament
Manako 21102014 - Pt 2 Koro Wetere21 Oct 2014 07:21
Koro Wetere | Tribute to the passing of Rahera Barrett- Douglas
Manako 21102014 - Pt 1 Nikorima Wharerau21 Oct 2014 07:18
Nikorima Wharerau | KIWA wins Innovation Award
Manako 21102014 - Intro21 Oct 2014 07:15
Host: Pierre Lyndon | Guests: Nikorima Wharerau, Koro Wetere, Pita Paraone, Stacey Morrison, Hone Sadler, Pita Tipene, Potaka Maipi
Manako 20102014 - Pt 6 Ken Eruera and Tame Te Rangi20 Oct 2014 07:36
Ken Eruera | All Blacks comeback in the last minute to beat Australia || Tame Te Rangi | ITM semi finals are exciting
Manako 20102014 - Pt 5 Wena Tait and Mauriora Kingi20 Oct 2014 07:27
Wena Tait | Maori writers hui held in south Auckland || Mauriora Kingi | Theres a new head of carving at Te Puia in Rotorua
Manako 20102014 - Pt 4 Nanaia Mahuta20 Oct 2014 07:24
Hauraki Waikato Nanaia Mahuta | Labour hold their Caucus " camp"
Manako 20102014 - Pt 3 Sonny Niha20 Oct 2014 07:21
Waipareira kaumatua Sonny Niha | Waipareira have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with The Accident Compensation Corporation
Manako 20102014 - Pt 2 Huhana Seve20 Oct 2014 07:18
Huhana Seve | An introductory course at Hato Petera College to the Ngapuhi Whare Waananga is causing a lot of interest
Manako 20102014 - Pt 1 Hemi Kaakaa20 Oct 2014 07:18
Hemi Kaakaa | Pare Hauraki Kapa Haka competitions
Manako 20102014 - Intro20 Oct 2014 07:15
Host: Pierre Lyndon | Guests: Hemi Kaakaa, Huhana Seve, Sonny Niha, Nanaia Mahuta, Wena Tait, Mauriora Kingi, Ken Eruera, Tame Te Rangi
Manako 17102014 - Pt 6 Monty Soutar17 Oct 2014 09:57
Maori historian Monty Soutar | 100 years Maori Pioneer Battalion was formed for WWI. Today marks the commemoration of that event
Manako 17102014 - Pt 5 Wena Tait17 Oct 2014 08:15
Wena Tait | Maori writers hui being held in south Auckland this weekend and a large number of younger writers show interest in the kaupapa
Manako 17102014 - Pt 4 Peter Lucas Jones17 Oct 2014 08:00
Peter Lucas Jones | Unveiling of pouahu for Te Aupouri
Manako 17102014 - Pt 3 Linda Te Aho17 Oct 2014 07:57
Ngati Koroki Kahukura member Linda Te Aho | Maungatautari management issues being sorted
Manako 17102014 - Pt 2 Glen Wilcox17 Oct 2014 07:54
Auckland IMSB Member Glen Wilcox | Auckland Cocncil to allocate more funding to kaupapa Maori
Manako 17102014 - Pt 1 Maiki Marks17 Oct 2014 07:51
Claimant Maiki Marks | Far north kuia is appalled at a decision by independent commissioners to grant consents for a multimillion dollar expansion of the Opua marina
Manako 17102014 - Intro17 Oct 2014 07:48
Host: Dave Kaire | Guests: Maiki Marks, Glen Wilcox, Linda Te Aho, Peter Lucas Jones, Wena Tait, Monty Soutar
Manako 16102014 - Pt 2 Dr Rawiri Jansen16 Oct 2014 08:33
Dr Rawiri Jansen | The threat of Ebola
Manako 16102014 - Pt 6 Dallas Seymour16 Oct 2014 08:30
Dallas Seymour | The Wallabies maybe in disarray but they will be dangerous and look out for Quade Cooper
Manako 16102014 - Pt 5 Kotuku Tibble16 Oct 2014 08:27
Kotuku Tibble | Documentary on the Goethe Family and their German/Maori whakapapa links
Manako 16102014 - Pt 4 Wiremu Huta Martin16 Oct 2014 08:24
Manuka Tutahi reporter Wiremu Huta Martin | Hunting licenses in Te Urewera have been suspended to all hunters
Manako 16102014 - Pt 3 Oneroa Pihema16 Oct 2014 08:15
Oneroa Pihema | Hokianga hapu hui with the crown over representation for treaty claims
Manako 16102014 - Pt 1 Nanaia Mahuta16 Oct 2014 08:12
Hauraki Waikato MP Nanaia Mahuta | Her bid for the Labour leadership
Manako 16102014 - Intro16 Oct 2014 08:09
Host: Dave Kaire | Guests: Nanaia Mahuta, Dr Rawiri Jansen, Oneroa Pihema, Wiremu Huta Martin, Kotuku Tibble, Dallas Seymour
Manako 15102014 - Pt 6 Ken Eruera15 Oct 2014 08:45
Radio Ngati Porou reporter Ken Eruera | Forget about Daniel Carter Aaron Cruden is the common sense option for the Number 10 jersey
Manako 15102014 - Pt 5 Rahui Papa15 Oct 2014 08:42
Waikato Tainui spokesperson Rahui Papa | Tainui education strategy
Manako 15102014 - Pt 4 Sophie Nock15 Oct 2014 08:36
Senior lecturer at Waikato University’s by Te Pua Wananga ki te Ao - Sophie Nock | Complacency is hampering efforts to increase the number of people learning and speaking Maori.
Manako 15102014 - Pt 3 Peeni Henare15 Oct 2014 08:33
Maori Caucus Chair Peeni Henare | Nanaia Mahuta has put her hand up for the Labour Party leadership
Manako 15102014 - Pt 2 Tina Wickliffe15 Oct 2014 08:33
Turanganui Reporter Tina Wickliffe | Labour leadership a luck y dip
Manako 15102014 - Pt 1 Te Ururoa Flavell15 Oct 2014 08:18
Maori Development Minister Te Ururoa Flavell | Institutional racism is rife in the justice system
Manako 15102014 - Intro15 Oct 2014 08:15
Te Ururoa Flavell, Tina Wickliffe, Peeni Henare, Sophie Nock, Rahui Papa, Ken Eruera
Manako 14102014 - Pt 6 Potaka Maipi and Henare Kingi14 Oct 2014 09:03
Potaka Maipi | Tainui kaupapa || Henare Kingi | Where are all the Maori footballers
Manako 14102014 - Pt 5 Ngahiraka Mason14 Oct 2014 08:57
Ngahiraka Mason | Ngahiraka discusses the works of Lindauer
Manako 14102014 - Pt 4 Tamati Kruger14 Oct 2014 08:57
Tuhoe mangai Tamati Kruger | All licenses to hunt in Te Urewa have been suspended until details are finalised with the iwi
Manako 14102014 - Pt 3 Arapata Hakiwai14 Oct 2014 08:54
Te Papa Tongarewa mangai Arapata Hakiwai | Arapata pays tribute to Jonathon Mane Wheoki
Manako 14102014 - Pt 2 Haare Williams14 Oct 2014 08:51
Labour stalwart Haare Williams | Labour Party leadership
Manako 14102014 - Pt 1 Willis Katene14 Oct 2014 08:51
Willis Katene | A new book written by Dr Selwyn Katene on early Maori mormon leaders
Manako 14102014 - Intro14 Oct 2014 08:45
Host: Pierre Lyndon | Guests: Willis Katene, Haare Williams, Arapata Hakiwai, Tamati Kruger, Ngahiraka Mason, Potaka Maipi and Henare Kingi
Manako 13102014 - Pt 1 Awanui Black13 Oct 2014 10:15
Awanui Black | Bay of Plenty Regional Council adopt Maori ideals
Manako 13102014 - Pt 4 Waihoroi Shortland13 Oct 2014 10:12
Waihoroi Shortland | Te Reo Maori in broadcasting is a live and well
Manako 13102014 - Pt 3 Jim Mather13 Oct 2014 10:12
CEO Te Wananga O Aotearoa Jim Mather | Restructuring at TWOA
Manako 13102014 - Pt 6 Tame Te Rangi13 Oct 2014 10:09
Tame Te Rangi | ITM Cup and a couple of upsets
Manako 13102014 - Pt 5 Kingi Taurua13 Oct 2014 10:09
Kingi Taurua | Veterans claim to the Waitangi Tribunal
Manako 13102014 - Pt 2 Kelvin Davis13 Oct 2014 10:06
Tai Tokerau MP Kelvin Davis | Maori Causus to discuss leadership
Manako 13102014 - Intro13 Oct 2014 09:24
Host: Pierre Lyndon Guests: Awanui Black, Kelvin Davis, Jim Mather, Waihoroi Shortland, Kingi Taurua, Tame Te Rangi
Manako 10102014 - Pt 1 Kingi Biddle10 Oct 2014 09:33
Reo Advocate Kingi Biddle | Ngati Whakaue kura reo

7 Opinion

fair New Zealand Sep 20 @ 05:15 AM
Willie well done we need to put all these rednecks in place they can't go around and do that to our maori people racist prick eye to eye bring it back keep these people straight

Mike Sep 19 @ 08:13 AM
Bomber Bradbury can't disguise his envy of Cameron Slater & how successful his blog is. Make no mistake, Cameron Slater is incredibly polarising, at times deeply offensive & can cross the line but Bomber told straight up lies trying to say the content & commentary on the left wing blog sites was in a different "stratosphere" to Whaleoil. You get idiots on both sides of the political spectrum & a quick search ofthe respective site will confirm that. He also repeated the same old lines from Hager's book almost all of which are unsubstantiated about OIA's, blackmail etc etc. Yet Bradbury, as a self proclaimed Marxist had his hand out for a few pieces of silver from Kim Dot Com (who as shown treats his workers like dirt). Credibility ruined right there Bomber.

Kateao F Sep 18 @ 09:08 PM
Agree with you on that @jamie fields and its absolutely grilling me to see this oily jerk has now been given undeserved media attention thanks to his mate free willy!

Jamie Fields Sep 18 @ 08:33 PM
Right and left wing tactics to date arent encouraging me to vote for any donkeys or monkeys

terina mclean Sep 18 @ 08:21 PM
Te tohora momona raua ko tetahi mangai nui. Kei te he!

Kateao F Sep 18 @ 08:04 PM
Cameron Slaters still an obnoxious, egotistical moron, waste of time interviewing him, surely it's not that hard (leading up to an election) to find someone really worthy to interview? Oily whales I think not.!

Jilly Sep 18 @ 07:46 PM
Bomber is a such a dishonest person and extremely jealous of Cam Slater, Bomber is involved with the convicted criminal and corrupt dotcom.

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