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Radio Waatea proudly present: Manako - the new live current affairs programme presented by award winning reo broadcaster, Julian Wilcox.  Tune in to live broadcasts every Sunday to Thursday evening from 7.00pm.

Manako is funded by Te Māngai Pāho and is broadcast to the Māori radio network.
Producer:     Vaughan Jackson
Phone:         09 275 9070 
Manako 24/04/2014-pt 6-6 Kipa Munro then Manawa Wright24 Apr 2014 07:30
Tuhoronuku business then Manawa talks Sport.
Manako 24/04/2014-pt 5-6 Wiremu huta Martin24 Apr 2014 07:21
Regional reporter and theres still a problem with the Water.
Manako 24/04/2014-pt 4-6 Dr Meihana Durei24 Apr 2014 07:15
The Art of the Architect on tv 1 this week.
Manako 24/04/2014-pt 3-6 Dover Samuals24 Apr 2014 07:06
Shane Jones what next ?
Manako 24/04/2014-pt 2-6 Pierre Lyndon24 Apr 2014 07:00
The effects of losing Shane Jones so close to election time.
Manako 24/04/2014-pt 1-6 Kingi Taurua24 Apr 2014 06:51
The planned protest action in Waitangi has been put on hold due to differing opinions within the group surfacing..
Manako 24/04/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei24 Apr 2014 06:45
Kingi Taurua,Pierre Lyndon Dover Samuals,Dr Meihaana Durei,Wiremu huta Martin,Kipa Munro,Manawa Wright.
Manako 23/04/2014-pt 6-6 Monty Souta then Tame te Rangi23 Apr 2014 07:33
Monty is off to Tunisia next week for ANZAC Celebrations and Tame talks Sport.
Manako 23/04/2014-pt 5-6 Willie Te Aho23 Apr 2014 07:30
Traction for BOP Iwi education Stratergy.
Manako 23/04/2014-pt 4-6 MP Nanaia Mahuta23 Apr 2014 07:18
Shane Jones gone ?? How Does Nanaia Feel ? Have a listen in.
Manako 23/04/2014- pt 3-6 Ngarimu Blair23 Apr 2014 07:03
Ngati Whatua housing project
Manako 23/ 04/2014- pt 2-6 Wallace Aramoana23 Apr 2014 06:42
Upokorehe Protest
Manako 23/04/2014-pt 1-6 Kelvin Davis23 Apr 2014 06:33
Comments on the Shock announcement from Mp Shane Jones that he will not be standing in the next Election.
Manako 23/04/2014-intro Julian Wilcox23 Apr 2014 06:18
Kelvin Davis, Wallace Aramoana, Ngarimu Blair, Nanaia Mahuta, Monty Souta, Tame te Rangi., Willy Te Aho.
Manako 22/04/2014-pt 6-6 Ken Eruera22 Apr 2014 06:33
Benji Marshall is leaving rugby.
Manako 22/04/2014-pt 5-6 Kepa Stirling22 Apr 2014 06:24
Our easter weekend pre record selection.
Manako 22/04/2014-pt 4-6 Shane White22 Apr 2014 06:21
Shane talks about the problem of the Synthetic highs
Manako 22/04/2014-pt 3-6 Haami Piripi22 Apr 2014 06:18
The tuhoronuku dates for hapu to summit their candidates has come to an end woth only 50% of hapu participating.
Manako 22/04/2014-pt 2-6 Te Ururoa Flavell22 Apr 2014 06:12
Maori party poltics..
Manako 22/04/2014-pt 1-6 Potaka Maipi22 Apr 2014 06:12
Tainui Regional News.
Manako 22/04/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei22 Apr 2014 06:06
Potaka Maipi, Te Ururoa Flavell, Haami Piripi, shane white, Kepa Stirling, Ken Eruera.,.
Manako 21/04/2014-pt 2-6 Ron Wihongi21 Apr 2014 10:09
The Royal visit
Manako 21/04/2014-pt 1-6 Kingi Taurua21 Apr 2014 10:09
A rock infront of Waitangi to be moved.
Manako 21/04/2014-pt 4-6 Dr Rose Pere21 Apr 2014 10:06
Agrees prisons should get mobiles
Manako 21/04/2014-pt 3-6 Shane Jones21 Apr 2014 10:06
Tariana damning of Maori Party
Manako 21/04/2014-pt 6-6 Tame Te Rangi21 Apr 2014 10:03
Manako 21/04/2014-pt 5-6 Wairangi Koopu21 Apr 2014 10:03
Manako 21/04/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei21 Apr 2014 10:03
Intro to Manako with Raniera Winikerei.
Manako 18/04/2014-pt 6-6 Pierre Lindyn followed by Manawa Wright18 Apr 2014 05:51
Pierre speaks about parliament passing a Bill concerning the Haka Ka Mate and the Maori charter school setback..Manawa write preveiws this weekends Super Rugby.
Manako 18/04/2014-pt 5-6 Peter Lucas Jones18 Apr 2014 05:42
Te Hiku regional ...Kaupapa last weeks radio awards and the importance of the Reo
Manako 18/04/2014-pt 4-6 Wahoroi Shortland18 Apr 2014 05:36
Only Half of Nga Puhi hapu join mandate process
Manako 18/04/2014-pt 3-6 Huirama Matatahi18 Apr 2014 05:27
Waikato rangatahi forum established 1yr ago
Manako 18/04/2014-pt 2-6 Mania Clark18 Apr 2014 05:15
The meaning of Easter for Christians
Manako 18/04/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei18 Apr 2014 05:03
Chris Makenzie,Mania Clark,Huirama Matatahi,,Wahoroi Shortland,Peter Lucas Jones,Pierre Lindyn,Manawa Wright.
Manako 17/04/2014-pt 6-6 Hugh Rihari then Ken Eruera17 Apr 2014 07:12
The Taonga te pahi could be lost forever according to Kaumatua Hugh Rihari then it's sport with Ken.
Manako 17/04/2014-pt 5-6 Lucas Crawford17 Apr 2014 07:03
A pre record by Dave Kaire on the latest Census figures.
Manako 17/04/2014-pt 4-6 Wiremu Martin then Maanu Paul17 Apr 2014 07:00
A regional report followed by the head of Nzmc head Maanu Paul talking about the CFRT ruling by the high Court.
Manako 17/04/2014-pt 3-6 Rangi Maclean17 Apr 2014 06:51
1 of the 3 prospects for the Maori Party Tamaki seat.
Manako 17/04/2014-pt 2-6 Shane Jones17 Apr 2014 06:45
Politics with Shane this week it's Fisheries, Maori Party hui and more...
Manako 17/04/2014-pt 1-6 Te Hira Paenga17 Apr 2014 06:42
1 of the 3 hopefuls for the Maori Party Tamaki Seat.
Manako 17/04/2014-intro Julian Wilcox17 Apr 2014 06:36
Te Hira Paenga,Shane Jones,Rangi Maclean,Wiremu Huta Martin, Maanu Paul,Lucas Crawford,Hugh Rihari, Ken Eruera.
Manako 16/04/2014-pt 6-6 Tame Te Rangi16 Apr 2014 08:00
Sports korero this week Piri Weepu
Manako 16/04/2014- pt 5-6 Derek Fox then Horomona Horo16 Apr 2014 07:57
Dereks updating us on Kohanga Reo and a couple of weeks ago Horomona wasc in Sydney he tells us how that trip went.
Manako 16/04/2014-pt 4-6 Phil Tarawa16 Apr 2014 07:39
The Logging Trucks that travel up and down the East coast roads are becoming a hazard to motorist.
Manako 16/04/2014-pt 3-6 Watson Ohia16 Apr 2014 07:24
Nga Taiatea Whare kura celebrate their 10 year anniversary.
Manako 16/04//2014-pt 2-6 Te Hamua Nikora16 Apr 2014 06:54
Te Hamua is once agan running in the Ikaroa Rawhiti seat for Mana, this time he's doing things a little differently.
Manako 16/04/2014-pt 1-6 Willy Te Aho16 Apr 2014 06:39
Lawyer Willy Te Aho Was asked to give his opinion on a couple of Kaupapa.
Manako 16/04/2014-intro Harata Brown16 Apr 2014 06:33
Willy te Aho. Te Hamua Nikora,Watson Ohia,Phill Tarawa, Derek Fox, Horomona Horo, Tame te Rangi.
Manako 15/04/2014-pt 6-6 Te Ururoa Flavell15 Apr 2014 07:15
Maori party Fundraiser .Awanuiarangi graduation.
Manako 15/04/2014-pt 5-6 Potaka Maipi15 Apr 2014 07:06
Kohanga Reo
Manako 15/04/2014-pt 4-6 Nanaia Mahuta15 Apr 2014 06:57
The polls are up for Labour.
Manako 15/04/2014-pt 3-6 Hone Harawira then Joby Hopa15 Apr 2014 06:54
The Mana AGM And the kapa haka regionals up north.
Manako 15/04/2014-pt 2-6 Kingi Taurua15 Apr 2014 06:51
There is a lack of Kaumatua /kuia on the Marae the numbers are dwindling
Manako 15/04/2014-pt 1-6 Kipa Munro15 Apr 2014 06:45
There is 4 days left for Hapu in the North to register with Tuhoronuku.
Manako 15/04/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei15 Apr 2014 06:39
Kipa Munro, Kingi Taurua, Hone Harawira, Joby Hopa, Nanaia Mahuta, potaka Maipi, Te Ururoa Flavell,
Manako 14/04/2014- pt 6-6 Wairangi Koopu14 Apr 2014 07:06
Warriors Lose agan
Manako 14/04/2014-pt 5-6 Wikitoria Day14 Apr 2014 06:57
Maniapoto Fm took home 3 Awards at the recent iwi radio awrds .
Manako 14/04/2014- pt 4-6 Tipene Obrien14 Apr 2014 06:51
Te Korimako wins station of the year Award.
Manako 14/04/2014- pt 3-6 Tawhirimatea Williams14 Apr 2014 06:48
The power struggles of the Kohanga Reo Movement.
Manako 14/04/2014-pt 2-6 Maanu Paul14 Apr 2014 06:42
The Kohanga reo hui this weekend was attended by the Maori Council.
Manako 14/04/2014-pt 1-6 Huirama Matatahi14 Apr 2014 06:36
Kohanga reo , huirama is the Te ara taua rangatahi rep.
Manako 14/04/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei14 Apr 2014 06:21
Huirama Matatahi,Maanu Paul, Tawhirimatea Williams,Tipene Obrien,Wikitoria Day, Wairangi Koopu.
Manako 11/04/2014-pt 6-6 Peter Lucas Brown11 Apr 2014 07:36
Our regional reporter from Te Hiku speaking about the water issues up north.
Manako 11/04/2014-pt 5-6 Nita Brown11 Apr 2014 07:33
Stroke Awareness week this week.
Manako 11/04/2014-pt 4-6 Ngahiraka Mason11 Apr 2014 07:30
Akl Arts Gallery this weekend is hosting an Indiginous Art Show.
Manako 11/04/2014-pt 3-6 Wena Tait11 Apr 2014 07:18
Promoting this weekends iwi radio Awards.
Manako 11/04/2014-pt 2-6 Kingi Taurua11 Apr 2014 07:15
Waitangi trust Amendment Bill.
Manako 11/04/2014-pt 1-6 Mamari Stephens11 Apr 2014 07:06
A senior lecturer at Victoria university specialising in Maori in the legal system.
Manako 11/04/2014-intro Harata Brown11 Apr 2014 06:48
Mamari Stephens, Kingi Taurua, Wena Tait,Ngahiraka Mason, Nita Brown, Peter Lucas.
Manako 10/04/2014-pt 6-6 Tame Te Rangi10 Apr 2014 07:12
Sports discussions.
Manako 10/04/2014-pt 5-6 Dr Mera Penehira10 Apr 2014 07:09
Maori reserchers keer pressure on Ministers over Nga Pae O Te Maramatanga
Manako 10/04/2014-pt 4-6 Huirama Mataatahi10 Apr 2014 07:00
Huirama talks about the Papa Rotu Pokai
Manako 10/04/2014-pt 3-6 Naida Glavish then Maraea Hunia10 Apr 2014 06:54
Naida supports the move for iwi Broadcasting and Reo Funding, But the Maori Language group UMERE ATU spokesman Maraea Hunia says to TAIHOA.
Manako 10/04/2014-pt 2-6 Wiremu Huta Martin10 Apr 2014 06:45
Te Wananga a Awanuiarangi had a record number of Graduates this year over 2500 .
Manako 10/04/2014-pt 1 Bobby Newson10 Apr 2014 06:39
An overseas human rights group gives Nz A bad report on why is it that Maori make up half the prison population even thou they only make up 15% of the NZ population.
Manako 10/04/2014-intro Julian Wilcox10 Apr 2014 06:24
Bobby Newson, Wiremu huta Martin,Naida Glavish,Maraea Hunia,Huirama Mataatahi, Dr Mera Penehira,Tame Te Rangi.
Manako 09/04/2014 pt 6-6 Ken Eruera09 Apr 2014 06:51
A quik rap of the sporting news with Ken.
Manako 09/04/2014 pt 5-6 Chris Mackenzie09 Apr 2014 06:48
The Maori Party like the Greens have also selected a young gun for Tariana's Seat. This seat looks evenly balanced.
Manako 09/04/2014 pt 4-6 Jack Macdonald09 Apr 2014 06:42
We Find out abit about the Green party's pick to contest Tariana Turia's Te Tai Hauauru Seat and he's only 20yrs of age.
Manako 09/04/2014 pt 3-6 Keri Kaa09 Apr 2014 06:36
Keri wins book award
Manako 09/04/2014 pt 2-6 Derek Fox09 Apr 2014 06:27
Derek pays tribute to the eclectic political career of Tau Henare.
Manako 09/04/2014 pt 1-6 Piripi Walker then Huirangi Waikerepu09 Apr 2014 06:18
Both korero are to do with the radio station Upoko o te ika in Wellington and Govt threatning to stop their funding unless they become a Iwi station.
Manako 09/04/2014-intro Julian Wilcox09 Apr 2014 06:03
Pirirpi Walker, Huirangi Waikerepu,Derek Fox,Keri Kaa,Jack Macdonald,Chris Makenzie,Ken Eruera.
Manako 08/04/2014-pt 6-6 Wairangi Koopu then Tame tte Rangi08 Apr 2014 07:30
The Warriors have lost another coach and in rugby the cheifs have lost Arran Cruden for 6 weeks.
Manako 08/04/2014-pt 5-6 Te Ururoa Flavell08 Apr 2014 07:24
The Royal visit,attending tis weekends hui at Turangawaewae.
Manako 08/04/2014-pt 4-6 Maanu Paul08 Apr 2014 07:09
Maori council update on the Maori Wardens
Manako 08/04/2014-pt 3-6 Potaka Maipi08 Apr 2014 06:51
The kohanga hui starts this weekend at Turangawaiwai
Manako 08/04/2014-pt 2-6 Shane Jones08 Apr 2014 06:45
The Royal Visit has started.
Manako 08/04/2014-pt 1-6 Annette Sykes then Pita Paraone.08 Apr 2014 06:42
It's the Mana Party AGM this weekend and pita talks about the new possible changes with tmp and Taurawhiri.
Manako 08/04/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei08 Apr 2014 06:33
Annette Sykes,Pita Paraone,Shane Jones,Potaka Maipi,Maanu Paul, Te ururoa Flavell, Wairangi Koopu, Tame te Rangi.
Manako 07/04/2014-pt 6-6 Wairangi Koopu then Wharehoka Wano07 Apr 2014 07:15
Warriors are woeful and the same seems to be with our numeracy and literacy amongst our adult maori Wairangi talls warriors and Wharehoka numeracy and literacy
Manako 07/04/2014-pt 5-6 Rawiri Wright07 Apr 2014 07:03
Te aho Matua maori curriculum framework.
Manako 07/04/2014-pt- 4-6 Tokatumoana Walden07 Apr 2014 06:51
Dairy farming is up in Taranaki
Manako 07/04/2014-pt 3-6 Hemana Manuera07 Apr 2014 06:45
King Tuheitia has chosen Hemana to lead his 12 specialy selected advisors
Manako 07/04/2014-pt 2-6 Kepa Stirling07 Apr 2014 06:39
Kepa talks about the Auckland regional Kapa haka qualifying competition held over the weekend.
Manako 07/04/2014-pt 1-6 Moko Cooper07 Apr 2014 06:30
A new learning system through digital medium.
Manako 07/04/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei07 Apr 2014 06:21
Moko Cooper, Kepa Stirling, Hemana Manuera,Tokatumoana Walden,Rawiri Wright,Wairangi Koopu, Wharehoka Wano.
Manako 04/04/2014-pt 6-6 Horomona Horo then Wairangi Koopu04 Apr 2014 07:09
2 Acts are travelling to Australia to perform Moana and the tribe are 1 of them Horomona is the other one part of the boomerang music project. And it's Rugby league with Wairangi.
Manako 04/04/2014-pt 5-6 Jerry Hohepa04 Apr 2014 06:57
This weekend Mangere's Aorere college is celebrating it's 50th Anniversary.
Manako 04/04/2014-pt 4-6 Nanaia Mahuta04 Apr 2014 06:51
It's Politics with Labour's Maori Mp for Tainui Nanaia Mahuta.
Manako 04/04/2014-pt 3-6 Morehu Ngatoko04 Apr 2014 06:48
Pokai at Huria Marae this weekend.
Manako 04/04/2014-pt 2-6 Peter Lucas Jones04 Apr 2014 06:45
Regional news from Te Hiku o Te Ika , Te Hapua loses Mere Penfold aged 94yrs. A well known Academic of Auckland University.
Manako 04/04/2014-pt 1-6 Derek Fox04 Apr 2014 06:33
Maori tv celebrated 10yrs last week Mana magazine celebrates 22yrs going this week Derek Fox speaks of the highs and lows of running a Maori Magazine for such a long time.
Manako 04/04/2014-intro Julian Wilcox04 Apr 2014 06:21
Derek Fox,Peter lucas Jones,Morehu Natoko,Nanaia Mahuta, Jerry Hohepa, Horomona Horo. Wairangi Koopu.
Manako 03/04/2014-pt 6-6 Dr Jenny Lee then Haami Piripi03 Apr 2014 07:33
Race relations first up with Dr jenny lee then Haami Piripi explains the reasons why the crime rate is so high in the North.
Manako 03/04/2014-pt 5-6 Ani Pahuru Huriwai03 Apr 2014 07:27
A strong advocate against drilling for oil Ani comments on the Governments announcement to open up 8 area's for oil exploration.
Manako 03/04/2014-pt 4-6 Wiremu Huta Martin03 Apr 2014 07:15
News from the Regions today its Manuka Tutahi FM's Wiremu  Huta Martin and he is talking traffic congestion in the area
Manako 03/04/2014-pt 3-6 Erana Reedy03 Apr 2014 07:00
The Iwi Radio Awards finalists for this years Awards 2014. have been announced
Manako 03/04/2014-pt 2-6 Shane Jones03 Apr 2014 06:45
Shane speaks about the Life of Merimeri Penfold the well known academic who spent many years teaching at Auckland University who passed away yesterday aged 94.
Manako 03/04/2014-Anaru Rangiheuea03 Apr 2014 06:24
Anaru talk about Tamati Coffee and how tough the challenge will be  winning the Rotorua seat for Labour in this years general election.
Manako 03/04/2014-intro Julian Wilcox03 Apr 2014 06:06
Anaru Rangiheuea, Shane Jones, Erana Reedy, Wiremu huta Martin, Ani Pahuru Huriwai, Haami Piripi, Dr Jenny Lee..
Manako 02/04/2014-pt 6-6 Tame Te Rangi02 Apr 2014 07:21
Sport discussions with Tame.
Manako 02/04/2014-pt 5-6 Kingi Taurua02 Apr 2014 07:18
Tuhoronuku update
Manako 02/04/2014-pt 4-6 Dr Pita Sharples02 Apr 2014 07:06
The Maori Party are happy that Teina Pora Is finally getting parole 
Manako 02/04/2014-pt 3-6 Willie Jackson and Phil Tarawa02 Apr 2014 06:54
Whanau Ora funding for NUMA with Willie Jackson who is the chair of the authority. Then it's our regional news from Turanga FM's Phil Tarawa.
Manako 02/04/2014-pt 2-6 Jack MacDonald02 Apr 2014 06:48
Spokesman for the Green Party in te reo, the latest polls have the party up 3 to 11%
Manako 02/04/2014-pt 1-6 Paraone Gloyne02 Apr 2014 06:36
Commemorations for the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Orakau
Manako 02/04/2014-intro Julian Wilcox02 Apr 2014 06:30
Paraone Gloyn,Jack Macdonald, Willy Jackson, Phill Tarawa, Pete Sharples, Kingi Taurua, Tame te Rangi
Manako 01/04/2014-pt 6-6 Ken Eruera01 Apr 2014 07:09
Sport with Ken Eruera today he talks Benji Marshall and the lack of game time he's getting at the blues.
Manako 01/04/2014-pt 5-6 Tania Simon and Manahi Rangitane01 Apr 2014 07:06
Tania speaks about the late Patrick Wikiriwhi Thompson an amazing advocate for the deaf. And Manahi talks about Tamaki a nui a rua who last fri signed their deed of settlement.
Manako 01/04/2014-pt 4-6 Keith Ikin01 Apr 2014 06:54
Maori adult Literacy and Numeracy is at a all time low.
Manako 01/04/2014-pt 3-6 Wena Harawira01 Apr 2014 06:45
Mts promises a full days coverage of this years Anzac celebrations.
Manako 01/04/2014-pt 2-6 Potaka Maipi01 Apr 2014 06:42
Fluoride in the water and a new youth court these are kaupapa our Tainui regional reporter speaks about.
Manako 01/04/2014-pt 1-6 Rawiri Waititi01 Apr 2014 06:36
Rawiri is the Labour candidate to take on Te Ururoa Flavell in the Waiariki Seat.
Manako 01/04/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei01 Apr 2014 06:33
Rawiri Waititi, Potaka Maipi, Wena Harawira,Keith Iken,Tania Simons,Manahi Paewai Rangitane, Ken Eruera.
Manako 31/03/2014-pt 6-6 Wairangi Koopu & Tame te Rangi31 Mar 2014 07:09
Auckland Warriors. Super 15 results.
Manako 31/03/2014-pt 5-6 Willie Te Aho & Huirangi Waikerepuru31 Mar 2014 07:00
Regional Kapa Haka competition in Gisborne. Maori Television celebrates 10 years.
Manako 31/03/2014-pt 4-6 Paora Maxwell31 Mar 2014 06:48
The new CEO of Maori Television.
Manako 31/03/2014-pt 2-6 Shane Jones31 Mar 2014 06:39
Maori Television CEO appointment and Labour dips in the latest Colmar Brunton poll.
Manako 31/03/2014-pt 1-6 Tu Maclean31 Mar 2014 06:33
TTPA protest in Aotea Square.
Manako 31/03/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei31 Mar 2014 06:27
Tu Maclean, Shane Jones, Ururoa Flavell,Paora Maxwell,Willy te Aho,Huirangi Waikerepu,Wairangi Koopu, Tame te Rangi.
Manako 28/03/2014-pt 6-6 Tame te Rangi28 Mar 2014 07:27
Tame reveiws this weekends super 15 rugby games.
Manako 28/03/2014-pt 5-6 Wairangi Koopu28 Mar 2014 07:24
Wairangi talks league and this weeks Warriors vrs Tigers matchup.
Manako 28/03/20 14-pt 4-6 Sarah Tiakiwai and Paraone Gloyn28 Mar 2014 07:21
Theirs a new web site and Paraone talks about the 150yrs comemeration in Tainui.
Manako 28/03/2014-pt 3-6 Pem Bird28 Mar 2014 07:15
Today in Wgt a major education Hui is on. Pem talks about the importance of such a hui for maoridom.
Manako 28/03/2014-pt 2-6 Henare Kingi28 Mar 2014 07:12
Henare Kingi comments on the 10yrs of MTS aswell as selection of the new CEO.
Manako 28/03/2014-pt 1-6 Paora Maxwell28 Mar 2014 07:09
The new CEO for Maori Television.
Manako 28/03/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei28 Mar 2014 07:06
Paora Maxwell,, Henare kIingi, Pem Bird, Sarah Tiakiwai, Paraone Gloyn,Wairangi Koopu, Tame te Rangi.
Manako 27/03/2014-pt 6-6 Wiremu Martin and Ken Eruera27 Mar 2014 07:36
Regional news then Sport with Ken
Manako 27/03/2014-pt 5-6 Kingi Biddle27 Mar 2014 07:30
Recieved A QSM medal on Tuesday
Manako 27/03/2014-pt 4-6 Ngaire Te Hira27 Mar 2014 07:18
Waipereira has started a new stop smoking initiative.
Manako 27/03/2014-pt 3-6 Pita Tipene27 Mar 2014 07:00
Kotahitanga head Pita Tipene gives us an update as to where they stand presently.
Manako 27/03/2014-pt 2-6 Kingi Ihaka27 Mar 2014 06:51
In response to Koro Wetere's call for TMP to only fund Te Reo TV
Manako 27/03/2014-pt 1-6 Koro Wetere27 Mar 2014 06:39
Call for agency to only fund Te Reo TV.
Manako 27/03/2014-intro Julian Wilcox27 Mar 2014 06:33
Koro Wetere, Kingi Ihaka, Pita Tipene, Ngaire te Hira, Kingi Biddle,Wiremu huta Martin, Ken Eruera.
Manako 26/03/2014-pt 6-6 Awanui Black and Te Ururoa Flavell26 Mar 2014 07:09
Awanui talks Kohanga Reo and it's Maori Party politics with Te Ururoa Flavell.
Manako 26/03/2014-pt 5-6 Pou Temara26 Mar 2014 07:00
Pou has been selected for the Kings Council he is one of 12 Selected specialy by the Kings advisors.
Manako 26/03/2014-pt 4-6 Sir Toby Curtis26 Mar 2014 06:51
It was Investiture Day for Toby Curtis.
Manako 26/03/2014-pt 3-6 Kim Muriwai26 Mar 2014 06:45
Chair of Te Aho Whakaari Kim was able to present a Award to the late Don Selwyn Whanau.
Manako 26/03/2014-pt 2-6 Dover Samuels26 Mar 2014 06:39
SUICIDE thats Dovers opinion as far as the Mana Party AND Internet Party is concerned.
Manako 26/03/2014-pt 1-6 Annette Sykes26 Mar 2014 06:24
Mana Party has been in the headlines this week, Julian speaks with Annette Sykes.
Manako 26/03/2014-intro Julian Wilcox26 Mar 2014 06:12
Annette Sykes, Dover Samuels,Kim Muriwai, Sir Toby Curtis, Pou Temara, Awanui Black, Te Ururoa Flavell.
Manako 25/03/2014-pt 6-6 Rereata Makiha25 Mar 2014 07:51
Maori TV celebrating 10 years.
Manako 25/03/2014-pt 5-6 Eru thompson25 Mar 2014 07:42
A new rangatahi court at Nga Hau e Wha marae in Christchurch.
Manako 25/03/2014-pt 4-6 Te Hamua Nikora25 Mar 2014 07:30
Synthetic legal highs are a huge problem in Gisborne.
Manako 25/03/2014-pt 3-6 Dr Lilly Fraser25 Mar 2014 07:03
Doctors are over worked causing concern that patients are not being properly cared for.
Manako 25/03/2014-pt 2-6 Potaka Maipi25 Mar 2014 06:54
Our Tainui regional reporter talks aabout the new housing initiative.
Manako 25/03/2014-pt 1-6 Sonny Tau25 Mar 2014 06:45
Tuhoronuku mandate process update.
Manako 25/03/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei25 Mar 2014 06:39
Our guests: Sonny Tau, Potaka Maipi, Lilly Frasier, Te Hamua Nikora, Eru Thompson, Victor Walker and Rereata Makiha
Manako 21/03/2014-pt 5-6 Mamae Takerei and Wairangi Koopu24 Mar 2014 15:46
Mamae talks Tainui Regatta and Wairangi talks NRL
Manako 24/03/2014-pt 6-6 Wairangii Koopu24 Mar 2014 07:30
The Warriors get their first win of the season
Manako 24/03/2014-pt 5-6 Tame Te Rangi24 Mar 2014 07:24
Super 15 results with Tame
Manako 24/03/2014-pt 4-6 Charles Royal24 Mar 2014 07:21
Top academics discuss the loss of funding for Te Pae o te Maramatanga Research Excellence centre.
Manako 24/03/2014-pt 3-6 Rangi Maclean24 Mar 2014 07:09
Maori Health providers hui on problem gambling and smoking cessation.
Manako 24/03/2014-pt 2-6 Kepa Stirling24 Mar 2014 07:00
Te Kepa Sterling on the Auckland Secondary Schools Polyfest.
Manako 24/03/2014-pt 1-6 Maanu Paul24 Mar 2014 06:51
Maanu speaks about the 3 day hui that NZMC and TPK had and what were some of the outcomes.
Manako 24/03/2014-intro Raniera Winikerei24 Mar 2014 06:39
Maanu Paul,Kepa Stirling,Rangi Maclean,Charles Royal, Tame te Rangi, Wairangi Koopu
Tawera 28/10/2013 - pt 6 of 6 Wairangi Koopu28 Oct 2013 11:18
Tawera 28/10/2013 - pt 4 of 6 Brian Morris28 Oct 2013 11:15
Huia Publishers
Tawera 28/10/2013 - pt 3 of 6 Tumatakuru O'Connell28 Oct 2013 11:14
Rangatahi perspective
Tawera 28/10/2013 - pt 2 of 6 Kingi Taurua28 Oct 2013 11:11
Anniversary of decleration of independance 1835.
Tawera 28/10/2013 - pt 1 of 6 Whare Wano28 Oct 2013 11:00
Whare Wano | Te kotahitanga o Te Atiawa.
Tawera 28/10/2013 - Intro28 Oct 2013 10:59
Tawera Introduction

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Papa Hone Riddell Jan 24 @ 08:06 PM
Tenei te mihi manahau ki nga kaitautoko o te reo irirangi Wateea, ana ka mihi hoki ki nga kaihautu o te teihana maori nei e kokiri ana i te reo me ona tikanga haaunga tera nga kaupapa whakahirahira o iwi maori me nga take nui e paanga ana taatou, heoi, taku rangirua kua roa ke te hararei nei kei hea nga hotaka pera i nga take o te wa me te korero mai ki ahau i te mea he rawe rawa atu aua hotaka ra kaore i tua atu i a Eru, ko koe hoki Dave ki te whakarapopoto korero me whakamaarama ki a matou nga kaiwhakarongo....he pai ki au te maaenee o to Reo he ngaawari taku ki te whai atu to reo rangatira, otira he miharo hoki te reo a Eru me ona whakaaro tino Maori ko nga whakatauki me nga kupu whakarite e haangai ki nga kaupapa katoa ka nui aku pahupahu, ehara tenei i te akiaki he mihi ke ki te reo irirangi Wateea.....Mauri ora e te Iwi

Nick Sep 17 @ 09:03 PM
We are missing your Thursday show and its guests. We hope it will continue to be on air and that 'big brother' hasn't closed it down.

stephen wilson Aug 26 @ 08:49 AM
I just was so touched from the heart by Stan walkers open ,honest sharing of who he is ,where he has come from ,his attitude of gratitude to life, his love and passion for us as maori to see ourselves in the eyes of our creator and not in the eyes of our failures and peoples judgements ...beautiful korero.

Racheal Aug 16 @ 03:18 PM
It is awesome just to hear New Zealand Music on the Radio for 2 hours on a nice Saturday Night in, especially hosted by a Young Maori guy that can actually speak Maori fluently. It just inspires people to actually start learning how to speak Maori properly. It is awesome to hear such a lovely language on the radio and also throught.

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