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Te Ikaroa tells indigenous UN forum oil extraction violation of rights
Hapu and iwi protesting oil exploration along the eastern seaboard of the North Island have taken their case to the United Nations..Read more

Tainui job strategy gets a boost
The chair of Waikato Tainui’s Te Arataura executive says a government investment in the tribe’s job creation efforts is an effective use of public money..Read more

Royal slur sparks interest in king's Taiwan visit
A former cabinet minister says a Taiwanese official’s slur against King Tuheitia has created intense interest in King Tuheitia’s planned visit there later this year..Read more

Time past for reo debate
Tamaki Makaurau Peeni Henare is challenging the new Educaton Minister Nikki Kaye to deliver on te reo Maori in schools..Read more

Greens put case for Maori votes
The Green Party’s Maori caucus has set off on a national outreach tour to engage with Maori communities..Read more

High profile team to help Fox win Ikaroa Rawhiti from Whaitiri
Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox has a high national profile,but she will need to garner more support throughout Ikaroa Rawhiti if she is to take the seat from Labour’s Meka Whaitiri in the September 23 election..Read more

Taura Whiri books improving
The chief executive of Te Taura Whiri says its books are better than they look..Read more

Tahau takes on new role at Taupo council
The Tuwharetoa Settlement Trust has lost its general manager to the local council..Read more

Repairs needed for Ratana temple
Ratana has started fundraising to repair one of its most important buildings, the 90-year-old temple at Ratana Pa..Read more

Harawira's show Masters class
Mana leader Hone Harawira is taking home gold from the World Master's Games, thanks to his campaign manager, training partner and wife Hilda..Read more

Limits needed for spying eyes
Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox says she will contineu to seek assurances the full technological arsenal available to spy agencies is not used on Maori and other New Zealanders..Read more

Pearless pick for 28 Maori Battalion history
Former policeman and soldier Harawira Craig Pearless has been commissioned to write the history of 28 Maori Battalion’s D Company..Read more

Minister backs Tainui job plan
Te Puni Kokiri has teamed up with Waikato-Tainui to promote job opportunities in Waikato..Read more

Iwi cash lure for council
Gisborne mayor Meng Foon says a new governance forum with Turanganui a Kiwa iwi could lead to investment by iwi in the region's infrastructure..Read more

Boost for Maori mental health research
Health Research Council CEO Kath McPherson says a $2 million project on mental health problems among Maori and Pacific young people should help policymakers develop better services for rangatahi and their communities..Read more

Greens unhappy with spy share pact
Green’s co-leader Metiria Turei says she wants to see New Zealand out of Five Eyes..Read more

Shepherds grab Ahuwhenua opportunity
Three 21-year-old shepherds will be put to the test over the next month to discover this year’s Ahuwhenua Young Maori Farmer..Read more

Maori miss out on Internet promise
A new study of digital inclusion has found Maori and Pasifika people, along with those on low incomes, sole parents, rural dweller and people with disabilities are least likely to be connected to the internet..Read more

Ihumatao protest heads for UN
Representatives of a group occupying the site of a proposed special housing area beside Mangere's Otuataua Stonefields are on their way to put their case to the United Nations..Read more

Anzac hope from small towns
New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has taken a lesson in economics from yesterday's Anzac observances..Read more

Minister seeks unity and resolve on reo revival
Maori Development Minister Te Ururoa Flavell has brought forward the timetable for Te Matawai to come up with its strategy for reinvigorating the Maori language..Read more

Ngai Tupoto hopeful of buying back Motukaraka
Members of Hokianga hapu Ngai Tupoto have so far raised pledges of $26,000 towards buying an island near Rawene of historical significance to them..Read more

Families invited to share Battalion taonga
The author of a book on the Maori Battalion’s B Company wants families to share stories and photos of their tupuna so they can get the credit they deserve..Read more

Planning needed to service aging Maori
University of Auckland researchers say the number of older Maori needing care on a more than daily basis could increase by more than 200 percent over the next decade..Read more

Iwi invited to work with council
Gisborne District Council is setting up a new governance forum to operate between the council and iwi..Read more

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Rheumatic Fever

Waatea TV
Parakuihi Breakfast with Dale Husband
Former Mayor of New Plymouth Andrew Judd
Palmerston North are looking at the possibility of a Maori ward. Palmerston North could have a Maori ward or wards at the next local body elections.
Te Taura Whiri I te reo Maori CE Ngahiwi Apanui
The Maori affairs select committee wants to hold an extra financial review of the Maori Language Commission later this year as it manages the transition to the new environment where it shares responsibility for Maori language revitalisation with Te Matawai.
Maori Party Co-Leader Marama Fox
A weekly korero with Marama Fox Co-Leader of the Maori Party on te wahanga Parakuihi.
1 Hone Harawira | Nga pakanga nui o te ao
Ka whakapuakina mai a Hone i ona ake whakaaro mo te take i haere a taatou tipuna ki ngaa pakanga o te ao i ngaa raa o mua
2 Atene Andrews | Nga take hauora
Ko Atene te kaumaatua o Pharmac, ka korero i a ia mo ngaa kaupapa nui o te wa nei ki toona ao o te hauora
3 Peeni Henare | Nga take torangapu o te wa
Ka korero a Peeni mo ngaa kaupapa nui kei te pae korero i teenei wa mo te paati Reipa
4 Shane Jones | Te hui nui i taawahi
Ka whakamarama mai a Shane i te aahuatanga o te hui i taawahi, i koorero raatou mo ngaa take peenei i te moana, me peehea te whakawhakanake i ngaa mahi hii ika
5 Piriwiritua Rurawhe | Nga mahi o te wa a te haahi Ratana
He mahi moni te haere ake nei a te haahi Ratana kei a Piriwiritua te roanga ake o ngaa whakamaarama
The fear of admitting our Prison and Justice system is racist
MARTYN 'BOMBER' BRADBURY: The fear that seems to underpin so many of those voices attacking the Waitangi Tribunal's response that the failure to lower Maori incarceration and reoffending amounts to a Treaty breach needs to be acknowledged.
How Maori, young voters and Women will decide the 2017 Election
MARTYN 'BOMBER' BRADBURY: If we look at the opinion poll stats 6 months out from the last 3 elections, National over poll by a significant percentage, Labour over poll by a smaller percentage, the Greens are static and NZ First rises when Labour's vote collapses.
NZ water should be for Kiwi's. Full stop.
WILLIE JACKSON OPINION: What is going on with our water?
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