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Te Rongopai is a weekly half-hour bilingual show that discusses the message of Te Rongopai translated as The Good News or Gospel Message.
Te Rongopai is hosted every Sunday morning by radio broadcaster & news journalist Mania Clarke (Waikato/Hauraki), who talks to a wide range of Māori  about how Te Rongopai has affected the faith of Māori  historically, the faith of Māori  today and its impact on Māori  in the future.

Twitter: @ManiaClarke
Te Rongopai 26/06/2016 - Terrance Wallace Part 221 Jun 2016 09:00
Terrance Wallace returns to share about the continuation of the In Zone Education Foundation and his next step of ministry, as he returns to his hometown of Chicago in the US.
Te Rongopai - 17/06/2016 - Terrance Wallace17 Jun 2016 17:51
Terrance Wallace shares about his decision to step down as the managing director of the InZone Education Foundation, which gives Māori and Pacific Island teenage boys and girls the opportunity to attend Auckland's Boys Grammar and Epsom Girls Grammar, while staying at Christian and Māori values hostels, one for boys and one for girls.
Te Rongopai 09/06/2016 - Joseph Zintseme09 Jun 2016 12:51
Joseph Zintseme, is Camaroon, from Central West Africa. He is a missionary with YWAM based in Hawaii, and has been in Aotearoa for two weeks speaking about reconciliation.
TRP 03/06/2016 - Ernest Packer Part 203 Jun 2016 13:11
Hear Part 2 of the interview with Ernest Packer, and how his life and that of his whānau turned around for the good, following the supernatural experience of his wife.
TRP 03/06/2016 - Pastor Norm McCleod Part 203 Jun 2016 12:43
Hear Part 2 of my interview with Pastor Norm McCleod share about his international ministry from The Church of Breakthrough based in Gisborne.
TRP 13/05/2016 - Pastor Norm McLeod Part 127 May 2016 11:36
Norm McLeod from Ngā Puhi, has been the senior Pastor of The House of Breakthrough in Gisborne for the last 25 years. However, before becoming a Christian, his life in the South Island involved gangs and crime.
Te Rongopai 20/04/2016 - Leighton Packer20 Apr 2016 11:18
Leighton Packer of Ngāti Ngāariki/Ngāti Rereahu and her husband lead a Community Church group in Gisborne. She shares about her journey of faith and the suicide awareness ministry this week (Tuesday 26 April).
Te Rongopai 14/04/2016 - Merekaraka Te Whitu14 Apr 2016 12:48
Kaikarakia (Layreader) of the Anglican Church, Merekaraka Te Whitu nō Ngāti Porou returns to talk about the work she is doing amongst her community at Waiapū Valley, including hosting an African gospel group at St Mary's Church in Tikitiki.
Te Rongopai 08/04/2016 - Tony Brooking08 Apr 2016 13:39
Tony Brooking returns to the show to talk about his new appointment as the Anglican Priest at Holy Sepulchre Church in Auckland. He shares about his new role and hopes for ministry.
Te Rongopai 01/04/2016 - Brad Haami04 Apr 2016 10:12
Brad Haami nō Ngāti Awa returns to Te Rongopai Show to talk about the Easter Release the Sound Conference held in Northland's Kaeo, where Native American, Lisa McFarland of Warring Dove Ministries in the U.S. was the main guest speaker.
TWWoA learn online
Rheumatic Fever
Matariki Festival 2016
E-Tangata-11102015Mataora2205-1Waatea 5th Estate
Moana Jackson on Paakiwaha
Moana Jackson on Teina Pora
Hone Harawira on Paakiwaha
Hone Harawaira getting the band back together
Jeremy Taatere Macleod on Paakiwaha
Te Matawai representative for Te Tai Rawhiti
1 Paraone Gloyne | Aoife Finn e haramai ana ki Aotearoa
Te Wānanga o Aotearoa is delighted to announce it will sponsor a visit to New Zealand by Irish Māori language PhD student Aoife Finn
2 Hineroa Hakiaha | 'Tuia te ao marama' He paetukutuku nehi Maori
Tuia Te Ao Marama: First Maori Nursing History website launched
3 Kelvin Davis | Hone Harawira me te whakarewatanga o tana paati
Kelvin shares his thoughts on the re-launch of the Mana Party
4 Awanui Black | Bentham Ohia te mangai o Mataatua mo Te Matawai
Bentham Ohia has been selected to represent Mataatua as their Matawai representative
5 Tame Iti | Pai ake te tekau miriona taara mo Teina Pora
Tame says $10 million dollars will be fair compensation for Teina Pora
No amount of dollars will be able to fix what happened to Teina Pora
WILLIE JACKSON: Teina Pora has not been compensated appropriately, twenty one years in jail and $2.5million plus an apology just doesn’t seem to add up.
Pora case is a study in structural racism
MARTYN 'BOMBER' BRADBURY: I believe it is impossible to seriously critique the terrible miscarriage of justice against Teina Pora without revealing the naked structural racism still at the heart of our colonial justice system.
The legacy of punitive policies is homelessness.
CLAUDETTE HAUITI: Minister Bennett wouldn’t have visited with Te Puea kainga-kore whanau themselves, the media mob hovering around her meant privacy issues would’ve kicked in. But if she had, Minister Bennett would’ve come face to face with her punitive reforms.
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