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Te Rongopai is a weekly half-hour bilingual show that discusses the message of Te Rongopai translated as The Good News or Gospel Message.
Te Rongopai is hosted every Sunday morning by radio broadcaster & news journalist Mania Clarke (Waikato/Hauraki), who talks to a wide range of Māori  about how Te Rongopai has affected the faith of Māori  historically, the faith of Māori  today and its impact on Māori  in the future.

Twitter: @ManiaClarke
Te Rongopai 30/08/2015 - Matt Hakiaha Part 228 Aug 2015 15:33
Hear part 2 of Mania's korero with Matt Hakiaha.
Te Rongopai 14/08/15 - Matt Hakiaha Part 114 Aug 2015 16:00
Hear Part 1 of my interview with Matt Hakiaha - Chair of Te Rūnanga (Māori Council) at Laidlaw College - talk about their Indigenous Theology studies, and the Maori theology graduate diploma and Mōteatea paper on offer.
Te Rongopai 09/08/2015 - Te Arohanui Waikato Part 207 Aug 2015 10:09
Hear Part 2 of my interview with Te Arohanui Waikato continue to share her person journey of change for the better through faith in God, including her husband who came to faith, and they are both part of Harvesttv Rotorua Ministries in Rotorua.
Te Rongopai 26/07/2015 - Te Arohanui Waikato Part 124 Jul 2015 12:33
For the last 2 weeks we had Herewini Waikato, Producer of Harvesttv Rotorua Ministries, and this week hear part 1 of my interview with Herewini's wife, Te Arohanui Waikato, and her personal journey and struggles to faith.
Te Rongopai 19/07/2015 - Herewini Waikato Part 217 Jul 2015 12:06
Maaori broadcaster Herewini Waikato noo Waikato, Ngaati Porou returns to talk about his ministry as producer of Harvest TV Rotorua, and their series that will begin screening on Rhema Media's Shine TV later this year.
Te Rongopai 10/07/2015 - Herewini Waikato Part 110 Jul 2015 11:57
Hear Part 1 of Maania's koorero with Maaori broadcaster Herewini Waikato noo Waikato me Ngaati Porou about his upbringing with both his parents, and then uncle dying whilst he was young, and the events that led to him turning to God.
Te Rongopai 05/07/2015 Helen Herbert Part 203 Jul 2015 10:06
Pastor Helen Herbert continues her koorero with Maania, and shares about the heavenly spiritual ministry her Community Church in Kaeo have been experiencing over the past few years, as her Church celebrated their 10th anniversary recently.
Te Rongopai 28/06/2015 - Helen Herbert Part 126 Jun 2015 10:33
Hear part 1 of Maania's koorero with Helen Herbert from Te Arawa, Ngaati Pikiao. Bought up as a catholic upbringing, she had a maakutu placed on her, but the battle really began when she received Jesus as her Saviour.
Te Rongopai 21/06/2015 - Hineawe Karaka Part 219 Jun 2015 17:12
Maania continues her koorero with Hineawe, who talks about her Intercessory Prayer Ministry, which leads her to Israel, Mongolia, China and South Korea.
Te Rongopai 14//06/2015 - Hineawe Karaka Part 111 Jun 2015 13:12
Hineawe Karaka Part 1
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Dover Samuels | Statoil Maori intrest in the North
Dover Samuels invited Statoil officials to get a clearer understanding of what drilling / mining in the north will mean to the locals 
Anton Blank | Incarceration rate for Maori children stands out
Two Maori child advocates say that the high incarceration rate for Maori children is one of the most shocking aspects of the Children’s Commissioner’s report of Child, Youth and Family released today. “58% of Child, Youth and Family’s care and protection clients are Maori,” says Child Advocate Anton Blank, “which confirms what we already know about tamariki Maori, who experience more child abuse than other groups.
Henry Ihaka | Te Aupouri Maori Trust Board trying to see where it went wrong
The board has pulled the plug on most of the operations and social service delivery programmes.
Kevin Tamati | Unhealthy connection with sports and alcohol
The legislation enabling bars to open for rugby world cup is a step backwards for us.
Rulan Kahuroa | Wai2500 claim and military veterans enquiry in Muriwai
Vietnam veteran Rulan Kahuroa speaks to Dale Husband about the hui held in Muriwai this week. Many of the former veterans spoke of the treatment they received on their return to Aotearoa and how upset they are that many vets missed out on aid from the government. The inquiry is ongoing over the next few months 
Sue Bradford | State houses stand vacant despite long waiting list
State houses sat vacant for 805 days before being sold in a expensive Auckland suburb.
Marama Fox | Weekly Catchup
Dale has his weekly catchup with Marama Fox.
Dr Russel Wills | Released public report on service child, youth and family
A public report was released today on the service child, youth and family provides to our most vulnerable children.
CYFs are failing children and many are Maori kids
MARTYN BRADBURY: The latest report into the nightmare of CYFs have shown that many children are being abused in state care and that there is no evidence that they are safer inside State care than outside it.
Immigration is important
WILLIE JACKSON: Immigration is important and I believe we must allow more migrants into New Zealand if we are to grow as a country, both economically and culturally
Who is standing up for Maori worker rights?
MARTYN BRADBURY: Beyond all the mockery of the Government listing mini putt golf and worm farming as high risk when they have allowed sheep, dairy and beef farming into low risk, the jarring reality is that it is Maori workers who are most at risk from our slack health and safety laws.
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