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Te Rongopai is a weekly half-hour bilingual show that discusses the message of Te Rongopai translated as The Good News or Gospel Message.
Te Rongopai is hosted every Sunday morning by radio broadcaster & news journalist Mania Clarke (Waikato/Hauraki), who talks to a wide range of Māori  about how Te Rongopai has affected the faith of Māori  historically, the faith of Māori  today and its impact on Māori  in the future.

Email: terongopai@waatea603am.co.nz
Twitter: @ManiaClarke
Te Rongopai 28/06/2015 - Helen Herbert Part 126 Jun 2015 10:33
Hear part 1 of Maania's koorero with Helen Herbert from Te Arawa, Ngaati Pikiao. Bought up as a catholic upbringing, she had a maakutu placed on her, but the battle really began when she received Jesus as her Saviour.
Te Rongopai 21/06/2015 - Hineawe Karaka Part 219 Jun 2015 17:12
Maania continues her koorero with Hineawe, who talks about her Intercessory Prayer Ministry, which leads her to Israel, Mongolia, China and South Korea.
Te Rongopai 14//06/2015 - Hineawe Karaka Part 111 Jun 2015 13:12
Hineawe Karaka Part 1
Te Rongopai 31/05/2015 - Lulia Leilua29 May 2015 10:42
My manuwhiri kaikoorero is Maaori broadcaster Iulia Leilua noo Ngaati Haaua/Ngaati Heke-a-Wai/Ngaati Haamoa, who shares about her catholic upbringing in Taumarunui, her journey to becoming a journalist working in mainstream and Maaori broadcasting, and her faith today.
Te Rongopai 22/05/2015 - Matekitetawhiti Chase Part 222 May 2015 12:30
Matekitetawhiti Chase returns to share how God brought her and her whaanau to Auckland, and led to her ministry amongst Maaori with mental disorders at South Auckland's Mahitahi Trust.
Te Rongopai 17/05/2015 - Part 115 May 2015 12:15
In Part 1 of my koorero with Matekitawhiti Chase noo Te Ati Awa, Ngaai Tuuhoe and Te Arawa grew up in Te Teko, she shares about her upbringing and vision at 10years old, that caused her to believe in God.
Te Rongopai 08/05/2015 - Chris Wiremu Part 208 May 2015 10:06
I continue my koorero with Chris Wiremu who talks about the new chapter of his life overseas after gang Ministry, which led to meeting his wife, but returning home to teach tikanga Maori as part of discipleship training.
Te Rongopai 03/05/2015 - Chris Wiremu01 May 2015 11:15
My manuwhiri kaikoorero is ex gang associate Chris Wiremu noo Ngaai Tuuhoe me Ngaati Ranginui, shares about his troubled upbringing, and how his miraculous conversion to faith in God.
Te Rongopai 16/04/2015 - Robynleigh Cowan16 Apr 2015 13:00
Maaori broadcaster Robynleigh Cowan noo Ngaati Awa, Tainui waka and Ngaati Kuri shares about her upbringing in the Ringatuu faith and having an encounter with Jesus Christ who spoke to her in Maaori, cementing her faith in Him forever.
Te Rongopai 12/04/2015 - Mokoro Gillet10 Apr 2015 09:42
Mokoro Gillet noo Ngaati Hauaa returns to the show to talk to about the recent national Te Aranga Huihuinga, held at Rukumoana Marae, near Morrinsvillek, during Easter weekend.
Te Rongopai 02/04/2015 - Rupena Taipu Te Ahuru02 Apr 2015 10:21
Kaumaatua Rupena Taipu Te Ahuru noo Ngaati Hikairo ki Tongariro speaks to Maania about his faith in the Lord of 60 years, as we commemorate and celebrate Te Aranga on Ressurection Sunday today.
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Minister of Education Hekia Parata
A weekly interview with the Minister of Education Hekia Parata and Radio Waata host Dale Husband
Manurewa MP Louisa Wall | Weekly politiics
A weekly political korero with the Manurewa MP Louisa Wall and Radio Waatea host Dale Hudband
Lance Norman is the lead on the Waipareira Housing Group
Lance Norman is the pead person on the Waipareira Housing Group
Marty Rogers from Te Puni Kokiri
Te Puni Kokiri will host a Homeless Wananga during Matariki to be held at Tatai Hono Marae on July 2 – 3. The aim of the first-time event is to address the social and cultural needs but more importantly the day-to-day needs of our homeless whanau in New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland.
1 Leonie Matoe| Kei te he a Maori Television
Toi Tangata are opposed to Maori Television advertising gambling, sugar, coca cola and McDonald on the channel
2 Pou Temara | Te Reo Maori
Hauraki iwi have been told it is first and foremost to save te reo Maori
3 Te Ururoa Flavell | Pakihi Maori
Companies are after Maori business due to the growing Maori economy
4 Rueben Epiha | Tautoko Tautoko FM
Radio Tautoko have been humbled by the support from Iwi stations to help them fundraise since the fire of thier station in May this year
Bad move Sonny
WILLIE JACKSON: I don’t like to put the boot into someone who maybe down but I have to make an exception for Ngapuhi leader Sonny Tau, who has landed himself in hot water over a few dead birds.
NZ Mainstream media will focus on Maori TV when Journalists leave, but not when their Journalists get arrested by Israel
MARTYN BRADBURY: When Journalists leave Maori TV, the mainstream media are almost gleeful in covering it, yet today when Maori TV have had two of their journalists arrested by the Israeli's, there is barely a whisper?
What on earth is going on at Maori TV?
MARTYN BRADBURY:The latest allegations of direct interference with Maori TV editorial content by Te Ururoa Flavell demands a serious investigation because it simply does not pass the scratch and sniff test of independent journalism.
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