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Willie Te Aho | Te Ture Whenua review,
Willie Te Aho talks to Dale Husband about the upcoming Te Ture Whenua review and court action over Maori land
Kelvin Davis | Men Against Sexual Violence aka MASSIVE hikoi starts today
Tai Tokerau MP Kelvin Davis is headlining a hikoi MASSIVE to highlight the problem of sexual abuse and to appeal to those who have been vicitims or perpertators to seek help. The hikoi will be walked over 17 days from West Auckland and ending at Te Rerenga Wairua
Mark Dyer | NZers to have their say on a popular lagoon in Poneke
Mark Dyer from the NZ Geographic Board is calling on NZers to have their say on a proposal to assign a Maori name to Wellington popular inner city lagoon
Leo Koziol | Today sees the start of the Wairoa Maori Film Festival
Leo Koziol is the person behind the Wairoa Maori Film Festival. Its been an annual event for a number of years. This years festival sees a host of local talent as the festival begins today
Ngaroimata Reid | MASSIVE Hikoi supporter
Ngaroimata Reid is one of those supporting the MASSIVE hikoi
1 Tina Wickliffe | Kairipoata o Te Tai Rawhiti
Mangatu Land, health success in Gisborne
2 Rangi Mataamua | Rongoa Maori
Te Reo Maori is found to be a big help to people with mental health issues
3 Nanaia Mahuta | Kaupapa torangapu
Closure of Maori health service proder, Talleys playing hard ball with workers, Kiwisaver Kwikstart gone
Congratulations Tainui
WILLIE JACKSON OPINION: The 20th anniversary of the Tainui Settlement was a great occasion for all New Zealanders - Maori and Pakeha alike.
Maori miss out
WILLIE JACKSON: It was a good week for the red necks with the vote going against the New Plymouth Mayor who was pushing for a Maori ward as part of the council, and the naming of the high-levelled panel to review Child Youth and Family that contained not one so called Maori expert.
Locking Maori up in Prison.
MARTYN BRADBURY OPINION: The UN are concerned. They are concerned by New Zealand's appalling incarceration rates for Maori. At 15% of the population, Maori make up over 50% of the prison population. It's a situation the UN Committee of Torture describes as 'worrying'.
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