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Annette Sykes | TPP reflection of colonising view
Mana Party vice-president Annette Sykes says there has been no consultation with Maori and no consideration of Maori rights and interests."The colonising view that took our country in 1840 is the same view that prevails in the hearts and minds of those capitalist interests who make money. They don't believe that we as Maori are worthy of that (consultation) process. There is still this notion there are superior thinkers to Maori thinkers over their own taonga," she says.Annette Sykes says the TPP will make all New Zealanders powerless in their own country against the demands of multinational corporate giants, so the pressure needs to go on politicians to stop them ratifying the deal.
Ngahiwi Tomoana | TPP secrecy attack on open society
The secret nature of it in the four- year lapse of any information being available to the general public smacks of a secret state, totally against open society in general. We want to examine it in terms of its impact on the Treaty of Waitangi and on our intellectual property and our tikanga
Hone Harawira | TPP
Its our governments responsibility to defend The Treaty of Waitangi, We bought them to the Waitangi Tribunal they wouldnt even let us see the clause. They wouldnt even let the Tribunal see the Treaty exception clause. Theres nothing in it for us.
Zoe Hawke | Latest iwi smiking figures are down.
Ngapuhi are best when it comes to giving up tobacco, according to the latest census data. The northern tribe saw a decrease of 9.9 percent in the number of regular smokers between censuses.
Associate Professor Tracey McIntosh on Paakiwaha
A wide range of topics and disciplines could be covered by a new post-graduate scholarship funded by the Maori Language Commission Te Taura Whiri and administered by Maori research hub Nga Pae o Te Maramatanga.There will be five Kia Ita scholarships of $10,000 each available to Maori students at Masters level. Nga Pae director Tracey McIntosh says Masters scholarships are valuable for building knowledge.
Robert Peden | Electoral Commission
The chief executive of the Electoral Commission talks with Dale Husband about the next process of voting for 5 options in the flag debate
Tim Howard from Northland Mining Group on Paakiwaha
Tangata whenua are being warned against engaging with the company seeking to mine at Puhipuhi north of Whangarei.Evolution Mining, Australia’s second largest listed goldminer, has been reaching out to hapu since June when it took over the exploration licenses from De Grey Mining.MineWatch Northland spokesperson Tim Howard says if tangata whenua and communities engage with Evolution, the company will claim community credibility and tangata whenua support. He says exploratory drilling and actual mining at Puhipuhi will cause leaching of mercury and other toxic metals into the aquifers under Puhipuhi and into the waterways leading to the Kaipara and Helena Bay.
Dr Ranginui Walker | Te Tarata commemorations
Dr Ranginui Walker talks of the 150th commemoration of the Battle of Te Tarata that was held in Whakatohea on Sunday
Maori Women Leadership Support Chris Brown
WILLIE JACKSON: I was extremely proud last week when some of Maoridoms top women leaders came out in a press conference held at my Marae Nga Whare Waatea to express their support for the singer Chris Brown.
Our flip flop Prime Minister.
WILLIE JACKSON:I used to call my mate John Tamihere a flip flop. If I said it was black, he’d say it was white, even after calling it black himself. If I said it was up, he’d say it was down. If I said it was Labour, he’d counter by saying it was National.
How is removing Maori children from whanau & sterilising the poor appropriate
I find it difficult to respond to the latest idea from National on our most vulnerable Mokopuna. CYFS is to undergo another rebuild, this is the 15th time since the department was created.
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