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Close race boosts minor party influence
The Maori Party’s Tamaki Makaurau candidate says minor parties have been poorly served by the media this election..Read more

Harawira counting on first tick
Mana leader Hone Harawira is counting on Labour voters to give him back Te Taitokerau..Read more

Taniwha St tenant challenges crown strategy
Green MP Marama Davidson says a pensioner fighting to stay in her Glen Innes home is a symbol of what’s gone wrong with the National-led Government..Read more

Asthma clinics earn Tiplady tohu
The Nurses Organisation has celebrated the work its members are doing to address problems in the community like eczema and asthma..Read more

Peters queries treaty returns as election narrows
New Zealand First leader Winston Peters is skeptical treaty settlements will deliver significant economic and social advances for Maori..Read more

Think tank needed to tackle Maori housing barriers
Maori housing advocacy group Te Matapihi wants the next Government to form a Maori housing finance think tank to tackle what is a persistent barrier to Maori housing..Read more

App identifies name fix shortlist
Tauranga, Waikato, Taupo, Manurewa, Rotorua and Whangarei are the names which most urgently need to be fixed on Google Maps, according to Vodafone's Say it Tika! app..Read more

Growing up study cut down by third
Thousands of people have signed a petition calling on the government to restore critical funding to the Growing Up in New Zealand study, which in its first seven years has already given valuable insights into the health and development of Maori and Pasifika children..Read more

Mental health key election issue
Labour leader Jacinda Ardern says mental health has become the big issue to emerge from election campaign..Read more

Advance voting flushes out unenrolled
The Electoral Commission has put on extra staff to help the large number of people who have wanted to enroll during advance voting..Read more

Tuhoronuku poll a sham says Tipene
Te Kotahitanga o Nga Hapu Ngapuhi co-chair Pita Tipene is rejecting a poll showing 70 percent of Ngapuhi want mandated negotiating group Tuhoronuku to continue work on the tribe's treaty settlement..Read more

Poor paua process undermines settlement
Te Ohu Kaimoana says the way Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy has cut the Total Allowable Commercial Catch for paua breaches the 1992 Fisheries Deed of Settlement..Read more

Mental health top campaign concern
Entertainer turned Opportunities Party candidate Mika Haka says mental health has turned out to be the major issue on the campaign..Read more

Maori part of future cities plan
New Zealand cities need to change, and acknowledging their Maori history and presence is part of it..Read more

Ngai Te Rangi snubs Flavell mediation
Waiariki MP Te Ururoa Flavell says he made an effort to resolve a row between Ngai te Rangi and Hauraki but came up short..Read more

Overseas career wins Ellison Auckland transport job
Experience with multinational transport company Transdev in Europe and Australia has won Shane Ellison from Ngai Tahu and Te Ati Awa to top job in the country's largest transport company, Auckland Transport..Read more

Hauraki settlement put off until election done
Tauranga Iwi Ngai Te Rangi has succeeded in its efforts to stall the signing of Hauraki’s deed of settlement..Read more

Labour sets it's sights on ending rheumatic fever
Labour’s Hauraki Waikato candidate Nanaia Mahuta says setting a target for the elimination of rheumatic fever will allow people to hold the politicians to account..Read more

Community backing helps plan for te reo growth
A Taranaki Maori language advocate says Maori language week has been a great opportunity to plan for the year and encourage people to use te reo Maori in their everyday activities..Read more

Robot challenge hooks tamariki on science
Twelve teams from primary schools across the Eastern Bay of Plenty will compete in a new regional robotics competition in Whakatane this week..Read more

Landcorp election offer bad faith
National’s promise to ballot off Landcorp farms to young farmers will be seen as bad faith by the crown if carried through, according to a former associate treaty negotiations minister and hapu leader..Read more

Managers become governors in Tainui boards
Waikato Tainui members have voted for change at the three-yearly elections for the tribal parliament and executive..Read more

Maia tops baby name poll
Maia was the most popular Maori baby name for girls in 2016 both in Aotearoa and overseas, according to the Department of Internal Affairs..Read more

Historic voices share reo stories
To mark Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori, the New Zealand Council for Educational Research has put research from the first sociolinguistic survey of te reo Maori in New Zealand up on the internet.Read more

Scholarships for taiao champions
Four wahine passionate about the taiao have scooped this year’s Waikato University Dame Te Atairangikaahu Scholarships..Read more

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Rheumatic Fever
Waatea TV
Parakuihi Breakfast with Dale Husband
Karen Wilson Te Akitai Waiohua Iwi Authority
The eroding southwest rim of Te Pukaki Tapu o Poutukeka Crater (Pukaki) Crater is being stabilised with tree planting and fencing thanks to a preservation project driven by the council and the Mangere-Otahuhu Local Board.
Veronica Tawhai Maori Politics Lecturer
Breakfast Host: Dale Husband
Shane Taurima Maori Party Candidate
Breakfast Host: Dale Husband
Porirua Mayor Mike Tana
A funding boost has been given to Porirua City's swim school which will see more children than ever taught vital water safety skills.
Mana Party Leader Hone Harawira
Breakfast Host: Dale Husband
Green Party MP Marama Davidson
Elderly tenants takes Tamaki Regeneration all the way to the High Court.
Makaore Hotorene Change to the Electoral Act Petition
There is a petition and alot of media on the death of Mehara Tamaki and her vote being declined.
1 Marama Fox | Nga take torangapu o te wa
E korero ana a Marama Fox mo ngaa tini kaupapa torangapu o te wa, otiraa, te aahua o ngaa koowhiringa pooti ano hoki
Maori voter suppression allegations demands investigation!
MARTYN 'BOMBER' BRADBURY: Allegations of widespread Maori voter suppression made by Massey University Political Lecturer, Veronica Tawhai require an immediate response from the Electoral Commission.
The importance of the Maori electorates this election
MARTYN 'BOMBER' BRADBURY: There has never been an election that was so dependent on the Maori electorates
Why every Maori should be outraged by how racist National's Bootcamps really are
MARTYN ' BOMBER' BRADBURY: You know it's election time when National starts promising harsher and more punitive law and order policy
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