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MUMA to open high school
ACT leader and Under-Secretary to the Minister of Education David Seymour has announced four new partnership schools..Read more

More Pei Jones Shakespeare translations found
Translations of the William Shakespeare plays Othello and Julius Caeser by the late Pei te Hurinui Jones will be made available for download during Maori Language Week..Read more

High cost economy driving poverty
New Zealand First leader Winston Peters is rubbishing the major parties' new poverty reduction targets..Read more

Word creation celebrated on stamps
For those who still send letters, a stamp issue has gone on sale highlighting new Maori words..Read more

Maori music legends honoured
The Waiata Maori Music Awards turn 10 this month, and the milestone will be marked with posthumous awards to three giants of Maori music..Read more

Otahuhu statue celebrates colonial brutality
As the United States is torn over attempts to remove statues celebrating Confederate generals, there's a call to remove a memorial to an act of colonial era brutality in Aotearoa..Read more

Turia appointed human face of Whanganui River
Former MP Dame Tariana Turia and educator Turama Hawira have been appointed the first Te Pou Tupua to act as the human face of the Whanganui River..Read more

Low immunisation rate raises mumps risk
Low immunisation rates could put many Maori in south Auckland at risk of catching mumps and other diseases..Read more

Moana dubbed for Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori
Taika Waititi's Disney film Moana will screen in te reo Maori for Maori language Week, thanks to the efforts of three University of Auckland staffers..Read more

Urban trust helps iwi develop
Te Whanau o Waipareira Trust and Ngai Tai have broken ground on their joint venture to build a large social housing complex at Waterview..Read more

Ten year check for Indigenous Declaration
Some of New Zealand’s top academics and Maori who have taken issues to international forums will today assess what progress has been made.Read more

Study will tackle long term illness treatment
Maori and Pasifika with long-term health conditions such as diabetes and respiratory conditions could benefit for new research projects funded through the Healthier Lives National Science Challenge..Read more

Wahine Maori lag in wage stakes
Maori women continue to be paid the least, despite a narrowing of the gap between the hourly earnings of men and women..Read more

River project pathway into big data
Maori economic development consultancy Tuia has teamed up with KotahiNet and Touch Media to allow Te Arawa members to check the condition of the Waikato River where it flows through their rohe..Read more

Human rights sideline in drug policy
National has pledged to get tough on methamphetamine as it looks for a formula to win re-election..Read more

Hapu researchers tackle climate change
Researchers and whanau involved in the Deep South Science Challenge meet in Wellington today to compare notes and assess progress in developing Maori responses to climate change..Read more

Strong board members to manage lake
Tuwharetoa Maori Trust Board chief executive Topia Rameka has been elected as the new chair of Taupo-Nui-a-Tia Management Board, which bring together crown and iwi to manage the lake..Read more

Greens keen on te reo for all
Greens leader James Shaw says any languages policy needs to give priority to te reo Maori rather than lump it in with other tongues..Read more

Whakaue trust transforms Rotorua RSA
Ngati Whakaue’s Pukeroa Oruawhata Holdings has completed its $2.7 million redevelopment of the former Rotorua RSA..Read more

Homeless tug Taurima heartstrings
The Maori Party’s Tamaki Makaurau candidate says homelessness has emerged as a major issue this election..Read more

Crown pardon 100 years late for Tuhoe prophet
The Crown will return to Maungapohatu next week to sign an agreement to pardon Rua Kenana and apologise to his descendants and supporters..Read more

MEDIA RELEASE: Te Ohu Kaimoana files appeal against EPA decision to allow mining of South Taranaki Iron-sands
Te Ohu Kaimoana has filed an appeal against the Environmental Protection Authority’s decision to grant Trans-Tasman Resources Limited consents to mine iron sand off the South Taranaki Bight..Read more

Mana whenua iwi fight numbers game over Manukau motorway
Ngati Whatua Orakei is telling Hauraki iwi to butt out of discussions on the proposed East West Link from Penrose to Onehunga..Read more

Port answer to Northland prayers
Mana's Te Taitokerau candidate Hone Harawira has welcomed New Zealand First picking up the call to move most operations of the Ports of Auckland to Northland..Read more

Labour puts housing at the top
Labour leader Jacinda Ardern says jobs and housing have to be at the top of a Labour Government agenda in addressing Maori needs..Read more

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Rheumatic Fever
2017 Te Wero Logo-221

Waatea TV
Parakuihi Breakfast with Dale Husband
Maori Party Co-Leader Marama Fox
Breakfast Host: Dale Husband
Sam Huggard CTU Secretary
"National should not be pretending to other TPPA countries that it can make commitments on behalf of New Zealand three days before a General Election," says CTU Secretary Sam Huggard. Crucial talks are taking place in Japan tomorrow and Friday where the New Zealand, Japanese and Australian governments are desperately trying to persuade the other eight countries to revive the TPPA despite the US having pulled out.
Labour Leader Jacinda Ardern
Breakfast Host: Dale Husband
Paula Morris Researcher
Te Rangatira and Ida is an account of mana whenua maritime history in the Hauraki Gulf and its islands.
Kerri Nuku NZNO Kaiwhakahaere
The 2017 Young Nurse of the Year was announced at last night's NZNO Annual Conference dinner at Te Papa and went to Jess Tiplady, Nurse Practitioner from Auckland. Jess Tiplady works at the Greenstone Family Clinic, Auckland.
Lisa Gibson Tamaki Housing Group
Two days before the 2017 General Election, state housing advocates and supporters will march and assemble at the Auckland High Court where the appeal of Ioela "Niki" Rauti will be heard.
CE of Te Ohu Kainmoana Dion Tuuta
Te Ohu Kaimoana says the way Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy has cut the Total Allowable Commercial Catch for paua breaches the 1992 Fisheries Deed of Settlement.Chief executive Dion Tuuta says the Maori fisheries settlement trust supports catch reductions to ensure the sustainability of fishing stocks.
1 Nanaia Mahuta | Nga take torangapu o te wa
E hikaka ana te wairua o Nanaia Mahuta i teenei wa ki te tuuranga a te roopuu Reipa i teenei wa i mua i ngaa koowhiringa pooti o te tau
Maori voter suppression allegations demands investigation!
MARTYN 'BOMBER' BRADBURY: Allegations of widespread Maori voter suppression made by Massey University Political Lecturer, Veronica Tawhai require an immediate response from the Electoral Commission.
The importance of the Maori electorates this election
MARTYN 'BOMBER' BRADBURY: There has never been an election that was so dependent on the Maori electorates
Why every Maori should be outraged by how racist National's Bootcamps really are
MARTYN ' BOMBER' BRADBURY: You know it's election time when National starts promising harsher and more punitive law and order policy
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