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Māori boarding schools have x-factor

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Māori boarding schools are welcoming a new government scholarship scheme that will guarantee each of them 15 fully-paid students a year.

A total of 90 Puawaitanga scholarships will go to students with leadership potential to attend Hato Paora, Hato Petera, Hukarere Girls, St Joseph’s Maori Girls, Te Aute College or Turakina Māori Girls College.

Turakina principal Terehia Channing says there is competition from other schools, but as a Turakina old girl she can attest that Tutahi Māori boarding schools have an x-factor.

“And you don’t get the experience that you have at Māori boarding from any other school. Whether it be kura kaupapa, whare kura, area schools. These are the sort of unique schools, our rural schools where Te Reo Māori is very strong. It’s the ex-factor that we have and the number of strong Māori leaders, educationalists that have been produced from Māori boarding’s schools. It’s there, the history is there”.

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