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Election 2017 - Labour's broad church

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Election 2017 - Labour's broad church

If Labour wish to win the 2017 election, they must be focused on broadening their appeal beyond academics and educated liberals. The fact that this even needs to be spelt out is an indicator in of itself of just how far Labour have drifted from their core electorate.

One of the reasons Donald Trump shocked the world last year with his electoral win in America, is because Trump did just this. He broadened the Republican Party by appealing directly to the working class of America who had begun to see the Republicans and Democrats as self interested corporate hustlers.

By attacking and criticising the economic structure that so many working class American's were suffering under, Trump managed to bring in voters who had become apathetic due to their disillusioned view of American politics.

43% of Union homes voted for Trump, that despite his racism, sexism and jaw dropping offensiveness. Those working people looked beyond the repugnance of Trump because they saw in him someone who was going to do something about the economic structure under which they were suffering.

Trump broadened the Republican base and he won. This is where Labour need to take some lessons, refusing to engage with the working class of NZ in favour of academics and educated liberals will doom Labour to another 3 years of Opposition.

That's why winning Willie Jackson over to Labour has been such a coup. Willie has the potential to re-engage Labour with urban working class Maori who have been left behind by a free market economic system that doesn't give a damn about equality or justice. His work within the community and his profile and standing ensure Labour can do that.

The simple math is that without candidates like Willie who can appeal to voters who are not currently thinking Labour, then Andrew Little has no chance of winning in September.


Martyn Bradbury

Editor -

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