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Homeless people in motels and blaming immigration on stoners
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Homeless people in motels and blaming immigration on stoners


The National Government were under pressure this week for their lack of foresight and basic compassion.

The housing bubble that keeps those owning property believing they are millionaires on paper, demands constant demand to keep inflating, and the Government do this by opening the immigration floodgates to allow student visas to turn into work visas to turn into residency.

Ramping up demand while paying lip service to supplying more housing keeps the bubble growing while ensuring property owners vote National in September.

National have made a political decision to look after property owners at the expense of beneficiaries and the local working class. State House tenants are thrown out of state houses if they breach thresholds purposely constructed to find excuses to evict and they end up in Motels.

Making people homeless and then paying millions on Motels to house them is bewilderingly stupid but Bill English managed to eclipse this madness with a statement that would be funny if it weren't so terribly offensive.

Bill English attempted to claim that the reason why we need to bring in tens of thousands of migrant workers and students, many if whom get exploited in NZ, was because NZ workers couldn't pass the drug tests.

That's right folks, we need to bring in tens of thousands of migrant workers who will work for less than minimum wage and who keep demand pressure on the housing market because Kiwi workers are too stoned to do the jobs they're brought in for..

Attempting to hide his addiction to inflated migration to keep Economic Growth looking good, Bill English blames kiwi workers for being drug addicts despite the only stats on the subject showing a tiny percentage of beneficiaries failing drug tests.

Without any proof or evidence, Bill English merely shrugs off his huge immigration numbers and the social issues that influx of people are causing.

Attempting to defend skyrocketing homelessness that their own policy is exacerbating and trying to slander kiwi workers to justify mass immigration are the actions of a desperate Government who have run out of excuses.

Martyn Bradbury

Editor -

Waatea 5th Estate


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