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Maori traits good for management

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A Maori business researcher says a Maori approach to leadership could benefit business, but it might mean rethinking what makes a good manager.

Jarrod Haar from Massey University’s Te Au Rangahau Maori business research centre interviews with Maori business, iwi and political leaders led him to identify four leadership traits - altruism, humility, taking a long-term view and collectivism.

He says when those characteristics were put to ordinary people in the workforce, they identified them as the traits of a good manager.

Professor Haar says that’s an argument for encouraging more Maori into leadership roles.

"Maori might disadvantage themselves by being a little bit too humble. I guess one of the things we're trying to get here, for employers is to consider Maori and perhaps look for, not necessarily getting people to say how much they do themselves but approaching other people, co-workers for example and getting them to discuss, 'tell us a little bit about this person and what is their leadership style like?'," he says.

Jarrod Haar says such managers may not be as good at selling themselves in job interviews, but they are more likely to deliver a more engaged and better performing workforce.


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