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Mana-Maori Party pact down to detail

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Maori Party president Tukoroirangi Morgan and Mana leader Hone Harawira say they are close to agreement on how they will work together for this year’s election.

The parties have been talking at executive level for the past couple of months, but Mr Morgan went north to negotiate directly with Mr Harawira over the past couple of days.

He says the mistake last election is they did not work together, opening the door for Labour to take or hold six of the seven Maori seats.

Mr Morgan would not disclose details, but suggested part of it was agreeing not to disagree publicly.

He indicated the deal should be finalised by the Te Matatini national kapa haka competitions later in the month.

Mr Harawira also described the enmity between Mana and the Maori Party as a mistake.

"Our people have reminded us that when Mana and the Maori Party fought, the crowd that stole the foreshore and seabed stole our seats as well," he says.


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