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Pakeha have just as much to lose as Tauranga Moana iwi
Photos: Rosalie Liddle Crawford.

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In a show of solidarity with Tauranga Moana iwi a number of Pakeha locals accompanied a hikoi across Wairoa Bridge in protest against Pare Hauraki Collective claims to the harbour including Matakana Island.

Ngai Te Rangi chair Charlie Tawhiao says Pakeha have just as much to lose as Maori if Pare Hauraki's claim goes ahead.

"There's been Pakeha, who've been supporting us from the very beginning. Not all Pakeha have taken the trouble to understand the issue but those that have understand that this is not just about supporting us but about protecting their own interests and rights in Tauranga. Pakeha communities have as much to be concerned about as we have aboutthe possiblity of Hauraki having any rights in Tauranga Moana," he says.

Pare Hauraki argues it has shared history in Tauranga allowing it rights to have a say in its development and growth and this is being upheld by the Crown in Pare Hauraki's Deed of Settlement.

Tauranga Moana Iwi says if Pare Hauraki's claims precede it sets a dangerous precedence for other claims.

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