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Te Hōnonga

An in-depth look at Auckland Council's engagement strategies with mana whenua and mātāwaka in Tāmaki Mākaurau.

A half hour programme in English every Thursday morning at 10.30 am

Hosted by Claudette Hauiti and brought to you by Auckland Council 

Te Hōnonga Video Page

Te Hononga 06/08/2018 - Pouroto Ngaropo
06 Sep 2018 13:36
Te Hononga 30/08/2018 - Valerie Te Raitua and Lionel Hotene
30 Aug 2018 14:33
Te Hononga Wahanga 8 Zoe Wineera Brown and Tuakana Pupuke
16 Aug 2018 14:51
Te Hononga Wahanga 7 Will Flavell
16 Aug 2018 14:45
Te Hononga Wahanga 6 Kereama Nathan
16 Aug 2018 14:36
Te Hononga Wahanga 5 Natasha Kemp
16 Aug 2018 14:21
Te Hononga Wahanga 3 Paul Majurey
16 Aug 2018 12:36
Te Hononga Wahanga 2 Tony Kake
16 Aug 2018 11:09

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The Politics of Kindness
Martyn 'Bomber' Bradbury: There's been a bit of debate online right now about what it means to have 'New Zealand values'. NZ First have brought the issue up by wanting a 'Values Test' for migrants and John Tamihere has written some thoughts in his latest NZ Herald column
Where's the business backbone?
John Tamihere: It beggars belief that business confidence is down, and to me this reflects major problems based on capacity and capability of our business leaders.
We are not mates with Australia
John Tamihere: Let's get the conclusion of this opinion piece out of the way, up front, and quickly. It's a myth that we are mates.





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