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Te Rongopai host | Iulia Leilua

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Iulia Leilua 
Ngāti Hāua, Ngāti Hekeāwai, Samoan

Iulia was born and bred in Taumarunui and is half Samoan and half Māori.  She attended St Joseph’s Māori Girls’ College in Napier before becoming a founding journalist for TVNZ’s ‘Tagata Pasifika’ in 1987.

Iulia later became an investigative journalist for Māori TV and was named Best Māori Journalist in 2018 by Massey University. Iulia has worked throughout NZ and the Pacific region since 1987 and for her iwi in Taumarunui. She’s also been a member of Destiny Church in Auckland since 2001.

Te Rongopai is a weekly half-hour bilingual show that discusses the message of Te Rongopai translated as The Good News or Gospel Message.
Te Rongopai is hosted every Sunday morning by Iulia Leilua Māori & Pacific Communications & Media Expert who talks to a wide range of Māori and non-Māori about how Te Rongopai has affected the faith of Māori  historically, the faith of Māori  today and its impact on Māori  in the future.


Twitter: @iulialeilua 
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Ihumātao | National Party Solutions | More Problematic than Helpful
Dr Rawiri Taonui: This column looks at the National Party proposals for resolving the stand-off over the Fletcher Residential Special Housing Project at Ihumātao.
If your baby is being stolen by Oranga Tamariki, you must immediately start live streaming it
Martyn 'Bomber' Bradbury: New shameful footage of Oranga Tamariki using Police to take a new born Maori infant from a mothers arms has emerged from Auckland Hospital and the outrage should be deafening.
The latest Oranga Tamariki outrage
Martyn 'Bomber' Bradbury: We have all been horrified by the brutality of Oranga Tamariki uplifts, we have all been shocked at the lack of oversight, we have all been angered by the total failure of checks and balances within a system that has eroded parental rights in favour of big data calculations that decide to take your child based on future crimes.





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