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Beach fight puts grit in oversight machine
The chair of the board set up to oversee Ninety Mile Beach is rejecting a call to put it on hold..Read more

Te Arawa saxophonist silenced as Minarapa Mitai-Ngātai mourned
Te Arawa is mourning the loss of a kaumātua who enriched the cultural life of the iwi over many decades..Read more

Tikanga process attempt to veto settlement
The lead negotiator for Pare Hauraki says a lot of noise and heat is being whipped up about the collective’s stalled settlement for reasons that don’t stand up..Read more

Iwi-led housing for defence personnel
Hauraki kaumātua were out at dawn west of Auckland city today to bless 49 new homes for defence force personnel..Read more

Whānau Ora bigger than crisis management
The Minister for Whānau Ora believes it’s time for the initiative to be seen as more than crisis management for whānau in need..Read more

Māori business offered free mentoring
Māri businesses are being offered free training and mentoring under a new scheme to boost the Māori economy..Read more

Healthy well-being lacks cultural relevance for Māori men
A Māori exercise physiologist says health promotions emphasising physical and mental wellbeing lack cultural relevance for Maori men..Read more

Crown remembers settlement promise
The Government is trying to breathe life back into a consultation process which was supposed to be the centrepiece of treaty settlements for far north iwi..Read more

Story woven around Ardern baby
The birth of Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford’s first baby has led to a bonus for wahakura weavers..Read more

TradeMe foster care ads a mistake
Oranga Tamariki has apologised using auction website TradeMe to find foster parents..Read more

Apple day for Ngāpuhi whānau
The Ngāpuhi Rūnanga wants to get its whānau out of the supermarket mentality..Read more

Burglary prevention starts in big whare
The first eight Ngawha prison inmates on an innovative whare burglary prevention programme are set to graduate tomorrow..Read more

Sweet time to count manu
It's time to do some bird watching..Read more

Roia Maori embrace te reo
Wellington-based Kahui Legal has become the first law firm to sign up for a language plan with the Maori Language Commission Te Taura Whiri..Read more

Power battle over tamariki in care
The president of the Māori Women's Welfare League says reducing the number of children in care will require Oranga Tamariki to give up some of its power over whānau Māori..Read more

Cuts to eel catch considered
Fisheries New Zealand has started public consultation on catch limits for North Island freshwater eels..Read more

Voice of Raukawa FM Homai Uerata silenced
A voice of wisdom and compassion who brought te reo tāwhito to the airwaves of south Waikato has been silenced..Read more

Māori parity focus for Ako
Ako Aotearoa, the National Centre for Tertiary Teaching Excellence, has appointed Helen Lomax from Te Aitanga-a-Māhaki as its new director after an international search..Read more

Treaty Grounds right place for 28 Battalion museum
Waitangi Trust National Trust chair Pita Tipene says the Treaty Grounds at Waitangi is the natural place for a museum dedicated to the 28 Māori Battalion..Read more

Recycling champion for Ōrakei post
Ngāti Whātua Ōrakei Trust has picked the number two at its Whai Maia development arm as its first chief executive..Read more

Green hands tied on Otakiri Springs
Greens co-leader James Shaw says a rewrite of the Overseas Investment Act is the only thing that will stop New Zealand's pure water resources being snapped up by foreign buyers..Read more

Iwi farewells Tohunga Whakairo
One of Waikato Tainui’s most esteemed carvers will join his tipuna on Taupiri Maunga today..Read more

Water storage schemes on the table
Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones is looking at what role the government should have in storage of water..Read more

Action to help Maihi defamation
ActionStation is offering people a chance to help a Māori filmmaker defend herself from an attack by one of New Zealand’s richest men..Read more

Kōhanga kids add touch of magic to kapa
A touch of magic is how a leading expert sees the influence of people who have been through kōhanga and kura now entering the ranks of adult kapa haka..Read more

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Te Hononga
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John Tamihere - Column
John Tamihere - Column 
Beez Te Waati Hawaiki Toa Founder
Hawaiki TOA is a 6km International Obstacle course that integrates Traditional Maori training philosophies into a customer made Pa (fortress) site designed to provide people with a unique Maori experience. Centred on the elements of the gods Hawaiki TOA incorporates significant themes of navigation, cultivation and life inside the fortress.
Frances Waaka Chair Uruamo Maranga Ake Marae
Auckland Council grants $142,000 for new marae on North Shore. Beach Haven’s Uruamo Maranga Ake Marae project has taken another important step forward after receiving $142,000 in funding from Auckland Council’s Community Development and Safety Committee.
Janelle Dynus Kaiwhakahaere for Maori Public Health Hapai Te Hauora
Raised in Te whakatohea, Janell grounds herself in her understanding of Te Ao Maori. Janell graduated from The University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Health Science, and is currently working towards a Bachelor of Laws. She began her Public Health career with Hapai te Hauora- within research, evaluation and gambling harm minimisation kaupapa. After a stint with Te Runanga o Ngati whatua as Maori Public Health co-ordinator and coordinating the Rangatahi strategy, Janell has returned to Hapai as the Kaiwhakahaere for Maori Public Health.
Kara George Runanga o Ngapuhi
Breakfast Host: Dale Husband
Paul Majurey Hauraki Collective Chair
The Whenuapai Housing Development Partnership purchased a greenfield site and funded the construction of 49 housing units to be leased to NZDF (initially 5 + 5 years) for defence personnel. The partnership comprises the Pare Hauraki Iwi and Te Tumu Kainga (a Maori Trustee entity).
Minister of Whanau Ora Peeni Henare
Te Putahitanga o Te Waipounamu welcomes the release of the Whanau Ora Annual Summary Report 2016/17 by Te Puni Kokiri today detailing the commissioning activities and how Whanau Ora has contributed to gains for whanau.
Dame Susan Devoy Race Relations Commisioner
Celebrating World Refugee Day 2018
5 Kevin Prime | Mate Kauri
I korero a Rangi ki a Kevin Prime e pa ana ki te mate kauri, kua whakawhiti atu ki te rohe o Hauraki.
Love him or loathe him Winston Peters will be (well, soon to be) Prime Minister
John Tamihere: Love him or hate him, vote for him or against him, either way, Winston Peters will be Prime Minister - albeit as acting PM only.
Time for government to step up and sort out 'after-hours debacle' says Tamihere
John Tamihere: On Friday - the first day of winter - Westies will see billboards, adverts and information directing them to free medical care at Waitākere Hospital's Accident and Emergency department.
Where's the money for Maori, Jacinda?
John Tamihere: The Government has a major problem on its hands in light of the settings announced in the Budget because Māori ssues are both manifest and intergenerational.
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