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National Iwi Chairs Forum rejects Kāhui Wai Māori proposal
The Pou Taiao Iwi Leaders Group has announced that it will not be participating in the Government’s Kāhui Wai Māori process..Read more

Southern Steel take out nail-biting grand final
Southern Steel winners of this years ANZ Premiership grand final at Palmerston North on Sunday, sealed the deal with a nail biting fourth quarter which saw Central Pulse lose the match 54-53...Read more

Seagull's splatter Ngāpuhi consultation
Northland-based New Zealand First MP Shane Jones says a walk-out by Ngāti Hine shows why the Ngāpuhi treaty settlement needs to be wrapped up as soon as possible..Read more

Green light for blue mussel plant
The Provincial Growth Fund is to invest $772,000 in a plant in Marlborough to process blue mussels, which up to now, have been an unwanted by-catch on commercial green shell mussel farms..Read more

Lessons from the past guide housing plans
A Māori housing advocacy group says the Government has to get back into provision of Māori housing in a major way..Read more

ACT insect disappearing into infinity
New Zealand First MP Shane Jones says ACT leader David Seymour’s call for an end to the Māori seats is the death rattle of a dying party..Read more

Waikato whitestreaming hits Māori faculty
Māori students and staff at the University of Waikato protested yesterday against a decision to remove the faculty status from Māori and Indigenous Studies and make it a part of arts and humanities..Read more

Paoa expected back in Marutūāhu fold
Hauraki and Marutūāhu lead negotiator Paul Majurey says he expects Ngāti Paoa to come back into the fold once it has resolved some internal power struggles..Read more

Think before you speak advice for Ngāpuhi
Te Taitokerau MP Kelvin Davis would like to see more light and less heat at hui to discuss Ngāpuhi’s treaty settlement..Read more

Nurses pay becomes treaty issue
Māori nurses are preparing to put a claim for pay equity for Māori nurses to the Waitangi Tribunal.Read more

Separate paths only way forward for hapu advocate
A Ngāti Hine leader says the Government needs to stop treating Ngāpuhi as if it were a single entity..Read more

Māori voices sought in ETS changes
The Government hopes to bring more Māori land into forestry through changes to the emissions trading scheme..Read more

Akenehi Hei Award to Northland nurse, Moe Milne (ONZM)
At the awards dinner for the Indigenous Nurses Aotearoa Conference 2018, NZNO Kaiwhakahaere Kerri Nuku was delighted to present the biennial Akenehi Hei Award to Northland nurse, Moe Milne (ONZM)..Read more

Tru chance to dance
Dance Aotearoa New Zealand has named dancer and choreographer Tru Paraha for this year’s M`aori Choreolab: Te Kanikani Whakamatau recipient..Read more

Pikia's SFO shadow creates river risk
Raukawa representative Vanessa Eparaima has quit the Waikato River Authority in protest at the election of Roger Pikia as its next co-chair..Read more

Sustainability central for Young Farmers' head
A young Maori farming high flyer wants to see Maori ideas about sustainability become mainstream for agriculture in Aotearoa.Read more

Settlement roadblock as Little heads north
Te Kotahitanga co-chair Pita Tipene from Ngati Hine has promised to continue to stand in the way of a united Ngapuhi settlement.Read more

Lockout backfires as Atlas workers strike
A lock-out at a Northland concrete plant has turned into a strike with workers staying outside the gates to negotiate a better deal.Read more

Police upset at bullying leak
Police have broken their silence over the shower of allegations being thrown over the appointment of Wally Haumaha as deputy commissioner and have challenged the latest report by the New Zealand Herald..Read more

Panuku policies cripple social housing plans
Urban Māori advocate John Tamihere is accusing Auckland Council’s property arm of clumsy social engineering that is denying homes to the city’s low income families and superannuitants..Read more

Ngāti Paoa push for better deal
Ngāti Paoa says it won’t initial the Marutūāhu Collective Deed of Settlement until it has held further talks about how the commercial redress will be allocated and managed..Read more

Brash speaking relic of the past
The speech was free and it was coming from all directions as former National Party leader Don Brash tried to argue his case at Auckland University last night..Read more

Employer subsidy to get rangatahi trained
The Government today launched a new scheme for young people who have been on a benefit for six months or more.Read more

Kaipara kicks up stink over chicken mega-farm
Opponents of a planned chicken mega farm near Dargaville says multinational Tegel knows it’s in a fight to the end.Read more

Striking workers suspended in MTV fumble
An organiser for E Tu union says Maori Television has taken a short-sighted approach to a strike.Read more

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We are not mates with Australia
John Tamihere: Let's get the conclusion of this opinion piece out of the way, up front, and quickly. It's a myth that we are mates.
John Tamihere: Give Haumaha a fair go
John Tamihere: Superintendent Wally Haumaha has copped a lot of stick over the last two months.
Peters right to pursue leak in court
John Tamihere: It's remarkable how we can all look and hear someone say or conduct themselves and come away with hugely varying understandings.





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