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Norman calls for oil block offer delay
Greenpeace New Zealand is calling on the new Labour-New Zealand First-Greens Government to put off this year’s oil explorations block offer so decisions can be made..Read more

Peters' reveal shows theatrical mastery
A superb piece of theatre..Read more

Davis keen to pull government levers
The new government won’t be sworn in until next week but Labour deputy-leader Kelvin Davis says the Jacinda Ardern-led coalition is already hard at work preparing for the change New Zealanders expect..Read more

MPs keen to keep faith with Maori
Labour deputy leader Kelvin Davis says retention of the Maori seats was a bottom line for Labour in coalition talks..Read more

Ruha contribution to te reo recognised
Musician Rob Ruha’s efforts to promote te reo Maori through music will be helped by a $50,000 Laureate Award from the Arts Foundation..Read more

Legacy driving Peters' choice
Former Alliance deputy leader Sandra Lee says Winston Peters wants to leave a legacy - to end New Zealand’s adherence to the neo-liberal economics of the past 30 years..Read more

Taranaki Tu Mai celebrates past, present and future
More than 2000 people with Taranaki whakapapa will be heading to Manaia this weekend for the biennial Taranaki Tu Mai festival..Read more

Peters gives Ardern mandate for change
New Zealand First has opted for change rather than a modified status quo..Read more

Gang whanau seeking better future
Green MP Marama Davidson has praised women associated with one of the country’s largest gangs who are trying to improve the lives of their whanau..Read more

Sports hub promoters challenged on Maori outreach
Mana leader Hone Harawira has expressed sympathy to the aims of a protest that stopped work on Kaitaia's Te Hiku sports hub yesterday..Read more

Resilience a lesson from NZ Wars
The organiser of a symposium on Maori and conflict says one of the lessons of the New Zealand Wars of the 1800s was how resilient the Maori people proved to be..Read more

Lyndon offers voters tangata whenua option
Proud tangata whenua of Aotearoa..Read more

Peters promises government pick today
The wait will soon be over, with New Zealand First leader Winston Peters promising to announce the result of its post-election negotiations this afternoon..Read more

Ngai Tahu farewells consensus leader
Ngai Tahu is farewelling its Otakou upoko Kuao Langsbury, one of the tribe's A team in settlement negotiations..Read more

Maori landowner looks to boost ginseng harvest
The efforts of a south Waikato Maori land trust to pioneer New Zealand ginseng production has been boosted with a $40,000 grant from the Ministry for Primary industries' Maori agribusiness fund..Read more

Peters snaps back at ungracious Dunne
New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says Peter Dunne has no cause to be embittered about his political career..Read more

Constitution could boost treaty enforcement
A leading Maori constitutional scholar will look at whether a written constitution would offer Maori more protection than current arrangements..Read more

Travel study will help tackle bias
A public health researcher says it’s time to change the script on Maori under-achievement..Read more

Peters' team weighs the options
New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says the decision on who should form the next Government isn't up to just one man..Read more

Eviction looms for Glen Innes kuia
Supporters of Glen Innes woman Niki Rauti are gathering at her Taniwha St home to block the latest attempt by Tamaki Regeneration to evict her..Read more

Te Puea refines homeless project
Mangere’s Te Puea Marae has signed agreements with other social agencies as it attempts to develop new ways to tackle the needs of homeless Maori and Pasifika whanau..Read more

Marae step up for Waikato clean-up
The Waikato River Authority has boosted the amount it will spend this year from $6 million to $7.3 million because of the quality of projects that are coming in from the community..Read more

Taitokerau Forests' final profit whets appetites for repeat
Northland Maori landowners want another round of forests, but they don't want to repeat the mistakes of the past..Read more

Merger beefs up farm training in south
Agriculture training body Taratahi says the transfer of the Telford polytechnic near Balclutha creates the opportunity for it to become a national provider of quality primary sector education at the sub-degree level..Read more

Wananga looks at NZ Wars legacy
Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi and Te Runanga o Ngati Awa have teamed up to present a symposium on the wars between Maori and colonial troops, and how they affect lives today..Read more

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Rheumatic Fever
2017 Te Wero
Waatea TV
Irirangi Waatea Kaiwhakahaere Bernie O'Donnell, Te Ati Awa
Huhana Lyndon Nominated for Whangarei Byelection
Nominations for the byelection in Whangarei's Denby Ward have been received with 2 nominations.
John Fenwick Chair of Waikite
John Fenwick's links to the Waikite Rugby and Sports Club stretch back to the 1970's when as a 10-year-old he'd help his dad, the then treasurer, count the previous night's bar takings and raffle money.
Phil Anderson Customers Manager Callaghan Innovations
A full house turned out at the Succeed in a Changing World event hosted by Callaghan Innovation and Activate Tairawhiti and designed to inspire innovation.
Glen Katu Maraeroa CE
A South Waikato ginseng producer is ready to approach potential investors to increase its production and exports with the help of funding of up to $40,000 from the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).
Boyd Broughton from ASH
An updated version of Auckland Council's 2013 Smokefree Policy was presented to the Environment and Community Committee on 17 October and the committee adopted the amended policy and implementation plan.
Mana Party Leader Hone Harawira
Breakfast Host: Dale Husband
Labour Leader Jacinda Ardern
Winston Peters decides the government this afternoon.
3 Wiremu Huta Martin | Te Kupenga Paa
Hei teenei wiki mutunga nei ka whakamauhara taatou i te pakanga nui i tuu ki te paa o Te Kupenga. Kei a Wiremu Huta Martin te roanga o ngaa whakaritenga mo teenei kaupapa
Don't put the blame solely on Winston !
JOHN TAMIHERE: I can recall carrying a cardboard cutout picture of Winston Peters around the Otara Flea Market in 1999 pretending to debate him. Why? Because he wouldn’t enter into a debate with me.
Metiria Turei vs Jian Yang - Compare the media values at work
MARTYN 'BOMBER' BRADBURY: There are times when the mainstream media coverage of two events manages to say more about the real bias at work within the media than the news worthiness of their focus.
How do Maori respond to the next wave of colonisation?
MARTYN 'BOMBER' BRADBURY: Statistics released by Statistics NZ show that the Asian-NZ population will overtake Māori by 2038...
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