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Tobacco researchers look for community action
Māori tobacco control advocate hopes a new research programme will give Māori communities the tools they need to become smokefree..Read more

Site cleared for Le Quesnoy sculpture
Ngāti Haua and Ngāti Koroki Kahukura have blessed the site of a new sculpture marking the last major military engagement by New Zealand troops in World War One..Read more

Rangihoua school teaches teens in Kiwa app
The story of the first school in Aotearoa forms the basis of two new learning resources launched this week at the University of Auckland’s Epsom Campus..Read more

Collaboration key part of Māori leadership
Courageous leadership is the theme of Māori health workforce development organisation Te Rau Matatini's annual Toitū Hauora conference at Te Papa in Wellington this week..Read more

Showing up part of council job
Auckland mayor Phil Goff has defended the Auckland Māori Statutory Board from an attack by mayoral candidate John Tamihere..Read more

Rain can't dampen hīkoi spirit
Bouts of heavy rain are not dampening the spirits of about 150 marchers on a hīkoi from Ihumātao to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's Mount Albert constituency office..Read more

Glover evidence counter to tobacco car ban push
Tobacco researcher Marewa Glover has upset advocates of a proposed law banning smoking in cars with her claims the law is discriminatory..Read more

Hōkai Rangi gets Green backing
Greens co-leader James Shaw is backing Kelvin Davis's reform of the prison system..Read more

Ihumātao occupiers set to deliver petition to PM
Ihumātao is on the move..Read more

Triple tax target in Tamihere transport plan
Auckland mayoral candidate John Tamihere has laid out an ambitious transport plan - and he wants central government to pay for it..Read more

Māori must lead prison reform design - Workman
Justice reform campaigner Kim Workman says design of the proposed Hōkai Rangi strategy needs to be led by Māori if it is to succeed..Read more

Medication to door on Ngāti Whātua plan
Ngāti Whātua Ōrākei members who subscribe to an iwi health insurance programme will now get their prescriptions delivered to their door with no charge..Read more

Māori pay up slightly
Hourly wages and salaries for Māori and Asians increased by 4.3 percent over the year ending June 2019, compared with 3.3 percent for Pākehā, according to the latest Stats NZ figures..Read more

Film and sound archive heading for new home
The interim head of Ngā Taonga Sound and Vision, Honiana Love, has welcomed the film, television and sound archive being part of a larger heritage archives precinct..Read more

Principals pay settled with extra for Māori medium
Primary and intermediate school principals have accepted a new offer from the Education Ministry that entrenches pay parity with secondary principals..Read more

Ardern faces down Koroneihana critic
The Prime Minister and her Government have weathered a blunt attack during a welcome to the Koroneihana hui at Tūrangawaewae Marae in Ngaruawāhia..Read more

Inquiry seeks alternative child protection system
A member of the governing group for the Māori inquiry into Oranga Tamariki says it's not just about the child protection agency's uplift policies but it's also about finding an alternative..Read more

Prison management undermines lofty kaupapa goals
The Chief Ombudsman has slammed Corrections for policies at the Ngāwhā prison that undermine its supposed vision of a kaupapa Māori-based culture which would aid reintegration into the community..Read more

Do We REALLY Need Another Law
Globally renowned tobacco control researcher Dr. Marewa Glover today told the Health Select Committee considering the banning of smoking in cars that the Government’s idea is discriminatory and will negatively impact the poor and Maori the most..Read more

Language shift shows Hōkai Rangi step to reform
An advocate for prison reform says the new Hōkai Rangi strategy shows the Government is starting to take heed of the Waitangi Tribunal report on prisons..Read more

Ihumātao looms over PM's Tūrangawaewae visit
The Government is heading for the Koroneihana hui at Tūrangawaewae this afternoon - and Minister Shane Jones expects the struggle at Ihumātao to loom large..Read more

Sir Hek remembered at Tahitian vaka sets sail
The departure of a double-hulled canoe from Tahiti to Aotearoa New Zealand today was timed to coincide with a ceremony at Tūrangawaewae Marae honouring the late waka builder and master navigator Sir Hekenukumai Busby..Read more

Able voice for disabled in health board election
Disabled advocate Huhana Hickey is mounting what she calls a poor person's campaign for a seat in Counties District Health Board..Read more

Ngāpuhi waiata wānanga draws crowds
Four hundred people have registered so far for a wānanga to learn some of the waiata and history of Ngāpuhi..Read more

Whanganui kaitiaki story theme for Expo 2020 in Dubai
The Whanganui River will provide the theme for New Zealand's pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai..Read more

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Ihumātao | National Party Solutions | More Problematic than Helpful
Dr Rawiri Taonui: This column looks at the National Party proposals for resolving the stand-off over the Fletcher Residential Special Housing Project at Ihumātao.
If your baby is being stolen by Oranga Tamariki, you must immediately start live streaming it
Martyn 'Bomber' Bradbury: New shameful footage of Oranga Tamariki using Police to take a new born Maori infant from a mothers arms has emerged from Auckland Hospital and the outrage should be deafening.
The latest Oranga Tamariki outrage
Martyn 'Bomber' Bradbury: We have all been horrified by the brutality of Oranga Tamariki uplifts, we have all been shocked at the lack of oversight, we have all been angered by the total failure of checks and balances within a system that has eroded parental rights in favour of big data calculations that decide to take your child based on future crimes.





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