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Waatea TV
Irirangi Waatea Kaiwhakahaere Bernie O'Donnell, Te Ati Awa
Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters
New Zealand First is delighted to announce that Rt Hon Winston Peters was again confirmed as party Leader at this mornings caucus.
Dr Lance O'Sullivan Digital Doctor
Pioneering digital doctor Lance O'Sullivan today blasted the New Zealand health system at the international Digital Nations summit in Auckland. He said healthcare for Kiwis was poor and it was a 'shitty' system.
Ricky Houghton CE He Korowai Trust
Breakfast Host: Dale Husband
Dr Nick Waipara Principal Advisor of Biosecurity
Breakfast Host: Dale Husband
Nga Korero Pirihimana 21/02/2018
Dale speaks to Detective Sergeant Ivan Sarich
1 Te Ururoa Flavell | Nga take torangapu Maaori
I nga rangi tata nei tuu ai te hui a te roopuu toorangapu Maaori. Kei a Te Ururoa Flavell te roanga ake o ngaa whakamaarama
2 Kelvin Davis | Nga tatauranga torangapu
Kei a Kelvin Davis eetahi whakamarama mo nga tatauranga torangapu o te wa katahi ano ka puta
3 Pita Paraone | Te arotake haere i nga tatauranga torangapu o te wa
I ahua ngoikore te tautoko ki te roopuu Aotearoa Tuatahi koiraa te kitenga a Pita Paraone ki nga tatauranga torangapu o te wa
National's Political Beauty Parade
John Tamihere: If you haven’t already heard, the National Party is holding a leadership lottery. Much like the TV programme Married at First Sight, it features five possible grooms, or groom-esses - which is only right given the fact that this is the age of equality and equity.
Brash’s mokopuna will be defined by their Maoritanga
John Tamihere: I got to thinking about Waitangi Day, biculturalism and our national day when I dropped my youngest son - who is travelling to the UK for a gap year - off at the airport.
Marae protocol and baby bumps
John Tamihere: A couple of matters have caused some furious debate over the past 10 days and they both concern our newly elected Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.
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