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Ngaroimata is a self-employed Business and Community Development Consultant who has worked with many government and non-government organisations including Whānau, Hapū and Iwi.
She has a Master’s Degree in Business Management, and is currently working on her PhD research focused on Indigenous Women’s Leadership at the University of Auckland.
In 2011, Ngaroimata was awarded the Dame Mira Szászy Māori Business Leaders Alumni Award for Excellence in Māori Business and Leadership; she is a member of the Australia New Zealand Academy of Management, a Leadership New Zealand Fellow and a member of the International Indigenous Women’s Forum representing the Te Atatu Branch Māori Women’s Welfare League at the United Nations Forum on Indigenous Issues in New York City.
Her passion for community and leadership stems from being involved in a number of movements which lead her on to Business Leadership and Māori Business Development.  Her voluntary work for her marae, the Māori Women’s Welfare League and her work in Māori radio keeps her well grounded.
Ngaroimata is supported by her immediate and extended Whānau, her friends and colleagues, and her son Phineas Te Amaru Reid.  She enjoys shopping, fitness, sports and marathon running.

Phone: 0800 4 603 603 or 09 275 9070
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