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Love Your Maunga
TWWoA 300x150 Info Days
Waatea TV
Irirangi Waatea Kaiwhakahaere Bernie O'Donnell, Te Ati Awa
Green Party Leader James Shaw
Breakfast Host: Dale Husband
Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters
Breakfast Host: Dale Husband
Paul Puru on Love Your Maunga
Breakfast Host: Dale Husband
Steve Renata CEO of VoiceQ
Local media software companies Kiwa Digital and The Cargo Cult are moving quickly to take advantage of the global production boom created by tech giants such as Netflix and Amazon.
Willie Jackson Minister of Employment
Breakfast Host: Dale Husband
Assistant Professor Sarah Hunt
Indigenous activists have called for urgent changes to Canada's legal system after an all-white jury acquitted a white farmer of murdering a young Cree man in a case that has exposed deep racial divisions.
1 Willie Jackson | Te rihainatanga o Bill English
I puta ohorere nei te whakatau a Bill English o te roopuu torangapu a Nahinara, ka heke iho ia toonaa turanga hei kaiarahi o tana roopuu
2 Te Ururoa Flavell | Te piringa a te iwi Maori me Bill English
Ka whakapuakina mai e Te Ururoa Flavell oonaa whakaaro e paa ana ki te aahua o te hononga i waenga i a Bill English me te iwi Maaori
Brash’s mokopuna will be defined by their Maoritanga
John Tamihere: I got to thinking about Waitangi Day, biculturalism and our national day when I dropped my youngest son - who is travelling to the UK for a gap year - off at the airport.
Marae protocol and baby bumps
John Tamihere: A couple of matters have caused some furious debate over the past 10 days and they both concern our newly elected Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.
Loan sharking or legalised theft
John Tamihere: I want to address two matters of significance to our community, because whilst they may seem separate, there is a connection.
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