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Incremental changes likely to Maori land law
The Maori Land Service could go ahead, but it will look different to the one planned by former Maori development minister Te Ururoa Flavell..Read more

New Maori TV CEO looks to engage younger Maori
Understanding the audience is the priority for the new chief executive of Maori Television..Read more

Maori Party look to the future
The Maori Party has put off changing its leadership until an annual meeting in the new year..Read more

Jobs focus for regional role
Pointing rangatahi to the sort of jobs that may emerge in future is the role of the Bay of Plenty’s first Kaihautu Ohanga Maori or Maori economic development navigator..Read more

Brutal buildings in port plan
Ngati Whatua Orakei is describing the Ports of Auckland masterplan as a series of vanity projects that are an attempt to outflank the new Government..Read more

Maori Party ponders future
The Maori Party meets on Sunday to consider what it did wrong at the election and plot how it can regain its place in parliamentary politics..Read more

Waitangi organisers planning for PM Ardern
Organisers of next year’s Waitangi Day commemorations in the Bay of Islands are looking forward to the Prime Minister taking part..Read more

Korako leads National Maori attack
Christchurch-based list MP Nuk Korako has been put up by National to counter Labour’s strong Maori drive..Read more

East Coast growers keen to go legal
Cannabis growers on the East Coast are looking at what they need to do to not miss out if the crop becomes legal for medicinal or recreational purposes..Read more

Sweet future for beekeeping inmates
The future might be sweet for a group of prisoners at Auckland Women’s Jail..Read more

Port stunt an insult to Auckland
Central Auckland iwi Ngati Whatua Orakei say the Ports of Auckland draft masterplan released yesterday is a clumsy attempt to out-flank the incoming government and undermine the Mayor..Read more

Pukehinahina story inspires art and music
Artist Tracy Tawhiao says working with singer Ria Hall has given her a chance to delve into the history they both share as Ngai Te Rangi..Read more

Whanau Pakari a fat-busting winner
Liggins Institute researchers have given the thumbs up to a Taranaki healthy lifestyle programme for kids and teens with weight issues..Read more

Driver licensing part of prison fix
The head of the Howard League for Penal Reform wants the new Government to pick up a Maori Party initiative to get young people licensed to drive..Read more

More Maori win Marsden grants
Whangai, the Young Maori Party and the first systematic study of Maori rock art are among the projects to be funded in the latest Marsden funding round..Read more

Control mentality blocking prison reform
A leading justice reform campaigner says the Corrections Department is a major barrier to reducing the prison population..Read more

Nothing to fear from Maori wards
The deputy chair of the Waikato Regional Council says people in local goverment are refusing to see the benefits of an increased Maori presence..Read more

Young voters skip polls
More than a third of enrolled Maori voters under 35 did not cast a vote this election..Read more

No defence for open door housing policy
Deputy Prime Minster and Foreign Minister Winston Peters says he’s astounded to learn the previous National Government sought no advice on whether it could block sales of residential property to foreigners..Read more

Inside view valued in indigenous research
A commitment to doing things in a Maori way has won Whakatane-based Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi the support of Native American tribes looking to upskill the next generation of leaders and managers..Read more

Te reo lessons could ease prison tension
A new guide for learning te reo Maori may have a role in easing tensions in prisons..Read more

Lessons from history in tribunal rebuke
New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says the Waitangi Tribunal’s rejection of the Ngatiwai mandate is a reminder tribal bodies need to maintain the support of their people..Read more

Jobless numbers down as workforce grows
The number of Maori jobless has dropped below 10 percent, but the rate is still more than twice the overall rate..Read more

Wahakura weaver on top of flax excess
A Northland weaver believes she may have set a record by weaving 19 flax bassinets in a day..Read more

Tribunal torpedoes Ngatiwai mandate
Prospects for a quick settlement with Northland iwi Ngatiwai have gone up in smoke.Read more

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TWWoA 300x150 Info Days
Rheumatic Fever
Waatea TV
Irirangi Waatea Kaiwhakahaere Bernie O'Donnell, Te Ati Awa
Te Puea Marae Chairman Hurimoana Dennis
Hurimoana Dennis was found Not Guilty for kidnapping.
Dr Leonie Pihama Associate Professor
Te Kotahi Research Institute (TKRI) has taken out the New Zealand Research in Education's (NZARE) Group Award for a second time after receiving the award previously in 2015.
Te Ao Pritchard Pacific Panthers Organiser
Breakfast Host: Dale Husband
Dr Alex Macmillan Advisor to the Royal Society Report
Health professionals from around the country are meeting today in Wellington, to talk about how the NZ health sector can respond to the challenges of climate change for health and healthcare services.
Tamaki Makaurau MP Peeni Henare
Breakfast Host: Dale Husband
Jacinta Ruru Professor MAI Doctoral Conference
The 2017 MAI Doctoral Conference hosted by MAI ki Massey in Palmerston North, was held last week from 16 -18 November and Co-Director Jacinta Ruru commented just how powerful and empowering this gathering of Maori and Indigenous doctoral students is; "This is such an important annual opportunity to bring together incredible postgraduate students from around the motu to spend time together supporting and inspiring one another.
1 Ngahiwi Apanui | Nga tohu reo Maori 2017
Kei Te Whanganui a Tara tenei kaupapa tuu ai ki Te Papa Tongarewa. Apopo tatou mohio ai ko wai ka hua ko wai ka tohu
2 Kevin Prime | Te ngangara kino e whakamate ana i wa taatou rakau Maori
Kua mahuta ake tenei ngangara ki te whenua i te rohe o Tamaki Makaurau
Keystone pipeline spills 5000 barrels of oil & company caught hiring mercenaries
MARTYN 'BOMBER' BRADBURY: 4 days ago the Keystone pipeline leaked 795 000 litres of oil causing a shut down and testing for groundwater contamination. Indigenous peoples, farmers and environmentalists all warned the Keystone Pipeline had the risk of leaks, the company downplayed any such concerns.
No justice in our league
JOHN TAMIHERE: West Auckland has been a nursery for rugby league and in fact has more rugby league clubs representing Glenora, Te Atatu, Waitemata, Blockhouse Bay, New Lynn, Bay Roskill and Pt Chevalier - than rugby.
A blow to democracy
JOHN TAMIHERE : Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters and the New Zealand public has every right to find out who used private information for political purposes and benefits
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