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Maori offered mastery of indigenous business
Six universities have teamed up to deliver a degree programme that reponds to the needs of the growing Maori economy..Read more

Native Americans share Maori research
A doctorate programme for professionals working in indigenous development is drawing students from around the world to Whakatane..Read more

PhD grant to help antibiotic research
A University of Otago PhD student hopes his research into antibiotic resistance will reduce the threat of infectious disease among Maori communities..Read more

Maori view sought on big questions
A new research centre involving scientists from a wide range of disciplines is launching today at the University of Auckland to address some of the great mysteries of existence.Read more

Nuki Aldridge a fighter for Ngapuhi independence
One of the strongest voices for Ngapuhi tino rangatiratanga has been stilled..Read more

Time to engage and inspire young people
Associate Education Minister Kelvin Davis says national standards were a failure and he’s glad to see the back of them..Read more

Fellowship winner ready for Maori led solutions to address inequities
The winner of this year’s L'Oreal UNESCO For Women in Science fellowship believes her work can help Maori and other indigenous peoples find new treatments and ways of healing..Read more

Whanau o Waipareira launches new research publications.
Kia Pu te Wai o Pareira provides firsthand accounts from the 23 whānau spanning three different generations, who participated in the research..Read more

Waipareira research highlights catalysts that contribute to health and wellbeing of West Auckland
Kia Pū Te Wai O Pareira - Catalysts of Whānau Health and Wellbeing in West Auckland is an eighteen-month research project that looks at three generations of Māori in West Auckland to identify catalysts that helped to foster generational health and wellbeing..Read more

Scholarship to help fight suicide
A Taranaki man has won a $10,000 AMP National Scholarship to help launch an after-hours mobile suicide response unit..Read more

Peters keen on Russia trade deal
Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Winston Peters wants an improved relationship with Australia and a trade agreement..Read more

Maori aspirations driving new MUMA boss
The new chief executive of Manukau Urban Maori Authority says it’s a privilege being able to work alongside and serve Maori..Read more

App brings stream ecology to virtual life
Whanau taking part in a walk along a south Auckland stream this weekend will get prompts on their phone about what they are seeing and the way the environment is changing..Read more

New indigenous professor takes long view
The new Professor of Indigenous Studies at the University of Auckland and co-director of Maori research centre Nga Pae o te Maramatanga says taking a long view is important in Maori development.Read more

Post-settlement role avoids conflicts of interest
The first post-treaty minister is looking forward to working with iwi to ensure they can make the most of their treaty settlements..Read more

Waikato sticks with Maori wards
Waikato Regional Council has voted seven-three to retain its two Maori seats..Read more

Ihumatao prepared to go all the way to save their whenua
One of the leaders of the group opposing development of a 480-home special housing area at Ihumatao says Fletcher Buildingis defying business ethics and business sense in continuing with the plan..Read more

Eight Maori sworn in as ministers.
A record eight Maori were this morning sworn in as ministers in the new Labour-New Zealand First-Greens Government..Read more

Peters delivers Maori influence to cabinet
Former Maori affairs minister Dover Samuels says Maoridom should thank Winston Peters for putting Maori in such a strong position in Government..Read more

Political cast to Nga Kupu book awards
Nga Kupu Maori Book Awards has created a separate politics category because of the number of books produced last year..Read more

TPPA talks chance for Maori MPs to show backbone
A critic of the Trans Pacific Partnership says the controversial trade agreement will be a big test for the new Government and its Maori MPs..Read more

Nikora lands Waipapa posts
Academic Linda Waimarie Nikora is moving from the University of Waikato to Auckland to become Professor of Indigenous Studies and the new co-director of Maori research body Nga Pae o te Maramatanga.Read more

Greens get spread of posts outside cabinet
Greens leader James Shaw says he looks forward to the day Marama Davidson becomes a Minister..Read more

Crown-Maori relationship vital to new cabinet
Labour deputy leader Kelvin Davis takes on the new portfolio of crown-Maori relationships as the new Labour-led government looks at the transition to a post treaty settlement environment in the cabinet line up announced today..Read more

Tex Rickard stood alongside his wife for the return of Raglan Golf Course
A great loss this week as the people of Whaingaroa/ Raglan buried James 'Tex' Rickard, husband of the late Eva Rickard and a pou in her battles for her ancestral whenua in the Waikato west coast town..Read more

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TWWoA 300x150 Info Days
Rheumatic Fever
Waatea TV
Irirangi Waatea Kaiwhakahaere Bernie O'Donnell, Te Ati Awa
Te Puea Marae Chairman Hurimoana Dennis
Hurimoana Dennis was found Not Guilty for kidnapping.
Dr Leonie Pihama Associate Professor
Te Kotahi Research Institute (TKRI) has taken out the New Zealand Research in Education's (NZARE) Group Award for a second time after receiving the award previously in 2015.
Te Ao Pritchard Pacific Panthers Organiser
Breakfast Host: Dale Husband
Dr Alex Macmillan Advisor to the Royal Society Report
Health professionals from around the country are meeting today in Wellington, to talk about how the NZ health sector can respond to the challenges of climate change for health and healthcare services.
Tamaki Makaurau MP Peeni Henare
Breakfast Host: Dale Husband
Jacinta Ruru Professor MAI Doctoral Conference
The 2017 MAI Doctoral Conference hosted by MAI ki Massey in Palmerston North, was held last week from 16 -18 November and Co-Director Jacinta Ruru commented just how powerful and empowering this gathering of Maori and Indigenous doctoral students is; "This is such an important annual opportunity to bring together incredible postgraduate students from around the motu to spend time together supporting and inspiring one another.
1 Ngahiwi Apanui | Nga tohu reo Maori 2017
Kei Te Whanganui a Tara tenei kaupapa tuu ai ki Te Papa Tongarewa. Apopo tatou mohio ai ko wai ka hua ko wai ka tohu
2 Kevin Prime | Te ngangara kino e whakamate ana i wa taatou rakau Maori
Kua mahuta ake tenei ngangara ki te whenua i te rohe o Tamaki Makaurau
Keystone pipeline spills 5000 barrels of oil & company caught hiring mercenaries
MARTYN 'BOMBER' BRADBURY: 4 days ago the Keystone pipeline leaked 795 000 litres of oil causing a shut down and testing for groundwater contamination. Indigenous peoples, farmers and environmentalists all warned the Keystone Pipeline had the risk of leaks, the company downplayed any such concerns.
No justice in our league
JOHN TAMIHERE: West Auckland has been a nursery for rugby league and in fact has more rugby league clubs representing Glenora, Te Atatu, Waitemata, Blockhouse Bay, New Lynn, Bay Roskill and Pt Chevalier - than rugby.
A blow to democracy
JOHN TAMIHERE : Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters and the New Zealand public has every right to find out who used private information for political purposes and benefits
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