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BROKEN film opens at #1 at the NZ Box Office

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BROKEN the humble kiwi-made film with a big heart soars past heavyweight blockbusters claiming the #1 position at the NZ box office overnight.

Following a sold-out premiere in Gisborne last Thursday, BROKEN opened across New Zealand on Thursday 1st February to enthusiastic audiences, who collectively pushed this film right to the top of the charts.

BROKEN is inspired by a true New Zealand story and is a modern retelling of ‘Tarore and her Book’ made popular by beloved author Joy Cowley. The film was predominantly shot on the East Coast of New Zealand, featuring sweeping drone shots showcasing the iconic coastal landscape on the big screen.

Critics have been quick to praise the filmmaking and acting talent with Stuff’s Graeme Tuckett commenting on Wayne Hapi who plays Pouakai leader Cruz. “I reckon Hapi is just about the most watchable and convincing male actor working in Aotearoa/New Zealand today”

The entire cast with the exception of Hapi are all non-professional actors from the local Gisborne community including lead actor - Josh Calles. Josh has served his hometown of Gisborne as a local policeman for 6 years and his experience in the police force helped him bring understanding, passion and intensity to his role as Logan. The film also stars Jol Sparks, a passionate drama teacher at Campion College, in the role of Murphy, and local pastor Lance Rickard as Constable Alan Stone. Many extras were also cast from the local Gisborne community who got behind this local heartfelt story.

The filmmakers comment “waking to this news is absolutely a dream come true, to open the cinema doors and see this level of interest in our film is humbling and exciting for the team who lovingly poured everything we had into crafting this film… the fact ordinary New Zealanders are flocking to see our film means so much to us”

Rialto Distribution Sales Manager, Kevin Gordon comments “The opening is a stunning result " we know BROKEN is a rewarding watch for audiences, who leave the film incredibly moved and uplifted, we’re delighted to see the reaction from New Zealand audiences for BROKEN, number one at the box office against some very strong international block-buster competition is a phenomenal achievement.”

BROKEN is now open in over 50 cinemas nationwide.

About the film: BROKEN is inspired by the true New Zealand story of a young girl who was murdered by a marauding tribe in the mid 1800’s. She always carried with her the Gospel of Luke which was stolen in the crossfire. Incredibly, her father decided not to seek revenge for her murder, but to instead forgive.

When the Gospel was eventually read to her murderer, he was so filled with remorse that he sought out her father to ask him for forgiveness. Because of this incredible act, peace was made between their two warring tribes.

In our modern-day version, Logan an ex-gang leader, has left the gang life to raise his daughter Tori.

When Tori is murdered by an opposing gang in town, Logan must choose between forgiveness or revenge as things quickly escalate towards an inevitable gang war.

Directed by Tarry Mortlock and starring local talent including Josh Calles, Ruby Grubb, Jol Sparks, Ma’a Brian Sagala, Katy Beasley and Wayne Hapi (The Dark Horse and Waru).

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