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Hapū champion wants a hapū led co-design

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There’s a call for the crown to fund Ngāpuhi hapū to come up with a new model for negotiating the tribe’s treaty settlement.

Huhana Lyndon says her Whangarei hapū were united in rejecting the proposed evolved mandate, which would have allowed clusters of hapū to negotiate the cultural redress aspects of their settlement.

She says so far the process has been dictated by the crown, and she wants to see a hapū-led codesign process

It’s unrealistic to force 110 hapū into a single mandate.

"Rather we need to acknowledge the differences in our rohe, the differences within our local hapū as well, and look for models that suit us so we are working with our natural alliances and our whānau that we want to work with and not in a pre-determined process. It has happened across the country where other models have been utilised but for some reason we as Ngāpuhi, the biggest tribe in the world, are forced into a single mandate model," Ms Lyndon says.

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