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Forest plans chance for iwi to grow assets

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Forestry and Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones is keen to see iwi asset managers contributing to the Government's billion trees and provincial growth strategies.

The managers are meeting as part of the Iwi Leaders Forum in Waitangi this week.

Mr Jones says in a post settlement phase, iwi asset managers need to be utterly commercial, because the only way they can grow a finite pūtea is through collaboration.

While he has little interest in the activities of the iwi leaders themselves, he's keen to empower and encourage the asset managers.

"It's all very well sitting in the parlour counting the treaty money but if it's not translating into jobs, if it's not translating into dividends that strengthen marae, strengthen our community, assist in the advancement of our rangatahi through various social and recreational pursuits, whether it's waka ama, boxing, rugby league, sport of any variety, that's really the challenge now," Mr Jones says.





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