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Law a parent to the oppressed

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The words of one of Māoridom's most famous outlaws are being used to challenge today's lawyers.

Te Hunga Roia Māori o Aotearoa, the Māori Law Society has returned to Rotorua for its annual hui 30 years after the late John Chadwick launched the roopu from his garage in the sulphur city.

Spokesperson Marcia Murray says as many as 300 Māori lawyers are expected at the hui, which will be opened by Justice Joe Williams of the Court of Appeal.

"He gave us our theme for the year which is 'Ka kuhu au ki te ture, hei matua mo te pani,' so it's one of Te Kooti's proverbs: 'I seek refuge in the law, for it is a parent to the oppressed.' We're really looking forward to Justice Williams' kōrero. He spoke last year and really challenged our hunga," she says.

Other speakers will include for the first time Solicitor General Una Jagose and a familiar voice to the roopu, Moana Jackson.





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