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Shared values offer pathway to east

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A Māori business lecturer is urging Māori to learn more about Asia cultures as a step towards discovering new business opportunities.

Dr Jason Mika from Massey University in Wellington says an Asia New Zealand Foundation survey found while there was a strong perceived connection between Māori and Asian cultures.

That is not being reflected in opportunities for Māori business.

"I think what the survey highlighted is there are cultural similarities around how we value our elders, how we value rangatahi and incorporate that dimension but also relationships in terms of whanaungatanga. There are cultural similarities around our values and what is important to us. How does that play out in practice?" Dr Mika says.

Māori should embrace opportunities for mentorship from people who have done business in Asia, take part in trade delegations, and pursue exchanges such as the Te Ohu Kaimoana scholarship with Nissui in Japan.


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