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Promises lost in council bureacracy

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The head of Auckland’s Independent Māori Statutory Board says Auckland Council still hasn’t worked out how it can deliver on the commitments it has made to Māori.

David Taipari says the fault lies not with the council’s Māori staff but with all departments and council controlled organisations, even though some like Watercare are making an effort.

He says according to the budgets and plans agreed between the board and council, there should be up to $15 million a year for projects and outcomes benefitting Māori.

"We have realised and keep realising that underspend is happening and it's well short of what the budget should be tracking. We have super huge concerns about whether the (council trading organisations) and the departments of council are working collaboratively enough to identify where those funds are and to be able to put them across for the projects," Mr Taipari says.

He says there may be a need for a specific position within Auckland Council dedicated to making progress for Māori, rather than responsibility being spread too thin.





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