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Small steps to start kaupapa Māori service
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The chair of Te Rōpu, Māori advisory group on family and sexual violence, expects about $20 million of the $320 million promised in next week’s Wellbeing Budget to tackle the problem will go to build up kaupapa Māori services.

Prue Kapua, who is also president of the Māori Women’s Welfare League, says it will probably be done through a joint venture model.

She says the term kaupapa Māori is often used loosely to describe any service supposedly designed for Māori , but Te Rōpu is clear it means delivery by organisations that are Māori.

"It’s not about having a Māori arm or a few workers who identify as Māori or whatever. It’s actually about the whole I guess philosophy of the organisation that’s providing the services, the control of the organisation that’s providing the services," Ms Kapua says.

She doesn’t want to see large providers hook into the funding by claiming they have a kaupapa Māori element.

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