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Waitangi Breakfast is great Jacinda, what's for lunch and dinner?
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Waitangi Breakfast is great Jacinda, what's for lunch and dinner?
Martyn 'Bomber' Bradbury

No one could expect Jacinda Ardern to be able to fix 9 years of grotesque public service underfunding in just a year. The damage to the wider society National's short sighted social policies hit Māori harder than most and Jacinda promised a hope that pain would not only pass but reverse trend.

There has been some great planning for change in social welfare, mental health, education, tax and housing, but even as Jacinda would acknowledge, many are still waiting the delivery.

Māori turned out in huge numbers to vote for Jacinda, their support was the difference between Labour winning and losing the election so the fact that they still suffer the worst extremes of colonialism is historical insult to historical injury.

Labour has to show everyone who is struggling in NZ that there is a pathway for which their hopes and aspirations can bear fruit rather than the constant struggle of debt, low wages and higher living costs.

Breakfast is great, but people need more than one meal a day.

Martyn Bradbury
Editor -


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