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Tamihere tests Goff against Labour principles
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Auckland mayoral candidate John Tamihere says incumbent Phil Goff has made it tough for anybody earning under $80,000 to live in the city.

Mayor Goff confirmed on Sunday he was standing again and promised a 3.5 percent rate increase to cover the cost of his policies.

Mr Tamihere says his former Labour cabinet colleague has already hit Aucklanders with an 11.5 percent fuel tax in his first term, and he continues to tax and rate the city's poorest residents out of the city.

"And our people, 60 percent of them are renters, PIs and Māori, you think their landlords aren't going to pass the buck on to their tenants? He's not a Labour man, never practised Labour principles, even when he was with Roger Douglas," he says.

Mr Tamihere says Labour's endorsement of Phil Goff will cost the mayor votes on the centre right, and his own campaign is making a big effort to get the votes out in the city's west and south.


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