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MEDIA RELEASE: Ngapuhi chair acknowledges new start
Mere Mangu @Photo image supplied/ Te Hiku Media

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Karere Pāpāho / Media Release
Wednesday 15th January 2020


The Chair of Ngāpuhi, Mere Mangu, has announced her commissioning of a comprehensive independent

review of Te Rūnanga-Ā-Iwi-Ō Ngāpuhi (TRAION) governance, constitutional, management and financial

affairs. The review will be undertaken by Wellington barrister, Tim Castle. *

It is anticipated the review will be completed within three months. It will be a full review of the organisation

over the last three years to ensure it is well structured and designed to advance Ngāpuhi. Mere Mangu

intends to restore confidence in the people of Ngāpuhi in their Rūnanga, stating “we are looking to usher in

a whole new era”.

The Ngāpuhi Chair also gave notice that there had been a resolution and discontinuance of the court

proceedings issued by her and kaumatua the Hon.Dover Samuels last year as a result of Ngāpuhi trustees

now agreeing:

1. That trustees would support Mere Mangu as Chair of the Rūnanga through to the next AGM on 13

November 2020; and there would be no interference with her undertaking the powers, duties and

responsibilities of leadership as Chair in that period;

2. That the trustees would support the commissioning of an independent review; and

3. On that basis the legal proceedings would be discontinued (as they now have been).


The Rūnanga is acknowledging the resignation of Leigh Auton, Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee,

and former Chair of Ngāpuhi Asset Holding Company. We are grateful for Mr. Auton’s years of dedicated

service and commitment to Ngāpuhi. We wish him the best in his future endeavours; and as a Ngāpuhi

beneficiary we look forward to his continuing interest and support.

In addition, and more recently the Chair has accepted the resignation of Lorraine Toki, Chief Executive

Officer of Te Rūnanga-Ā-Iwi-Ō Ngāpuhi. We record our appreciation for her service to the Rūnanga and

Ngāpuhi over many years, and we wish her every success in the future.

The Chair and the Rūnanga will be making new appointments in due course.



* Castle’s experience in such matters and his work in Te Ao Māori, in particular as negotiator for Iwi and

Treaty negotiations, and providing advice for their constituency, constitution, commercial governance and

management arrangements for treaty settlement negotiations and post-settlement activity, is acknowledged.

In 2014-15, he was appointed by Māori leaders to undertake an independent statutory review of all the

commercial governance arrangements for the Māori Fisheries Treaty settlement across the country. He was

appointed a member of the Waitangi Triunal in 2008; he is currently engaged in Treaty negotiations for other

iwi. He was previously appointed by the Clerk of the House of Representatives to act as the independent

specialist advisor to the Parliamentary Select Committees considering the Foreshore and Seabed and Māori

About Te Rūnanga-Ā-Iwi-Ō- Ngāpuhi

Te Rūnanga-Ā-Iwi-Ō-Ngāpuhi hold statutory responsibilities representing Ngāpuhi under the Maori

Fisheries Act 2004, the Maori Commercial Aquaculture Claims Settlement Act 2004 and the Resource

Management Act 1991.

As the Mandated Iwi Authority for Ngāpuhi, we lead the spiritual, social, cultural, environmental, and

economic growth for all Ngāpuhi and build enduring relationships and create opportunities to help realize

Ngāpuhi’s collective interests, dreams and aspirations.

Our subsidiaries include Ngāpuhi Iwi Social Services, Te Hau Ora O Ngāpuhi and Ngāpuhi Asset Holding

Company. Together we form the Ngāpuhi Rūnanga Group.

Copyright © 2020, UMA Broadcasting Ltd:

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