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Why is the Politics of Kindness failing our poorest children?

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The 2019 child poverty monitor report makes for grim reading...

  • 148 000 children in material hardship
  • 254 000 children live in low income families
  • 175 000 unable to afford healthy food
  • 100 lives lost each year because of this poverty.

Jacinda's response to these statistics is glib. She argues that these numbers predate her new Governments attempts at poverty mitigation and that we won't see the fruits of her harvest until 2020.

The problem for Labour is that the fundamental changes needed to be transformative simply haven't happened in welfare. Labour are too politically frightened to do the things that must be done to eliminate poverty and those are...

  • 20% increase in benefits
  • tens of thousands more state houses
  • free breakfasts and lunches at all public schools

Labour can point to baby bonuses, increases in working for families and a winter electricity benefit but the soaring number of 14000 waiting for social housing and exploding food grants tell us that Labour have tinkered at the edges, they haven't attempted to repair and heal this inequality.

The Politics of Kindness mean nothing if it is simply lip service. Jacinda keeps asking us to hold her to account.

Prime Minister, we want to hold you to account.

Martyn Bradbury

Editor -

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