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Maori tradies urged to seek PGF work
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Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones is keen to see Māori and Pacific tradespeople pick up more of the work generated by the Provincial Growth Fund.

To help with New Zealand’s post-COVID-19 recover, the remaining $600 million in the PGF and the Regional Investment Opportunities Contingency is being directed towards projects that can create quick jobs.

This includes up to $100m for waterway fencing, riparian planting and stock water reticulation, $60m for road and rail investments and up to $70m for upgrades of marae, town halls, Pasifika churches and war memorials.

It will provide work for local tradies and contractors while regular building and repair work is on hold, and it’s an opportunity to target Māori, Pasifika and other vulnerable workers.

"There are a host of aspiring young Māori tradies. Their companies often aren't very big but the quality of their work is admired and we want to ensure it's not just the big end of town that pick up all the project management work but this is an opportunity to put a few dollars in the coffers of our Māori SMEs and in particular getting them to pick up the nephs,' Mr Jones says.

Shane Jones

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