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Martyn 'Bomber' Bradbury: Last nights latest TVNZ poll is starting to feel like the last nail in National's coffin.

After all the recent meltdowns and sackings, there is a clear narrative emerging. New Zealander's feel a political loyalty to Jacinda for her handling of the pandemic in a way that is becoming impossible to shake.

It's not just this TVNZ poll or the TV3 Poll before that which suggests a titanic shift in the NZ electorate.

80% of NZers agree with Jacinda's handling of the pandemic.

More NZers now trust Labour with the economy than National and more NZers trust Jacinda than Judith.

When we feel gratitude to someone, it translates into loyalty.

That's what the Right can't appreciate or comprehend right now, they value individualism and personal achievement so much, they can not understand the solidarity that has been born from the lockdown.

The NZ electorate has gone beyond tribalism. This election more NZers who formally voted National each election will be giving their vote to Jacinda as a thank you for her leadership.

Jacinda has earned the vote from voters, that's something National have yet to achieve.

There's still 8 weeks to go, but this could be one of the most unique results we've had in recent political history.


Martyn Bradbury

Editor -

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