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Tamihere No 7 on Maori Party list - why ?
John Tamihere | On file

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Press Release

28 August 2020

Tamihere No 7 on Māori Party list - why?

Māori Party Co-Leader John Tamihere has taken a win or lose stand by putting himself No 7 on the political party’s list.

Released this morning, the seven Māori Party candidates take the top 7 spots. But in a risky move, Tamihere has not taken the No 1 or 2 spot - standard protocol for a party co-leader. He has opted to book end the candidates by listing himself at 7.

This means if he doesn’t win Tamaki Makaurau, he won’t get to Parliament.

“This is the Māori thing to do and I could not go back to Parliament if I didn’t have the mandate of the people on the street,” Tamihere said.

“My six fellow candidates have put themselves and their whānau up for this challenge and this is my way of showing my support for their sacrifice.”

The Māori Party list is a combination of youth, experience and leadership.

Māori stalwarts Dame Naida Glavish, Lady Tureiti Moxon and Merepeka Raukawa-Tait, three Wahine Toa who are spearheading the response to the overzealous approach by Oranga Tamariki to Māori, are just 3 other high profile people on the list.

Taiaha Hawke -“ whose father Joe “ was a Labour Party MP and Bastion Point stalwart, has also put his name onto the Māori Party list.

“We are building an enduring Māori Political Movement from here to eternity,” Tamihere said.

Maori Party list available click here


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