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Tamihere says donation inquiry overreaction

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Former Māori Party co-leader John Tamihere has compared the party’s late disclosure of donations with being late to renew a warrant of fitness.

Three large donations totalling more than $300,000 were included in the party’s post-election return, rather than being disclosed within 10 working days as required by law.

Mr Tamihere, whose cumulative spending during the election period of $158,000 was reported as a single donation, is asking why the Electoral Commission has referred the late return to the police while other parties get a please explain letter.

"Of course we were late but everyone has filed late ACC, everyone has filed late Inland Revenue, everyone has been late on their car registration and warrant of fitness. We were late on filing donations over $30,000 but they have all been fully disclosed," he says.

John Tamihere says reporting of the matter has taken a racist edge.

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