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Key uses Brash's racist dog whistle to twist power sharing into separatism.

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Key uses Brash's racist dog whistle to twist power sharing into separatism.
Martyn Bradbury
10 February 2015

It was 11 years ago that Don Brash launched his infamous 'one law for all' speech that finally articulated through dry pedestrian lips the garden variety racism that itches beneath European-New Zealander culture.

We like everything laid back in NZ, especially our racism. National Front leader Kyle Chapman with all his brown shirt skin head aesthetics is just too much effort for the ordinary European-New Zealander.

Few people look good in knee high Dr Martin Boots

NZ prefers it's racism a lot more casual, so when Don Brash managed to justify racism under the guise of equality for all, he unleashed pent up prejudices that hadn't been given comfort elsewhere on the political spectrum.

The embarrassment of course of the nonsense garbage that passed for rationalisations and justifications behind the scenes of Brash's Orewa speech has never been given the decent viewing it deserves. Nicky Hager's previous book, The Hollow Men, went into, with some depth, at how Brash's team couldn't actually find any examples of Race privilege and had to put into place plans if the media ever found out that they didn't have any actual examples.

Brash's people knew what they were doing with the Orewa Speech was race baiting and they acknowledged this amongst themselves, but to win a populist vote for an unpopular leader, the Right have no problem blowing the racism dog whistle.

That's exactly what Key is doing right now by twisting Andrew Little's comment from Waitangi that in light of the recent sovereignty ruling, NZ should look overseas for other power sharing solutions.

Key has twisted that sensible observation as a path towards 'separatism'. The irony of course is that Key has done more than any other PM to create a truly separated NZ with inequality stagnating and deepening during his two terms.

Acknowledging injustice and opening debate as to how we as a decent society handle that power sharing is the mark of a mature culture able to debate without privilege openly blocking progress. Key's need to manipulate this into a race issue is a Prime Minister playing to the worst angels of our nature.

Martyn Bradbury

Editor -

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