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Honorary doctorate for King Tuheitia

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Waikato University has given King Tuheitia an honorary doctorate as part of its annual Kingitanga Day celebration.

There are no classes today, as students, staff and the public attend talks, panels and activities aimed at increasing understanding of Kingitanga, Waikato Maori and te ao Maori.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Neil Quigley says the doctorate acknowledges King Tuheitia's leadership in the decade since he ascended to the throne.

The seventh Maori monarch has continued the tradition of his forebears, dedicating his life to the service of others and to the continuation of the Kingitanga.

He has also developed a strong relationship with the University of Waikato, and has provided support to the university in terms of its vision for strengthening relationships with Waikato, Tainui and the Kingitanga.

King Tuheitia says in accepting the honour, he emphasised the expectations of the Kingitanga that university to contribute to the education of its people and advance research and innovation in ways that will support its aspirations and benefit its communities.

The honorary doctorate was conferred at a private ceremony today.


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