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Te Rōpu ready to set anti violence strategy
Members of Te Rōpu who will be chaired by Prue Kapua. Absent Ngaropi Cameron

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The chair of a new Māori advisory group on domestic and sexual violence says it’s a chance for Māori to develop solutions that work for them.

Prue Kapua, who also heads the Māori Women’s Welfare League, says Te Rōpu brings together a range of Māori with practical experience in women’s refuges, anti-violence initiatives and community outreach.

She says Justice Undersecretary Jan Logie has made it clear Te Rōpu is to take the lead in developing the strategy and in holding the Government to account.

"This is quite different from the very many committees that are set up to try to deal with Māori issues and then other people go off and make decisions. We have the opportunity to make those decisions and we have a commitment they will be carried through," Ms Kapua says.

Te Rōpu is interim, but it could become a statutory board or other form of permanent body.

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