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Taranaki oil block offer denies climate reality

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Climate Justice Taranaki is asking how the latest oil and gas exploration block offer squares with the Government’s commitment to a just transition to a low carbon future.

The Government has ruled out future offshore exploration permits, but the offer released by Energy Minister opens up 2000 square kilometres of the Taranaki to oil and gas exploration.

It includes new conditions for consultation with iwi and rules out drilling close to listed rilling rigs waahi tapu.

Climate Justice spokesperson Urs Signer says there are already too many permits available to the industry without putting the rest of onshore Taranaki up for grabs.

"We’re looking at the collapse of the Greenland ice. We're looking at the collapse down in Antarctica of the ice shelf. That's our reality. The last thing we should be doing is looking for more fossil fuels to pump out of Papatūānuku. What's at stake is a stable climate for future generations and we need to stop drilling for fossil fuels so to say that we want to take on climate change and at the same time opening up more onshore Taranaki areas for drilling, I don’t think so," he says.

Mr Signer says the oil industry needs to be fought off at community level, as Parihaka has done with some success.


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