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14,496 waiting for Public Housing highlights how far Government has to go
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Martyn 'Bomber'Bradbury: The housing crisis that helped propel Labour into Government has not diminished for the most needy.

Figures released this week show 14, 496 New Zealanders are waiting for Public housing right now.

The spike in need has been partly driven by more people coming forward for help believing Jacinda's politics of kindness rather than National's beat the poor mind position, but part of it is because Labour tried to use free-market solutions in a housing market broken by those market solutions.

Building 5800 State Houses in 3 years as Government and hoping that a KiwiBuild market would do the rest is not a solution to this problem.

Building 30,000 more state houses that are warm, dry and sustainable is a solution that then forces the rest of the slum lord market to begrudgingly upgrade their rotting rentals.

Seeing as Māori are over-represented in these statistics, there is an extra emphasis on outcomes and social justice.

We want Jacinda's politics of kindness and transformative policies, but currently, this Government's priorities are not matching their promises.

Martyn Bradbury

Editor -

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