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Study on future of Anglican boarding school sites
St Stephen's College, Bombay, Auckland. Image source:

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The St Stephens and Queen Victoria School’s Trust Board is looking at future uses for the Auckland Māori boarding schools.

Chair John Fairbrother says the trust’s debts have been cleared, and it is now ready to look ahead.

The trust aims to complete a feasibility study by November, looking at a wide range of options.

Mr Fairbrother says while these could include reopening as boarding schools, there could be other ways they could be used for the benefit of young Māori.

The Queen Victoria property in Parnell is leased short term to a range of users, but the St Stephen’s site in Bombay is essentially a concrete shell.

Last year the trust got permission from the Anglican Church to lease the properties for longer than the previous 21 year limit, if it proves necessary as part of the plan.

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