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Leaders need to embrace internet
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The outgoing chair of the Māori Internet Society says iwi leaders need to embrace the new technologies.

The society held its annual meeting in Wellington as part of Net hui, and Karaitiana Taiuru says it’s been a productive year since the organisation was revitalised.

He says it has been able to close down some racist websites and help get broadband internet access to some rural Māori communities.

But Mr Taiuru says Māori could do a lot more online, and Māori leadership seems to lack understanding of what the internet can do for society economically and socially.

"Non-Māori organisations and non-Māori leaders and politicians all have a Facebook page. I'm not aware of any Māori leaders with a Facebook page. I never see large organisations using the internet for what they should be or could be using it for. I'm seeing tribal registrations still being done by printing out a form. We've got a long way to go for our leadership to catch up," he says. Mr Taiuru says the lack of engagement at a senior level may be a reason that few young Māori see information and communications technology as a career option.

The new chair of the Māori Internet Society is Wairoa-based wireless internet service provider Leona Karauria.

Mē piki ake te patanga ōi te ao Māori, i roto i te ao ipurangi

Mē kaua te tamaiti Māori e pōhēhē, mā te iwi pākeha anakē te ao ipurangi, ka mutu me mātua mōhio ai te tamaiti Māori arā noa atu ngā tūranga mahi i tēnei ao.

Koira te kōrero i puta ake i tētahi hui e āta titiro ana i te patanga ō te Māori i te ao ipurangi.

Ko tetahi ō ngā māharahara i ara ake i taua hui, he tokoiti noa iho ngā kanohi Māori e mahi ana i roto i te ao ipurangi.

Hei tā Karaitiana Taiuru ō te rōpū Ipurangi Māori, e kore ngā tauira Māori i ngā kura e tino whakapono ana, koinei tētahi ara hei whai atu.

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