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Why proclaiming Key as the Politician of the Year is ethically bankrupt

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Why proclaiming Key as the Politician of the Year is ethically bankrupt


It is that time of year when pundits write columns to explain the 'winners' and 'losers' of the political year and already many are proclaiming that Key is this years political winner because he managed to avoid all the allegations of corruption and dirty politics to win an even larger majority than he had.

I think such evaluations by so many corporate media pundits are crass, disingenuous and ethically bankrupt.

The first thing to consider is that many of these media outlets also worked hand in glove with National's black ops team. To celebrate Key's win by ignoring their own complicity in dirty politics critically ignores their own role in how National won. That's convenient while being duplicitous.,

The second thing to consider is that the policies of Key's Government have been painful and draconian towards the weakest members of our society while borrowing billions in tax cuts for the wealthiest NZers. The 250 000 children living in poverty, the workers being exploited by unscrupulous bosses, the workers dying in unsafe industries, the generations and lower classes locked out of home ownership forever and beneficiaries have all been punished and damaged by 6 years of National. The joy some commentators take in pronouncing Key as a winner ignores the many, many, many losers his policies have.

The third thing to consider are the allegations themselves. The PMs Office initiated and co-ordinated the release of falsified Secret Intelligence Service information that smeared the Leader of the Opposition months out from an election on a far right hate speech blog. This is as close to an internal coup as you can get! The State spying apparatus working with the Government of the day to slander and attack the political opposition just before an election is the most heinous of power abuses. The only thing worse than what National and the SIS did would be an armed revolt and the suspension of civil liberties in favour of martial law.

To claim Key is a winner because he managed to escape scrutiny by a mainstream media who helped National to victory is insult to injury.

NZers were conned. There's no 'winner' this year other than the dirty politics it took to rig that win.

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