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Redefining public land' when it's Maori land

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Redefining public land' when it's Maori land

The growing meltdown of the Government's supply side solutions for Auckland's housing bubble has moved to simply attempting to steal Maori land.

The injustice of Nick Smith's current plan reveals just how unfairly Maori have been treated when it's their property rights that are being walked over.

Maori agreed to hand over vast tracks of NZ land to the government under public works type legislation. Maori would forgo their property rights if the use of that resource was for the public good. That's why water rights were never challenged, because the use of that water was for all, that position only became a legal issue when the Key Government privatised the water by selling off power generating companies that used water to make their profits.

The generosity of Maori to provide land for the benefit of all is being terribly abused by Nick Smith's latest plan to simply take land designated for public schools and public roading and give them to private land developers to make a profit off. If the Government were using this land to build state houses, that could be one redeeming feature of this theft, but that's not what they are doing at all. The Government have redefined public good to mean 'more houses to fuel Auckland's already over heated property bubble'.

What is important to understand about the Government's supply side solutions to property speculation is that they are designed not to be effective. Strip away the Christchurch rebuild, and housing values driven up by lax regulation and cheap immigration are all that are creating the illusion of economic growth.

National are retaining power because the property speculating middle class of NZ are benefiting from this false sense of wealth.

If it requires stealing Maori land to keep the pretence going, the Government have no problems with that.

Martyn Bradbury

Editor -


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