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Maori authorities boost asset base

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Maori authorities now manage an asset base of more than $12.5 billion.

In the latest snapshot from its Tatauranga Umanga Maori project to define and identify the role of Maori businesses in the Maori and New Zealand economies, Statistics New Zealand says Maori authorities have evolved beyond traditional land-based industries and are reaching into areas like financial and insurance services.

It says 89 percent of Maori authorities are in the North Island, with 27 percent in the Bay of Plenty and 21 percent in Waikato.

Most filled jobs in the authorities were in agriculture, forestry and fishing, education and training, and health care and social assistance.

The asset base in the sector grew 9.1 percent from 2012 to 2012 to reach $12.5 billion.

Total income increased 18 percent to reach $2.9 billion in 2013.

Maori authorities exported goods worth 526 million in 2014, with seafood the top export commodity.

China took 44 percent of the Maori exports.

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